6ix9ine 'Pull up in Miami With Machine guns Test Me Now Boy'

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frank M.
but seriously who afraid of 69 even with a machine gun, he is the one rapper that we all know would never use it.
Pedophile on probation, shouldn't be around guns. I wish that btch ngga was within eye sight with a gun.
《《 GLOCKU 》》
He's so deep in tha closet he pulling out Christmas presents
0:44 gets told to put down the gun like a child
Will someone shoot the guy already?! I can’t stand seeing him in my YouTube feed anymore!
Homie said thats loaded so he put it back lol
Alce Helmstetter
If you by chance can read this post brotha.. take heed to this post.. slow down your moving to fast .. to many people are aware of your daily routine. Your security prior to you being kidnapped was supposedly the best street team out here..but yet you got robbed kidnapped and pistol whipped.. young brother by all accounts you are very fortunate you are not dead.. greed lust vanity power and fear is the ingredients that you are dealing with.. slow down and look very carefully at everyone around you and the role that they have been playing in your life..take what matters most into your own hands and control it..wishing you the very best of well wishes..
Tales Of The Blue Eyed Indian
He's going to get his Pop-Tart busted and all the rainbow filling are going to come out
The Tainted Gentleman
I'm still in disbelief how this, little spic clown, became famous... This world is insane!
powder man
he's going to die soon
lawrence carter
It's to late ya been Robb fool. Gangster been tested
ChefBoyR Lee
He's still gonna wind up dead, all he did was give em something to shoot him in the head with.
Shon C
They still took your chair tho. He needs a L tat on kid face now
randumz randumz
That's cos your protection is the police
Texas boi 2!0%
Why u need one of them it's to big just carry a pistol lol
Dro MrTnZ D*TowN 214
Do u even know how to use the rifle tho?? Don't shoot your fruity ads now.
Gary W
He said that shits loaded watch it he got scared put it back down
wes Wes
Lol you know he never even shot a gun 😂😂😂
Loy Moreno
They watch out Lil pony it real and loaded don't blow off ur. Lil rainbow briite hair do
Allie Portoghese
Someone is scared?
Dude at 0:17 was looking for his kiss
He did not say "test me now"
Brock Levasseur
I think he need to grab one and air some shit out in his hood.
Sleepy M
Did you see the video of shotti chillin with 6ix9ine babymama laying pipe
Yhuknowhat YhuknowhatitizCuz
Made him put the gun down cause he don’t know how to handle one and pointing a loaded gun at a camera like a dummy .
Moses JR
He coming up off that AR like he came up off dem chains 🤣
Jean Andrade
That was weak as hell
Greg Floyd
You never just SHOW your gat unless your using it. I'm afraid he will learn this lesson soon.
How I'm Livin Records
Stop tryna be a gangsta u got nothing to prove nobody believes u so just stop it
MjMoutry 1st
Police jus watched that
Put that paintball gun away bruhhhhh
Bryan Rawls
Somebody is gunna blow your punkass brains out Lil Rainbow Bright.
Mopao Mopao
Ridiculous. Crazy people
Yo 69 trash I'm no hatin on that pony 🤡
Eddie Gomez
In dade he is nothing more than another homosexual there every were
nYr cruz
U coming in tampa I see u on 7
Adam Novik
Lol, your protection wasn’t able to do shit before. In fact they made money from you getting robbed. Sure you will be tested again, and I’m sure you will go crying to the piggie protection league again
El'chapo Guz'man
Bb gun hahaha
Mick Reynolds
Stop hating coz man's doing better than u lot
You scared lmao
State Street
I never comment on his post im an old head so i dont listen to his music but Damm he got more security than jay-z & b put together that shit must have been real lol he shook Damm
Its a LItlle late
Well he said he got pistol whipped.. And look at his security... "It was an inside job" what he said...
Johnny Sisco
Israel M
Check out video of him on first private jet everyone was bored look like his concert No Lie
Junior Crawfoed
Don't no how people take this clown seriously
420 THC NEWS Real
Yo peeps the problem is the 6icMind n 6ix9ine can't help himself in fact he is his worst enemy at this time in his life as we grow get them scares we know, but ha let me say this if he can go to a Florida Airport exit a plane and set in a car by him self grab a aka assault Rifle with a scope and use it to intimidate Humans or Bully, well someones getting in trouble who will it be gangster actions brings gangster penalties as a gangster know it to be, New Gun Laws in affect in Fl. Plus the AirPort gun policy's violations wow he is 6icMind in this situation
Maria Dolores
Quiero conoserlo como le tengo que sser lo admiro ?
chad rathbone
Lolz the triangle hand grip is on backwards. The bolt is open. With the bolt open. You can see it's not loaded.
Robi Light
era pôr era as armas pelo cu acima, eu acho que ele até gostava.. menino armado em gangster
Joey Oblatore
His words are like a piece of chalk going up a chalkboard.............. damn blood... what up doe blood..yamean blood....smfs...lol.. I'm telling you people.. I've been out of society for the last 15 years.. I just came home... you people don't realize it because you have grown with Society.. so you really don't get to see just how different things are...... I'm telling you people not only are things different.. it's different for the worse... this culture has lost me.. and I would like to think that I grew up in a Time where we were The Originators of all this.. this generation has taken it and making a mockery of it.. quite sad actually
Doesn't know how to properly use that assault rifle. It's not a toy kiid
Bradley Goetsch
I would love to find that little guy alone in a dark alley one night
Young Politix
Is he completely oblivious as to what the video is acting out 😂😂😂😂 laughing at it like it’s a fan video when really they’re fully taking the piss out of him 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pls dont ignore me PLsm
This guy was a gamester
louis thomas
Fool you didn't get robbed in MIA Lol smh you still lame!!!!!!!!!!
Not hard to get a gun In America 🤝
Ferni Ft7
All these guns but you still dont have ya chainnnnn 😂😂
Mike 45
Some old white hunter can blast him for 400 yards away. He won’t see it, hear it, or feel it .
Mr N1C0L4S
0:27 mdr le gars on dirait qu’il sait chiez dessus 😂
Keith Spencer
He still can't see why shotti wanted him to get rid of billy adoo he was'nt gettin robbed then kinda strange
Those guns are registered to his bodyguards. This guy is super duper lame. Do you realize security is estimated $250,000-$500,000 per year. He probably signed a deal for 2 million for 6 albums. Plus 360 on merchandise, shows, etc. ✌️😄
It's not a machine gun or even a full auto. They are all prohibited in Florida. A machine gun is a full auto fire gun. That gun is a semi auto, it's plrobally a prop gun..
Cassidy bloodworth
That’s not a machine gun you stupid asses. a machine gun is fully automatic which is illegal. That’s a semi auto. Which he or his body guards bought from a local gun store.
billy bandit
Yo...its loaded. that quiff dropped that choppa like it was on fire...
Kenshin Himura
Machine gun lol it is a semi automatic rifle not a fully automatic machine gun
Mike Pritch
Lmao, got a lil taste of some real goons now he's running around scared...
Jeff Todd
6-9s dream is to be hood and to be shot.. So everybody will think he "hood" then he'll feel cool
Brandon Barnes
They had a video of him runnin with a K and they still gave him an L
xAllxstarx 25
He dont got the Heart to Kill
hidden gems
Maaannn that gun looked really good
Edward Duran
That is private security he has around him now and they do know how to use those guns.
Nicolas Chavez
Piche voto joto ven pal nor 69 get smoke
anarchist 87
You wouldn’t shoot even if you had to.
Newark New_Jersey_07103
These videos gonna get this dunce hurt for no reason...
Eddie Gomez
He has that for nothing he doesn’t want no problems every one wth him will end up in the swamp!
Sal Testa
Lil boy, u can't handle that joint right there.
TheWorldIsMines 100
Why you ain't come to Chicago wit this same energy
How 2 Houdini
Incriminating yourself the real killers move in silence. # if you was ever real. This is a government experiment. Silly goose cluck cluck yo kids NOT mine.
DND TrinxX
Was that's bee9offical
Michael H
0.44 seconds get told to say treyway!
david ruckoldt
69 I would like to test your gangster as you call it I challenge you to a boxing match I'll let you wear protection if you like and I'll wear none I want you to know if you accept this challenge I'm going to beat the brakes off of you I'm going to hit you so hard that your leaves rainbow skid marks on the ground let's go old school you and me Toe to Toe
Marco Martinez
Lil pump vs 69 😂😂😂😂😂
joe P.
He got it but won't use it.
Shane Burnett
Thats the security company’s weapons. Not his
Mike P
What model SUPER SOAKER is that?
Ed Vollick
The magazine may have been loaded....but the chamber was wide open...also pretty stupid to be on the internet with what im guessing is an illegaly built weapon lol
Eric B
Ooooo big deal theirs an AR in the truck who TF doesn't have an AR
Ulices Tavarez
That foo aint G thay fool its about to pill up a new album and he just acting like biggie acting like some one hi's not
Mauricio martinez
Haters keep hating tekashi still coming up 👊👌
ras gavs amis deda movtyan
vdub rotten
somebody please put this lame mf in his place
Wayne Brown
Listen i am not a fan of his but stop hating on the kid let him enjoy is life an money
First off...let me kill something right now!!!! Aint no damn "machine gun" its a ar15 pistol, I see the brace instead of a stock.
John doe
Miami limo services ..add on fee for $ assault rifle rental
I literally saw him yesterday in the restaurant in Miami Beach
papa MIRQ lbs
lol not even his gun and gets told to put it down like a kid
Tikashi. Knock it Off already