You Won’t Believe How Good Marco Reus Has Become

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Score 90
MARCO REUS. Class is permanent. 🙌🏻🔥〽️ #Score90
Rob Zamora
He's always been good its just injuries stopped him from showing his true potential
Arnav Kanwal
I mean he was always sensational. Injuries made him look mediocre. Played half a season and scored 10-15 goals consistently
Angel Parker
Marco reus is the best German player, loyal, and always keep fighting to help Dortmund. I hope that he never get injured for a while 👊
вlџешiпg 64
The best German player no doubt about that.
Mohamed Mohamed
I'm an Arsenal Fan, but I really want to see Reus win the league with Dortmund! He deserves it!
# Aman
Always in black and yellow 🖤💛💪
he was good but injuries stopped him from taking a balon dor
Alp Kağan Bal
Imagine, reus without any injuries, he could were the best player in the world, for me he is still world class and he is among of world's best players...
Most loyal, selfless, and determined player in Europe.
Giovanni Vioronov
*reads title of video* But Reus has always been golden, ppl are now recognizing it
Jose Valdez
Marco Reus and Arjen Rooben are two players that without injuries would have at least 2 Ballon D’ Or each
footballcomps _10
Criminally underrated
Vikash Kumar
i have never seen anyone recover from injuries as many times as Reus .... Legend 🙌
Suyash Bhagwat
Always has been world class.
Gun Sing
I like how Reus play..ledership, speedster, trickster, good assist, n not selfish..
Marco reus is talented AF.. most players who get injured and come back aren’t the same.. he comes back from injury but he’s just that damn good that he slots right back in like nothing..
Quirk And Quasar
Marco was and always will be the best... And no player has recovered so much from the injuries and so many times
Mohammed ZeBoss
3 more goals and our capitan will break his all time records for a whole Bundesliga season!! HEJA BVB💛🖤💛🖤 let’s go Reus!!
Hans Byenkya
every spain fan instantly clicks off this video.
Reus has been my favorite player from when he got transferred to gladbach, it is good that A LOT of people are seeing how good he is
htv 3
I believe my idol . From Viet Nam 😍
Swetabh 333
That is just how our captain and my favourite player has always been
Very underatted player. He can be in any team all day
Mohammed ZeBoss
Who seen him play vs Serbia yesterday. This dude is really good. Such a threat to the opposition!
He’s always been this good.
Arenjungla Kichu
Reasons I Love Germany football team very much : Lahm Ozil Bastian Muller Reus Boateng
Mohamed 3assem
The best captain ever. True passion and great skills!!
jorg hist
the most intelligent player I must say, his movement off the ball is a joy to watch
i cant belive he used to get outfamed by lewa and gotze. i mean he was the best player in the squad with sinji.
Better than Hazard, Bale and Salah!!
Reus is the best player in the world injury's only stopped him from being even more better! :D
Ghassan Alawdi
The most underrated player in the game , all love and respect to this gentleman .
he is dortmund his heart has dortmund written all over it.
Babyface Assassin
No need to mention we already know he is like Einstein of football freaking genius
Hope you always away from injury evil🙏
Arslaan Mazhar
Marco Reus was also good before but didn't played much in each and every season due to injuries. This time he has much to show due to number of games he is playing without injury...Happy for him
Its amazing how consistent he has been for us💛🖤 He has saved us so many times and I don’t know where we would be without him
What a player, he improved a lot of other atributes, now he's more complete. Used to be a winger, now a playmaker. Class!
umm he didnt become good he was already great. its because of the injuries.
Free YB
Marco has always been good
Dzaki Aqillah
without the injury, he shouldve been the world 2nd best player, because messi and ronaldo are always on top
Phantom X
He is the best for me
optic feeds
Being a bvb fan is great but with reus as ur favourite player also great!
Shain Tangjadetanapon
Glad to see Reus back to his best
Thankappan Aashari
24 c*nts from Gelsenkirchen disliked the video.
World Games
Junior Rico
Marco all the way!🐐💛
Pro 21
Best player in the Bundesliga.👍
Kat L
I hope BVB win the league with him 🖤💛
Wiil Mudug
Scenes when captain Reus lifts the Bundesliga to end Bayern dominance
He always gives us hope. So, I'd like to see his success for a long time.
Lebohang Tsele
But Marco has always been world class 🤷🏽‍♂️
Wiil Mudug
After all those years I can't figure out which one is his stronger foot😅
when he sprints with the ball or controls it, it always looks a bit like he‘s close to loosing it but he never does and then he rounds 2 players and puts a perfect through pass. So outstandingly difficult to predict and defend this guy, no matter the level of his opponents.
Reus is the best german player for almost a decade. He was just injured way too often. Germany won the world cup 2014 without their best player and other countries complained about not having one of their average players after they were knocked out.
robin malhotra
His hairstyle is iconic.. In india you can see a lot of people with reus jersey...
tarh Bath
Always Marco..
TITLE : You won't believe how good Marco Reus has become Shows him scoring a penalty...😎🤦‍♂️👏👏
Cerberus _
Imagine Injuries didn’t get in Marco Reus’s way
Aseem Bhardwaj
Despite his injuries and bad form, I never lost faith in him. Class is permanent.
M. D.P.
Welcome to Bayern Munich!!!!
Wazeer Aseri
Marco Reus
Bách Vũ
Thanks so much for creating this ^^~
Patrick Shikwaya
The face of Dortmund, would have easily become the face of Bundesliga and Germany without injuries. Both Reus and I deserve a bundesliga tittle. MR11 forever😎
Leude 99
What a positive commentary section! Great to see that Reus get a lot of respect
debabi said boumediene
Best player in bundesliga
AC Chery
Such a blessing, but we relied on him so much.
Med Amine
Amazingly keep going but wait for you to come down on sergio Ramos please
Christian Austin
One of my fav players
Knight Wing
Even though he is a very talented player, It's the constant injuries that keeps him from reaching his true potential BTW, great video bro
Vishnu L
Who is here after Bayern 5-0 Dortmund
Skiftexx cz
Best CAM ? With KDB
Dawood Faqier
Probably the most unluckiest player of all time
Taylor Swifties
What a pleayer,a beast 😍😍😍🔥🔥💥💥
giorgio mazzocco
My fav player since ever
lra sl
favorite player in my favorite team💛💛
Icon of Borussia 💪 Will you make a video about Milik? 💙👌
Mark Kelly
Easily up there with the top 4/5 wingers/ LMs in the world right now if he never had his injuries.
Rellan Articuna
He's good...injury is the only problem
Avocado Aaron
Best bundesliga player. From a bayern fan
Ikenna Kalu
it's up to him to win the bundesliga title this season they are just 1 points away
BaunZ DortmunD
borussia never lost the game when marco score #legend
Manolis Gerakios
He was always a world class player..I hope as a dortmund fan that he will never leave our loved club.
Benny Boss
hes always been a world class player .. injuries have set him back from what his potential couldve really been. He wouldve been alongside Messi and Ronaldo in terms of ability on a consistent basis and wouldve been one of the all time greats with Messi and Ronaldo.. sadly he wont but he will still go down as one of the best players of this generation.
Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
living legend <3
Razee Taushif
He has already became a legend of german football..
Blaster Jaxx
My favorite player ever,sadly he is injury prone if it wasn't for that he would be at Neymar or Hazard level
PES16 Budget striker.
Conor Francis
He’s always been world class just gotta hope he doesn’t get Injured anymore
George Mansour
Reus is the best from a bayern and germany fan
Sarthak Negi
Marco like this makes everyone happy..... Everyone....
Diamantis Kotoulas
reus the best
Muhammad Hazazi
Yo bro, why have u not been uploading lately????
Kartik Gupta
One of the best out there technically. His movement, finishing all are top notch.shame about his injuries. Have always repped him and will continue to do so
Our captain💛🖤
johan israelsson
Unserem kapitän (from a Dortmund supporter living in sweden so my German is not perfect)
Amazing as always ❤️❤️
mmm7 plays
do David Brooks next please or Nicole zaniolo
Jef Costello
That strike against Bayern was abslutely insane. respect for this player.