Beyonce surprises students - Let's Move! Flash Workout for New York City

Beyonce surprises students at PS/MS 161 Don Pedro Albizu Campus, to perform alongside them to the Official Lets Move! Flash Workout for New York City.

My Fringe is Cringe
This is why I go to school everyday, you never know when Beyoncé comes to school
free lamps
Bruh imagine not coming to school this day...
Braxton Johnson
When Beyoncé shows up so you have to start dancing hella hard. Lol
Thi Huynh
the little girl with the big earrings dance the best...
She made those beautiful young girls Day...❤ gotta give b her props man that's good stuff
R&JChannel rj
How they keep so calm I would have been kicked out because I would be jumping on Beyonce back😂😂
Adamaris Avila
She did that all with high heels wow she the best!
Carolien Swennen
Offer the girl with the golden earrings a contract, please!
Katrina Ladrowski
Love her energy and what a lovely surprise for the kids
Gareth Kalber
That girls face after beyonce touches her shoulder made me smile a lot
Urooj Mahmood
God, she's perfect! Imagine being sick on this day...
Elizabeth King
Thank goodness for Mrs. Obama, she inspired everyone to get up an move.
Janette Marie
Am I the only one that watched just to see if she was gonna run the wrong way like in the video lmao
Jasmine Sherwood
The girl with the hoop earrings though 😍😍
Erykah Rose
Babygirl with the gold hoops betta werk
German Suplex
The kids were like this is too ez and then when beyonce pops out of nowhere oh shit i need to step up my game
Jeff Wilkinson
How great to see her interact with those girls... I enjoyed watching ...
aesthetic aesthetic
girl with hoop earrings is killing it yall
K. T.
I mean, it must be an 8th wonder of the world that these girls kept on dancing when she came in. I would've died at the spot :D
Minoneti Vea
When these girls can handle themselves better then adults haha because Lord if she walked into a room full of adults will be fighting pulling wigs off and fainting haha
Milhaus Wanhouten
TSJ Johnson
Yay Beyonce!! What a wonderful thing to do. Those young people will never forget this day.
Mirio Alves
Janeiro 2019 Toda vez que vejo esse vídeo eu xoio😥😥 só as abelhas entendem
shAy Brown
Odette Balogh
Love it! every body so happy !
Joseph Lujan
That was so nice of Beyonce to dance with the kids.
Dutchesss Booty
She has no idea what a great impact she has done to them kids This is so dope
Marilyn Jane
*beyonce os gorgeous!!*
Can we talk about how fierce the girl in the front left with the big earrings is ? She's killin it!
Ευδόξιος Λεονταράς
I am a guy and a father of a teenage daughter who realy loves Beyonce and I am so happy about those kids who were surprised by their idol and danced with her. I am sure that she is a very sweet person!
Pamela Polk
They will NEVER EVER forget this moment!!!
Apple Iphone
Jamaicans 🇯🇲 deh yah! Yaaad man thing! Beyoncé, big up Jay-Z
MeaLenea Homer
Am I the only one who legitimately cries every time I watch this
No thanks
Some of those kids went 0 to 100 real quick on energy level when Queen B came in😂😂
Comedienne Ms Lipps
😥😥😥😥😥😥😥happy tears these kids will never forget this thank u Queen #Beyonce 💋💋💋
Ntandoyenkosi Cele
Lol these kids are strong to keep their composure like that. The moment I realized I was in the same room as Beyoncé dancing was gonna be the last thing I’m doing😂. I would have gone crazy. She was gonna see some real Apeshit😂😂
Sarina Burke
Enjoyed this video. Beyonce is a wonderful lady. Those kids will never forget that day in school.
Mark Howard
Now THAT'S some cool shit right there! Props Bey!!
Just Cade
They would be moving my body into a casket, because if the Queen Bey just came out of nowhere and started dancing with me, I would fall over and die on the spot.
Dancing With Tata
How is Beyonce dancing like that with heels ?🤨🤣🤣
Songs Mirth
Now that was sweet. I'm a retired teacher in Montana. I don't have a TV but I've heard about this woman. This is so very kind of her. I've never seen her before but what this would mean to those students . . I can only imagine. I hope she said some thing about great grades. They'll need them. I've even seen employers go back into Middle School records to see what kind of person their possible employee might be. I know that might cause a lot of stress but depending on the company, it is the truth. This was fun and the kids were already great before she came out. Excellence director and whoever asked Beyonce to do this. . impressive. :) Songsmirth
Gracie Ceanna
Lol that is awesome. They looked like they were having a lot of fun. Hilarious; they all started to REALLY dance when she came in lol.
layjah Dudley
Reason 1397283784736384728237 to love Beyonce.
Janero Meeks
That is so amazing! If I were one of those kids I swear to Goddess I would have lost my mind then and there screaming my head off. It's not everyday a queen just strolls into school to workout with you.
dre way Muskegon Michigan
Thank you for that Ms Beyonce Knowles
Talita Mansini
Eu aqui em 2018 chorei em rever esse vídeo,que sonho realizado! Ual PArabéns a todos
Michael Carlock
Rodrigo Silva
Os jovens precisam de ter mais atenção assim. Isso foi show
Se fosse aqui, eu ia dá um abraço nela e pedi um autógrafo 😂😂😂
Karen Vieira
Meu Deus muito maravilhosa 😍😍
Erin Wallace
I swear the *ONE* day that I don't go to school this will happen
Liviana Dumitru
Haha, just imagine being there chillin', not paying attention to your moves at all, and when you casually look to your right freaking Beyoncé is there, and you're like guuuurl, dis floor better hold on cuz i'm about to drop iiit
James Gilliam
That was very nice Queen B God bless you for that
Lilia lopes
Ela é fofa my Diva Beyonce Knowles 👌👏👏👏😘
Paulo Rodrigues
OMG they got touched and fanned by Beyoncé
Marcela Machado De Lima
Já pensou??caiu dura kkk rs
Jodi Cox
That was really sweet of Beyonce to do
donhilia murray
Baby girl with the hoops in the front is killing it
Canal Loterio
Brasil 05/01/019.. muita gentileza dela.. like
I Mari
Uplifting the spirits of others - always a good thing. The entertainment industry- not so much. May their eyes be fully opened to all that would harm them.
adalyss ruiz
this was the best day of my life, being able to dance and see beyonce after our gym teacher told us she was not coming. That was a moment i will cherish forever, and one of the reasons i did not want to leave my elementary/ middle school.
Beyoncé skin looks really light
Eddysgyrl Always
Over 7 thousand idiots disliked this video..SMH...some 🤷🏾‍♀️
Worku Zewditu
I wish (Beyonca) if others learn from u You are a Hero for the generatione. Keep it up You students you are lucky because u learned even after marriage and after you give birth u can keep your shape. U see.. God God is good. let God Bless you all.
Irislane Ferreira
Essa é pra mim a verdadeira diva pop!🌷🌷😍😍😍😍😍
Rachael Vuong
When kids have more manners than the paparazzi
Haneefah Moore
Omg 😲. Beyonce Is There!! Those girls are so lucky & blessed. Im jealous😫 but happy for them. So So Beautiful & Nice Of Beyonce, she has a beautiful soul💞💞😘
Oooh okay see ive never seen her smile and cheese like that lmao she looked mixed for a minute got damm ok Bonnie hahha-👌🏾
Titia Hailey
Beyoncé and those kids are friggen adorable!
This was too cute! Quite heartwarming!!!
jordan bermudez
2:23 that child was blessed by the goddess Beyoncé
Dat_kid _jay
So umm, how did no one die from this???
Rosilene Rose
alegro esse jovem parabéns VC é linda por fora e por dentro
Erika Reese
Light skinned in the front was ready .. B is such a Queen❤️
Barbie girls
*Enquanto no Brasil somos surpreendidos com assalto nem me surpreende ms*
Queen Karma
This is what happens when I miss just one day of school.
Incognito _For Life
8 years late but that's ok👌🏽
Victor Taylor
Those kids will always remember this day no matter what transpires in their lives.can imagine the morale boost it gave them.
Maria Karoline
Anita precisando ter umas aulinhas com a Queen!
Natalie McCabe
Be for president man! She's clearly a people's person but don't take no1s shit, beautiful, classy & a very clever lady.
David Schlessinger
How positively wonderful. That is AWESOME.
Kimberly Denise
I ❤️ Beyoncé she’s so Amazing ‼️❤️🤸🏾‍♂️💃🏾
Karloz KoolMC
One word, " sexy "...
Roseleny Alves
Simply fascinating, I loved
She's amazing! I wouldn't be able to keep dancing, if Beyonce was sanding next to me. They would have to call an ambulance to drag me outta there.
Worku Zewditu
Wonderfully Stay Blessed Byonce lovely one.
Rosana Lillo
Hermosas...bravisiimoooo, desde Chile
Thicci Vicky
1 touch 1 scream
Rayane Ayoub Ait Allaoua
3:43 “Venus blessing the people” - circa 40AD Colorized.
Jessica Sweet
She is the only who can dance with those shoes, omg she is fantastic
Surprise us in Zimbabwe
Maria Scales
The dance would have been over because I would have just fell out when she rolled up in there😂
Kingston Hawke
Light skin girl in the front had no idea that was Beyoncé until the end. She was just in her zone killing it. Finally came up for air, and their was a Queen right beside her lol
Terry Huffman
I dont like her..but wen u can make the happy dats plus n my book
Innuendo InYourWindow
LoL!  Those kids started dancing so much better when Beyoncé joined in. Like, "Oh, shit!  Is that Beyoncé?  Got to impress, this is my time to shine!"
RoseAnn Scalpati
All person or persons business should be respected & private..!! Thank you...RoseAnn Scalpati
big wig
Dont know left from right
Paulette Etuk
Awe I never saw this bravo B👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Mari Jara