Man Faces Charges After Pulling Gun On Teens

Police have arrested a South Florida man who pulled a gun on a group of bicyclists during a verbal confrontation in Brickell.

My disdain for the state of Florida just increases every year
Fun how when we have a gun we turn into king kong!!
Al Jr
So call white man always find some kind of excuse to make them look so innocent.The white man is the devil Children.
denise taylor
That was ASSAULT....
Frankie Ross
She should of been arrested too!
He didin do nuffin🤷🏿‍♂️☻
So after this video ends the guy withe a gun follows the black kids further?
Kyle Edward Hanophy
Still have more footage uploaded that CBS doesn't want you to see.
Paul McNabb
I'm glad the city put that white man in his place. Who does he think he is enforcing his way with violent threats to black teens?
These 2 Low-Class Morons! 1st these 2 nimrods are thee Aggressors! She exited her car approaching these Colored Kids! Confronting them then provoking and Escalating this into a larger incident that should never have been! Then we got pistol wheeling Mark the turdbrain running up to save the day in his cape and causing an unnecessary seen! As far as “Brandishing” a Firearm? There are Mandatory Penalties and Jail time ahead for this “Schmuck”!! His wife should have never stepped out of her vehicle and confronted these kids! The kids might be wrong! As an Adult? She is responsible as well as he, for their actions!! Own it and find a good lawyer!!! Video footage says all!!! 2 Aggressors are the adults acting worst then the kids!!! Adults act your age!This is just as bad as the Couple that came out of there car after 2 teenagers, both are Now serving 4 Years in Jail, and 2 Years Probation!
Meh, this is not the hate crime described in Tom Joyner morning show....but the gun was a poor choice. That woman is annoying af.
Sarah Moses
This is the reason why the races just can't get along. Because white trash like this are left over past , low life with nothing better to do than start trouble . Jealousy unbelievable.
Queen of Detroit
Before???..... nah, this is about a coward pulling out a gun on a busy highway.
Both sides are in the worng You can being in the streets like that and they can’t pull guns out on people like that
Alexandrio Ocasio Cortez has fallen a long way
Lesa Harrison
Both need jail with hard time
Foxx Wallace
Ladies first she needs to get punished even more.
Marvin Nelson
Yea! Big and bad with the gun is getting what he deserves! Hope it ruins his life!
Had he just shot one of them and told the cops that he was in fear for his life, he would be in less trouble than he is in now.
carrz 44
A lot P.O.S in Florida
If they were white they would be called children and yes it was unorganized and somewhat unruly. But the Whiteman with the gun is the adult in the confrontation, A simple 911 call would have been sufficient. Your reporting is biased and racist. Nice try but that doesn't work on me. The white male racist and his female partner were extreme. What if the young people were actually white young people and the man pulling the gun was black how would you report that story?
Nathan T.
Always the victims aren't you....
Could have been avoided with respect..... protesters stop blocking the road ........woman approach in a respectful way. Armed man take a concealed carry class so you know what not to do with a weapon.. u need it sir
Robert Ortiz
First of all these teens don't have a right to obstruct the roadway and the other idiot doesn't have the right to pull out his gun because his life was not in imminent danger.
robert nelson
Zong Yang
Dumbest way to spread a message...Ride bikes and shut down traffic...Great work kids..!
Sean McCaffrey
Fake news, CBS deletes comments.
brebella angel
What the hell was all that yelling when the reporter was signing out?
Kal Hun
hey if u see some one in danger u use your second amendment nothing wrong with that
As long as guns are like buying cigarettes in US,all these will happen and people will get shot.I have a gun and i carry ii with me.Really?
Robert Mcleod
It's about time they get rid of that cesspool, Liberty City
j Bodega
Both of those thugs should've been arrested.
Unfunky UFO
Has anyone noted that the news reporter went out of his way to try and paint those young adults in a negative light to get the viewing public to look upon them as savages and they deserve what they got and they should’ve got worse according to this reporter but this gun toting white man was only arrested I would have hated to be there if the roles were reversed and it was a black man with a gun they still would have been shooting him a week later
Leftists are pointing and being correct to be franc that the MAGA kids story got national attention and this much more eventful and dangerous incident is not getting a national attention.
Woman surrounded and assaulted.
Kaylan Jon
if a dad gave his daughter 2 warnings of telling her to wear covered up clothes, if she don't listen then the dad has the right to not protect her anymore after the 3rd warning if something happens the couple had the right to do that cause they gave them 2 warnings the,3rd warning was game over
Carmen Sandiego
He shouldn't be charged. They r young bad ass little niggly cubs. Stop bullshitting n defending these menace kids. Like foh lol this isn't a hate crime.
Loud Mouth
Where is the ENTIRE incident on video? always seems to be a big part missing.
Jose Adoewa
White women took her fone out she wanna see black kids get shot
the truth #
Wow..people are so ignorant. The world we live in. .what damn shame
Tracy Thornton
She's crazy and going to be without a job on welfare soon. She also.called one of the teens white trash
New Nana
Why did he pull a gun on the kids. The one peeing should get a ticket in the least. He was dead wrong for doing that. But still he had no right to pull a gun. Those kids weren’t armed. And her foot wouldn’t have been run over if she had minded her own business.
Jay Dillon
The guy seemingly acted irresponsibly to pull the gun on these people but the people were also acting irresponsibly toward the couple beforehand. It's likely that the couple would have been roughed up more, at the very least if they had not pulled the gun on the black guys. It shouldn't be blown out of proportion or twisted into an antigun "narrative." They protected themselves-- which of course they have the absolute right to do -- and no one was shot, fortunately.
Ta Seti
Compare this to Antifa who protests constantly by actually blocking off streets while masked (sometimes even armed) with impunity and hardly a complaint SMH...
Upper Echelon
So much racism in Miami...Not knowing Spanish or Creole is a reason that’s used to deny blacks jobs
edward hawley
Him calling them the n-word with that gun in his hand, doesn't that elevate the crime to a felony?? I sure hope so. Listen I did a lot of protesting back in the seventies and eighties, and we got beat up all the time. And not just by the cops! People would beat us right in front of the cops, and they wouldn't help. In fact they were more likely tear gas us while we were down! We would have been throwing rocks and bottles at the asshole with the gun so fast he would be begging the cops to arrest him. Seriously, we would have beat his ass!
Island Spirit !
Spanish kid's are black
John Doe
Your going to be my slave! For all the crimes you committed were going to enslave it! BABYLON IS FALLING!
Kyle Edward Hanophy
Moving billboards? lol Keep it up, anti-Whites!
Not1 2 B Shy
Ya,PLEASE SMITE THESE VIRUS SKIINED PEOPLE. They need their just deserts. That was a hate crime. Jakes need to wake up. War has been called on brown people. Stop talking to those virus laden people. Stay away from mass murder FEMA.
Scotty Logan
MLK day = national black purge day
Jake Smith
Despite being 13 percent
Rosalind Hampton
Young wild Azz ninjas are out of control EVERYWHERE!!!
dave laurienzo
This is the city's fault. They should have stopped the terrorism years ago, but day dindu nuffin.
Peter Mc Donagh
Antonio Collie
But republicans say that racism doesn’t exist
You going down melanin deprived boy.
Mark Brown
These kids are not innocent bystanders/
conscious man
You have more than 3 people 1 i see has a mask and ran over her foot if theirs more than 2 or 3 people what do you want to say large numbers of masked people harassing innocent people is ok or not
jay williams
The death penalty should be imposed on the man and woman who was involved with the pull gun out on unarmed black teens we have to send a message to people who think you can fix it with a gun violence against unarmed black men
John Doe
Harmless Doggo
Around blacks never relax
John Doe
There not part of no organization. There thugs! Black fathers please marry your baby mamas and raise your kids! 72 %of black kids have no dad's in there lives and that is why this happens. Don't have kids with 4 5 women. It's not hard use protection!
John Doe
Mark Bartlett is an American hero! God speed to you sir! He should get a medal for what he did.
jessica benitez
Blocking the road and preventing working people (the productive members of our society, regardless of race) from getting to their jobs, running errands, trying to get home, etc is NOT the way to protest !! Urinating in public is DISGUSTING !! Most people are growing very weary of the behavior of some of these useless pieces of crap (again, regardless of race). And don't bring up the race card because if white, rich kids were doing this sh!t, I'd be just as PO'd ..., Enough is Enough !!!
Flex Flex
I hope he Sue's the city for negligence cause they did nothing to prevent or assist the citizens of Miami...the city has failed the poeple in permitting such actions to even take place...the city does not care and they should be all investigated from the commissioner to the Mayor and the Cheif of police needs to step down ASAP. Those people where unlawfully detained...they where blocked from attending their family needs and the woman was assaulted with a bike...regardless, she was assaulted cause if that was you you all would be raising hell...also, the gun was a defense as he was out numbers and illegally being held as they blocked them in...sad that the media and all you fucking losers making this a race thing. So what if he said the N word. Fuck you if you are sitting there reading this shit and lying to yourselves you never said anything racist...only a fucking liar will say they never though or said any thing racist...