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Taylor Momsen talks rock'n'roll, chocolate and boys during her NYLON Japan cover shoot.

Tyler Ford
she's really REALLY hot
Chayoroxx G
I am in love with her. 
lynn lynn
how did she do her hair?
lore p
She's my spirit animal legit!
Michel hood
she so awesome I loveeeee
Ceyda M Akay
Nylon Magazine I wanted to ask if you could tell me what make up products used on Taylor Momsen because i really would love to re-create it! Or the name of the make up artists name?
Bella asdfghjkllkjkjhhfdut
I like The Pretty Reckless, don't know too much about them as a whole, but I know two of the guys in the band are brothers and my mom and her sister use to best friends with them and my grandparents are neighbors with their family and our families are friends which I found was pretty cool.
Игровая комната : Morinight
Шоколад-счастье :3
Alex Green
Thats my girl
Korine Smith
I think this might have been with her previous group of people although I am not sure if she wrote those songs either,but that would make sense since it was 4 years ago.
Jocey Unicorn
She's not a poser, she's being herself. Just leave.
Taylor is so awesome!
I like her, I like her a lot.
Leniw Mel
I LOVE her and i don't care what you think! THE END.
she is so right, pick up lines never work, I always find them really awkward
Abbie S
I love her make up. :)
jasmine joonie
She isn't ignorant she is just taking credit for what she does. She does write all the songs and write all the music. She is just being honest. She doesn't prance around saying yeah my band doesn't do shit its all me its all about me I run this. No she takes credit (as I said) for what she does.
I think she only said in a way meaning that TPR is sort of where she has wanted to be in her life and her band and her music describes her i guess. I don't think she is trying to tell that she makes the band. She just wants to say that without her band she wouldn't be the same. That's how i understand it.
ruben garcia
i love everything about her. Her style and personality
Jess Jay
Holy fuck she's hot.
Ashley Melo
I think shes a pose its a lil obvious she tries too hard to a stereotypical rock star
Zara Elizabeth
Actually, its believed that Mozart wrote his first piece at the age of 4 or 5. Now honestly, I'm not trying to start a fight (especially not in the defense of Taylor Momsen for I don't fancy her music) and you are very much entitled to your opinion on what "real music" is but I honestly don't believe it should be dictated on the amount of chords used in a song. For example, twinkle twinkle little star is a song, simple in melody, but still music nonetheless.
Zara Elizabeth
What the hell is "real music"?
fückin eh
shes so cute ahhh
Leonel Martucci
jack white is one of the best musicians of the last 15 years, don't compare him to this shit.
i don't her in this look ,she looked beautiful on season one in gossip girl it was so simple and natural
Whitney Way
Love her<3
P -p-p-poser.
when she says "the pretty reckless is pretty much me" she doesn't mean its all about her... she means that it describes her and expresses her personality and who she is, through music. not that its all about her. but then again, it is HER band, is it that bad really if its all about her? love you taylor :)
i dont really see what's wrong with her personality?
H.A. x
its like she's hiding something, with all that charisma and dead aura
Generic name
Agreed. One of her songs even sounds a lot like Alanis's (my favorite artist) You Oughta Know.
Ray O
I came here to be proven wrong... i still don't like her.
Alyanna Mendoza
She's a lovely actress, but she's obviously trying too hard to be a badass musician
Sofie MRL
There is not a humble bone in her body.
i love her style, i love her cloths, i love the music the band plays, but i don't like her personality..
Anais Crystals
Yah she dosnt want to be the gossip girl generic type she wants to be wild and pretty reckless just like any young girl, and she has a good taste in music so i might listen to her music
Anais Crystals
You guys suck stop judging her shes almost 19 she could whatever the hell she wants,
Bertha Lovejoy
wow soooo hxc
I feel like in a lot of ways she's the same person she was when she started Gossip Girl, just with a different look. If anything, she's just not holding back as much anymore. She's more her now.
Manon Lasserre
shes weird as fuck how did this girl get signed with gossip girl lol
Aidan Rose
for someone who plays a little bit of guitar..Im amazed at how she "writes music". not lyrics...but music.
Little Musket
i love her makeup here
Mitsuko Matsumiya
"pretty much me" means that it's her style
Shazzy Em
Its rock man........is she for real!
Chloe Cura
Nooo, the pretty reckless really is her, the band members were chosen to play the instruments and back her up, they liked her sound and but knew she needed a band round her, she didn't have one so they gave her one. Not alot to it.
Sophia Macpherson
i hate how everyone over analyses little things celebrities say, they're talking in the spur of the moment. you can't expect her to be perfectly well prepared all the time when it comes to her talking about her band. she obviously didn't mean in a way that she does all the work. she said it herself that she plays a bit a guitar, what about all the other instruments. so yeah she's not taking all the credit for the creation of the pretty reckless she's just expressing how close her music is to her
Kat Doyle
to all of you butt-hurt people can you realize that it's no different than all the men that have a band but they write all the music and lyrics. When men do that they get hailed for it and are called rock gods and powerful but when a female does it she's a "bitch" for no god damn reason.
Andrew Taylor
based on the time this was uploaded, they are actually no former band members. Though I think that is pretty much the attitude most frontmen get; consider some more well known artists Sting, Steve Perry, Axl Rose
Guys, she's young...she doesn't know she's acting pretentious, and she'll get over that. She likes Jack White, there's hope for her yet. Lol. I think everyone wants to shit on her 'cuz she's gorgeous and tries so hard to be rebellious, but you forget, all teenagers are like that, no matter whether they are attractive and famous or not. Have patience, I predict great things from this little girl.
@nycolbebraddy that's what i tought
Nycolbe Braddy
when she said the pretty redkless is pretty much me i think she meant its what describes her as a person...not that the others mean nothing because she's said before when she writes songs some guy reads them and changes it and shit so obviously she's not the complete brains of the operation but yeah i think she tries to be what she THINKS a rockstar is more than just being one.
her hair looks horrible. i hate to admit that some of the pretty reckless' songs are good. however, taylor has turned into someone i would not be proud of myself being, if that makes sense
"The Pretty Reckless is pretty much me" I'm sure she didn't mean that in a bad way. I've watched all of her interviews and she's not like that, at all. Stop attacking her.
Also if anyone's heard Ben's songs from before The Pretty Reckless you know that Ben is a great song writer! There done now. :P
I love Taylor Momsen, don't get me wrong, but she sounded so full of herself in this interview. I'm sorry Taylor but the band isn't all you, yes when you joined they became famous and you sing which puts you in the spotlight but, Ben completes the vocal and plays amazing guitar, Mark plays an awesome bass, and Jamie is fantastic on drums. On the album it says "All songs written by Taylor Momsen, Kato Khandwala and Ben Phillips." I don't think she thinks like this anymore but i just had to rant.
I love Taylor Momsen!=D
Cute hair!
@anonymous7180 she meant THAT'S WHO SHE IS INSIDE! she writes the music the songs to express how she's inside
@geegolly444 Watch the first season of gossip girl
She looks much prettier and lively here than now...
Ugh. It seems like she's trying way too hard
Alex Papasozomenos
she's really weird now.. lost all her style sense and her charm.. i like her the way she was here..
love u my bitch
DeLanie Wood
Ok she ment the pretty reckless is her as in the name. She's pretty much reckless.
@anonymous7180 thought the same thing
''The Pretty Reckless is pretty much me...I write all the music, all the songs'' What a disgrace to the other band members
@hellolornajayne I'm not a fan of her either, I wouldnt care less about her but from comments like yours and others below, its not hard to see the envy in your words. Some people are born lucky, others are not. Live with it.
@hellolornajayne Not only about the looks, but the fame and money as well i guess?
@hellolornajayne jealous?
shes annoying
Rose Gold Finch
Jacky Daniels
@lovesababe it's not so wrong, because if you think about the pretty reckless, there is only her in the minds of everyone. and I think she is aware of that there are band members, too.
Homo Sapiens
Wow a lot of hate. Give the girl a break.
She's kinda pathetic, I mean, her sweet voice, her lovely smile... her make up means nothing. Sorry I don't buy it. And about the 'pretty reckless is pretty much me' thing : "I write ALL the music I write all the songs"... I doubt that she meant she is just reckless. 'It's rock man' hahahha.
Danielle Bedford
you know that "sweet and innocent" you're talking about what just a character on gossip girl right? this girl's been punk rawking it since she was age 7
@MissRupertGrint1 Well maybe you shouldn't judge people on the way they dress then. :)
Sara Lyytikainen
i hate her in gossip girl, hate her here too -.- and i dont intend to start liking her anytime soon. dono what it is..
Sara Brighenti
Vanessa Coulibaly
Très belle !
Keely Isabelle
Eldin M
Wow, you can see that Ed Westwick is who she grew up with...they have the same manner of speech, and this aloof, byronic sense about them...
OMG her hair looks so fucking gorgeous :o how've they done it?
@xXiLLeGaLdRUgXx She reminds me a lot of Cheri Currie back in 1976. Now is Momsen COMPLETELY authentic like Joan Jett, Patty Smith or Janis Joplin? Well hell no. That would be almost impossible. She's been living in the fantasy world of being a professional actor since she was 3. But when I compare her to other actors that have tried to crossover (Eddie Murphy, Don Johnson, Bruce Willis, William Shatner, Leighton Meester, John Travolta) she is WAY ahead of the curve in authenticity.
@xXiLLeGaLdRUgXx Yeah I'm not a big fan of her flashing her tits. Thank god I didn't see that. I do not need to see ANY underaged bits and pieces. As far as the "rock and roll attitude", that was what I was referring to when I originally said "that's rock n' roll". You know the comment that prompted you to give me a "fuck you". I've been into the rock scene for a long time, was even part of the 80's Hollywood Metal explosion (no we didn't get signed). I find her to be kind of a throwback, (cont)
Brittany L
The real Taylor came out when spoke of fashion and boys. The rest was just a bunch of regurgitated garbage she heard Joan Jett say or something.
@xXiLLeGaLdRUgXx I find her "fuck you if you don't like it" attitude to be the very essense of rock n roll. But what do I know? You, in your 15 years on the planet, apparently know more about rock attitude than I do. I don't care what you or anyone else says, I like the kid and am glad she is passing on the quick buck she could make going the dance pop route. But I see where you're coming from and when I was your age (and took this shit waaaay too seriously) I would have hated on her too.
George GG
i didn't know she writes all the music herself O.o !
@xXiLLeGaLdRUgXx I didn't say that "liking Led Zeppelin" makes her rock n roll. Two words: Reading comprehension. Get some. P.S. Telling me to "fuck you" (unprovoked no less, wtf was with that?) over the computer while in your sissy cocoon of anonymity does not make you a badass. Just sayin'
@xXiLLeGaLdRUgXx its your opinion. you could never say if a person is real or not. If you "believe" that she is this and that, then it is clearly up to you. :) you own your ideas. ^__^
Chloe ilacqua
She's great
atha nasia
she is sooo beautiful but the fact that says for her band that it is pretty much her...i just wish she meant sth else...
she looks meean.
i still can't believe she has same age with me.
"It's rock man!" God she seems so fake and like such a wannabe rocker.
She's so pretencious. I think it started when she first played in Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park (a teenage bitch). Then in gossip girl (good girl gone bad? wtf?). She's soo over herself.
Adriana Martin
chocolate really is happiness! you are damn right bitch. <3 keep rockin \m/
This girl is a bitch. I was at top shop and she was there and some younger girl ran up to her and said "I'm such a big fan! Your amazing!" and she literally told the girl to go away and that she didn't care. I get that it must be annoying to be bombarded by people wanting to talk to you all the time, but come on. Theres no reason to me rude!!
Hester Grant
for a "rocker" she's very boring and she has no charisma plus she is trying way too hard to look cool