Missing teen found dead: 18-year-old's body found in abandoned cabin chimney years later - TomoNews

TELLER COUNTY, COLORADO — The remains of 18-year-old Joshua Vernon Maddux were discovered in an abandoned cabin in Woodland Park, Colorado by demolition crew August 7, 2015. Maddux was reported missing by his family in May 2008, after he disappeared from home one day. His remains, which were found in the chimney of the abandoned cabin, were positively identified through his dental records. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, the Teller County Coroner's Office has declared the death an accident, since there is no indication of trauma or foul play. Authorities believe that Maddux, who was described as tall and skinny, tried to enter the cabin through the chimney and got stuck in the narrow passage. A fireplace insert at the bottom of the chimney would also have prevented him from exiting into the cabin, reports the Pikes Peak Courier. The cabin where Maddux was found has reportedly been vacant for about eight years. Owner Chuck Murphy, who would check on it periodically, noticed a rancid smell but assumed it was from dead rodents, reports KKTV 11 News. ----------------------------------------­--------------------- Welcome to TomoNews, where we animate the most entertaining news on the internets. Come here for an animated look at viral headlines, US news, celebrity gossip, salacious scandals, dumb criminals and much more! Subscribe now for daily news animations that will knock your socks off. Visit our official website for all the latest, uncensored videos: />Check out our Android app: />Check out our iOS app: /> Get top stories delivered to your inbox everyday: /> Stay connected with us here: Facebook />Twitter @tomonewsus />Google+ />Instagram @tomonewsus /> -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Crying dog breaks the internet’s heart — but this sad dog story has a happy ending" />-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

omg just think about sitting inside that chimney for days, screaming and crying and trying to wiggle yourself free... Slowly dying. Wow that had to be insane.
Max Chavez
thats a horrible way to die
Las Vegas Carnivore
Terrible way to die:/
What a hard frustrating way to die
Toby Crichton
Hide and seek champ
purpie the cat
dame he died a long painfull slow death thats just sad
Rogent X
Pretty sure he died from suffocation if he landed like that. If he broke his back I think that just adds to the already horrible and agonizing way to die.
Erect Cock
Why did he try to get into the cabin in first place?
John Booker's Full spectrum
He was able to survive almost 7 years in that chimney but sadly lost his fight for life this spring.
Elly Hamilton
Thats sad but Atleast his family now knows what happened and can lay him to rest
at least he learned from this mistake
VanWey C. Darren
That's the most scariest thing to hear of any human dying of starvation, while pinned stuck. Poor kid never even knew what dangers were ahead of him. This has got to be the most awful thing anyone could have even imagined happening to him, feel sorry for his family to learn your child suffered in such a way..
I suspect foul play. He was probably killed beforehand and dumped in there. Who jumps into a chimney ass first? He was carried up there while he was unconscious or dead and dropped in.
Private Person
Awful. He would've died suffering endlessly for a very long time, unable to escape.
Puddie's Animations
For those wondering, Joshua Maddux did not try to get into the house. What these news outlets don't explain is how along with the grate at the bottom of the chimney, there was a couch blocking it. Joshua was forced down the Chimney and was left there to die.
Team Spirits
This is why I don't believe in Santa Claus. I mean c'mon if a skinny white guy can't fit through a chimney, no way would a 200 pound fat dude would either.
This is sad. He died slowly
Sérgio Amadeus
maybe he was killed before thrown in the chimney
i don't know what happen to him that situation but at lest the family can put him to rest
Mimi Momo747bitch
Oh man, this is just way to sad! that is no way to die. :´( I can just imagine the horror he must of been going through. I'm so sorry there was no one there to help you. Rest In Peace Joshua Vernon Maddux. <3
clear right to know
awe :(
Pellegrino Aqua
It's sad to think we were both the same age when he went missing and he would my age now....poor guy.
Chance Mcclellan
Yeah that's sad as he'll just imagine slowing dying stuck in that position ):
Hitler Adolf
Bass Red
Real life Myth-buster..
Juan Acosta
Always tell a friend your plans..
Joey Cano
Omg!! What kind of question is that???? Of course I do NOT like this video, this video was sad, it made me cry to hear about how the boy died :'( :'( :'(
RobloxMasterPlayer Ex
K. W. Churchill
C:est le burglare!!!!....Sic Semper Burgler!!!!!!
who's your daddy
so that's why Hansen stopped bringing out crappy songs.
Prince Albreine Santos
One Guy Go House Cabin Up Ladder Walk Chimney Fall Stay Cry Heart Fear Noise (Father And Mother EMPTY WALA!) SCARY Guy-Scared! May-2008 Later Long Dead Spirit Heaven Up! Skeleton Stay! August 2015
Prince Albreine Santos
God Find Guy Fall (Oh My God!!!)
Eirik suul
Just think how uncountable it would be to sit the a tight spot for days until he died of dehydration and all he chould do is just wait until death
Philip ,Vincent Hilado
Condolences, r.i.p....
OMFG! I can't imagine how long he sat there in that chimney crying for help and then realizing he was not going to get out of there. 7 years he was waiting to be discovered, dammit.
Guardians Of Peace X
we should all check our chimney
Ant. N. B.
Reminds me of Gremlins.
Lee Ab
Rip from England
David Salas
they should make a movie biut this kid lmao
Tony Peppermint
That's a bad way to go.
Eun Ky Hung RaiN
what away to go rip
Don't most people know there's a small damper at the top of the firebox? I can imagine the horror that idiot kid felt, though.
Më E
I live in Colorado what the heck
Richard William Kirkpatrick-Thorne
And THAT is why you should never pick fruit.
Prince Albreine Santos
WARNING : Guy Go House Fall Down Huwag STOP Don't
Better Day
At least hi win hied in seek
Juan Ramirez
7 years
so is he 11 or 18 or 25?
tooth decay
How did he end up in that position I wonder? I thought he went in head first?
cristina Gherman
Joann Miller
This boy had another brother who died named Zachary Maddox he died but I don't know what from?
Demarcus Thomas
poor guy, before climbing in the chimney. He should watch a 1000 ways to die. And avoid his tragic fate.
Lmfao the mood shift from 0:43 to 0:47
why did he do that for?
Firulais Perez
That not rigth
Aloni Copeland
he could have put his feet on the walls / bricks and made himself out
Robert Valentin
sad to die like this alone painful with no one to hear scream for help no hope just die horrible way he was kid with no idea what he was getting imto should break Windows that all. instead hard way RIP didn't know what did
noel williams
Death by chimney
Are they sure it was an accident?
Del Racho 500
...He didnt have a cellphone with him before he got stuck and died??? :/ cmon it was 2008 smh stupid
CHE Amore
I dnt understand how the owners of the cabin didn't smell his dead body, iknow it was abandoned then why did he go by chimney. if it was abandon? question? doesn't add up.
Chas Ptrs.
Breaking down door/window, must be out of style; he may have fallen backwards while sitting on the chimney.  Still,  a terrible death.
Maxi Anaya
Damn.! Horrible . And messed up.!
Buster Cherry
Musta been on that marujuana thinkin he was santa.
Malek Dit
this is why chimneys are illegal in my country
I hate these animations
kiki esiin
John Smith
Better luck next time champ.
entertainment guru
That sucks!!!
Looks like a stoner..........
Ex Legend
Terrible way to die. Must have suffered for days. You can go for quite a while without food and water... Its terrible what happened and should send a clear statement to all explorers to be careful, think before doing something and always make sure someone has a clear indication of where you went. If he told someone what he was up to he would have been alive today
Lance Isbell
this is terrible ive found human remains in a drainage ditch out in the woods before turned out they said he walked away from a mental faculty and went into the woods and climbed into a pipe and couldnt get out and he died and got washed out into the ditch
Jeremy Parsons
always did wonder what that smell was. it was a cooking transgender.
He either starved to death, died of an infection from an injury, or suffocated. Anyway way, it's a terrible way to die.
Andy’s Retail Exploration
I thought dat person was a girl
Actual footage of Santa Clause trying to get in a chimney
Looks like a homicide...how did he end up the way he did??? Wouldn't you go in feet first instead of ass first. Unless he was strangled an place there to look like an accident, but that would mean there may have been 2 perpetrators because you'd have to carry the body up to the roof in order to put him in ass first making it look like an accident. Then again maybe he was really a dumb ass kid.
ᅚ ᅚ
That's what you get for pretending to be santa
Danijel Pozgaj
b-but i was thinking it was a girl from a thumgnail D:
Foxy Lady
Poor guy, what a horrible way to go
He tried to "get into" the cabin? You mean the little white boy tried to break in to burglarize the cabin, in addition to all the other criminal things this kid has done in his past.
Is it a girl or a boy
Jordon Rains
Is this really news????
Lex Beltran
Don't try to be Santa Claus.
‘Murica 1776
If you found an 18 year old after 7 years wouldn't he really be a 25 year old???
Gergely Szabó
He deserved it, only idiots go inside a chimney.
I thought it was a women
Unknown shadow
that is a dumbest way to die getting stuck in a chimney trying to act like santa claus.
They reported him missing a day after his disapearence, and they asked around and put up posters, but there was no missing person search. The cabin was just about a mile from his house, and had a large group of people gone looking for him and coordinated on clearing the area they would have found him rather quickly. But I guess that is more then can be expected form a nation of dumbass, fat, lazy americans. I guess it's natural selection since him, his family or people in his area dont seem rather bright.