Joaquin Phoenix Might Not Be The Joker After All

Did you happen to think that Joaquin Phoenix might not be the Joker after all? Yes, the movie is called “Joker” and he looks like the Joker, and we know that Thomas Wayne is in Joker, and a young Bruce Waye is also in the Joker movie, but is Joaquin Phoenix really THE Joker? We know that Phoenix plays a character named Arthur Fleck - Joker traditionally has no name, but the Jack Nicholson Joker in the 1989 Batman was a character named Jack Napier. So giving The Joker a real name isn’t unprecedented. We do know that this Joker isn’t part of the DCEU, that Joker is Jared Leto - at least technically for now. But that Jared Leto Joker plays into this, somewhat. There’s been a few theories that the Suicide Squad Joker isn’t the real Joker, but rather Jason Todd in some warped version of himself. A lot of fans might wish that to be the case, but it seems that Leto’s Joker was intended to be the “real one.” Tattoos and all. So let’s assume that Jared Leto is the real Joker. Even though the Joaquin Phoenix Joker is in a different universe, maybe he’s really not? Maybe Phoenix is one Joker, and Leto is also a Joker? A comic storyline once revealed that there were actually three Jokers - Maybe Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto, and Joaquin Phoenix are all really The Joker - and this is a sly reference to the comics? We’ll find out in October 2019 - hopefully. #Joker #JokerMovie #JokerTheories Joaquin Phoenix is playing a joke | 0:14 The Joker has PTSD | 1:34 Patton Oswalt's next-level theory | 2:38 The Dark Knight's true hero | 3:44 From Gotham with Love | 4:59 The Joker's in on the joke | 5:36 Why Joker didn't kill anyone at Bruce's party | 6:16 The Boy Wonder returns | 7:17 First rule of Fight Club | 8:00 Joker and Batman are brothers | 8:55 The universe needs a Joker | 9:49

If Joaquin Phoenix IS the real Joker, will you be disappointed?
So this had nothing to do with Joaquin Phoenix not being The Joker?
Buck Allen
This video was about the Dark Knight and other jokers, not about Joaquin Phoenix
How did this turn into a Dark Knight Joker theory video? Why does YouTube still show Looper to me? Ugh!
Earl Quan
there was maybe 30 seconds actually discussing the content of the title for this video.......
So... title says "Joaquin Phoenix" but more than half video talks about Heath Ledger...
Sean Cummings
Do you also have ADHD? Because you went so far off the title subject...
Jet From Gladiators
Well I'm not getting that time back. Unsubscribed.
Rasun FrmQns
Talk about stretching one minute worth of content into 10
And guess what? Joaquin Phoenix is the JOKER.
The movies called "Joker", he better be the Joker Also wtf is happening in this video
Jack Previllon
This was about Joaquin Phoenix for about 1 min
Mike Edward
Headline: Joaquin Phoenix might not be the Joker after all Content: Heath Ledger's Joker is a mystery Thank you, Looper. Now I know not to trust your content.
Mason Shipton
Wait Arthur Fleck. That saids familiar. A.fleck where have I heard that
Juliana Cromey
The only Joke on this vid, are the ads.🙄
Rey Reyes
Joaquin Phoenix is a joker. The real Joker is in comic books and there's three of them. So the joke's on everyone.
Joseph Day
2% about the title 98% theories unrelated to Joaquin Phoenix's Joker. Damn how far you've fallen
Lol it feels like Looper started with an idea amd got lost down a rabbit hole. This video should have been called "crazy joker fan theories" or something
Joker trailer comes out .... *w r o n g*
Ray Furtado
well u must feel real stupid now
Flynn Cowburn
JOKERS VOICE * YouTube will cast out this channel like a leper...
Joker is Bruce's older brother, AND he's military intelligence. He was gifted as a child but mentally tortured as well, so the WYANES SENT HIM OFF TO MILITARY SCHOOL . HE DOMINATED in every area, AND WAS treated like royalty UNTIL THEY USED HIM UP AND TOSSED HIM AND HIS IDENTITY OUT WITH THE TRASH IN HOPES OF COVERING UP SOME CORRUPTION.(sorry for caps. too lazy to change) Now he's hell bent on showing his brother(Bat-man) what he's fighting for. Which is corrupt systems run by even more corrupt politicians and authorities. He's trying to show Bat-Man why HE'S the REAL bad guy, and is giving the corrupt an undeserved good name claiming to be fighting for their(the politicians)values. I don't really think is the case, but it was fun to freestyle thought for a second.
Alex Dzingel
Welp, here after The trailer dropped.
M Bell
I literally forgot what I was watching......while watching the video, I had to look at the title like 20 times to remember
How's this theory working out for you?
Chang Gao
Are you kidding me? The movie title is Joker.
Theres very few actor that can do full crazy...Joaquin Phoenix is one of them. Hes my favorite actor because of his versatility. He looks so creepy its beautiful.
Just wait for the god damn movie 🤦‍♂️
this had barely anything to do with joaquin pheonix’s take on the joker in his movie, and more to do with the dark knight.
Ahmad Safieddine
If you think its interesting that joker is a ex military veteran , then you dont understand the character. This the lamest fan theory
Franklin Damico
Why does jack Nicholson always play characters named jack?
Rare footage of you talking about Pheonix He may not be decaprio but Damn his acting is fire also he really fits into the roll
well you kinda forgot to read the movie's full title that is JOKER THE ORIGIN.....this movie gonna show us the origin of the joker
Gabe Selden
The Jokers: Cesar Romero: The Prankster Jack Nicholson: The Clown Heath Ledger: The Anarchist Jared Leto: The Gangster Cameron Monaghan (Jerome): The Sociopath Cameron Monaghan (Jeremiah): The Psychopath Joaquin Phoenix: The Deranged Mark Hamill: The Joker
Flash Rogue
Trolly McClick-bait title. hard down-vote, you earned it.
#1 Fan Theory is The Joker was a Special Forces Marine who's callsign was Joker. Joker got stuck behind enemy lines left to die without hope for rescue he snapped.
Matt Gilbert
The Joker doesn't have PTSD. He's a pure archetype. His purpose? To induce *Aporia* - to shake us out of unjustified certainty.
Scott K
Video ends at 1:24
Ian'z Danix [Official]
Most of this is about Heath Ledger, not Joaquin Phoenix
Justus Bowman
Me: *Watches Joker trailer with Joaquin* YouTube: *autoplays this* Me: ...
To the comment above...This fan theory and entire video is a disappointment.
Yasar Hussain
Well.... this aged well.
1 like for mentioning the joker and fight club in the same video
Justin Spikes
the writer for this video needs to be fired... came to the video for "why phoenix might not be the joker in the NEW joker film" and got stuck with a video about The Dark Knight's joker having PTSD. WTF is this?
David Fincannon
Hollywood is systematically destroying great literary characters and fanwagoners are helping
Sayed El Sherif
ManThat YouFear
Guys, we've come to conclusion that WB are not that smart. If they was, well Leto would of been Jason Todd.
Jeff The Ripper
Like Mr.Freeze said : "CHILL"
No one likes bait and switch titles. This video's real title is "Joker Fan Theories" which I'm sure you guys have done before and if not someone else did without the bait title to be relevant.
Weaknee Rose
3mins in the video I had click on a screen to make sure I was watching the same video I clicked on...
Gankatron 5000
This video explained in 2 quotes: "Joaquin Phoenix Might Not Be The Joker After All", "...because anything is possible in the Batverse!" ...not particularly informative regarding the question posed by the video title.
Batman Batman
I think this joker is going to be jared letos joker's father
The Joker
Uh, no. Thomas Wayne Jr. is the Talon for the Court of Owls
Donte Wurreebootett
We need willem dafoe!!!!
Bearzooka Bear
Or maybe everybody forgets about Dr. Freeze and in the comic book universe cryogenically freezing oneself works pretty well so it wouldn’t be a far fetch to assume this could come into play in some way.
Duh Wolf Is My Bytch
Fun fact Joaquin Phoenix's real name is Joaquín Bottom
CNN Blackmail Support
"Arthur Fleck" "Art Fleck" "Art Flick" A name that describes the type of film that is low budget, hyper-stylized, and unusual.
NoUse ForAName
Legend has it that if you play the Dark Night soundtrack backwards at half speed it tells you the true back story of the Joker.
Ugh. This is like listening ppl talk about the meaning of song lyrics. And....ugh.
Gankatron 5000
The problem with the Joker as a hero theory is that it is based upon ends justifying means, something that better applied to megalomanic autocrats than traditionally defined "heroes". In the same way Thanos or Hitler could be a heroes had they succeeded in bringing order through mass executions. The term hero is generally taken to infer great deeds, courage, and/or fine personality traits, often exhibited in battling villainy. Just because the Joker establishes criminal primacy by eliminating the competing felonious groups doesn't make him heroic.If the term villain doesn't suit someone's perception of the Joker, then perhaps the phrase "villainous antihero" might be more appropriate.
Didnt the Comic come out and say there is more then 1 joker ? 3 of them if im remembering correctly
Alexander Fortuna
According to the Omega chair, there have been 3 Jokers...
The Scarecrow
Joker has no real name or origin. He makes up his origin in stories like the killing joke. This Arthur fleck is just another false story by Joker. I know Joker and he would never reveal his True Back story. He told me it was for entertainment purposes.
SethX 132
P.S it's already announced that he is The Joker, and you literally only talked about the title subject for about a minute
Xander Cruz
Cool to think of for sure! Personally I was looking forward to some OG Red Hood action in this movie, but it really looks like it's going to be amazing regardless.
BrenZ Official
1:19 I was sitting in my bed in the absolute dark with my headphones turned all the way up. RIP ME.
Romeo Wes
Joker is Jack Napier, aka the Pale Man as confirmed in the comics. This is a DC Dark story line.
Khaos Inoculation
Never asked this before.. But is there a way to block a channel from ever being seen on your recommendations?
Rockyslykidjr gaming
The looper:Thomas Wayne Jr aka joker Me:more like Thomas Wayne joker
Donald trump: *WRONG*
You know how I got these scars? I have a bad theory that Leto is Jason Todd + Phoenix is the real!
So... according to the first theory, Joaquin's Joker would be like the Jerome/Jeremiah characters from Gotham. They're Joker, but not THE Joker.
Michael Weston
you lost me at "Joaquin Phoenix Might Not Be The Joker After All"
Charles Milton
Arthur Fleck? A.Fleck? lol, jokes on you Ben.
EpicHunter117 Gaming
Christopher Nolan's The dark knight trilogy > Avengers.
I Chase Ambulances.
So this was nothing to do with anything.
Personally, I'd like to think that Leto's Joker is more of a pretender while the real one is missing. Also, "Arthur Fleck".....A play on "Affleck".
According to the comics, it IS canon that there have been 3 different Jokers
BRS Videos
Clicked Saw the dislikes Stopped watching
Jai Bhimadevi
The Joker is a product of a subproject of MK ULTRA.
Aidle Assault
There's a lot of Jokers..but now 2019 Ledger is still the king of Joker..he does it so perfectly
Why even include the joker from suicide squad,
The Smoking Skull
So... basically the convoluted "he's not Joker, he's a social disease who causes others to become Joker; oh wait, maybe he is the Joker because everyone hated that idea; no he's actually not Joker because he will 'inspire' the real Joker years later" from the Gotham TV show? And this entire video didn't even talk about the theory first mentioned in the first minute and the title, instead opting to talk about Ledger for the majority; which is kind of par for the course for Looper, haha.
Patton Oswalt should play OSWALD Cobblepot
Rockyslykidjr gaming
Soon dwayne Johnson will be the joker (Thanks for all the likes it's the most i got)
Raymond Minaya
Who else loves the background music
imDB credits Joaquin as the Joker. End of.
10:49. Best part of this video. You're welcome 😎
I don’t want him to be the joker bc I don’t want the main joker to have an origin
Paragon's Big Plays
Came for the Pheonix, stayed for the ledger
JackThe Commenter
Hey I didn't know end game is in the DC! Weird.
Unabashed Geekette
Title says Jaoquin Phoenix, spends more than half the vid talking about Heath Ledger!
Alonso Solórzano
This went from Phoenix maybe being another character to explaining the Joker in The Dark Knight, WTF!?
Alister P
"Gee Joker, Thanks?" 😂 I love you!
FlightAirYatta CLI
Fight Club should be the Jokers origin story It really does have similarities to his overall character plus he robbed banks
David Carter
Get insaner? No. Wrong. Get more insane. If your gonna do journalism, either learn to convey sarcasm properly or work on your grammar.
Oscar Couzens
'Joaquin Phoenix isn't the real joker ( but in this video we will talk about every OTHER joker based film and briefly mention phoenix' smh
Pike Roast
Meanwhile in the city of Gotham, people put crazy theory like this for Batman's true identity everyday...
hey I forgot Debo from Friday was in That movie!