Judas Priest - Sad Wings Of Destiny (1976) Full Album

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Set List: Victim Of Changes ( 00:02 ) The Ripper ( 7:42 ) Dreamer Deceiver ( 10:32 ) Deceiver ( 16:25 ) Prelude ( 19:12 ) Tyrant ( 21:11 ) Genocide ( 25:39 ) Epitaph ( 31:22 ) Island Of Domination ( 34:43 )

06:35 , 07:33 , 16:22 any questions who has the best scream in rock history?
David Brailsford
Im nearly 60 yaers young and when i play this album the grandkids tell me to turn it down, kids today eh.
This is one of the best damn albums of all time. This kicks some ass. Very freaking heavy for 1976.
Crimson Ghos†
That cover art has aged like a fine wine.
Mythago Wood
Dreamer Deceiver is one of the greatest songs known to mankind.
Lansing Michigan
Halford changes his voice five different octaves on DREAM DECEIVER
Something weird about being a teen who likes Judas Priest reading comments about how people who were teens 40 years ago like Judas Priest. Nonetheless, awesome.
People think they know music? You haven't heard shit until you've heard this!!! ❤️
James K.
Still one of the greatest Heavy Metal albums ever recorded!
Almost 40 years later this LP still kicks ass, hasn't lost its appeal. Takes me me back to my teens when we were making bonfires in the woods outside of town, drinking beer and listening to heavy metal. I think at some point I'd really like to do that again. Now I'm all grown up and old and shit.
Gerald Williams
Rob Halford's singing was up there with the ranks of Freddie Mercury and Bruce Dickinson
For you young folk Victim of Changes was Priest's snarling response to the dominance of bands like the mighty Led Zeppelin. It wasn't just a song, it was a declaration of war. Punk was starting to sizzle as an alternative to the elaborate orchestrations and drug-fueled opulence of bands like Zeppelin. On Victim of Changes they flaunted Zep effortlessly, laying down a lean stripped down nasty blues. They were a young band here. You can hear the influence of American Southern rock both in the mix and execution and in turn Priest, with the twin guitar harmonies, were molding the womb for Maiden. What a fucking time for music.
Michael Cochran
There is nothing better than sitting outside on a nice summer day, sipping bourbon, smoking a cigar, and listening to this album. The more I drink the more I think I can sing like Mr. Halford. But its cool.
this album is 40.  just let that sink in
Just Me
Original track listing: 1-Prelude 19:12 2-Tyrant 21:11 3-Genocode 25:39 4-Epitaph 31:22 5-Island Of Domination 34:43 6-Victims Of Change 00:00 7-The Ripper 07:43 8-Dreamer/Deceiver 10:32
Quiritare Cinema
Happy 40th anniversary!!!!! Excellent album!
Kennedy K
A CLASSIC MASTERPIECE A must have for every kind of Rock n Roll Heavy Metal collection. All Hail the PRIEST
the further you go in time, the more you realize today's bands have no fukin clue the cool shit they think is awesome has been played over and over decades ago. Funny isn't it?
when music fit our lifestyles. Only those old enough will understand.
Steel Fury
*Obviously bands like Mercyful Fate loved this album allot.*
Flapper Flip
My most loved era of Preist, pre British Steel. Still really like the stuff after but I'm such a sucker for that 70's groove.
Dreamer Deceiver, what a great song.
Stephan Oberender
I remember the liner notes to a 90s issue of this album by Geoff Barton: "Somewhere in the true fires of hell this record plays loud and continuously. I pray each night I get that room when I die." I have nothing to add.
dean b
I just discovered Judas Priest - and cannot believe I never heard these great albums
I bought this album 30 years ago and still have it :) aged 56 now and still love it :) long live brilliant music.
Mr. Lahey
"most under rated album" my boss at pizza Hut said.
tom barnes
dreamer deceiver is an awesome tune
Evan Davidson
Some of the stuff Priest did set the tone for future metal...I'm pretty sure there's no slayer without kk downing....
jr55 tex
Catching a ride to class in college in 1975. Guy plugged this 8track in. Mind blown and music tastes changed forever.
Jack Morris
Is that Angel dabbing?
Daniel Cross
This album blew me away when I was younger and first bought it!! I loved it so much I bought it twice!!
Sylvain Tessier
i was in vacation. age 8 in 85. find this album at the beach in myrtle beach usa. awesome for a french canadian kid. my parents said lucky you. its magical but evil
JW Far n
amazing album... 1976! 2016 and my first listen. heavy, loud, Sabbath-ish but dare I say better.
Domenic Haynes
Best album ever in any genre in my opinion and I'm mostly into soul.
There's a starman waiting in the sky
eloisa fantasia
the best metal album ever of the history
Judas Priest, hitting the dab before it was cool
Dave Mustaine was heavily inspired by this album.
Dave St.Louis
gotta add my 2 cents, at 51 yrs young, having seen Priest 4 times live, Rob Halford is and will always be, in my opinion, the greatest metal God ever, it just doesn't get any better period.. never gets old, they still amaze, Priest forever!!!
Andy Howard
40 Years Ago Today (3/23/76)
Marie Many
I sure appreciate people like you who put the full albums on youtube....thanks..I love this group and always will..70's was one of the best era's of my life..
Mikko Rantanen
Very good stuff! The Ripper, never get tired of that song. Dramatic and good melody and lyrics
HeavyMetal Maniac
best heavy metal album seventies !
Paul Christensen
Oh yes, hell yes. Judas freakin Priest.
Ilia Harkins
The Ripper remains a favorite... So creepy and awesome!
General Nappa
If only some of you had this on vinyl and a great hi-fi system you would know how perfect this album is.
Dave Lop
I wish they still made music like this.
Andres Carrero Cardenas
happy 40th anniversary to this great album i love the whole album!
One of my favourite tracks is Epitaph. It's not metal, not even rock, but it's just so good. Love the vocals and the piano.
Working Man
For whatever its worth Sad Wings #1 Stained Class #2
Robert Anderson
One of the ORIGINAL "Big Four" with Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Iron Maiden.
I've always loved this album. Simply awesome!!
I had this album on vinyl when I was 12
Steven Smith
wore out the eighttrack tape three times diggit
Oh boy, I can hear Opeth being born at 16:25
Iron Hammer
Best songs on the album - Victim Of Changes, The Ripper, Dreamer Deceiver/Deceiver, Genocide.
\m/Metal Gods\m/
Chris Pollack
when music was real music
Each time I'm listening to this album, I just can't realize it's from 1976 :/ ... And still, that's how I know why I love my Metal Gods !!!!
Future Clown
probably the first true Heavy Metal album
Andre Richard
Dave Mustaine mentioned this album in their VH1 behind the music. And being a huge fan of his I came to see for myself. I love this album! 70's kicked ass!
carmen guil
A mi también me maravilla como halford pronuncia "Hiddeous destructor".
Sidnei Marques
Classic Judas. Rob halford doing great vocal jobs. Great album. Time when heavy rock had real feelings. K.K. downing killing in the solos.
Esk Chief
This is my favorite album by them. I've heard all of their stuff, but for whatever reason, this album is just a perfect mix.
Travis Thomas
And the rest of the world was listening to disco! AHHHHhahahahahahahahahaha!!!
My favorite Judas Priest album, no question
Garry Cross
one of the best albums of all time !!!!
Arainn Daley
Did that angel just dab!!?
Shawn Hellion
Paperback Writer
Sad Wings is my favourite Priest album. I'm not saying that everything after that was bad, I like their later albums, but this is just perfect. Every of the 9 songs is amazing. Only Painkiller can be compared to this masterpiece.
Im discovering this album 2018... One of my favorite now... why did i never heard this master piece before :( i think a lot of band need to listen this one to know who is the god :D
Halford-dreamer deceiver- A voice unmatched-Judas Priest-A band unsurpassed...
I started listening to priest when I was in 6th grade going into junior high. I was 11..all the greats .. Priest ..Maiden .. Metallica. .Ozzy ..Dio ..The best guitarists came from this era.. Tipton..Rhoads...Murry..Campbell ....loved when I seen Brad Gillis take over for Rhoads ..then the great Jake E Lee .. I'm a big Vivian Campbell fan and love Tipton!!
liz skill
Who the fak would dislike this album?
Rob P
I discovered this album in 83. I was in drug rehab in Va. It was a tough time in ny life. I can remember listening to this album over and over. It gave me strength and i still get tears welling when i hear any song from Sad Wings. Halford was at his soulfull best imo. Thanks.
Thanks for uploading this. Never heard this album before. Kids in bed, wife watching shit downstairs and I've got the iPad in the bedroom listening to an awesome album. Now I know it's good I'm going on eBay to look for it on eBay. Cheers my friend. 👍🇬🇧
Calebe Priester
One of the best Metal albums EVER
Behold tis I the commander- whose grip controls you all ! Resist me NOT ! surrender !-I'll no compassion call ! Tyrant captor of humanity-Tyrant conqueror of all Tyrant hideous destructor-Tyrant every man shall fall Your very lives are held within my fingers- I snap them and you cower down in fear You spineless things who belly down to slither end of the world  you follow to be near....;p)   Epic !!!! ;p)
mike jones
I feel sorry for the kids growing up today
Laurenceaux Laurenceaux
I used to play this, then In For The Kill by Budgie, then get the bus into town to see Ethel The Frog play live in The Trogg Bar (in Hull). Happy days. My box says I'm 60 but my head says 16. P.S. Still own and playing the original vinyl as a few crackles don't matter when your half deaf.
Paul West
I always thought this album cover would make a great tattoo
Nicolás Rondón
Happy 41st birthday, Sad Wings
Awesome album.
Que gran trabajo de JUDAS de la primera a la ultima enteramente recomendado de tenerlo en le coleccion
Jeff Olinger
listen little ones, this is how you do it....no dubbing, samples, guest artists. ..rock it Bbaes
Wouldn't it be cool if they went back to this sound once before they retire?
Victim Of Changes best Judas riest song and one of the best ever... In my top ten songs ever. Best Judas Priest Album 10\10
Davos Maxwell
Probably the first true example of a HM album straight from the grim and dirty Steel mills of Birmingham UK. Heaviness above all is defined here.
The Ripper
Jonah Lancaster
You know it's good when I, who am mostly into punk music and listens to songs that are on average 2 minutes long, can sit down and listen to this entire record without getting bored
horst baur
40 years ago this killed me. 40 years on and it's still killing me. The absolute best.
Avatar Korra
Dreamer Deceiver was the first Judas Priest song I heard. What an introduction.
kyle brown
I'm 16 I know age doesn't matter but I found this album when I was 13
James Rodgers
& to think that Rob Halferd's mother wanted him to be an opra singer HA HA HA HA !! Yeh RITE !!!!
rita princesa
To 1976 this stuf is very fresh...
Awesome riffage laying the foundation for good things to come...the true heavy metal of the NWOBHM era! Priest -> Maiden -> Diamond Head -> Angel Witch -> Motörhead -> Venom...we know what inspired bands such as Metallica, Slayer and Exodus!! THANKS JUDAS PRIEST!!!
Ziggyzag Zi
Is This Their BEST??? Thumbz Up!
damian davis
it sounds god like 😇
Richard Joseph
One of the best album
The Reaper
My grandfather who basically raised me and my sisters died yesterday morninng on Christmas this album is helping me so much