2016 BMW 750i vs. 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 - Head 2 Head Ep. 79

In this episode of Head 2 Head presented by Tire Rack ( Jason Cammisa and Jonny Lieberman head down to the L.A. River to answer the hundred-thousand-dollar (and then some!) question: S Class or 7 Series? When you think of fullsize luxury sedans, the first image that pops into your mind is most likely the Mercedes-Benz S Class. A true giant of the automotive field, the S Class not only defines the segment, it—along with the E-Class—defines Mercedes-Benz. Imposing, potent, opulent, safe, technologically advanced—for a six-figure price, the S Class has it all. Buying one is something of a no-brainer. That doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives—the Jaguar XJ, Audi A8, Cadillac CT6, Lexus LS, and, of course, the BMW 7 Series. Now in its sixth generation, the 7 Series is bigger, more powerful, more leather-lined, and more technology robust than ever before. The 2016 BMW 750i presents the first credible challenge to the W222 S Class since it debuted. Is the BMW better than the Mercedes-Benz? Watch as Jonny and Jason find out! Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! /> Facebook - & />Twitter - & />Google+ - />Instagram - head2headshow Website -

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filmed in los santos
This is a place in gta 5 LOL
Jhymon Moodie
Back seat of the BMW: they don't like the screen, more of a gimmick Back seat of the Benz: "There's nothing to play around with" MAKE UP YOUR MINDS
Frederick Bingley
Sponsored by Farshad
A. Smith
M760Li XDrive vs. AMG S65
Joel Garcia
I guess that's the last time BMW gives these guys a car to review😂😂
Mike Pekala
i think these guys may be better for sonic commercials.
abdul rafey Khan
yeah that's right... Mercedes S class is more civilized and refined car.. but the reviewers gave an impression as if the BMW 7 was a flop. They even covered the fact that S class didn't have radio control by saying 'in a complete package if can be ignored' while in the case of 7 ser. they were too critical about little things like the raised seating position in the back. No matter how many people here support this review the fact remains the same and that is the reviewers seemed to come with a preset mind of bashing about the BMW and it makes this review biased. the reviewers could atleast speak of one or two good things about the bimmer. the due credit was not given to the 7 series. by the way em not a BMW fan boy. I like audis and em waiting to see the redesigned A8. :-P
Zohaib Ajmal
S class just looks classier and more luxurious. bmw is more about ostentatious tech innovations than about looking luxurious.
Chris Sorreda
I bet Mercedes laughed their ASSES off when the new 7-Series came out. This is coming from a borderline BMW fanboy.
Feliks Mangus
I am a simple Estonian. I hear Estonia, I press like.
Because I'm Batman!
bmw= sporty expensive car merc= lavish luxury u dont buy a mercedes* to race....but with bmw, you do. *except for fewer newer mercedes models like sls amg
JJ Amaya
I’m not a BMW fanboy and I love the S class interior but I like how the bmw has close to equal luxury as the S class, plus the sportier more aggressive exterior.
Niko Džaja
Mercedes is more luxury and BMW is more sporty
Seth IRS
Wow... Not another teaser lolol
I REALLY enjoyed it!! I love this video I'm so happy I found your channel!
T2 Hypnotic
was just playing gta and rockstar did very good on the those bridges
Lol guy too harsh on the beemer
Apollo 99
That teaser for the next head 2 head almost killed me LOL!! 😂 I love this channel keep it guys!
Dont Read My User Name
wow actual content, I thought this was just an advertisement channel
Amilkart Marroquin
Excelente comparativa MT. :))
My dad recently test drove the new S550 and 750i. He ended up getting a 750i because it is honestly more fun to drive and has more technology. Still extremely luxurious and has great materials. The S550 definitely had a better ride and the materials were also a little nicer. Really comes down to sporty or comfort.
Johan Cha
Benefactor vs. Ubermacht? Trevor and Michael doing a duel in Los Santos
Amman Ismail
the 7 series is amazing car. the S class looks yukky
abraham adimah
guys I have been following your show for a very longtime. both cars are good. my name is Abraham Adimah from Ghana and I wish you guys can open a branch here in Africa. I love you guys
Omg so much buthurt bmw fans go and watch other reviews everyone will admit that the S class is the best in its class
Muthu Kumar
hey guys! please do Mercedes Benz S63 AMG vs Audi S8 cheers!
Why are BMW fanboys such knobs, even with the luxury car
Honest 어니스트 Fakazi
wow finally after 2 months you release this video
Oumer Mohammad
750i vs S63 AMG 760i vs S65 AMG
Michael Nguyen
Both cars are great but I think Mercedes paid Motor Trend a bit more.
R. C.P
I would never allow pets in my car especially a luxury car.
I love BMW, but they should stick with performance cars. That's where they shine, and have shined forever.
If BMW just left this segment and competed against the RS7 I feel like they'd have something.
i know this location they are in its in gta..........
Mr. Miggee
How much did Mercedes pay them
Salvatore Gianni
I owe a BMW but like the Benz a bit more !!! my favs the jags
No surprise there. The S is the best.
Michael S.
I agree the merc is a way better looking car & just screams luxury..
Gasser Hashem
Yo i love the merc its much better and more popular
Rashid Aman
as a owner of the s65 amg it is amazing and will also buy the new bmw m760li 2017 too
David Acampora
Bro you HAVE TO do BMW M4GTS vs Shelby GT350R.
Samaksh Uppal
I've been following this channel for a long time. I haven't seen such entertainment, theatrics and a sense of Hollywood in any American motoring show or channel! Keep up the good work. You guys are definitely better than the new Top Gear! As for the end result, you guys come up with super logical results that are hard to criticize. To be honest, I wasn't sure about your results in the head to head episode of the Bmw M4 vs the Chevrolet Camaro.
Mr.Turtle 123
Not fair 2017 BMW and only a 2016 Mercedes. Mercedes still better
Cash Bonanza
the merc is the better looking of the two??!!! gimme a break
Jasons German is just Perfect! Sehr gut gemacht!
Gapi iTV
haha guys, best intro in all car shows/tests/reviews ever :)
valon krasniqi
Next BMW vs mercedes can you do entry level models and compare like the BMW 2 and 3 series against the mercedes CLA I would really appreciate that
james burton
Next: Audi A8L vs Mercedes-Benz S Class vs BMW 750i vs Bentley Continental GT.
Andrew Sustek
S class interior and the AMG V8 with the driving dynamics of a BMW. There, the perfect car
is this a re-upload? I really feel like i already saw this video
Vishwam Shukla
I have BMW 7 series You r insulting BMW
Neil Severin
BMW = Drivers car Merc=Bling Bling
Don Vito Corleone
i prefer S Class than BMW 7 Series ! Mercedes -Benz is the finest luxury quality in the world . and BMW too but Mercedes is a masterpiece
Roberto Roso
Jun Kitami
Remember when James May tested the old 7 Series vs the AMG S-Class? Same thing happened. The AMG is comfortable and wins in a Top Trump but when it comes to performance, it lost out to the 7 Series. Same thing here. Merc: Comfy BMW: Sporty
Interesting guys😹😎 I will get S is the best and more luxurious design is nice too.
Joshua D'Oliveiro
that whole hockey stick/Canadian parts content bit was damn original. Most original joke in car content I've heard all year. Keep it up.
BMW is more on sport and Mercedes is more on luxury. Don’t be sad Mercedes fans, im one to.
A Jovial YouTube commenter
When the 3 series beats the C-class, Merc fanboys "Yeah the 3 series is a better car" When the S class beats the 7 series, BMW fanboys "WTF, so biased! The 7 series performed better, etc"
Jared Torres
BMW M2 vs. Porsche Cayman GTS!
Onyeka Nnajiego
The depreciation on the 7 series is outrageously insane
Documentaires TV
Thank 2 guy, I love video. :)
Sonic Super
Best show after the old top gear ... Sooo best show Currently
Marcos Goulart
I'm not a BMW fan boy but it looked like Mercedes payed them to bash BMW and give them the win. I get that the S Class is a better car but they went over the top making sure the 7 Series would burn on this head 2 head. I've been in a 7 series, it's a great car.
emil klotz
put the s class with the jaguar xj
Great review! Having experienced both the 7 and the S class, I agree 100% with everything you said. The 7 series is a great car, but the S class is still the benchmark when it comes to comfort and ride quality.
Krista Lagge
Do Ram Rebel vs 2017 Ford Raptor
Jesus Crust
Good to see you shot the video at Los Santos, San Andreas. but did you follow the damn train?
For all the car review shows - and especially presenters - I loathe, these two were surprisingly acceptable, comfortable to ride along with, and made for good entertainment. Maybe it's just that they actually criticized what they were reviewing? Anyway, thanks guys.
Oh Nah Nah
wait my grandpa have Mercedes-Benz S550
Dawayne Johnson
"Head 2 Head" 2017 GTR vs. 2017 NSX!!!
Jacob Deutscher
I seriously just clicked for the thumbnail DAMN!
Castellani Kim
BMW fanboys ! When do you realize Mercedes kickass BMW?
The Sounds of the Suburbs
AIRMATIC, duh. AIRMATIC, G-d's gift to man!
Carsten Hansen
LOL, you know you are getting old, when you prefer Mercs over BMW. ;)
Bill Louis
Great job guys. I really loved the S550, and I would love to know how you felt about the recliners in the back with the mood lighting inlays.
Carlos Garrido Moreno
LOL, even the A Class is more luxurious than the 7 Series (with no gimmicks) In terms of “luxurious cars”, BMW is just trash🤣🤣🤣
Miloš Crnadak
The S Class is Darth Vader and 7 series is Stormtrooper
Se Bastian
s class is Best! the bmw hockey stick!!!! hahaha
Andrew Ciliberto
BMW makes cars more for the driving experience while Mercedes is more for comfort and luxury, just depends on what you like more
the mercedes interior is a masterpiece, and the active body control... I take the benz
Nathanael Patterson
S550.....Mustang.....? No one else caught this??
Steve GG
Wtf that's 3 streets from my home. 6th street bridge is still under construction though xD
"now that I have a dog, I'm fine" lol perfect.
rt bigman
anyone know how much they make from tirerack sponsorship? im curious af...
Midhun Mathew
Wow BMW please pay motor trend. Looks like your last Cheque bounced.
Earth From Above
I can’t make enough thumps Buttons up! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Jose Rivera
OMG that place your in the bridge that's 4 da GTA 5 in Like if u agree GTA 5 gamer
Feds in North-Dakota
BMW 750 is more fun to drive
Thief in the night
i like the S classe more , but compared to Audi a8 the BMW 7 is nicer :)
Mike Morrison
It's hilarious how Jonny replies to every insult with "thank you"
haha, bad review Jason is clearly a Mercedes fan boy.
Grey T
Column shift, yeah pretty high class. My 70's pickup truck uses the same technology! Way to go Mercedes!
you are testing old cars. since months the S500 has the new 9-speed automatic
Dat Sun
"Now I have a dog and I'm fine" Best consumer advice i can actually afford here
The S class is so much prettier than the 7-series. Both inside and out. Ps. Am I the only one who during the intro says out loud the "waking the dead? Yes please!" -part at the same time with Jonny? :D
Praneel Imandi
Bmw makes more sporty cars, Mercedes makes more luxury cars
Jonathan Castro
I miss fast lane daily ! motor trend y'all should replace johnny with Derek D #fld