Last To Remove Hand, Wins House Challenge

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Arnon Pangan
Petition for Chandler to win a challenge 👇🏻
Wofbark the waffle dog
Chandler: I'm gonna win Pickle: Observe
Dude some day ur videos are going to be: Last one who takes his hand of the white house becomes president of the US
I want Bailey in more videos. Please bring back Bailey!
Legendary Gaming
Chandler:*loses every time* Bailey: *wins first time*
Vanessa BH
no one: mr. beast: last to step out the United States wins the us chandler: gets teleported to mexico
The Randomizer
Just wait until Chandler tells his dad he lost to a pickle
“Since Chandler shot me, I’m gonna hit ‘em with a potato.” -Jimmy 2019
Gary The Snail
Mr Beast: *Lives in an apartment* Also Mr Beast: *Gives away a house*
kuşillik birliğiXD
chandler: im gonna win piece of pickle: hold my other pieces
lps elsie
Chandler: **tries to win a challenge** Pickle: I’m going to end this man’s whole career
XxstormyweatherxX υωυ
Your editor is amazing. he moved just so he could edit for you! He really has worked hard to edit amazing videos for your channel. He really does deserve a new house. Jimmy deserves a house too!
Zack Bobby
I always thought it was a joke that Jake was a viking but that dude literally has an ancient combat axe in his bedroom.
First one to exist win Chandler: *phases out of existence*
Stop it Get some help.
Mrbeast- breathe and you get *50,000* Chandler- *Turns purple*
A Mans fear: Gun, Being alone, death. Chandlers fear:A FRICKING PICKLLEEEEE
Alex Y.
Improved petition for Chandler to win a challenge 👇🏻
Alexandra !
Chandler lost over a pickle.
Ganimations 19
Jakes room... This mans has a Lego Imperial Flagship RESPECT!!! ✊
New Accout
Who else has been voting for Chandler since day one ☝️
Samara Peoples
HOLD UP today is Thursday? -Jake
Crystal Kitty
1:52 Mrbeast: ”the other four..” Also Mrbeast: *sticks up 5 fingers*
Chandler:loses his 5728109820173 challenge. Bailey:wins his first challenge!
5ped 0f s0und
chandler *trips* on a *pebble*, *while standing still*
Carley Hulmston
Even tho Chandler loses every time he still my favorite <3
DragonAmerican // The Guy
*Chandler joins the game* Chandler: Don't worry guys I have a plan *Chandler left the game*
Maxy 2Op
MrBeast: Last one to remove the hand, wins the world.
Romy DelPo
Chandler when he sees a challenge 🏃🏽‍♂️
Icycoolboy102 Kdawg Cool Kid .
Well I ❤️ you and your Channel of course I subscribed
Yo Bailey If You Ever See This Comment WAR EAGLE!!
Aching expert 343
Mrbeast: first one to be named chandler wins one million dollars Chandler:*loses somehow*
FaZe Swift
The hoodie MrBeast was wearing made me go buy it cause it looked fire af!!!
Lix RaHh
Every time I vote for chandler to win but he never does😭😢
Alex Little
They sat so I think garret should win because he said no sitting
Amy Red
jimmy: exists chandler: ahhAhh aHhH aHha
Wakil Hamidi
Mr beast:The first one too lose wins 10k Chandler:loses second
My Blanket Plays Minecraft
1:52 "the other four" **puts up 5 fingers**
G Honda
I'm 50 and I just started watching you...this is kinda cool :-)
Sanitised Fart
Chandler: (exists) Chandler: (quits)
Its James
I don't need this but I'm gonna win it so they can't have it😎🤣
**all remove hands at the same time** _full house theme plays_
Beast why dont you participate in a challenge
CyBeR NaGe
This is how many times Chandler loss challenges👇
Tommy B
10:21 cuts through the screen instead of taking it off lol
Mr HiM
I’ve been binge watching all your videos drunk
Eduardo Garcia
Chandler : am going to win Pickle : am about to end this mans career
Jepoy David
mr beast... best content is try to plant more trees for our planet ! with bros !
Nina Levan
Chandler: I’m gonna win. Pickle: Hold my vinegar.
that one girl 09
Chandler: I'm gonna win Pickle: hold my pickle juice
Me: Hey Chandler how much did you lose Chandler: Yes
Mistah Monsta
Chandler: I'm gonna win Pickle: I'mma bout to end this mans whole career
Jimmy: *holds up 5 fingers* the other 4
TheTasty Pug
Give chandler 10,000 if he eats a whole pickle
World Vision Song Contest !
First one to sit down wins Chandler: Flys
Chandler really cant catch a break lmao
Chloe Stern
Why am I weirdly attracted to Chandler and Bailey
gacha olivia
jake - “hold on, today’s thursday?!”
Lets make a montage of every time chandler lost a challenge
Nick Name
Last to remove house gets hand
Savage life 321
You should have thrown pickles in Chandler's face
microwaved kaprisun
Last to remove hand gete the house Chandler:cuts of hands
The amount of subscribers I gain is how many challenges chandler lost 1sub=one challenge chandler lost
james baker
hey mr beast do a no steps for 24 hours challenge
Morgan Milhomme
I want Chandler to have his own channel. He's great
Adinda Firman
MrBeast: first one to breathe wins 10,000 dollars!!! Chandler: * doesn’t breathe *
rainyz YT
If the pickle weren't there Chandler would have won
*Im gonna hit Chandler with a potato* It’s always the potato getting thrown xD
A K E Forever
Chandler: pickles are destroying my life
0:44 dooby dooby doo ba dooby dooby dooba! (Phineas and Ferb xD)
Nick Budzynski
How many world records do you have Chandler: a world record of how many challenges I can lose
Jarrett 31
Chandler:I’m gonna win Pickle:I’m going to end this mans whole career
Tali Turell
Why Logangsters when you can do Beastsquad 😎
Bailey should write a book called My roommate is a Viking
Mr.Beast: Chandler if you lose you get $500,000 Chandler: *wins*
Íz_M ê
Chandler: takes shirt off Everyone: ooo that happened 0w0 9:51 ps I'm cheering for Bailey my favorite 😍💕
Ekaansh Pant
Dude These guys aren't fair with Chandler
Sheila Orloff
mr beast:why u need the house me:bc i poor
Adrian Sanchez
It’s so un-fair that Chandler keeps losing because of his reflexes!
Andy Donaldson
Nobody: Literally ,Nobody: Chandler trying to win a challenge: 😭
wait I just noticed mr beast has 20mil thats crazy
why is it called MrBeast when its also so many other people?
Ds Vids
Mr.Beast: exist Morgz: TiMe To CoPy ThIs WhOlE mAnS cArEeR.
Arun Kumar
*Chandler’s dad has left the chat*
I want a house too Even tho I'm too young
Andre Gardose
0:46 someone removed their hand in the back🤨
Rayyan Sumaguina
The last two people were the ones who really needed it Im proud!!!!
Mr. beast: uploads Morgan: *i think I’m bout to steal*
Maria A
Why does he literally give someone a house but doesn’t even have a house😂
Greeny[]GaB Studios
I wish I had friends who would be me a house... They make fun of me on daily bases lol😂😂😂
I cant help being extra
(whispers) p i c k l e s
Razor Blade
Nobody: Jake: wait its Thursday?
Lil Venom
You should have thrown a pickle at Chandler
Cheezy Watermelon
Mrbeast: the other four *shows four fingers and a thumb*
Lunar Gacha
Chandler and I both have a burning passion of hating pickles
TTVsmokyOregeno fortnite and vlogs
Please do last to take hand of boat wins boat
Science with Katie
Literally the only way a millennial can get a house now
Arnolds Artikovs
Chandler needs some help with challenges lol he is useless