Miguel having sex on stage @ Berns

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Miguel, sex on stage. Berns, Stockholm, Sweden.

miguel 019

Marie K
He pounded that ass real good lol.
i think i'm pregnant and i'm a male.
Everybody saying "eww" or "this is weird" is probably young as crap and don't know what the hell they're talking about. This is soooo hot 👅💦
M. James
Prince would be proud
n dean
i think i just got pregnant watching this
Monica B
It's all fun and games til you're gettin hit from the back liiiiiiike this.......hahahaha
This isn't the type of performance that people expect from a singer. This is so unnecessary and so gross...but at least he was simulating protected sex. But ewwwwww though.....
this was insanely hot it takes a confident man to pull this off
Reina Ladybug
His stoke game is on point.
Ian McKinney
oOH LORD, tHANK GOD I have a Galaxy Note 4 because I think I need to check my heart rate yall.
chante holliday
I'm just mad someone stopped recording this Dear Lord bless us with the rest of the video!!!!!!!!!!! please
catch these hands
what the freak is wrong with this man? that was disturbing
jackline charles
I almost drop my damn phone watching this!
Ece Erdem
It was nice until he started grabbing his own head :D
Rip my head phones.
Fiv Guuv
This is not right this is so wierd
Why was I laughing the whole time
G. Ervin
My kitten just purred
so awkward lol
Keyanna Thomas
Jesus Take the wheel.. Miguel?? Faints. *replay* faints again
Joyce Pinto
Miguel I love you, but ew bruh. Just ew.
n dean
yall saw them hips? omg!
Jayci Hess
lol shiiiii i loved the performance haha he is a true entertainer! can sing and stroke lmao
The air: that was like the worse 15 Seconds of simulate sex of my life... Miguel: i'll do better next time 😂😂😂😂😂😂
No wonder noone like him anymore
Alexandria Harris
Oh, ow. 😳 almost choked on my dam food, with his freaky ass, lol
Simone Kay
OMG! He is so SEXY! When he went faster his dick was moving lol
KayG Torres
Alisson Caetano
Beautiful way to teach kids to always wear condoms. I want Miguel to murder my...
Amy Mcgregor
is this an actual song? what is it?
Dae_ Dae
Them muscle tho bitch gone mess around n have a heart attack
honor soul
Tony White
People saying eww I'm say hey sexy where you been 👰🏾👦🏾💑👪
jazmin buenrostro
This man isn't a daddy, he is a father.
😂😂😂 This dude wild.
Amanda W.
Hasn't Prince done this already? just saying:)
Madeline Shumate
Just saying that if a female musician did something like this they would get lots of shit from people saying it's vulgar/obscene/innapropriate and would probably negatively impact her career. But a male does it and it's "sexy" or make people leave comments saying it made them pregnant just watching. Just terrible really - I don't know what's worse, the video or the comments supporting it...sigh
Lawllllllllll hes needs ta stap
How stupid is that?????
Why in the hell is this only 1 minute!? Where's the rest of the video?!
Isabel Charles
Lmao tf did I just watch !?1?!?!?!?!
diamond dorrough
damn that made me wet lol #TMI
maie caster
That bulge doe 😆
Prince O'Humour
SORRY, took a wrong turn somewhere I'm a Christian!
chante holliday
Wow i need a boyfriend  Right Now!
Miguel Angel Murcia
princess Z
Daddy dummy thicc
Naima Hamilton
He dom
Monica Lewinsky
straight people need to be stopped
Naj T.
What song was they playing??
That's it, grabbing my ankles!!!
I just wanna know what the song is
Davee Matthew
cheyenne watson
Songbyrd Kay
that long stroke. ooooooo my my my
Songbyrd Kay
long stroke...ok
Davud Berg
Western civilization just keeps sinking more and more...
myha harris
I didn't notice how thick Miguel was until now.
Chicago girls
what the hell is he boing 😕😕😕
Lateefah Kantisha
This man ❤️❤️❤️😍
ratishan adams
okay i see youu 👀👀💋👅
I Think He was Masturbating with the air.
Tyler Tamez
this guy claims to be better than frank ocean...
Sleeping Tom
Do you know what I'd let this man do to me 😂😂 change my life
Karen Thomas
shotgundive caldwell
Catherine Brent
Pound it!
Titus M
well no s hit he freaky and a wierdo
•It's Alexa•
Se mueve uffff!😍
Jayla Mcneal
bro that's just wiard
Marci and Momo
this is funny as hell
i love him lol
Sammi Watson
I got pregnant just watching this😅😩
At least he put a condom on..
Patricka Stuckey
rofl no stroke game what so ever
Jessica Alexander
put that in me mmm god
hello i like it
so akward lol 😂😂💀
claudiiarrh henry
Does anyone know what this song is called?
Songbyrd Kay
my goshhhhhhh
Jackie Lacey
he is so nasty and lame
Kenneth Byket
i did not know that western musicians are running mad.
I think I'll get a ticket to Miguel's next show. 👅👅👅👅
Wow!!! ok then lol.
Someday, the truth will prevail.
And this guy says voting for trump is ignorant? Look at this stupid monkey
Katie Dougherty
So sexy!
honor soul
honor soul
Kayla Allen
sure wish i was there !!
He's doing it doggy style 😂😂✋
Lyla Hougaard
Gross ..why ? why ? why Miguel? why?!! ...
t a m y k o s m i t h
His Booty!
yasemine B
Jess M
Alyza Soto-Rosario
This is gross and weird