Hero of Light mod Tales of Amadar

Heroes of Might and Magic III In the Wake of Gods Hero of Light mod Tales of Amadar expansion This is a Heroes of Might and Magic mod with a lot of new features and game strategies installed. Visit Heroes Community forum for more info and updates:

this had the potential to be amazing but the upgrades make no fcking sense 
I don't understand why would you want to twist original units so bad
Kill it with fire! The worst HoMM3 mod ever.
Alex Muscatov
Конечно работа проделана немаленькая, но зачем?! Какие то нелогичные и бессмысленные апгрейды  юнитов. Лазуриков зачем было в конфлюкс запихивать, например? Я не играл, но есть предчувствие, что с балансом в моде туговато.
WOG is not so bad. It's pretty cool. But there is one HoMM3 mod that made me laugh and smile. Horn of the Abyss. It's like the original HoMM3, but just a little diffrent. New stages, new artifacts and a whole new town. COVE. A town with pirates. My favorite town of all. It's even better than Stronghold. It's so awesome! Horn of the Abyss. Give it a try :)
Jonathan Ljung
Yay finally i get my strongest creature! ... a crusader?
conflux op + units from HoTA
yeeah, some of theses are like TOO easy to choose, i mean i am not going to be like: hmmm giants? or crystal dragons? hmmm, tought choice
I migh've tried this but wog disappointed me so I changed my mind.
But hey, Griffins for Haven? Seriously? Its a symbol of human empire and you gave it to pixies?:D
Oh I see now, its not an upgrade, its a unit change.
Titans to Crystal Dragons? WTF?!:P
Really Hexed
Is this compatible with WOG?
LOL I'm just a few seconds in this video and there's already something absurd She detested brutality, ok, so she fled the land, fine, then, wait what? She conquered a land? What a change of heart, I should say. But wait, then she creates a country that cherishes peace&nature? Does she have some kind of split personality disorder? haha Or is she just awfully hypocritical :P
Zoltán Ormosi
Castle units are mixed up. In the Zealot slot i got a pirate figurine from the Crimson expansion, got griffins, and angels as well. Pikeman and halbeldier texures are not of the vanilla as it's shown in your video. Marksman name is stuck for the longbowman texture. Something is not right i know that much. I just simply can't catch a grab on what is messed up, as i installed it as it was written...
Zoltán Ormosi
Sir one. Please help me with my issue on the mod. Installed the stuff like that: Heroes 3 Complete->Era 2->New Objects Path for Era 2->HoLv322 put in mods folder. So, in that way it works just like an older WoG version started, with the old menu, and with t's campaigns. Altough it can't see HoL maps at all, neither any change. If i extract in the root, the menu changes to the one for HoL, campaigns are playable, still it's kind of messed up...upon the description of installment of it i'am stuck.
Viking II
Suddenly I wanted to install many new mods for Heroes III!
shuss shus
миша дно
Looks like awesome!
Daniel S.
I have this problem and im looking for help... So i download the .rar file and then extract it to the game folder... But when it comes to installing the patch i cant... its a .bin file and i cant install it...
Tomáš Plánička
Azure dragons? did i saw right that there were 2 of them per week in that city? AAW YEAA :D
Пуер Оронго
Autor of this mod from Tagiikistan.
Alexandr Sorf
Poor Castle... Taking two flyers and arguably the best units in castle adding peasants? Don't think that's even remotely approaching a balanced unit structure.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Artifact Icons are from Warlords Battlecry series ;)
Kamil Czerny
Why I have another creatures than this on video ??
Whats with the Commanders? Please tell me all Commanders work.
Hmmm, did you ever play the Wake of Gods mode? This is basically an "upgraded" WoG version. If you have, I'd tell you what options I use for hot seat whenever I play with my other 2 friends. (Yes, oldschool, hot-seat on the same PC :P)
Ok, I didnt understand a thing of what you said about your settings :D What im asking myself is if I really want this version to play with my friends or if playing the original Armageddons Blade would be better in terms of overall balancing. Since you seem to have experience with this version, care to give advice?
You do have a point when it comes to balancing, but trust me, Haven is anything BUT OP. That castle is very, very, very expensive and has NO rangers except the elementalists which are not that easy to get to. The Azure Dragons aren't the ones from H3 with 1k hp, they're nerfed to half that. I'd say the Conflux/Haven is the weakest castle..I usually play 8XM8, XL+underground, WoG settings > neutral stack gaining experience 500%, 7 CPU, Impossible and I must say, Haven sucked compared to all other
Awesome work, although I have to say, I can't imagine this being balanced at all. You added so much stuff and to balance this much is so hard especially working alone. I saw some things like Azure Dragons being recrutable by the new "Haven" Fraction and I immediately thought: "Wow, that's OP!"
It looks great, I've followed the directions to install the 3.1 for WoG 3.58f and when creating a new map I got a ton of ERM script errors. I guess I have to go get it all from scratch...
Awesome creature banks. I look forward to try this out!
There are installation instructions in the forum. They are pretty easy to follow you just have to read them carefully. If you don't understand them then sorry but I can't help you.
Alexandru Corlan
I love you, man!
one more month and the best mod for heroes 3 ( in my opinion ) will be up :) Keep the good work and ........ I am so excited
19.43 k'var horn from wb3
Yah Kob
Paladins & Dark Queens looking good wish they where in the game.
how do i get this mod? im a big noob would some say xD
MC i Rusek
where can I download this mod? but pls no virus (again...)
still gonna try it looks amazing 
Very good video.
Savage Source
Does anyone have any idea how to delete all the HOL files from my WOG directory? I installed Hota but some sort of creatures stay to be looked like HOL version ones and some of the animation makes my game crash when I playing with the HOTA mod.
I really like these updates, before Heroes IV came out this is kinda how I imagined it to be, because the game was good enough :) I really like the much needed Fortress changes, it used to be the least desirable town, but I loved playing with the lizards
I prefer the Tales of Omrdaal expansion, with most of the creatures stripped and other erotic features added.
That looks like super dumb balancing but i can't deny it looks pretty cool.
Jonathan Dao
Haven't really thought this through But imo basically the unique town buffs give in a different game Rampart now is somewhat Fortress with high-speed and fine shooters Inferno provided with a strong shooter and 7th third upgrade is not bad as it used to be Castle is likely the weakest And Haven is way to OP with the 6th in early and mid game Every town have an improvement for it own except for Castle, you just can't take away the iconic archangels
Mörtel K
... wtf .. .Gorynyches?? Man that sound like a hell of a STD .... instead of a dragon unit.
Георгий Русский
Rhuan Diego
How install this mod?
Christian Matthieu Compositeur de Musique
Angels and griffins are great and deeply linked to the lore of the faction ? let's erase them ! ghosts and dark knight are also great ! let's erase them too !