Screw Sorting Machine

With this machine you can sort out screws of difernt leanth's

I built one and it works great, but my wife keeps hiding it in her night stand.
Mike Kern Jr
You are very creative! I admire that gift. Thanks for sharing your creativity.
Allen W
Why does this not a million views. Well explained.
Jeffry Blackmon
You are very innovative. I like it. Congrats on a fine design.
malcolm oxley
you are a clever fellow,well done
Mark Fryer
Genius Wylie Coyote would be proud of your efforts.
Dylan Litherland
Great explanation and inspiration, I will be making one soon for sure.
Very cool -- but you shouldn't use a light dimmer on a motor... very hard on the motor. Motor speed controllers are different, electronically, than dimmers.
David Schwartz
Cool Felix! I want to build one, I realized that you have not given details about the loading hopper and your sketch does not show it? Thanks, enjoyed your video!
Mark Miller
WHO THE F...IS THIS GUY?? WHAT! No grass to mow no honey dew list?? Envy is me .
Terry Byrd
I saved this video to my Projects playlist. Someday when Ed McMahan sends that million, I'll make me one. Very well thot out. Thanks.
Felix... You are a genius!!! I am building this!
That thing sounds like my wife's Sybian!
Klaus Nielsen
Ohh the times this could have come in handy... Brilliant idea, great execution and demo. TY
Imperial, not American.
michel espinasse
Very good idea Felix,congratulations and thanks for this video.
good thinking I like the vibrator track. A lot of positioning problems an be solved with variable vibration.
D Mack
Nice one... thanks for posting.
Morten Mortensen
That's a great idea, thanks for sharing it with us. :-)
Holy sh*t, that's cool. Well done!
harry suber
Well done. I'm building one with some minor changes.
Reggie Smith
Very nice if you are dealing with hundreds of screws else by hand is just fine.
Lee Brewer
Great innovation! Thanks for sharing.
Lance Hotchkiss
Thank you! Thank you, thank you!!! Mister you are a genius!
cheff Solo
Great video just wish to know how you though of that that pretty cool love it Sir . Tell me are you into lowrider car ? Just curious
Teri and TL Stanbro
I’m pretty sure you could sell the to the True Value in Alaska cause after the earthquake everything was on the floor after talking to the guys there and they spent days sorting out all the screws 👍👍👍
Philip Breau
This is great for sorting length. Very innovative. How about for brass/steel? Flat/round? Add to it to sort every length, size, head, material, etc and it'll be a big seller. Thanks for posting.
Angelo Nicassio
Brilliant, restores my faith in humanity. We can solve problems with effort:)
Allen Moore
Every Garage should come with one of those. Thanks
Code Tech
You should not use a light dimmer to control an inductive load like a motor.
Nameez sayed
Could you explain how does the screw falls down depending on the size? I couldn't get it through video. Great work though!
Master Dan Price
Assuming all the heads are the same size
Very col machine, i will build one together with a sorter for the head size.
Ro nald
I have about 50 kilo of screws and stuff that i cant set myself to sort out. Your invention makes that job a lot easier.
I missed something I didn't see it working
Different head sizes will not work.
Mark Smith
Congratulations on a clever design and good explanation. It is simple but elegant. I will certainly build one.
Albert F
Lovc it. It should be in home renovation stores like the coin sorters are in supermarkets. It's a little noisier than I'd hope for. Thank you Felix.
david osullivan
What type of motor do I need
Jacob Wellington
now for sale at harbor freight for $4.99
wow this is unbelievable ????? i wish i was a mechanic like you x
Bravo !!!!!!!!!!!
Tony Papantoniou
Brilliant machine for screw all the same thickness.
Sigh Pocket
Nice!!! ( great job )
TowME trailers
Pretty clever indeed.
freaking brilliant.
Wow! Needs work and you could probably sort them by hand just as fast, but if I were you, I would have kept this idea to yourself. With some more tinkering, it might have made you lots of money one day.
Johnny Gallati
David M
do you work for Vibromatic?
Lasrin Xefativ
Nice design!! Fully adjustable to accommodate different screw sizes. Only suggestions I can think of are to rotate your motor to generate more right-left motion, and maybe give it an off set mass so it will generate the vibrations you need at a lower speed. I can imagine that to sort a large variety of screws you'd need to reset from time to time. Maybe chance the final 'bucket' to dump all screws so that they don't get caught between the rails. Love the design, I will probably be making my own based on what you've show. Thank you!!
You've seen my garage. lol Great idea and easily made. For large head size, let it continue down the track and off the end into a bucket. For small screws, a hole after the hopper smaller than the screws you're dealing with. When you want to sort the smalls, a piece of putty or something plugs the hole. Might work.
Dr mosfet
This was a chore I really didn't care for much, when I was a kid.
Delta Co
you should patent that and sell them
True Machine Automation
Nice job!
Anthony John
Good idea but does it not assume that the diameter is increasing with the length. For example you can have a 2" screw of differing gauges - a No 6 or a No 10
Max Quigley
That's pretty cool and would work well for someone who only has a lot of screws that are identical except for length. I have about a hundreds types and sizes of screws: machine screws, wood screws, drywall screws, flat head, pan head, skinny head, fat head, round head, bolts of all sizes and length ... etc. I still have to sort by eye. But I do agree that what you invented there is pretty clever.
Dan Berryman
Cheers, Felix!
John Middleditch
Thomas Russell
As long as you presort for type of screw, looks like it would be fairly handy, and save time after only a few sorts. Nicely done, but I could use some detail on the hopper at the top of the track, please.
Willi Korf
Eine Übersetzung in die Deutsche Sprache ist sinnvoll.
Sady Ducros
That is a genuis idea.Thanks you Felix.Here is my million LIKES.
Lack of Focus
Cool project
Phil Miller
I like it. I like it.
Mister M
Peter Thejll
Good stuff Felix. Do you have a dog? If you do, please put him in the show somewhere. I like dogs.
John Ridgeway
Florida Salon
Very cool
gowd sake
Metric and IMPERIAL ! . Great idea tho honestly poorly explained
I agree, your screws definately need sorting
Rick Bleda
Hey Felix, I love your little screw distributor! If you wouldn’t mind, could you please tell me how you made it? I see the wood, the pvc tubes, the metal shute, and the motor. But how do you make the motor move the screws? That’s pretty nice. I would like to make one myself.
Michael McLaughlin
Very nice job, excellent project, you should patent this system, and sell it to a big conglomerate, I believe that you could make a great deal of money from this (screw separating system), you put the time and effort in you should reap the rewards, thanks again for the video...!!!😎
Mike Graves
In order for this contraption to work all the screws need equal size heads. What's the point? Your feeding the screws into it one at a time. Why don't you just drop them in the containers yourself. It doesn't do anything. You could have rolled the screws down a board with holes in it. You need a hopper that aligns and directs the screws where they can be sorted. You should be embarrassed I hope you do the right thing and remove this waste of time from urine.