Kraftwerk mit Klaus Nomi

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Kraftwerk erscheinen unter Sonnenfinsternis

Metallurgist Music TV
I love German music. Kraftwerk and Klaus Nomi! They have feeling of German Expressionism from 1920s lurking beneath the surface.
judith watson
Klaus Nomi, Kraftwerk. What more could one ask for? Nina Hagen perhaps! Brilliant!
Enduro Camaro Dusty
Das ist für mich Deutsche Leitkultur! Respekt und Toleranz für Kunst, Musik, Innovation und Selbstbestimmung!
Marion Robin
RIP Klaus, we will never forget you, great artist 🌹🌹🌹
Did these people know they were watching legends?
Nicholas McGill
The future was then.
Object Audio
I worked mainly in the 80's as a synth dound desiger for a famus producer having comnection and doing work for these hearos. how may people listing today would know that thas was the beginging of the 80 to 90s a epoch and still not overshadowed 3 decades later.
Guy Fawkes
Shout out to the brilliant and criminally unknown Kristian Hoffman, writer of "Total Eclipse" and "Nomi Song".
Kristin Turner
Klaus' beautiful voice.
There is hope for Germany
Raul Lopez
Zana scarlet
Yesterday i have been exposed to the Klaus music on Facebook and I must say I never stopped thanking him. Such a genius and rare original musician, opera singer and performer. Hard to express my feeling how much i have be inspired by his original syle
Jorge Martín
The crowd is more weird than music. There's a woman who looks like and old uncle cooking or baking cookies or scones
4:40 KRAFTWERK vor so einem veralteten spießigen Publikum... Das tut ja richtig weh zu sehen, wie sie ihrer Zeit weit voraus waren! ;)
This is historic. Klaus Nomi was a Genius and Kraftwerk also. :)
Daniel Nordhorn
Inwiefern war das jetzt Kraftwerk mit Klaus Nomi?
Kelly Infield
always love for Klaus
PK Variance Arts
What a glorious voice.
George Spottiswood
Two GIANTS of the time.........imagine if the VOICE OF A THOUSAND ANGELS met the REAL ALTERNATIVE KINGS OF PROGRESSIVE/ALTERNATIVE and made an album.......WOW!
Sandy Vera
genial ! ! ! !
luis daniel miranda gomez
german public loos kind of boring xD
Adrian Michl
Der einzige der überflüssig war, war Gottschalk. So ein Depp
E Taka
I'm the viewer 33.333! And I remember exactly this show when I was a child.
The host needs to have his teeth kicked in.
Rosana M.
Brazil love Klaus <3 Great artist,singer and performer,amazing!Your presence it's magical!
Rendy Ricardo L Garcia
this is the music that machines will listen when they drink a cup of coffoil and hangout with its bot partners
mo sal
Great voice
Allen Salyer
This is the song to listen to while watching the solar eclipse, not Bonnie Tyler. "French Fried and crisp."
Werner Broij
The greatest.......
Da'ath Vader
Saw dim in paris once
Sheldon x four 😍😍😍
heidi horvat
The last of the castratii
i wouldnt let that host at the beginning babysit my kids
M Jay
I reckonise the guy at the end there he looks familiar he looks like that guy from Daun of the planet of the apes. But I don't know if it's him though.
Edwin van der Laine
Onko tämä nyt se kreikkalainen pylväs?
Dani C
2:51 ----> Sheldon Cooper
The XXIst century is such a bore.
Das waren noch Zeiten...danke No me, für Dein tiefes Verständnis menschlicher Grenzen-losigkeit💖💖💖💖
𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠
Thanks for uploading, awesome. Why did theu do Total Eclipse so slow?
Mickey Bitsko
The stereotype is real lol
Ethan Hill
Fashion porn is everpresent. That's a great song by KW. KN is Grace Jones for out there white gay Europeans. His performance is almost otherworldly but there he is with great pipes and that costume one cannot ignore.
Scott Kuntz
Kalean miklah please mesh
Seems like Klaus could have gone on to be bigger than Kraftwerk; he's a much stronger performer!
Topal Glangus
What's the very first song on this video that Nomi sings?
Mike Marshall
Kraft Nomi:)
SWM Manuscripters
The Ultimate Pagliacci...
Life Is Timeless!
Edward Smith
OK folks, that was Kraftwerk, now eyes down for a full house. Get your dabbers ready for Bingo prizes galore!
Mickey Bitsko
This is the time on Sprockets when we dance.
Whats the song at 5:10?
Da'ath Vader
The stand ins/repacemenTs
Object Audio
What a mega video
Nicole Williams
Now is the time on Sprockets where we dance!
Da'ath Vader
01:59 woohoo wobbly head
monica bowie
nunca le encontré algo bueno a claus... muy fome su estilo 😱😵
2:50 German Sheldon Cooper? ;)
Fernando Rangel
Name song?
mimi bowie
He's my most favorite opera singer. Nina Hagen is second.
true but glad I saw it
Chutok Oksana
Спасибо! мои любимые исполнители в одном клипе.
I've found the documentary about him on YouTube. /watch?v=xA9SgGLJHGw Paste the above link in the top bar AFTER the forward slash and hit enter.
Are Sounds Electrik?
the film is excellent if a little bit sad - i think i have a rip of the movie on an old drive - if you can't find the film elsewhere, let me know and I'll try to find the file to send you
I'm uploading it now, but i've noticed that 2 other people have already uploaded it with a few more seconds than i have. There is quite a lot of stuff by him that's been uploaded now. Someone commented that there is a documentary about him called Nomi Song on netflix?
Are Sounds Electrik?
i think nomi on OGWT was shown wearing that strange black vest thing again - i do remember thinking what the hell was that on the show - would be great to see it if you get round to uploading. And Japna were good too - i loved Japan on TOTP doing 'ghosts' when the bbc used that 'ghost' VT special effect to match the track
Just checked my database, it was on the first ever video i started taping on, so it must have been 1982ish, and Japan were on 2 songs before it, doing 'Ghosts'. Then 'Ippu Do', a video of a song that i still don't know what it was called, I probably only taped that because Masami Tsuchiya was working with Japan by then, then Klaus.
It's not a live appearance, it was the video for 'nomi song' if i remember correctly, but it was shown on OGWT, just before Japan i think. I'll upload it in the next few days, it may not all be there though.
Are Sounds Electrik?
you have Nomi on OGWT !!- OMG, please upload it you can - i knew i saw him on that show, i was a teenager then and have always wondered if i would ever see that appearance again
I've got 'Nomi Song' from OGWT around 1982, still never got around to uploading it. He's a bit too weird for me, and as for Kraftwerk, the model sounds better in English to their mother tongue imo, but a great clip nonetheless.
amazing !!!!!!