Mongol Last Battle

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Mongol epic last battle.........

John Huang
No horse archery = Not Mongols
garry xi
now thats a suicide squad....
brother vs. brother a sad moment
Why are all these Turkish people trying to claim genghis khan as their national hero? Just because he may have Turkic blood or Turkic people are related to Mongols, doesn't mean that you can claim the khan as Turkish. Isn't mehmet or some other ottoman hero enough? Why do you have to steal other countries heroes? Would a Hawaiian like Duke Kahanamoku be considered a Maori or Samoan hero because they're all Polynesian? Would Jose Rizal be considered a Chinese hero because apparently, his mother was Chinese from China. Stick to your own countries hero. There's nothing by wrong with that.
Adam Syufi
the dual wielded troops were so brave,
Guts Likes It In The Ass
That dual sword guy at 3:06 "Izi Pizi, i ain't even trying" -The master troll of 13th centrury.
Seems like a waste of a perfectly good shock cavalry unit. Couldnt they just use some regular joes to create the feint and run?
Too bad the rest of the trilogy will never be completed for this generation
铁木真Mongols(Genghis Khan=Temujin) vs札木合 Mongols(Jamuha) war of brother
Not a single horse wounded ! The Mongol were friends of animals !
Jeroen Wubbels
no they are mongol learn your own history first
Its Not Mongolian Last Battle Mongol last battle is kalkin gol Kalkin Gol hasnt got Genghis Khan. Kalkin gol has got Choibalsan. And this is Mongols vs Mongols. Jamukha is Genghis Khan's faithful best brother. Mongol Empire's secondary khan is Ugudei Khan. Next khan is Kublai Khan they are very powerful khan. Mongolian Last Khan is Galdan Boshgit Khan. Now president is Elbegdorj. Mongols Won On the Kalkin Gol. Kalkin Gol is Mongols vs Japan Samurai
orlando kaufusi
I think the Mongols at the time were desperate for a unified Mongolia. They probably even volunteered for this suicide attack. They just wanted Mongolia to be one again.
Battlecry Eden
No one has ever really stopped the mongols, Ghegishan died and left many heirs, mogol empire become weak because it was splited into several smaller kingdoms of Ghengishan descendants. If any of his heirs could unite the empire, the invation would continue and they would conquere all euroasia.
leonard dio
power leader-power country....
Ganbaatar Khurelbaatar
0:30 Mongols did not draw the bow like that, They did and still do pinch the arrow between the thumb and the index finger
Demir Kan
This is Turks from Turkey because Hilal Tactics
Omer Keskin
the first units (the epic ones) are Türks name of their captain is Kürşad
Mugur Stefan
This is Science - Fiction for idioti !
Nostalgia, Dodos & Good Games
Our units are retreating my lord! What a shameful display! ... Fire!
did they just arrow their own people!?
Hernán Uliana
Wow, a lot of racism, bigotry and pseudo-nationalistic hatred in the comments. Man, the real enemies of the modern turkish and mongol people must be laughing hard on this. It`s a movie man, and not historical. By the way great scene with the horses.
Tom B
Loved the sound track when they were retreating.
Mongolia came from east north Asia, Turks originally, was Middle north Asia, that's why they are caucasians and East Asian mixed,
Emran Caan
Genghis Khan most brilliant strategist and commander in the history warfare. The depicted battle maneuver in the Mongol Movie directly taken from one of his battle.
Azerya Van Karelino
Mongolian blood MINAHASA AND DAYAK. Long live mongoloid 😆
Doitsu no Kishi
5:04 A wasting of good warriors ! what a infamy.
aki e bodybuilder porra vai sair de cada e o caralho porra
Gamesalot420 Some skills required
Mongol is the name of the movie its awesome but if it hasn't changed since I bought it there is only English subtitles. great movie... you will be surprised how those 2 leaders know eachother
yes yes very nice sword very balanced much good very nice 99999.99$
GT Levi
this isnt the last battle scene
Ben Skelly
Some MAJOR historical inaccuracies...
Stanisław Seliga
hahahhaha a anime fans wet dream dual blades used on horseback in this way pathetic 😂😂
Heeyuan Ong
Just set friendly fire to off, There you have it, no team kill
Imagine that small cavalry against the Dothraki horde. Khal Drogo just might cut off his braid
Bryan S.
Those "Shock Calvary" had BALLS.
Stanisław Seliga
hahahhaha a anime fans wet dream dual blades used on horseback in this way pathetic 😂😂
Murat Özgün
TOTAL WAR ATTILA; almostly same :D
daylon boender
those damn spears lol every time
Lê Tiến Hùng
Jon Snow from Game of Thrones doesn't like this hahaha.
It is too sad that brothers fight!
Mongol Prince
Those troops called " Kishigten", Mongol army's special troops
Altandush Sagvaa
It is not a real story.More entertaiment & never been Jamukha said.More like that junk a movie many many fools last 100 years around the world.We are Mongolian discover and build strong governmental system , global, demonsrate last 800 years modern human history.First demonsrate fresh information use it is great power!!!We are Mongolian build smart postal system & print first time paper currency!!!
Greg Deane
Just like the charge of the Light Brigade without cannon. It's surprising Tengri's cavalry fell for such a standard ruse.
Imagine if they added those cavalry units in AoE 2. Mongols OP
orlando kaufusi
this was known as the wolf trap.
Man of Wealth and Taste
Shooting their own men? Savages.
Adrian Kileste
mongolian empire is the strongest & biggest empires without arms ,tanks
Marion T
I heard this sport will be considered for the next Olympics. Or was it with bows?
Tide Pods
mangudais were freakin awesome
Stanisław Seliga
hahahhaha a anime fans wet dream dual blades used on horseback in this way pathetic
The Huns started out yellow, but became Eurasian. Attila was a mestizo. Huns were a variety of Turk, Chuvash people come from them.
Isabelle Lourenco
Interesting video about the mongol's epic last battle. I am studying this in my world history class.
eraldo francisco
muitíssimo de qualidade
Chuka Amur
what makes Mongolian army so strong? able to shoot arrow back of horse they shoud have include that on this movie
are those dual sword bearers kheshig?
Kosol Ouch
Ather Mirza
hahaha mangols are best
George Sakkas
Mongols removing kebab like they were true Serbs
George Sakkas
Mongols removing kebab like they were true Serbs
Parth Kaushik
It was actually his initial battle to unite Mongols ..
Частный Рейтинг
In reality, they have not even reached the enemy. They would be filled with arrows.
Hobo G
It seems that Mongolian accent is same as Korean accent
I am guessing the hero is Temujin, or to many, Gengkis Khan
whats the name of the very first song playing as soon as the video starts with the violins, Too epic
Nordic Viking
must sacrifice to win those men new what had to be done
Juanita Gorgona
I am with David Chubak at Citibank
Mansoorr68 Uvxeg
wasnt the battle of ain jaliut the one who weakens the empire
Vencore Vengeance
This is what it looks like in bad matchmaking
N. S
Fuck mangol Jalolidin Manguberdi 1 xorazmshox
Daaamn they never made the second part to this movie
Unless you are...
Real KHANs.
Serbs are defeat mongols
John Titor
I honestly doubt the historical accuracy of the dual dagger grip horsemen. Clearly wouldn't work in a real fight due to massively decreased range and cutting power. Any ideas why the movie creators thought they would even consider this?
Mikel Carr
elite cavalry
Felix Öktem
1:47 does anyone know what you call those guys?
An absolutely improbable battle.
arabic warrior
Plese do some vedios obaut arab warriors
Leyman Rush
they get the gun from mamluk Egypt fk to mongol
akash rima
This was the first battle not last
Mongol, not Turkish
Kael Abelon
khamul Khamul
Khishigten = mongolian spiecial troops.
syed ali271994
Now imagine how dangerous and scary would be Gog Magog?? 😐😐😐😳😳😳😞
Munkhtur Tserennadmid
last no start
Mongol on Mongol violence.
Dumbrah strikes again
Kumar Aryashresth
Greek javelins could defeat them
Gan Press
Huns are ancient Mongols.
Voice Less
who was who?
Alexander Savitski
Interesting techniques and tactics
Dogukan Ersoy
Barbarian ♡ !!!! Go turan
铁木真vs札木合 安达之战
Aliong Lim
Mongolia blood thirsty race till now..mongol work as chinese marcenary to annex tibet.
as long as i remember. mongols were known for its skillful horse archer. not skillful lawn mower
Giimaa Tumurkhuyag
3.26-3.28 EPIC! AMAZING!
TheGaming Addict
Mongols are no more Turkic than Germans are Slavs. They are related though.