GTA 4 Beta Version and Removed Content - Hot Topic #13

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I really hope they remaster this game . It really had that New York feel .
Niko Bellic
I will be back
B Cat
They should remaster GTA 4 and add all the removed content
Yoooo I can’t believe Rockstar games straight up took a rip on Hillary Clinton.
The Lukanator
I never knew about the Hillary Clinton thing that's hilarious
GTA IV - the most mature, darkest GTA ever. An all time favourite.
Russian Bot
That theme always gives me chills
Best GTA game imo. The immersion was unreal.
One of the greatest videogames of all time.
Fidget the Nimbat
Another reason why GTA IV was better tht GTA V IT DIDN'T TAKE FOREVER FOR THE LOAD UP
Roman Bellic
I love GTA IV the most in the series, but God damn, knowing just how much more stuff was planned, but then later scrapped really bums me out. Leave it to Rockstar to come up with amazing ideas to really make a game shine, then throw all of them in the garbage.
Mark Donald
So many chills hearing that Gta 4 theme
So they never considered car customization because "it wouldnt feel natural for Niko to be into cars and racing" but they fully considered at one point to let Niko become a drug addict?
Mr RageLolz
Not a lot of people are going to agree with me on this but I personally think that the GTA IV multiplayer is better than GTA V.
Harry Satchel
This is the way YouTube videos should be made. Best 40 minutes I've ever spent here.
I have no hope for a remaster anymore. They're past the 10th anniversary and that would've been the perfect time.
Ben Rogue
"Ready to eat some Fanny Crabs?"... now that's the classic GTA humour we miss!
fonk u
gta iv felt alive, gta v had better graphics but the city felt empty compared to gta iv, gta v is still dope tho
James Scott
GTA III: 9/11 GTA Vice City: 80s vibe GTA San Andreas: Hip-Hop,Gangs and Ghetto culture GTA IV: The American Dream GTA V: Contemporary PC Generation and Hipsters
The best 40 minutes and 32 seconds of my life..
Coffee Succubus
GTA 5 may be good and all with their realistic graphics and fancy gameplay But GTA 4 is a masterpiece that is realistic.
When you realize this video is 40 minutes long
Collard Blunt
I wish GTA 4 gave u option what u wanted too Eat At the Restaurants like in San Andreas
This game was so ahead of it's time.
Neezy Boii
GTA 4> GTA 5 any day. Idk maybe I enjoyed it more since I was younger and life itself was more fun. But oh man this game was 🔥🔥 story mode/ online.. never got tired of it. Would buy it if it came out on PS4
Double tap Productions
So basically they made the game progressively worse from the Beta?
Lazy-Assed Wanderer
Essentially if you want to know Nicos backstory just watch Behind Enemy lines
0:07 Like because... Ah shet here we go again
Tresta Hood
GTA IV Never Dies
Wan Haikal
Thank God, they changed Michelle/Karen face's
Igor Carbex
The biggest loss in GTA 4 for me was definitely the snow, it's fits perfectly to gta 4 atmosphere, story, niko and anything else, i didn't liked the night time in gta 4 tbh, it's really bland , but a snowing liberty city otherwise would be as cool as a cyberpunk-neon distopia
I aint gon lie, Vlad looks a lot more terrifying in the concept artwork than ingame... xD
Zepher Tensho
Here we are in 2019 and I still have this game installed and still play. Though sometimes I just like to chill by turning on godmode and shooting RPGs everywhere
Jayson Mehlman
They should remaster this they took way too many content
Mohammad Mohsin Shaikh
GTA IV was the best game for me , because the game had way better physics than GTA V | I would love to have GTA IV created again with a little better Graphics and a larger map with flyable jets | Maybe in GTA 6 Rockstar Games allows the player to explore space , i'm happy if they create a full replica of the moon for the player to explore it | 👍🏻
Artifacts of Exile
still better than gta5
Wayne Payne98
Gta 4 had best player movement, npc reactions, car damage, physics and the deepest, realest city ever created in a video game to date.
9:40 I’ve seen that mailman in game checking mailboxes in middle park. It’s very rare to see him tho. I tried finding him again when I was recording my GTA IV 10 Years Later video. He definitely spawns in the regular game.
Почтальон есть в игре! Когда я взял задание от Брюси и поехал от его дома в сторону таксопарка Романа, у почтового ящика сидел почтальон и что-то делал точно с такой же анимацией, как на видео.
Dark ChillZ
That intro gives me so much nostalgia
I think they removed most beta features because they wanted to make gta 4 it's own game besides being like gta san andreas (would have been more fun doe if it was like san andreas but I think it wouldn't fit to it's dark tone)
The Nex Reviews
Finally got it to run on my PC which is like deciphering the Da Vinci code
Chris FPS
30:36 That's just a Cavalcade right?
Weird thing is the beta super gt model is in the multiplayer...
Gurashish Singh
Beta version looks to me would have been better than original. Peace out
Já tamos em 2019 e eu ainda não tive a oportunidade de jogar Nei GTA IV Nei GTA V nunca consegui comprar um vídeo game maiis atualizado só tive o play 2 😭
GTA IV has a better story than GTA V, in my opinion. The city felt more alive, with indoor buildings and interaction with pedestrians. There were many details such as picking things on the streets and throwing on others, buying hotdogs from stands to recover your health, etc.. The subway made sense. Man, one time I called the cops and they (not knowing) helped me getting rid of some enemies. Calling a number to identify who is the target.. And, again, the story.. A more charismatic character who you could feel sorry for and all.. Not to mention the 2 DLCs that were awesome.. Not this same-thing that you need to do all on GTA Online. I liked San Andreas and I believe almost every single GTA had its role in the evolution of the series (and I follow it since the first one) but GTA IV holds a very special place in my heart.
Adam Vernon
GTA 4 has great music
Tony Eff
I didn't appreciate this game until I played gta5. Other then vehicle customization gta5 was a down grade
Даниил Безруков
бля столько всего вырезали такой фан бы в игре был эх жаль!!! 😭
Damm I remember this game when I was younger, it was great. I never beat the main game (got stuck on Luck on the Irish, think that's what it was called) good times
Chase Petero
They need to Remaster grand theft auto 4 for the ps4 that would be cool
JD Willemsen
10 years already. It was a fun game. Thanks for sharing this inside.
People should know Niko Belic was not a russian. He was a serb. Ex Jugoslavian.
Sueño Astral
14:10 Brucie sieht aus wie James Hetfield
The best channel ever related to Rockstar games.
JetGaming 21
Yea I Know This Video Is Old But 5:35,Everyone Remembers Amanda Saying Didersach Store Detective From GTA V as A Side Mission For Micheal?
Hallstei n
I really hope they remaster this game . It really had that New York feel .
ebin nisti
I just completed the story of GTA4 this summer and all I could say it's one of the best stories in all GTA's
Vadim M
Thanks for mentioning me!
ɹәʞlɐʍ ɹnoʇʞɔıʌ
That's some *HUGE* leftovers. Rockstar should remaster GTA IV with the leftovers
Ali Aashour
Rockstar should remaster the game with all the cut content
teh epik duk
I love GTA IV. Its my favorite game!
Julio Cesar
Bom video obrigado por colocar legendas :D
I bet a lot of these cuts were made to increase performance for console versions. I wonder how much more content there would be if the game had a "remake" for current gen PC hardware and consoles.
iLogicalTV - Gamer Profesional
GtA Iv is best, its realistic,its legend, have a good character,Niko
Combat shotgun for me looks like toz 194
Mr.Pikachu the Sayori fan
4:02 I guess those SOUTHERN MOTHER FREAKING DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS were part of the dev team
For me, GTA IV map and story was my favorite. I didn't really care for the GTA V story and the map got old pretty quickly. I might like the driving from GTA V better though. Shit I might just get GTA IV on PC now so I can replay this masterpiece.
Deniz Çayır
I remember going to clucking bell in ps3 version
Backyard Gunner
"Unknown SUV" is a Cavalcade...
This game felt more New York than gta v felt like LA
Salonardes Cootamis
I need GTA 4 on ps4 so bad
Griffey 🔥 Light ⚡
Is it wird that I'm playing GTA IV as watching this
Reverse_Titan YT
GTA IV came out on my second birthday How lucky am I 🤷🏽‍♂️
Loved this game. Found a modded menu version of the game online and couldn’t wait to tear my Xbox 360 open and hit swap the disk in. Always gave people underglow on their cars and spawned so many cool things for people. Used to be able to spawn body guards and zombies for people too.
Wait the guy from GTA CHINATOWN WARS looks so similar to NIKO BELIC
If they would of kept those restaurants would of made it even more amazing
Johnathon Paul
They should put all this stuff in the 20th anniversary
lambda halflife
Oh. And also. The SPAS-12 in the beta? Is... in one of the loading screens and you can’t even get it in the game.
Burnin Rubber
Hey Thanks for pinging me.... LOL
so everyone agrees that 4 is better than 5 right?
Dave S.
One of the really cool things about GTA IV in my opinion was Rockstar's choice to go with an Eastern European protagonist. It was a fairly risky choice marketing-wise when you think about it. Most companies probably would've gone with a character who was either Black, Hispanic, Russian, Irish, or Italian(especially Italian seeing Liberty City is supposed to be NYC) as these are the more identifiable racial groups in Westerner's minds when it comes to organized crime culture. Rockstar's decision to not only make Niko Eastern European(I believe he's supposed to be Serbian if memory serves), but to have so much of his and the game's storyline play off this, was a really unique and gutsy move on their part. I'm really glad they took the chance on it as I feel like it plays a big role in why Niko is one of, if not the most, memorable GTA protagonist the series has ever seen. Hopefully one day when the GTA world cycle lands back in Liberty City we'll get to find out what happened to Niko or even see him in some type of cameo. Until then, let's go bowling! =)
Magnum Helitours was changed to Higgins Helitours. Someone in the dev pool was a Magnum PI fan.
Ayush Bakshi
Anyone else playin' this in 2019?
26:29 I don’t get how Roman died... they shot in that direction, and then he turns around and falls... I know it was originally off screen but I don’t get it.
Manas Choudhary
I remember having my mind blown by the graphics. GTA 4 will always be special for me.
GTA 4 gives me scary feelings.
23:01 a similar feature was included in GTA VCS where in someone's mission(don't remember who) we have to extract money and smash a guy's shop...
Which Mod is used in the Scenes (graphic only)? The AA is pretty good.
Joey Pavone
My voice is in this game somewhere! I was working as a hair washer in NYC in the lower east side in 2007 and one of our clients was the casting director for Rockstar. She asked me if I'd like to be in the game and I was like, "uhhh, yeah!" The character that I ended up speaking for was called a "vain gym bunny." The script was divided in two sides- the left were actions the player could do to me and the right side were my vocal reactions. Really cool experience! And I love this game. Anyone know if there's a gym somewhere in the game or if you think you've run into my character?
Rockstar, Plz remaster this masterpiece
Rahul Ps
Can't wait to play GTA6 when it will be released ..Has rockstar games actually announced a GTA6..too many Youtube video claiming an upcoming game GTA6 Is it true or just a rumour
Crafter Blox
you're telling me that they want some realistic but about 2018/2017 they added the most broken s**t in the game *The Orbital Canon* like I'm ok with that but c' mon how many times that I have been killed by the OB
Cody Slab
12:44 -It was a very weird thing.- Actual translation "It was a half-scam type thing."
Compton Gang
RIP old Vladivostok FM 2008-2018. We never forget this tracks
Well, they could release this on Android since it's been 10-11 years since this game was released.
Uvraj Ram
18:50 i love how the subtitle Maker just entered some random SH*T while Jacob was talking
Lmfao that book cover map was a STREEEETCH
Courier Sky15
If GTA 4 had all these added it would've been 10× better than gta5