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Available on iTunes @ /> Available on Apple Music @ /> PSY - ‘New Face’ M/V @ /> #PSY #싸이 #ILUVIT #이병헌 #BYUNGHUNLEE #20170510 #6PM #4X2 #8th #NEWALBUM #YG 아트컨설팅 : (주)리앤초이 아트 아티스트 : 미스터브레인워시 LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL is a trademark of Amusement Art, LLC, registered in the U.S. and other countries. © 2016 Amusement Art, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Art Consultant : Lee&Choi Co., Ltd. Artist : Mr.Brainwash LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL is a trademark of Amusement Art, LLC, registered in the U.S. and other countries. © 2016 Amusement Art, LLC. All Rights Reserved. More about [email protected] /> /> /> /> /> /> /> />

PSY: I feel like a billionaire me: you are a billionaire
psy is the cool uncle you only see at family reunions
Wtf he got the pen pineapple apple pen dude in his video what a legend
Vertical Kpop
mcfuffler dookie
Why all of his songs gotta be so good and catchy- Edit:never expected to reach 100+ likes and arguments under my comment either way thanks for the likes
I'm surprised that nobody is mentioning Byung Hun Lee.
Awkward ユニコーン
This is the first kpop song I’ve ever heard. The fact I live in South Korea makes it even weirder
Iam two legged kat
Better than bts
kr 22
Like si hablas español :v
Vish Wah
Im straight but GOD DAMN Lee Byung Hun looks good
So Western music is all about love, relationships, and almost nude women shaking their assets (don't get me wrong, I don't object to that,) but then we have Psy making a fun, entertaining music video like this. Which gets millions of views in mere hours. Which goes to show you don't have to sing about love, you don't have to wear skimpy outfits, and you can really make something that's just.. fun and still have it received well. Just my 2c anyway. Not many people will care but I thought it was definitely worth mentioning!
Sora Kumae
Algun latino Presente aqui? 🙂🙂🙂
Raging Sakura
-I just hit forty baby- Turn off the lights I’m twenty baby
Esther Mabera
eugene choi..i never noticed it was him..he is too hot for his age
BLACKPINK thai princess lalisa
1:48 ok how the hell did I not know that that guy was Lee Byung Hun?????
Ronico Francois
English comments where you at
waffle cakez
I want a psy song to go mainstream again
2019 Hands up!!
0:35 They even put the pineapple man in there....
2 0 1 9
Meanwhile in North Korea... Kim Jong-un: I wonder what they're doing in South Korea... PSY: *I LUV IT* *I LUV IT* *I LUV IT*
The k!M
Im surprised that theres no 2019 comment
Gokul GS
In all his videos the background selection, costume selection to color selection, everything is so vibrant and catchy.
Selene Yu
I? love? the lyrics? so? much?!!! also Psy doing good for Hyuna and E'dawn ❤
👍 이거나 먹어
Anita Nacyahan
Captain Choi Eugene is here☺☺☺
Piergiorgio Di Bartolomeo
2 0 1 9 ?
Арлан Ергешов
Marius Catalin
*LIKEEE Who's here before 1 milion views*
Jessica Q
Is that Lee Byung-hun???!!!
김민 찬
Psy is really the best singer song writter in the world.
Lázaro Neto
0:35 PPAP
0:35 PPAP?!
Pranav Kohli
I love south korea ❤
Arctic SistersFun
In one part I saw the Pen pineapple apple pen guy!
광기의연구자 핵굇사전
devil artist
If big bang is King of kpop so Psy is the god of kpop
this was a year ago. why is this now showing in my recommended? _also i thought it said a day ago and not a year ago and saw "87M views" and i was shook but i blinked at the comment dates and the time it was released and saw a year so... but he's still a legend_
He's back!!! Fire! 🔥
Sueli Vicente
As músicas dele são muito viciantes caralho♡♡♡♡😂💙💙💙💙💙
mas sprite
it's really been a year? still a bop
Jhonny Selang
Quién vino a ver las vistas?😂
devil artist
That's what I say him god of kpop
weendy mejia
quisiera ver a psy en un dorama se ria jenial
하이킥지붕 뚫고
The reason the views are so lower than other MV of his is because there's no lady guest ; )
سینا شکری
Сергей Четверня
прикольный ролик
Michael Jackson: Legend of Pop PSY: Legend of K-Pop
Lol Baba
Better than Gangnam style
2:27 los BTS se habrán basado en este tono para una parte de su canción Idol?
Hong Mochii
legends never dies. someone 2019?:)
Carolina De Souza
Eugene Choi haha
Lewis Woodhall
Honestly this is better than all the other trash generic music that's on the trending tab.
Ultra_Instinct Sans
Psy is seriously amazing at what he does. God of k-pop
Uryuu Ishida
2019 ?
됴 얜 년 '' 우 주 최 강
한국인들 좋아요좀... 한국인을 찾습니다...
Los vailes estan de locoura q lastima q ya no cantes
junsung kim
Popcorn TV
PSY Fan hit like 👍 👇
A e s t h e t i c
Listening for the 1st time: Bleh, it's just like any PSY song. Listening for the 3rd time: Well I guess its kinda catchy. Listening for the 56th time: I LUV IT I LUV IT BABE
Cursed Gaming
When people ask for my opinion on this song I say, "I luv it."
0:36 PPAP guy?
0:28 oh na na na
Planet Chucky
Dad dancing level: Global Elite.
pankaj rathod
Hi ps y I am FORM INDIA I am your big fan
wesley gomes
Brasil 2018 alguém?????????!???!
Military training
La Dua Lipa
Fuck bts Psy 💓💓
Stich Choi
The shibal lyrics is the best part of this song haha if you understand korean its even better
2 0 1 9 ?
Shemar Mckoy
That Kid
This is the furthest I’ll go into kpop
me:ur so rich why dont you make ur own company like jyp's or yg's
Min Young Kim
I'm korean and the English caption most times don't even come close to korean lyric ... maybe it's so people can actually sing in English?
Gacha Krystal Taiga
This song makes me have a happy day ☺️
2 0 1 8 ?
isaac P.
There pen pineapple apple pen guy!
Hoàng Huy TV
I love psy
Elise Park
Coming from a Korean, the "eng subs" in here aren't direct translations of the actual lyrics.. they're actually really off. The original korean lyrics have a lot of innuendos and witty double-meanings that can't really be as comically translated into english, as is with most of Psy's songs. The "subs" are more like an english-friendly version of the lyrics so it's more like a rewritten english version rather than a direct translation of what he's saying. so just know that there's more to the song's meaning than what it seems like!
Matias Albornoz
No need for chopsticks, bring your fork and eat it up
মদখোর king is দ্যা king
Why all song best no fun
A sí?
This dude is Fire! I wish I has an uncle as cool as him 😂
Get out of my Planet !
Psy zszedł na psy
Pranav Kohli
PSY is the best 👏👏
*•*emliy_playz roblox*•* gachaverse
its that ✒pen 🍍pineapple apple🍎 ✒pen that i saw it
roseanne di' rose
Eugene Choi !!
Messi Zlm
Gia Liz
He Is of "IRIS" ?
linh nguyen
// // //// // // // // // // // // // //// // // // //
Faith Ryuzaki
I LUV this song I'm so unoriginal oof XD
Suebin Ahn
I luv it!
Madina Allanazarova
Opa gangam style
Messi Zlm
0:36 pineaplee . pppap
Saul Goodman
North Korea=Nuclear weapons South Korea=PSY
85000 만?