Top 10 LONGEST SNIPER Shots in Fortnite History!

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How fake is the first one smh
when i do things like this its never noticed Like if this happens to you :(
RapidZ RaZR
Longest in playground was I think 530, Normal game - 259
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I love how you repeat clips and mentions completely irrelevant stuff and somehow the video ends up being exactly 10 mins which is perfect for you to make money
Chris Garland
Mine was 280 meters in solo what's yours leave a like please
FinnesedAzn Fortnite
wow u repeat the clips 2x to make the vid longer...
220 my longest i was playing team rumble and i got exactly 7 kills out of my 10 kills with sniper shots that was absolutely insane i play on xbox one which makes it even harder i guess
# Cbas00797
I got a 400 meter snipe before but it was in playground my friend was still moving and I thought it would be cool to share in the comments you don’t have to believe me tho it’s true
Kingston Coffee
2:20 R.I.P headphone users
Ivan Tarnyagin
You had your random clips to make the vid longer
Tiger Games
Nummer 1 fake
Damian Mathews
This video did not need to be 10 minutes
Harvey Randhawa
Who else is watching in season 8 Like if u are
Dark Child
I sniped someone from 265m if you wanna see proof check XxKotaHopexX on Xbox
KtS SlowBoy
I hit a 367 meter snipe with the heavy sniper
Myles Mashburn
Terrible video - confusing format where you commentate with your own footage before showing the actual clip. - contradictory statements (this is the only snipe under 300 meters) - not in order by length - blatant filler - replaying the same clip to stretch out time - exactly 10 minutes long.....
Keiuanna Chambers
The longest snipe in fortnite actually is... 4,124 meters
Frank Games
My used to friend made a 462 meter snipe
Tyler Brown
I had a snipe with a hunting rifle 315 meters you can only show 200 meters
Karun 7
My longest is 465M in playground mode
Tokin Reapz
Devona12 _
My dude made it exactly 10 min long so that he can make some decent money 😂
Caleb Wells
My longest snipe is 407 meters on playgrounds
Number1 Plays
Can I have a shoutout pls!!! Thankyou
Exactly 10 mins, I praise you😂🤦‍♂️
Number 1 is fake I looked the video up and in the description it said it was photoshopped
My longest snipe was 305 meters. I lost that clip sadly. But I did get a 268 later on
My longest snipe is exactly 450 meters, it was in playground mode tho, but it was not planned y friend was just gliding and I ended up sniping him In a public game my longest snipe is 297
Marko Jovanoski
Damn my longest already 294m with uncommon hunting rifle,225 hp,and also he was on zipline when I sniped him
I got a lucky 458 snipe somehow luul
6:47 nice snipe buddy i havent seen something more real in my life *cough cough*
Joshua Wagner
My longest sniper shot is 412 meaters on a 1v1 with my cousin jack
[EpicGames]Bot 1305
Dude I have a 701 meter snipe with the heavy sniper
Yung Porky
My longest snipe was 394m in Getaway LTM, and in that same round, I snipe another 238m. lol
My longest is 486m, however it was in playground mode tho
Guardy Players
Lol my record it’s 273 (mobile) and at sandbox it’s 542 DIS WAS AWESOME
RIP, I just did a sniper shot on a plane but 391 meters
Extreme Jack
The #1 is fake... My longest was 395 #2 is 390 duo team
Why his reaction is before the kill at 6:45 ? Suspect... I am french sorry for the errors.
Fortnite is Awesome
Great vid man keep up the good work
Ann Davidson
my longest 1,000 m i say i best snipe that my 2nd big one my 1st is 1,0500
Thule V3
My furthest is 1,149 in playground no joke but normal is 312
The one And only memer
My highest is 450 meters and I’m on xbox
raghuveer vijay
2:25 THANK you for making the noise less....I am a headphone user
The Longest Snip i did was 378m, but My Longest kill is 457m with a Rpg
Tai Perette
"Omg i no scoped him!" "Waut?"
The Chuffalo
Im not even goos but I got a 280 the other day then they watched me play lol. I lost
Monica Garcia
my biggest record with a hunting rifle is 91 meters i know i suck
Illumin ati
Who else came from Jake Paul? World record breaking
Javier Rodrigux
I did a 478 meter snipe in playground on my friend Jonathan904 on xbox and he was as standing still but I never knew how to broadc as st, rec, or clip things...;(
Jaroslaw Kotwica
My longest is 400 hunting rifle team rumble
Sum Plum
The last one is fake since there is no hitmarker and the font is different in the kill feed. You also can hit a shot farther than 300m since the bullet derenders.
Itz Dooster
my longest snipe is 303m or 403m but he was still
James Haughty
I hit a 277m headshot which is my longest
Edis 010203
My kongest snipe was 342. It is was in playground mode.
Amine Zidan
You said longest snipes and not crazy snipe number 4 was a no scope also 2
My longest snipe was 432 metres and I barely even saw my enemie. I'm annoyed it wasn't clipped
TTM EliTheGoat
In playground it doesn’t count my highest in game was 340 in playground 680
Doin'it F1stPerson
My record was a 489m but it was staged My record that isnt staged was 456m on a afk dude
Blaze Fikaris
I hit a 490 in a playground sniper shootout with a hunting rifle
My friend made 311 meters sniper shot NOT JOKING
Faze Avxry
Me and my friend just did 463 with the heavy sniper
alex elwell
My longest is 1018 meters on playground tho I got screenshots
My farthest shot was 12 m. At least I tried.
Trendy stuffs
Cool video man first time watching you keep it up for real I like you
xXLegendaryXx #1
I got a 1194 metre snipe but how do I email??
Jayden Bennett
My longest snipe was 260m long and that's better than number 6.
Å friend of mine just got 1001 meters sniping! I have proof! On tik tok.
Jemoedur Xx
Number 8 name is xxxxxxsniperxxxxxxx
Ilikechicken Nuggets
Doubled the clips to make the vid longer expects people to like it
Cr7isthebest13 4
I sniped my friend in Playground and it was 488 meters
Brogan Padgett
Look at OPQS Gem"s 407 Meter hunting rifle shot he shot him twice
Craig Jacob
when u look at killfeed on #1 it looks different than all other distance markers so fake
Gameplay Weekend
I have one where an enemy was behind one of my teammates, doing that laughing emote, and I snipe him for 394meters
Pratiksha Sonawane
My Max 401 on battle royal squades
Kevin Garnett
I hit someone from 260 meters away
dodou nest
First one is fake because the travel time it was quick
tYl3r1 0f1ci4l
The longest snipe I’ve got is a 487m snipe in the playground ltm U can’t get a 500m+ snipe cuz the bullet doesn’t register
Kryštof Burian
My longest sniper was 430 meters
David Ruiperez
Mi snipazo mas largo en partida publica es 275m y en patio 492m xdd
Little OG
A snipe shot like that is better than victory... Will losers say...
My longest is 533 metres in playground but he was running and not AFK
The Best lol
My longest îs 200 Meters lol!?? On a solo game!???
messyid YT
My longest snipe is 314 meters. Also I sniped someone on a bounce pad mid air from 133 meters.
My longest snipe ever was 375 in playground with my friend
Nut With 10k Subs?
I know u think I'm lying but once in squads I got a moving hard scope at 436 meters
Mister MasterRyan
My longest snipe is 454 m in fortnite
Mister MasterRyan
My longest snipe is 454 m in fortnite
Wrchapman2004 Fortnite
My longest snipe is 467. Idk if i beat the record or not but im gunna try to hit 500. I did it in play ground mode
Jeremy WWE
My longest snipe was 505 meters but in playground
Qinx PL
If not ur clips and talking, woudl be can good video with only cutted actions
Grant The Amazing
My longest snipe is 500m, reply if you had a longer one
I have a amazing sniper kill clip that I took the recording of I estimate about 468 up hill
rob nicol
maybe not as fun but i have a 420 plus snipe
TRG - Eclipse
I JUST GOT AN 870 SNIPE edit:metres
dick head
I hit a 294 so I am at a draw with the 10th place
My longest snipe was 272m in 50v50 some dude tried to glide away
I got a 295 snipe he was on a quadcrasher