The new Mercedes-Benz V-Class

In 2014, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class premiere saw a completely new approach to design, value appeal, comfort and safety being introduced into the MPV segment. The concept went on to be a true success: proof of this can be found in the 209,000 or so V-Class units that have been sold since its market launch in 2014, a sales record in 2018 with some 64,000 units, one of the youngest buyer groups at Mercedes-Benz and successful launches in other markets, especially in Asia. At the start of 2019, India was the latest V-Class market to be added to the equation. And the facelift will now make for a refreshing feel to the already successful model. Focal points include a re-styled and striking front-end design, as well as the introduction of the OM 654 four-cylinder diesel engine generation – with the V 300 d reaching the new top value of 176 kW (239 hp). Plus, the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission is available for the first time, while safety and assistance systems, among them Active Brake Assist, have been brought up to the latest technological level. The new V-Class can be ordered in Europe from March 2019. Prices in Germany start from 36,990 euros (including 19 percent VAT). Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz Vans is continuing to evolve its [email protected] electrification strategy and will soon be offering a fully-electric MPV. ________ CGI Snake by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( />Source: />Artist:

Miggy Z
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I like this.! It's like a Vito on roids
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Хорошо приятно, я бедный не возьмут:-(((
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Is that ball at 5:21 also included
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Du bist wirklich toll, wie sehr ich die deutsche Industrie geliebt habe, vor allem das Auto, und ich wünschte, ich hätte so ein schönes Auto.
Best Van...!!!
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So they drove to the middle of nowhere to do these sorts of stuff?
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What took them so long to create a normal luxury van??? And will a diesel model be available in Canada? I can’t believe its taken so long to achieve this!!! Long overdue imho. Lol
Arlind Rraci
Минивэн Mercedes-Benz V-Class (новая модель Мерседес V-класса) пережил качественный рестайлинг и представлен официально 31 января 2019 года. Автомобилю не только освежили внешность, но и поработали над технической начинкой. В обзоре технические характеристики, комплектации, цена и фото Мерседес-Бенц В-класс с новым 2,0-литровым турбо дизелем OM 654, соответствующим новым экологическим нормам Euro 6d-TEMP. Источник:
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sounds like a tractor
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