The Strangers: Origins

►BEHIND THE SCENES: />►SUBSCRIBE: />►MY ONLINE STORE: />►MY LUTS: />►MY VIDEO GUIDE & BUSINESS BOOK: /> Written & Directed By Jakob Owens Edited/Colored: Jakob Owens Produced by BuffNerds Media, Jakob Owens, Sam King DP: Thomas Taugher Starring Miranda Harrison & David Morris Art Director: Shanel Smith Makeup: Jordan Alex PA: Travis Colbert & Ronnie C FOLLOW ME: Instagram: @JakobOwens ( />Twitter: @JakobOwenss ( /> MY WEBSITES: Website: />Website: /> The Strangers has always been one of my favorite horror movies and I've always wanted to tell a prequel to the first one. Would love to do a feature film about! Strangers Trilogy! For sponsorship, product reviews, and collaboration, you can email me here: [email protected]

I present to ya'll.....The Strangers: Origins! The Strangers has always been one of my favorite horror movies and I've always wanted to tell a prequel to the first one. Would love to do a feature film about it!
Tomi Stenqvist
Music goes: ''Should we go outside...'' Me: no. no you should not..
Photo Piccasso
Drop a whole movie. Don't do us like that bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tyler Casey
Crazy turn around time man! Came out really clean! Great work!
Pinup _
What about me
Glory Visuals
Those wide handheld kitchen shots though! Love this man. Great work!
Amazing ! Holy crap ! Please do more videos like this ! It had me at the edge of my seat ! 10/10 👌🏽🔥
Cinematography is killer. Color was stylish. I did notice black lines coming in and out of the footage. Maybe a camera issue? Also the pacing in the beginning was slow. Established the character making food a bit to long. Art style was great. Good production quality overall. Fun to watch.
Daniel Palma
I loved the cinematography and atmosphere. The killer looked very intimidating. The directing missed the mark. Why would homegirl just run for her life because she heard a noise in the woods? I mean, if she saw the killer, that's one thing but otherwise, it was a very unmotivated action. Also didn't have context. I know it's a short but I need to know why "her"? With all that being said, you a super talented, inspiring, and I enjoy your stuff!
Ryan O'Grady
I Noticed the black stripes, we had a similar problem while shooting SAFE SPACE with the Blackmagic Ursa Mini (recording to SSDs). We tried a lot of solutions and nothing seemed to correct it. Have you found a solution for this or is it a sensor issue? Would love your 2 cents. BTW great job on the short. (As usual)
Tom Carp
Dope man! This really makes me want to make my own short horror film.
Rosie Garcia
She became my Girl Dollface gotta love my girl Dollface 😍🔪 but what about Pin Up Girl ?
Aaroz Ezio
Ok, so this is how Baghead recruits his super creepy team of stalkers/killers
Kenny Velazquez
The Strangers is one of my favorite horror films as well. I really hope the series continues in some capacity and this definitely has the potential to be something special! As do you, sir.
Awesome work man and great video, thanks for sharing and keep posting BOSS! content. Big thumbs up!
David Nieto
i was so into it, I thought i was watching a complete movie... sucks its so short!!! You gotta do like a full movie of it!
Young Ghost K-zoo
Looks really good!! love the movies, this fits in really nice!
Jamie Noonan
I enjoyed this! Wasn’t expecting the twisty ending.. Well done!
Cadan Palfreeman
I remember watching this film when I was 12 haha was so scared! Great prequel man!
Jakob you need to be shooting TV series. Like try to get on with The Purge Season 2 or something. You got mad skills.
Broooo the part where he grabbed her neck through the window made me jump I had the volume all the way up😂 loved this the sound designs on point!
Star The Wolf
Dang this movie was worth the wait Great work loved it
Kevin Houk
Nicely done, good jump scare. How were you allowed to use that Joanna Newsom song though?
PeakyBasterd Gaming
Really enjoyed that, hope to see The Strangers movies
Josh Hanes
Dude. Straight 🔥🔥🔥 The pace and flow was so good! The last part at the end was so well thought out! Truly awesome! Hats off to you!
RR Film Production
Very well shot, directed and acted. Just my two cents...could have been a little shorter and tighter in the edit. That's just my personal opinion. I guess being a director and a producer...that's the battle right. As creatives, we want ALL of our work on the screen, but I learned less is more and efficient. No disrespect, just my personal take. Either way, brilliant work. Congrats. I am assuming it was no budget or very very low budget? Which would make it even more amazing, since it's very cinematically shot.  All the Best.
This was awesome. Looks cinema quality.
Nice, you know how to do suspense, not many people know how to do that these days, especially in Hollywood. The first half was very intriguing. The second half I feel dragged a bit.
John Cordeiro
That was fantastic! Great work for being a fan made video.
Keith Ariaz
This was great. I love making fan films of my own so when I see others do it and do it well it's dope. I had some very minor concerns with the script but not enough to where it ruined it for me. I really did enjoy it. Well done. If you ever do your own feature film of the strangers can I act in it????? 😂😂😂
Richard Brea
this was awesome. great job man. miranda killed it!
Joe Luis
At the gym and I just jumped when he grabbed her in the car 😂😂 great film!
Hitmakerz Media
BRO!!!!!!!! This is AMAZING!!!! Great job!! 🔥🔥🔥
Josh Miller
Awesome work!!!! Is it your computer giving those black lines across the screen?
Iris Bay Studios
Had my KRK's maxed and legit almost knocked over my tower when dude grabbed her neck haha.. That shit was great!
Khadejah A. Reese
Do Michael myers next😁😀😀😀😀😀
Acutus Media
i was so into it, it went by so fast, please make a longer next one this was great Jakob
John Kelly
JOP killin it once again!
Very well done! The angels are perfect! Loved the shots you took!
Robin Kachfi
This is a real masterpiece!
Blended Vision
Great quality footage. Great lighting. Great acting. Love the twist ending. Only negative for me is the man's mask could be adjusted better or better mask used. But i only say that because i make that mask and sell it for customers haha. Masks mean alot in horror films. Just a small nitpick.
Boyd Crowder
This is awesome. I'd love to see this become a full length film. Keep up the good work. Subscribed ☺😎
Tristan Knapp
Are you going to do pin-up girl
Awesome work man. Strangers is 1 of the scariest movies I've ever seen
This is amazing, I cant believe you guys pulled it off with such a small crew and budget
I only got 1 question after watching this ...IS TAMARA HOME?
Tropic Colour
Juan Ramirez
Bad ass broo love it
Malique Warren
Finally a plot twist I didn’t see coming!
JSH Films
Loved it! Everything flowed perfectly! Keep it going Jakob! Hope to see a feature film from you!
Leon Liehr
Incredible Film!
thomas bicket
the making of dollface???
I love The Strangers 😍
Félix Côté
Awsome edit! The sound design is super tight!
RL 26
not knowing their origins is what makes them Strangers lol
Seth Conrad
Looks amazing!!
Sergio Flores
I'm blown away man, not that I'd expect anything less!!
Amine Iscsriah
Really really Great work I hope there's another parts I love how the atmosphere was in this short film and how camera move on so keep going 🙏
That kneck grabbing meeen kabooom....nice soundtrack while brandishing the axe....shhwwiing
liam vlogs
So shes dollface now
That's why she's one of them poor girl :c
Rene Rivas
Really enjoyed that, well done!
Dayln Morgan
Finally a prequel! We need more!
Pinup Girl
When’s pinup girls part?!
Christiano Gio
Love it. Crew member in reflection? 1:04
VelardeJakob 18
Am I the only one who would like to see a prequel?
Don Harrison
Excellent work, I was zoned in the whole time, shout out to Miranda Harrison. I wonder if were related.....
Laurel Smith
Very clean work and as for the sound it was 🔥🔥🔥
Spot Manduex
Pin-up Girl is my fave.  I was SOOOO pissed when they killed her in 2.  Really she only had 2 scenes and I think she's the creepiest of all.
Mike Spinos
Looks beautiful
Tr Vlogs Car Life
This would be great.
Harry Warden
It's gonna have a movie more , yeah!!!
makes me really want an origin movie
Ahmed Ibrahim
Can you explain the ending
Nathan Perry
Great watch thanks 🙏
_ Glitchtrap _
3:57 Sometimes I scare myself!
So he tortured her until she broke and went insane then gave her the mask and she became Dollface and joined him in his killings.
bogus trell
And I’m first to like
Nice sound design! What are you using for these type of sounds?
Where's pin-up girl?
Justin Jones
So cool. Keep it up Jacob! Lovin it!
bryan collester
That was actual cool as he'll compared to the other ones
Michael Bruce
Hell no don't go outside
Lady Gaga Entertainment
Sooo Good
Tiago Antônio
I loved it. A great prequel to one of the most scary horror slasher movies ever made. Please, make this into a full-lenght movie! Fans will love it.
ChronicTha' Hemphog
ok sooo….. she just decides she gunna be a killer too? i dont get it.. ''ok i pick you as one of my partners!!''... really? naaa dosent work for me. i need a better origin than that! lolol nice try tho
Samuel Konetsky
Very very clever ending tying this in to the strangers franchise
Alex Perez Rivas
Great job
This was great. Had it been longer, I think it would've told a more compelling story. Felt odd that all was fine and the moment she goes outside she thinks someone is there rather than acknowledging the wind blowing WIND CHIMES. And when she rushes for her car, rather than going back inside? And then begins crying from reading "hello" written on the back window? I dont know, felt unbelievable. And what would be her motive to join him at the end? We see no set up that she is insane, that she could fight back, that she is just as dangerous and murderous as he is and deems worthy enough to join him. The concept is there, and I'd like to see a story where it's both her AND Pin-Up Girl, perhaps best friends or so, or maybe just strangers, and he attacks one first, then they attack the other.
Zachary Lumsden
4:51 halloween reference the hat
bogus trell
I’m second
Colin's Tonfack
Big Ole357!
I can't remember if they explained what happened with Liv Tyler's character, in the beginning of part 2. If you remember at the end all that first Strangers movie, after being stabbed multiple times and passing out, she wakes up screaming at the very end of the movie.
LOBO Films
what happened to the scenes with the guy stumbling by the car all scared? did you decide not to use any of those clips??
Johnny Docs
Why was her car door conveniently open?
Brandon Goodman
So this girl is just gonna go join a psycho killer and kill people? and why did he spare her? i need some motivations here, great video tho.
Aluminom Siren
The birth of Dollface
pingui pozos
I love