Excision - Shambhala Mix 2010 (FULL-LENGTH MIX)

2010 Shambhala mix DOWNLOAD LINK: /> 50,000 views video (2011): />LKfaslkjasldf views video (2016): /> TRACK LIST: 01 // Excision & Downlink -- Existence 02 // Diplo & Lil John -- Hate You (Datsik Remix) 03 // Excision & Downlink -- Reploid 04 // Liquid Stranger -- Rocket Fuel 05 // Subscape -- Screw Up 06 // Sucscape -- Mr Kipling 07 // Noisia -- Alpha Centauri (Excision & Datsik Remix) 08 // Excision -- Subsonic (Elite Force Remix) 09 // Liquid Stranger -- Exit the Vault 10 // Foreign Beggars & Noisia -- No Holds Barred (Excision Remix) 11 // DJ SS -- We Came To Entertain (Sub Zero Remix) 12 // Sub Zero -- Motion 13 // Inside Info -- Awkward (Excision VIP) 14 // Reso -- War Machine 15 // Apex -- Nowhere To Run 16 // Apex -- Nowhere To Run (Excision & Datsik VIP Remix) 17 // Kelly Dean -- Teflon (Excision & Datsik Remix) 18 // Liquid Stranger -- Ripple VIP 19 // Downlink -- Crippled Camel 20 // Evol Intent -- Paradize City 21 // Excision & Downlink -- Heavy Artillery 22 // Liquid Stranger -- No Lies 23 // Excision & Subvert -- Rude Symphony 24 // Skream -- Wibbler 25 // Excision & Datsik -- Swagga (Remix Mashup) 26 // Skrillex & Bare Noize -- Evil as Satan 27 // Ajapai -- Warning 28 // Mussorgsky -- Night on Bald Mountain 29 // Excision & Datsik -- Deviance 30 // Foreign Beggars & Chasing Shadows -- Typhoon 31 // Bandish Project -- Brown Skin Beauty (Liquid Stranger Remix) 32 // La Roux -- In for the Kill (Skrillex Remix) 33 // Freestylers -- Cracks (Ctrl Z Remix) 34 // Future Prophecies -- Dreadlock (Dubstep VIP) 35 // Laid Black -- Red (Chasing Shadows Remix) 36 // Gemini -- Feel Stronger 37 // Skrein -- Harry (Bare Noize Remix) 38 // Excision & Datsik -- Calypso (Elite Force Remix) 39 // Bar 9 -- Sorrow 40 // Downlink -- Emergency 41 // Audio -- Collision (Excision VIP) 42 // Terravita -- Up in the Club 43 // Liquid Stranger -- Shake My A** 44 // Pendulum -- Salt in the Wound (Excision VIP) 45 // Downlink -- Factory 46 // Balkansky -- Sundrom 47 // Itchy Robot -- Fatal Maschine (DZ Remix) 48 // Downlink -- Biohazard 49 // The Crystal Method -- Sine Language (Datsik Remix) 50 // Vaski -- Lost My Mind 51 // Vaski -- Lost My Mind Electro VIP 52 // Pixel Fist -- Get the F*** Up 53 // Dead Prez -- Hip Hop 54 // Dead Prez -- Hip Hop (WTF! Remix) 55 // Datsik -- Delinquent 56 // Excision & Downlink -- 2005

I remember listening to this when it first came out, nonstop. This brings back some memories.
Even 6 yrs later...still the best one
Vladimir Putin
The bass dropped harder than America's economy.
Pato Bruh
Sorry about the dislikes those are my neighbors ;) 6 years later im still slapping this! 🤘🏻😁
This was Liquid Stranger's time of making *Dubstep*
Been listening since 2011
ahh the good ol days before the attack of the brostep
Fabulous Factor
Listening in 2017 and 7 year old Dubstep is still lit.
TMGipsy DangerTM
In Bulgaria we the 1997`s boys listen to this day and night its so nostalgic for us then we were 13-14 now we are 21-22 and we still love it part of our childhood !
Hristiyan Hristov
best shamhala mix ever!!
Wade M
Excision was ahead of his time
i did not survive
Mr Fuzz Man
I'm utterly astonished by 887K views. Wow.
Mr Fuzz Man
ONE. MILLION. VIEWS. *insert Dr. Evil pinky gesture*
Brandon Dusk
0:44:30 - 0:46:34 AMAZING, Always loved that transition! Ignite all engines!!!!!!
rvvel ravel
Still the best dubstep mix ever
Still banging it out in 2017 \m/
Squizzy1966 Boden
You should put what song at what time it's on
Christopher Gardner
Best mix of all time.
My headphones were shaking
Rigo castellanos
Danny Jay
Times.Miss dubstep like this.
Kredo Dyn
So old school, love it <3
Bass dropped harder than our hopes for 2016
Jacob Allen
1:00:00   DAYOMMMMM
The best one so far. there hasnt been any other that i absolutely love. and its 2016!
Alex B
2019 and still going hard!
Damm that transition into delinquent. such a sick dark track
whos listening in 2017
Still here in 2018 maaaafuckas.
Jerry Dueitt
this is my go to gaming mix.
Still never get tired of this or any of these mixes! Although this one in particular is very nostalgic.
I think playing htis for an hour in my headphones busted the bass in them O_o
2016 still listening to this :D
Thunder Yeti
Favorite mix by far and still up. Good shit man <3
3:48 :') the memories 
i failed the base canon test
Beat that skrillex
28:53 Start of best part.
ino Deri
Still epic...
14:06 i love
Max Helten
quaaaant oidaa
Markus Kolind
IT all started here....
valin harrison
Bong rips with the homies listening to this mix, ahh how I miss 10th grade lol
Igor Kozakiewicz
I jast love this dapstep :)
Nitsuga :v
como se ase para aser esa voz con audicity
Murray Dennis
Hah i've guessed 3 of the songs i've heard from the description in a row and gotten them right lol
Not really A Special Profile
the feels bruh ...... THE FEEEEEELS !!!!! so good !!
Matt Mason
So much nostalgia..
Atanas Stoianov
damn 6 liquid stranger tracks... makes me happy
Josh Hilton
Frigging amazing bro
brucie sanchez
Saw this live.. literally changed my entire life
Will anybody post the tracklist with times of beginnings? The one in Description is basically useless :(
Clarkest 115
Someone get me one of those cannons!
neil Taylor
2010 was the best smash drops
can I use this for my recording
Loneliness destroyed me
10.35 please?
Rigo castellanos
Torey Beau****
I love the sounds at 6:28
Freestylers -- Cracks (Ctrl Z Remix)
mikes a cunt
I know right? They're pretty crappy.
Spark Flame
Whats the song at 50:00 min?
meth is my slap
2013 Mix was fucking sick!! The only one that lacked was the 2012.
Psssshhhhh 2013 was dope. But I aint gonna argue about it because y'all clearly have different tastes.
Ewww the 2013 mix was not very good. Not even listenable.
This right here is what got me into dubstep in the first place. Now im happily banging along to the 2013 shambhala mix and life is good!
Two years ago, I listened to this for the first time (far from sober) all alone with my computer. I suppose halfway through with the music going FULL TILT lol, my roommate came to my side and scared the shit out of me. He said "DUDE COPS". So, I killed the noise. Looking outside there were three squads for my one man party. No lie. They though we were having a party. Nope.... I was having my first bassgasm.
Slow Bro
All these comments are really pooping me out
Slow Bro
All these comments are really pooping me out
Krish Pandya
so which song is this???shamabala or Calypso (with Datsik & Excision)
it"s fucking amazing!!!))
No were not asswipe
James Boyles
its a raining shit parade
blazed and this sounds like robot kong-fu in my ears
you guys are all just shit-heads
too late
tyler giaramita
i have survived the excision
Jordan Greenwood
Abbey Kampel
cut the crap
Unscrambled Mandible
are you guys dung now?
Nejde to zastavit..
Jack smith
(WARNING: EAR EXPLOSION) May include: Over feel of Awesomeness, ear bleeding constantly, Mega internal ear damage, May go deaf, Possibility of Death! You've been warned)
1:11:31 shit's intesnse
Alyssa Daugherty
;-; omg yesh!
Totally Not Liquid
Have you seen the shitstorm this caused?
Nicole Foster
This si sso fucking good. best music tio lsiten to ever whie youre dfurnk.
No shit Sherlock?
Jack Habanero
& Brick from Anchorman
Jack Habanero
says the guy talking about.... PUPPIES!!
If feelings were sounds, This is exactly what I would sound like when I'm high,
o my. I have watched this mix at least 10 times and didnt get that comment until now
OOOHHH! burn.
Noah Goodwin
I smell what you did there.... xD
I smell what you did there
they called the cops to arest you for robbery of someone else's comment.
Raging Swag
yaw talk cowardly
Tyler Ortiz