Mongolian Chop Squad: The U.S. Album [Remastered]

EDIT: I didn’t like how some of the mixes came out, so I redid it. I’m not putting up a new video, just adding another download link so that people can have the option whether they like one or the other. Word of caution though the new mix is considerably louder than the previous one. I suggest you turn your headphones down and turn them up to your liking. You’ve been warned. Anyways, enjoy! Track List: 1. Spice Of Life - 0:00 2. Like A Foojin - 4:01 3. Brainstorm - 6:48 4. Follow Me (Live) - 10:33 5. Face - 12:12 6. By Her - 15:46 7. Moon On the Water - 19:25 8. I’ve Got A Feeling (Live) - 23:29 9. Slip Out - 27:19 Download Link: New Mix />Video Mix /> New Links: New Mix: />Video Mix: /> Hey everyone! I recently rewatched the whole Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad anime and I wanted to find the English dub version of the songs. But when I went looking for it, I found that there was no soundtrack released for them. So, I made it myself. I found various videos on YouTube containing the full English dub versions of the songs, equalized and compressed them. I also ripped the audio from the official DVD and edited the tracks together using that. What came out was near perfect versions of each of the songs. Again near perfect. The crowd sounds are still present in "Follow Me" and "I've Got A Feeling" but most of the talking is edited out. Also, "I've Got A Feeling" is shorten down from six minutes to three and a half. I kept the background noise in "Moon On the Water" for ambiance. I mashed both the studio version and the anime version together seeing as there is no studio version with both Koyuki and Maho. I used the album cover from what was supposed to be the U.S. printing of their first album.

Hey everyone! Thank you for all the kind comments! I didn't like some of the mixes so I redid the whole thing. I put it up in the description box. I won't remove the other one just in case people prefer the mix that's in the video. Just wanted to give you guys the option to choose between the mixes.
C.J Armstrong
This anime deeply deserves a resurrection. The manga is easily accessible and awesome, but I would love to see a well fledged out season about their US tour!
Fistie's Gaming
you did WHAT?? that means you got these songs from the anime (or various clips) and mixed them and produced THIS!? THANK YOU SO MUCH this is perfect!!!! i've always searched for Slip Out and Follow Me but can't find anything near the real (dub) thing! they're one of my all time faves but sometimes i want to hear them in good english pronunciation! thumbs up! ^__^
Bass on spice of life is so fucking good. Hope someone somewhere will revive the anime for more seasons. (12 years after the original lol)
Kyle Barr
Honestly, I don't think anything except a re-master from the producers could be better than this. You seriously did an amazing job, thank you very much.
Dylan Roberts
by far one of my favorite animes of all time. I hate that it's only 26 episodes long though. especially considering how fast the pace was. it felt rushed and it still does. i love this anime but I feel like they could have gone farther with it. it saddens me that. If someone makes a petition to bring Beck back I'll definitely sign it. especially if you can get Netflix, and the cast members behind it. I'm sure they'd be up for a chance to give their fans something. especially since japan got a live action film for the anime. #BECKMCSForever! #BringbackMongolianChopSquad
Kyle Hamilton
The dub for this is so much better than the sub. I'm usually all bout sub's but gotta acknowledge the good dubs out there
Meme Machine
El Mantishrimp
Up there with other anime like FLCL and Cowboy Bebop with having the best soundtracks
Dude, thank you so much for this. I spent quite some time trying to get all of the english dub songs, and it turned out nowhere near as well as this. This anime made me pick up guitar and it is great to have the full soundtrack!
I hope the anime will have a remake like fruits basket, with the same songs and VAs just more fluid animation and the whole manga adapted....a girl can wish
man i dont understand y beck has 26 eps but one piece/ naruto have hundreds cold world
Man, it warms the soul to see this music still around. Was a real trip down memory lane for me.
Marvin Thompson
Holy shit this mix is so good
God! I wish this was a real band! Love the anime, but damn if I don't want more!
tristan parrilla
thank you for this, by the way this has to be the best anime band ever yo if only it was a real band
Louie Grim
a big thank You, I was looking for these songs in high quality, I'm blasting it when I'm driving!
Fire Fist
2018 going 2019 and I am still hopelessly yearning for a 2nd season. This has to be one of the greatest, most underrated animes of all time.
I still like the original version in Japanese dub, but I can sing along to this one much easier ;)
RAnny Smith
Funkymunky, dude...... You are awesome. This is unprecedented! I get to listen to MCS in the car now. You rock Bro! THANKS.
LordDragul Smitty
ugh! Typhoon!
Edward M
good job these are clean and clear
mark Batanay
season 2 please. please.
C.J Armstrong
Am I the only one who like the English version of these songs better than the Japanese? I just feel the English vocalist does a better job of hitting that hip hop vibe
For anyone who wanted more of this series or just wants to know what happens after the anime ends, there is a 103 chapter manga, it is good.
I literally just finished BECK (dub), it's got the GTO vibe and so far those two are my favourite Anime yet! I would recommend to watch both in your spare time!
danae astrid
Holy shit man, that's dedication Thanks :3
Lady Anime
I jam to this album and I binge watch the anime. I mainly watch the dub version. It suits it better.
Slip out definetly sounded better on the dubbed version of the song.
Andrew Mayo-White
This sounds fantastic. Awesome job!
I got a feeling is really weird to hear. The backing track is still obviously for the Beatles song, but I'm guessing copyright issues made them have to change it up.
was waiting for someone to do this! thanks a bunch man. love this anime.
Edwin Samuel
Man beck was brilliant wasn't it
shinmin takezo
Chiba's English dub voice actor is great
Marc Caancan
Love it \m/
Travis Something
Tyra's bass still gives me chills after 13 years
christos papadopoulos
Man srsly I just finished the anime and I cant tell you how greatfull I am you made this... Awesome job all around
Alex Knox
OMG thank you for the link I couldn't find this on spotify, I was so blown Now I have it downloaded forever!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Gerardo Olmedo many feels right now 😄
Nahuel Lautaro
That is some piece of fine work, thank you very much
Erika Nakagawa Gaming
So beautiful :') @21:14
I love this anime! <3
omg dude, you didn't know how much I lovin' u
Josue Duran
Que buena música tiene ese cabrón anime... Que por cierto... es bueno!
The intro for Spice of Life sounds so much like Bulls on Parade
not a fan of how they changed i've got a shit though
james oregann
ese anime me llego al ❤
kNull_ rusH
good job! I like the edit of moon on the water it's just perfect 😊 I couldn't find the song with the drums on it. it was so perfect 👌
Bless you sir, you have done God's work. I barely watch beck a month or so ago and was looking for an album but no luck but then I found this and it made my day. Now I have to read the manga to see what happens after the anime 😁
Nicholas Hutchison
This is amazing dude. Thanks a bunch! I've wanted an American soundtrack since forever.
Wellie Rey Valdez
Good job bro! Thank you for this
Thank you so much for this. Really appreciate the work you put into this :)
Mika Loves You
Spice of life is most favorite, then Follow Me, Face, and then the opening song XD "Hit in America"
I Got A Feeling Live is such a great song! <3
For track 1 i just imagine Yusuke singing.(and yes i know it's the same VA Justin Cook)
I'm just jaming, you know head banging just enjoying myself then I just here 🎶fullll moooon🎶 and i go from 😄 to 😭 in a matter of seconds
I thought this was an official release. You did a great job!
Lady Anime
what a fool i don't know 'bout tomorrow what it's like to be aahhh
Alexander Tillia
Well done my friend, you are a Chop Squad Hero for sure.
Gizmo The weirdo
love this band ✊✊
Pedro Sanchez
amazing work!! thanks. Have a lossless version??
Nathan Oatman
This show is criminally underrated. I still go back to it from time to time and watch it straight through. Also this show went above and beyond creating amazing music.
Avenger Verde
thank for doing this is highly appreciated! you got new sub for this
lasscozas vivas
red hot chili peppers like this
Aaron Laberge
best anime ever, can we please get a hd widescreen version. also an english soundtrack would be amazing. love the show, love the music, thank you for doing this
danae astrid
Holy shit man, that's dedication Thanks :3
Jared Paulin
I'm assuming you didn't like this mix because the bass is a little heavy but I think it works well. Gives it more of a live feel. Bass is always louder live. I'll check out the new mix though. Great job man!
My god the drop for Moon On the Water was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much this.
Ryusuke Minami
WE Buckingham Q-Den will not write a song like..lame... Rage Against the Machine....mixed with Geen day..We write our Aroma"!
KJ Eason
Where was “by her” in the anime? Cuz that track is dope
Thank you for uploading! Still listening @2019!!!
You are the greatest, don't understand why they wouldn't produce these themselves.
Aldred Julian Diaz
thanks for this! ♥️ though i wish i can play this on Spotify
iGOT7 problems, But you got no jams
This is a blessing 🙌🏾❤️
Ali Sutherland
thank you so much! this anime made me soo very happy. im hooefully going to be joing the army in th coming months and this is a wonderful. really appreciate the effort.
One word...Genius... Bout time somebody did this!!😁
Helen Tsousi
Hermanito, descarga'o queda! Gracias
Jan Willem Kool
For anyone whose having trouble with the zippyshare download button: Right click the orange "download now" button and select "Inspect" (if a pop-up occurs just close it and try again till it doesn't, took me like 3-4 tries). It should bring up the source of the page andjust above the line of code that is selected (
) there's a link. Now if you click that link it should start downloading. Have fun!
Zach Montminy
Woah, is 'By Her' in the show? I don't remember it at all? It's fucking awesome aha
Anthony Marchia
I can only like this once? YouTube please fix this.
Francis Dedumo
By Her is like from one of the songs of Rage Against the Machines
This shit is amazing! I never knew this was an album or an actual band’ but fuck I am so going to download this and binge watch the anime now!
Mike Reijnders
2018 anyone? OMFG this is AWESOME stuff. well done mate on making this. I like the "true" Japanese sound but this English dub just sounds outta this world.
Oh man, this anime meant so much to me when I was a teenager and I had LOVED the music in the dub than the original. I had to songs on my iPod but then I lost them. To finally found these songs again means so much to me and I think they sound better from when I last heard them. Thank you so much!
jhe kropek
dude can u post some lyric of "like a foojoin"
Mike Lombardo
Man I love this series!
Xia Lah
Amazing job! Thank you very much!
Greg M
i'm huge fan of the japanese soundtrack, but thats dope too. nice job
Micawber 02
Greg nails the lyrics.
Jayanta Pandit
Loved it. Thank you for your effort.
Aesthetically Weeb.Queen
I love how when they sing in English and they actually sound good..... Btw 😂😂😂 I love the voice actress of Maho she plays Juvia in fairy tail 😂😂😂
Sally Ariza
As clean as this remastered rendition is... I kind of prefer the original engrish one,
Henrique Rocha
The voice of the japanese version is a lot better, but this sounds better somehow because of broken english.
Elevan Yusmanto
Thanks alot for your remake
Dwight Da One
Brainstorm. *F U C K Y E A H*
now this is a work of passion
The dub is good doesn't make the original bad guys. The original is great it just has some Engrish prob that's all