Screw Sorting Machine

Download videos:
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With this machine you can sort out screws of difernt leanth's

harry suber
Well done. I'm building one with some minor changes.
Very cool -- but you shouldn't use a light dimmer on a motor... very hard on the motor. Motor speed controllers are different, electronically, than dimmers.
Very col machine, i will build one together with a sorter for the head size.
Florida Salon
Very cool
Dan Berryman
Cheers, Felix!
Mark Smith
Congratulations on a clever design and good explanation. It is simple but elegant. I will certainly build one.
Dylan Litherland
Great explanation and inspiration, I will be making one soon for sure.
Nameez sayed
Could you explain how does the screw falls down depending on the size? I couldn't get it through video. Great work though!
good thinking I like the vibrator track. A lot of positioning problems an be solved with variable vibration.