Top 10 LONGEST SNIPER Shots in Fortnite History!

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Myles Mashburn
Terrible video - confusing format where you commentate with your own footage before showing the actual clip. - contradictory statements (this is the only snipe under 300 meters) - not in order by length - blatant filler - replaying the same clip to stretch out time - exactly 10 minutes long.....
My longest is 486m, however it was in playground mode tho
Chris Garland
Mine was 280 meters in solo what's yours leave a like please
StimpoPvP ̄\_ツ_/ ̄
My longest snipe is 494, the way I did it was I killed my friend, when you die you spawn up 500 meters, so he equipped the umbrella, didn't move and I sniped him with a bolt action. The problem is you cant do this anymore, cause you spawn like 100 meters up now...Just a little thing this was in playground. The longest snipe which looks extremely real and not edited is 1,123 or something with 1 thousand
tYl3r1 0f1ci4l
The longest snipe I’ve got is a 487m snipe in the playground ltm U can’t get a 500m+ snipe cuz the bullet doesn’t register
Kingston Keeffe
2:20 R.I.P headphone users
ive hitted 271 was EPIC!!! ive also hitted a 270 snipe at 50v50 (knock not elimination)
mapple nut
My longest snipe is 358 and my longest snipe to a glider is 311
Oscar Brennan
489 in playground
How fake is the first one smh
The first is a fake ! Look the text. Look the font. It’s not a real kill. My record is 342m
Ivan Tarnyagin
You had your random clips to make the vid longer
Raisin Thanos
Mine was in playground but It was a 1v1 It was 368
H4UN 73D
My highest is 234
Tokin Reapz
the farthest ive got is 398 so close to 400
London Batehead
My highest is 402m
Fluffy Cloud
Where’s the top ten
Karun 7
My longest is 465M in playground mode
FinnesedAzn Fortnite
wow u repeat the clips 2x to make the vid longer...
Cagriemrah Kaya
Wooow i sniped a enemie of 375m
Omg I wish those guys had a mic so we could see their reaction
Kylie Groyon
This channel has good content
Tazer Phillips
My longest snipe was 317 LOL
Beast Bencze
Number 1 is fake I looked the video up and in the description it said it was photoshopped
The Llama Man
I was 1v1 my friend in playground I got snip from 351
Frank Games
My used to friend made a 462 meter snipe
akram L 77
My record is 285 m
My farthest was 260 m
Willempie Wins
Nummer 1 fake
Tyler 429
I have a 438m snipe
Gamus Gaming
What about my 329
jj's studios
Mine is 436m mid air
-ZayGamerPlayz -
I’ve got a 471 meter shot is it record
My record was a 420m 360 no scope. Edit: lul people don’t understand what a joke is
Impossible X
My record is 498.
Zachary Saeed
I have been killed by secretsenpai
TBS shea
My highest is *406m* of a bounce pad🤔I just posted it
Raven Slayer
I got a 460m
Lem M
The last one is fake since there is no hitmarker and the font is different in the kill feed. You also can hit a shot farther than 300m since the bullet derenders.
Original lloyd5514
Mine was 336 I swear
Gorilla wbanana Gaming
What happened
Asher Morris
I hold the record with 447 meters
Gal Satler
My longest snipe kill was 214m noscope in the sniper mode from acros the loot lake.
My farthest shot was 12 m. At least I tried.
DeanClan360 Fornite
Longest is 460m
you're welcome
i seen someone get 1M miles im not lying
LlamaGamer706 A
This isn’t Official?
I like to comment Reacts
Derp Productions
In a normal game my longest snipe is 253m,in playground my longest one is 401
I got a 416m first try headshot when I was having a sniper battle with my friend on Playground..
Hamze`s channel !
Today I got a 721m snipe in playground
Pat Cwynar
I got 462
Why his reaction is before the kill at 6:45 ? Suspect... I am french sorry for the errors.
Jashan Jagal
The best snipe is at 12:53
tims games
I made like 2 minuuts ago the longest snipe ever it was with a semi auto snipe from 1,194m
My longest shot was 1092m I went crazy
Henry S.
I broke and got 490 m not joking I will show if you wants and it was a headshot
Limon 517
my higest snipe is 343 meters but is in playground mod
Faker TheGod
My longest is 422M sniper shot
ChuKunTube 87255
my record and the 479 m
Budo Masuta
#4 is probably like 150
TV Gaming
I clipped it on my Xbox but I can't download it to my phone but I swear I had a 442 m snipe
Lime Leaf
The first one is so fake
My brother just hit 650m snipe and told me to look up the longest snipe to see if he beat the record
I like to comment Reacts
I am trash with Snipers
Eagle 53
my friend got a 420m I have a photo of the world record we got it in today so yeah ill send u it.
Drew Petersen
I got a 760 snipe on playground I just shot and the guy died lol
Branson Bdogg99
My longest snipe is 335 meters check my vid
Bro I hit a 1, 191 meter snipe. Watch my vid to see proof
Qinx PL
If not ur clips and talking, woudl be can good video with only cutted actions
Howard The Alien
My longest is 280m in a solo game
The World record is 2,135 using a glitch In a shoppingcart
Walle Hietala
My longest snipe is 300m (World record)
My Record is 287m
Ben Green
My best is 489m
Ayaz Show
Me it’s 307 m in 50vs50
Extremevids1469 !
The crossbow edition should include one of my friends clips he hit a 250 meter crossbow shot and the guy was zigzagging
Under Fire
My longest Hunting Rifle shot was 298, it was in playground and me and my friend were just fighting across tilted, he jumped RIGHT onto my bullet and died.
Craig Jacob
when u look at killfeed on #1 it looks different than all other distance markers so fake
Mr Everything
The longest snipe I ever got was 243 meters
Ninja Noah
Aye Who's watching in season 6?
KingJay Lee
Good stuff
Dorian Hamilton
I have a shot longer than all of those for 434m
Obadiah Keru
Carl Josh Manalang
Me and my friend just did 463 with the heavy sniper
Robert Cote
Just came 3rd with a 273 meter snipe
Kelpie J
I have 493
Supreme Bunny
Myne is 467m in playground mode
David Ruiperez
Mi snipazo mas largo en partida publica es 275m y en patio 492m xdd
Emmanuel Der
my lougest snip wae 500 miles
Dorian Hamilton
Keevo - Pg3d
First one Tooooo Fake
The jumping one was not 300 meters
Reid Smith
i hit a 491 meter sniper in playground
Kryštof Burian
My longest sniper was 430 meters
Abood 368
The last one is photoshoped