GTA 4 Beta Version and Removed Content - Hot Topic #13

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B Cat
They should remaster GTA 4 and add all the removed content
Niko Bellic
I will be back
The Lukanator
I never knew about the Hillary Clinton thing that's hilarious
Yoooo I can’t believe Rockstar games straight up took a rip on Hillary Clinton.
GTA IV - the most mature, darkest GTA ever. An all time favourite.
Russian Bot
That theme always gives me chills
GTA IV has a better story than GTA V, in my opinion. The city felt more alive, with indoor buildings and interaction with pedestrians. There were many details such as picking things on the streets and throwing on others, buying hotdogs from stands to recover your health, etc.. The subway made sense. Man, one time I called the cops and they (not knowing) helped me getting rid of some enemies. Calling a number to identify who is the target.. And, again, the story.. A more charismatic character who you could feel sorry for and all.. Not to mention the 2 DLCs that were awesome.. Not this same-thing that you need to do all on GTA Online. I liked San Andreas and I believe almost every single GTA had its role in the evolution of the series (and I follow it since the first one) but GTA IV holds a very special place in my heart.
Ben Rogue
"Ready to eat some Fanny Crabs?"... now that's the classic GTA humour we miss!
Mark Donald
So many chills hearing that Gta 4 theme
Best GTA game imo. The immersion was unreal.
One of the greatest videogames of all time.
Roman Bellic
I love GTA IV the most in the series, but God damn, knowing just how much more stuff was planned, but then later scrapped really bums me out. Leave it to Rockstar to come up with amazing ideas to really make a game shine, then throw all of them in the garbage.
Dustin Mitchell
This is the way YouTube videos should be made. Best 40 minutes I've ever spent here.
I really hope they remaster this game . It really had that New York feel .
So they never considered car customization because "it wouldnt feel natural for Niko to be into cars and racing" but they fully considered at one point to let Niko become a drug addict?
Mr RageLolz
Not a lot of people are going to agree with me on this but I personally think that the GTA IV multiplayer is better than GTA V.
Fidget the Nimbat
Another reason why GTA IV was better tht GTA V IT DIDN'T TAKE FOREVER FOR THE LOAD UP
Artifacts of Exile
still better than gta5
The best 40 minutes and 32 seconds of my life..
Steve Hickstington
Whoa, the beta GTA IV including the whole Upstate :o
I have no hope for a remaster anymore. They're past the 10th anniversary and that would've been the perfect time.
Lazy-Assed Wanderer
Essentially if you want to know Nicos backstory just watch Behind Enemy lines
Lmao the Hillary Clinton was well deserved. 😂😂
GTA IV was so much better than V, god damn I miss that game, I wish they'd do a remaster.
Artyom, Hardbass Junkie
Still angered at Rockstar for changing almost all of the iconic and lived Russian songs on Vladivostok FM. Didn't even change the radio host voice in between cuts. Lazy.
6:52 And in that one line, GTA IV has predicted Discord.
0:07 Like because... Ah shet here we go again
This game was so ahead of it's time.
The Borden Asylum
Seems like GTA:IV had the ambition that GTA:V ended up being basically. Interesting to say the least. Another thing that surprises me is how long the wait was between the initial reveal and the actual release. Similiar to the way GTA:Vs reveal/release was, and probably indicates the next installment will take just as long. I imagine upon release of RDR2, we will get our first true glimpse of GTA:VI following E3 2019. It will most likely be announced but not shown, and will follow another small title game R* are making. Maybe Bully, or another Max Payne which will release in the fall (ish) of 2019. R* will be riding the wave from RDR2 through the rest of 2018-2019 and in 2019 another release will carry everyone to E3 2020, which is where the hype really builds!! Trailer announcement at E3 2020 alongside a possible release date for the end of 2021. GTA: VI.
GTA 4 gives me scary feelings.
Evgin S. Cheskidov
Здорово!Ни разу не задумывался что есть такие подробности.Игра замечательная даже в 2018 году. перепрохожу ее заново как раз!)
A remastered GTA IV on the Switch. I think it can be crazy and cool.
Tresta Hood
GTA IV Never Dies
I swear to god, Get Up, Stand Up was on Tuff Gong in the original release. Or am I from the BarenSTEEN universe?
Johnathon Paul
They should put all this stuff in the 20th anniversary
Neezy Boii
GTA 4> GTA 5 any day. Idk maybe I enjoyed it more since I was younger and life itself was more fun. But oh man this game was 🔥🔥 story mode/ online.. never got tired of it. Would buy it if it came out on PS4
The thing I will remember most about GTA IV was the main character, which was Liberty City. The atmosphere of the city was spot on. It felt dirty and hostile, but it felt like home, which is saying a lot considering I have never been to New York. Just things like the subway system which is just a small thing but it adds so much, and star junction, middle park, then going into the poorer parts of the city like Broker, where gangs run things. And it all came together beautifully in the road layouts, instead of _other_ GTA games, where one outer ring road will take you around the entire map in under 5 minutes... GTA IV definitely isn't my favourtie GTA game, but it still holds a place in my heart.
Combat shotgun for me looks like toz 194
They should release a proper remaster of GTA4 or at least a Switch port and Windows Update who fix the remaining PC issues and remove GFWL completely.
Gun don't kill people, videogames do! Niko: Shoot him in da face! That's why Niko is my best character in GTA series!
Sasha RBLX
5:49 Oh i know this one Chuckin Bell It's like in GTA 4 Multiplayer like in screenshot
Gurashish Singh
Beta version looks to me would have been better than original. Peace out
Dark ChillZ
That intro gives me so much nostalgia
Makoto Mikami
Great video! So much cut content on this awesome game, wish someone would remake it with all this stuff included <3
Nurrahman Dwi Haryoso
Just what if Mashkov had voiced Niko instead... Well, Niko is Serbian while господин Машков is Russian, but I believe it would have had more natural "slavness" in Niko
9:40 I’ve seen that mailman in game checking mailboxes in middle park. It’s very rare to see him tho. I tried finding him again when I was recording my GTA IV 10 Years Later video. He definitely spawns in the regular game.
Ali Aashour
Rockstar should remaster the game with all the cut content
Luka Šimunec
GTA SA seems so long ago, while GTA IV feels like I bought it few years ago. More than 10 years man, best days of my child/teenhood
Lt. Warhammerman
I really hope they remaster this game . It really had that New York feel .
Wait the guy from GTA CHINATOWN WARS looks so similar to NIKO BELIC
James Scott
GTA III: 9/11 GTA Vice City: 80s vibe GTA San Andreas: Hip-Hop,Gangs and Ghetto culture GTA IV: The American Dream GTA V: Contemporary PC Generation and Hipsters
Marcin Wonel
Thank you very much for adding russian subtitles! Respect for you from *Russia* ) -------------- I really like this concept art 13:48
Steve Hickstington
1:50 Graphically looked like Driver: Parallel Lines
Jonathan Bohm
holy shit i had no idea it released on today
Andrii Diachenko
Niko, it's Roman! Let's go play some bowling!
The best channel ever related to Rockstar games.
Rockstar should make a GTA game based on БРАТ 1/2
Rockstar, Plz remaster this masterpiece
MyTruckinLife ACE
This game has more cut content than other games have regular content.
Vadim M
Thanks for mentioning me!
Cⱥptⱥiή DⱥήᎥels.
Приятно было услышать фрагмент из программы "Познер"))))
People should know Niko Belic was not a russian. He was a serb. Ex Jugoslavian.
iLogicalTV - Gamer Profesional
GtA Iv is best, its realistic,its legend, have a good character,Niko
Sam Cody Stark
The graphics of this game has depth and detail!!!!!! New GTA has better graphics but that's it! We love Niko lol
*Happy 10th Anniversary GTA IV!*
Deniz Çayır
I remember going to clucking bell in ps3 version
so they remove only the good things that makes a game feel realistic. Intresting
Ebin Nisti
I just completed the story of GTA4 this summer and all I could say it's one of the best stories in all GTA's
Jiang Li Feng The Underground BeatMaker
3:17 I NEED YOU AGAIN 😩😩😩 MY BRO. The only gta game I FELT through out the game. Half of it and could already relate to the characters. The music and radio stations witch is my favorite ones the beat and the vibe. So many stuff in this game I never got tired of looking at it on my flat screen. If it wasn’t for him I probably ended up not trying this game out years ago. It’s one of the BESTS ONES ✊🏽 RESPECT
im wondering if rockstar can remake gta iv on the same engine, phisics etc. but with better textures, huge map and new story based on Nico's past <3
This is absolutely the best Rockstar title yet...rivaled only by the great RDR. I fully expect RDR2 to take the crown but right now GTA IV lives on.
Fuck You
still got copy of ps3 this one good times 🔫🔫🔫
Finally this vid got back up
ahsan ali
Sasha (Vladimir Mashkov) face is telling that he regretted his decision for leaving project
Dawson Glenn
If gta 4 had the same graphics and online like gta 5 imagine how many people would play it.
Julio Cesar
Bom video obrigado por colocar legendas :D
Matija Kovačević
I wanted R* to update the PC port for the 10th Anniversary so the game won't be as buggy and fucked up as it is. Loved the story on here, but disliked the gameplay most of the time.
PCTM TrusfulTech210
I need GTA 4 on ps4 so bad
Renan Alves
Best GTA ever
I think they removed most beta features because they wanted to make gta 4 it's own game besides being like gta san andreas (would have been more fun doe if it was like san andreas but I think it wouldn't fit to it's dark tone)
Uvraj Ram
18:50 i love how the subtitle Maker just entered some random SH*T while Jacob was talking
Skele Joop
The Best GTA, is GTA 4, San Andreas also Legendary. I loved how U could do Flashback recordings on PC with GTA4. Greetings !
I have already listen to the sound on 8:58
Даниил Безруков
бля столько всего вырезали такой фан бы в игре был эх жаль!!! 😭
Unknown Gamer
I remember the glitch on pc when the game came out on pc man it was annoying
Malcom Heavy
The postman is actually in the game, and is still in the pedcycle. I've seen him plenty of times
Boab Fawcett
This game was literally my favorite game of all time!
Mr.Pikachu the Sayori fan
4:02 I guess those SOUTHERN MOTHER FREAKING DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS were part of the dev team
Hagen Re
flamethrower and minigun would have been sick,but the bomb takes the cake
Classic AFL Matches
Yay, the video is back up
Jozef B
10:45 beta 3 niko > final niko
J.D. Willemsen
10 years already. It was a fun game. Thanks for sharing this inside.
The Nex Reviews
Finally got it to run on my PC which is like deciphering the Da Vinci code
Wtf i was so surprised when this video took down only because of some idiots who decided it violated their copyrighted music. Glad that you returned this video back
Just Harry
Little Jacob is my favourite
Mr. Bump 2.0
Thank you for bringing this back. The effort you all put into your videos is amazing.
Philly's Finest Productions
It's kind of disheartening to see rockstar cut so much from the game. I think the customization stuff could've really added to the immersion.
LEGO stories Rebel nation
I can not wait for the next episode!!! I really hope gta 6 is in liberty city
Dakota Martin
I also like the six nations Native American street names in hove beach. And the paint n spray native engines. I was like eh I'm an engine
Aditya Nayak
The audio for this game and its stories (TBoGT and TLAD) were op. GTA V's soundtracks are nothing compared to it.