Jackie Chan Tribute | From 1 To 62 Years Old

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Как менялся Джеки Чан - с 1 до 62 лет. Эволюция любимого актера Подпишись! Жми: /> Дже́ки Чан (кит. 成龍, Чэн Лун; урождённый кит. 陳港生, Чэнь Ганшэ́н (Чэнь, рождённый в Гонконге); иногда упоминается как Чань Конса́н и Фан Шилу́н; англ. Jackie Chan; р. 7 апреля 1954, Гонконг, Китай) — гонконгский, китайский и американский актёр, каскадёр, кинорежиссёр, продюсер, сценарист, постановщик трюков и боевых сцен, певец, филантроп, мастер боевых искусств. Посол доброй воли ЮНИСЕФ. Кавалер ордена Британской империи. Чан — один из самых популярных героев боевиков в мире, он известен своим акробатическим боевым стилем, комедийным даром, а также использованием самых различных «подручных средств» в боях. Снялся в главных ролях более чем в 100 фильмах и является одним из наиболее знаменитых азиатских актёров в мире. Помимо кино, занимается и певческой карьерой — он поёт песни во многих своих фильмах и выпускает альбомы с 1980-х годов. Чан известен и как успешный поп-исполнитель; с 1984 года он выпустил более 100 песен на 20 альбомах. Он поёт на кантонском и мандаринском диалектах китайского, на японском и английском языках. Он также часто поёт заглавные песни для своих фильмов, но при выпуске в прокат фильмов в Европе и США эти песни, как правило, заменяются. Успехом пользовался мультсериал «Приключения Джеки Чана», где Джеки после каждой серии отвечал на вопросы поклонников. У Чана есть звёзды на Авеню Звёзд в Гонконге и на Аллее Звёзд в Голливуде, а также на Старом Арбате в Москве. О Чане написано немало книг. Последний проект — «Хроники Джеки Чана», фэнтезийная книга писателя Василия Москаленко, автор которой получил разрешение от самого актёра.

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Med Rbh
if you love Jackie Chan drop a like
Mobile Gamer
62 Years old still the best 👍👑😘.Thank you very much you make my chilhood awesome
He is so healthy for a old man , hope he lives long
Galen Smith
If anyone gets a chance at immortality/eternal youth.  It better be Jackie.  His movies are amazing.
this guy is a legend
Thiago Leo Kim
He doesn't look that old does he? He's such a big inspiration
Jackie will always be my childhood hero. More power, Uncle!
its going to be a real shame when he dies...
Mr Commentary
Reply your favourite Jackie chan movie Mine are snake in eagles shadow And drunken master
i would love to see a jackie chan 1 to 62 year olds video from jackie's own perspective so we can all see what he has gone through and his own experiences compared to the side which he reveals to the world
TriCore 9
Makes you realy think about how time goes so fast...
Envoy of Mortality
that old man could still kick all of our asses
Prabhendu Pandey
legend... i haven't seen a guy so happy and humble and hardworking and talented
Man he looks so young still! Jackie Chan is literally one of the most amazing men ever!
Brandon Powell
I have a feeling he will outlive alot of us, like he will live to be 125 that would be awesome.
i always imaginating.when Sylvester Stallone,Jackie Chan,And Arnold Making Movie together xD
did not realize he was 62 years old. he has that weird Asian feature where they look young for a long time then one day just look old
We wuz kangz n' shieet n' We built pyramedz
This guy was performing crazy stunts at age 50, what a hero.
Jay Nava
Jackie is one of my all time favorites. Legendary
Ilya Kuryakin
movies will never be the same when he is gone
ervin Iskandar
im jackie chan biggest fan i become his fan when i 7 years old i still love jackie chan :-)
He may not have the body he had when he was 26, but damn he's in good shape for 62. You just have to love this guy, Jackie has always been a humble and funny person. He's worth billions with all his shares and different businesses, he still makes a lot of money without starring in A-list blockbusters as a lead, but he's pretty down to earth. In this video, in the pictures he took with celebs it often looks like he's a fan who's honored to be in one picture with his idol, when in reality Jackie is just as popular, if not more popular, as the person he's in the picture with.
Jackie Chan One Of The Best Legend Like Bruce Lee :) I Love Jackie Chan And Hes Movies As Well!
Abhigyan Gohain
Man u forgot to add Jackie Chan getting Oscar in the end.. Dats d real tribute bruh
Excercise like crazy and eat good ? ok thanks Jackie I want to look like you when I'm 62!
Lien Oum
When over 100 people puts a dislike on your favorite actor and said actor pretty much dedicated his whole life into making movies for us. There's also the fact Jackie almosted died a few times just so he could give us a great film.
Never did I realize the moment I first started watching Jackie Chan's films, between the years 2000 - 2010, when I was 7 -10 y.o. He was already in his 50's. T^T This man is awesome!!
He had a great Idol Bruce Lee, we all need them )
Borislav Alexandrov
I want to meet this legend and tell him he is the best and to keep all the work for the owlrd and take a picture of it soo i can remember this moment every time i want i just love Jackie Chan!
Rocquell an
I don't believe Jackie is 61 and still look so young
Jenny G
I'm proud of him. Most of his life and his movies try to make people laugh, but he's the only one that knows how he truly feels and how hard for him to become famous. He absolutely is a Chinese icon👊🏻👍🏻👏🏻
buya shaka
Ricardo Jose Patillas
i thought jack was just like 46.
jacky chan must have a good life
dexter sullivan
jackieeee HUGE part of my childhood. never physically met him, but i love the guy for sure!
Jackie Chan is my idol and I watch one of his 1980 movies but know he can't perform what he perform past days like in karate kid we will never forget you jackie chan
Zhie Antarisa
jacky chan awesome !! #respect
I mean
Wow, now I understand when he said "you've gotta do whatever you want when you're still young". Thinking about that I'm kinda scare that I'm racing against time as well. Thank you Jackie for everything you have done.
Michael Nickel
Mag seine Film. Eine lebendige Legende
looks great for 62
Super Dougie
The guy barely ages! it's like his aging slowed once he was in his 30s, just goes to show what healthy living, dedication and hard work can do to the human body.
Whyou Wannaknow
wow i did not know he was in in mid 40s for rush hour, youthful guy.
jeeze this guy doesn't age
Don Raggo
Jackie Chan is the absolute King, consumate professional, altruistic all round nice guy <3
Bryle Caretero
how is that even possible he's 62 years old but he's very strong what!!?
Shawns vids
These videos really put into perspective how short life is and makes me realize all moments are precious
Li Loca
The best part about all this is that he does his own stunts, i can only imagine the amount of injuries he's had.
Dannic Alcott
The real MLG player, he is Jackie Chan
TheHD 36
Jackie Chan is the best Actor ever, always smiling snd happy guy love him 😍
Мужская тема
сделайте пожалуста видео ,как менялся владимир познер!лайк от моего автоканала)
WTF he is old and he still looks young
Connie Carroll
Thanks I thought he was younger when he made several of the films shown.
jaymin mehta
I m really crazy about Jackie sir he is so cute and doesn't looks like 62 he is still smart then his son
saif ahmad
I thought his is in his thirties. DAMN
Abhijeet lahane
I think Jackie chan is an only actor who is respected by all.. Respect from bharat
Oh man Jackie is really something else, at 50 he still do amazing stuff, it was only visible after rush hour 3 that he had slowed down but still impressive strength and stamina
Euphoria Z
Asians usually stop aging once they reached 30 😑 what a big truth
David Ten
Is it just me who noticed that Jackie Chan did not age at all?
Aaron JC
Love you Jackie, your stunts are nothing I've ever seen in my life. You're great still a great stuntman and a funny actor.
his abs are perfectly aligned and balance. my abs arent
Marcus Johnson
Wow he looks great at 62!!!!
Sor Thao
looking back at his achievements and success as an actor I am very proud of him. He was everyone inspiration and idol and still is. When he pass away his legacy will live on everyone's heart and we will remember him for everything he done. I will be very sad when that day comes and I wish it would never happen but everyone lives their own legacy and pass it to the next generation. I know all you guys here will feel the same way when the day comes. I have the feels right now as I am writing this. LEGENDS WILL ALWAYS LIVE ON!!
Júnior Guerrero
i want Jackie Chan to keep making movies but it's better for him to retire bc the stunts in those movies are dangerous, i just hope someone can at least come close to his skills so we can keep getting entertained
This guy seems like one of the friendliest celebrities out there
the t4c
i love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love jackie chan i mean love him
dee Sparks
Jackie Chan didn't play in mortal combat
Michle 257
I thought he's in his 40s
Arman Marks
this was an amazing slide show.. one of my favorite actors
crash blue300
All the great actors are getting old. A list of actors. - Jim carry -jonny Depp -Jackie chan
my god is Jackie Chan. such a great performer
He looks young today
Azu Shi
Wow Jackie is indeed a legend. I thought he was in his prime in Mr. Nice Guy, Gorgeous, Who Am I and Rush Hour because he looked so explosive, but he was in his 40's!!! His training in Gorgeous looked like a prime fighter in training but he was 45! Not to mention he has already suffered many fatal injuries and he was still looking sharp in his 40's. A modern fighter can't even come back from a fractured wrist but Jackie had every bone in his body broken. He's now 63 and clearly lost his touch, but he still moves better than many young people at 63. He can't copy his young self, but he is still snappier than some young action stars.
Мария Торговкина
Живая легенда 😍
Navs Lyang
legend ...of all time ... jackie u r ma fev.......alwyzzz
jacki chan looks great at his age he never gets old.
Εσφιγμενίτης Αγιορείτης
thank you for all good times that we have with you Jackie
Bautista Ibieta
in his 42 years.. that pic is with dennis rodman and derrick Rose?
Atak Snajpera
1:50 - movie title please!
55 The spy next door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kismo ahmed
there is no one in this world grow up every body his age is missing after
Elzė Grinevičiūtė
He looks 30 when he is 40
Very underrated martial artist. Drunken master, snake in the eagles shadow, he is very, very good. Looks like a nice guy also.
He cannot be 62 years old! Look at him, he looks literally at 40! That is absolutely unbelievable. Wish you many more years, Jackie :)
Ken Masters
Seeing him grow old makes me want to cry
That moment when you feel the shame that Jakcie is 62 and looks really young and i'm 20 and already feel the pain in my back 🙂💔💔
Words cannot express how much I love him, love you Jackie...
62?? damn doesn't look that old. He looks like 40 something. I like Jackie Chan.
Donnie Pinns
62 and still doing stunts. Badass grandpa lol
Hamza Bektaş
You are succesful but 44 years old picture not true he was 47 yeras old there there movie is rush hour 2
Jakob Germain
I can't believe he was 41 when he did Rumble in The Bronx!
Thadd Da Bad
4:27 Who's the girl??? She's got a nice rack
Lubomir Malar
ive seen films but he is then only one that perfoms the stunts real amd shows it at the end of the.video like if u agree😎
Jackie has given this world way to much work in his stunts and movies and being a director. He is 62 years old and still doing action for crying out loud, I don't want to see on the news one day and hear about him dying from a stunt he is too old to even do. I really wish he will retire soon. Jackie is way to Legendary to pass on this world and no one here wants to hear about him dead.
k1no 13
I literally love all of his movies especially the Rush Hour Trilogy. He is such a incredible individual that deserves more reconition!!
life is indeed short , it makes it even shorter when you have not accomplished anything yet in your 30s
Marie Clark
He's looked nice his whole life. Even now. He still looks nice and healthy. Not really as old as he is.
Grib Gaming
Not to be a downer but the picture at 2:50 is rush hour 2. Age 47
Jack Noseworthy
Jackie chan > Bruce lee
At 62 he still looks great and can still kick ass.
Spider-Man vs?
Lol 4:32