Every Hero in 'Avengers: Infinity War' Explained by the Russo Brothers | WIRED

The Russo brothers, directors of 'Avengers: Infinity War,' break down every single hero that appears in the movie. Anthony and Joe go through all the heroes in 'Infinity War' and talk about every character's role in the film, as well as their backstories. 'Avengers: Infinity War' is now available on Digital and Blu-ray! Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Every Hero in 'Avengers: Infinity War' Explained by the Russo Brothers | WIRED

i am groot
These guys are geniuses in the fact that they can create a great movie with 25+ main characters and connect it all without making it a scrambled mess. Just think about it they are given the burden of directing so many people in the biggest movie in history.
No one: Joe Russo and his eyebrow : 🤨🤨🤨
Ethan Park
These guys literally directed the best movies of Marvel like Captain America Winter Soldier, Civil War, and Infinity war.
Wong is played by Wong.
Inexorable Videos
But why is gamora?
Brian PRM
I want more of Thor and Rabbit! They had the best parts of the movie.
This is why I love Marvel. The Russo Brothers really understand and care about their characters and can give each of them an equally powerful story. Marvel took time to develop the characters over the years and never seemed to force too much into a movie. Infinity War was long and had a lot to say but it didn’t seemed crammed, it seemed like natural progression. I know I just went on a real rant but it just makes me happy that they can give a back story to even very minor characters.
they spoke 2 secs about loki?? they’re obviously hiding something
John Diggle
"Tony stark is iron man" HEY SPOILERS
I am SO happy they acknowledged that Rhodey welcoming back Team Cap is an act of nobleness rather than forgiveness. That scene annoyed me so much when I first saw the film because it seemed to gloss over the issues surrounding and the general significance of CW quite a lot but their explanation makes up for that 100%.
Nebula is so underrated. She's going to be pivotal in A4 just you wait.
Ching Chong
I think having two directers make a good movie because they correct eachother. You may have a great idea but your partner may have a better idea than you. And the fact tht theyre both geniuses is a plus
don bod
Why does the "Russo brothers" sound like the names of some MOB rivals or something? "Im tellin' ya.. it was those Russo brothers"lol
Idi B
How About Stan Lee.
Hamood Dude
I thought the Russo brothers were gonna say, “Like Rhodes and T’Challa, Falcon is black”😂😂😂
Every other character: a long paragraph going on about how important they are Loki: like two sentences
My favourite moment, hands down, was when Bucky is spinning Rocket around just spraying bullets around the battlefield. Really hope both of them get their own films one day !
Beto Remriz
They got ayo but no M'BAKU
*Trying not to spoil Avengers 4 (Hard Edition)
Justin Quan
You guys forgot the most important hero, he's been in the MCU since the beginning: Stan Lee.
Chris Coleman
Take a shot whenever the Russo's say "dark", "unfortunate", "tragic", or "tragedy".
Mr X2
Drax Still Invisible To This Day.....
Anakin Skywalker
I really wanna see; What Sharon carter is up to. What Hawkeye is doing. Where Valkyrie is. If korg survived (and Meik) A flashback scene with Steve and Peggy cause SHJSJS The collector meeting the grandmaster in either a flashback or present time ,tho the collector is dead. Ava Starr. More Ava Starr. Loki. Loki retuning Loki meeting thor again. Everyone coming back. War machine having more screen time. The hulk hulking out. Wong coming back, fighting. Captain marvel helping the avengers. And Nebula killing thanos.
Victor Chang
These two are critical to why Avengers: Infinity War was successful. Look how passionate they are about each one of these characters. They understand their motivations, their goals, their strengths, etc. You got this, you got the foundation for a strong character-driven movie.
Reza bogel4
Lmao heimdall is so underrated
Fluffy Fluffs
9:38 Omg yassss it’s Loki!!!!!! 9:54 what.......the.....heck....was..... that...?
Jennifer Ramos
Loki isn't even my favorite character, but really? That's it?
Dennis Wong
Iron Man, Thor, Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch are the only heroes that are mentioned by both directors, and they are the most powerful in infinity war
Hopefully DC will find directors with the same passion for the art of comics and storytelling like these two.
Who else is watching this after Endgame?
Noah Grobben
If you really think about it Fury is the one who has saved the universe over and over, and he will probably have saved it again by calling captain marvel.
Julius KIm
Kind of disappointed that they mentioned Ayo, who had like total of one minute screentime in MCU, while not mentioning M'Baku.
maria banana
"He's very elemental. HE'S A TREE" I don't know why I can't stop laughing. Lololololol
Chad Phriday
I feel like the Russos need to get Oscars for acting. Look at them pretend that those characters are really dead.
Ernie Vc
I hope Captain America has a bigger role inn the next Avengers movie. Also, I hope he gets to say his "Avengers Assemble" line.
Hugo The Dog
Wait was Drax in this movie? I didn’t see him anywhere
Cody Shell
"if thor chopped his head off at the end of infinity war" .... hmm haha
Mega_Crysis_Cmg1 aka Chris
My favorites: Iron Man Spider Man Black Panther
Mikey W
Listening to them makes you realize why & how Marvel is light years ahead of DC.
"I am Groot!" "....I am Steve Rogers" one of my favorite parts of the movie hahaha
Mj Ejem
The passion of R Brothers in their craft is trully admirable. That's why Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best movie for me.😊
Sam T.
I used to think Black Widow and ScarJo were pretty overrated, and just there so they could say they had a female hero, but the Russos really made her into a good character, and now she's one of my favorites, at least as the lesser heroes go.
1:54 They hit us with a lowkey spoiler for Endgame lmao
Ashley Flores
"I am Groot" "I am Steve Rogers" is still the purest dialogue i've ever seen
I think Shuri is the most innovative character while stark is the most intellectually resourceful I can’t wait to see them both interact
I watched this like this will be questioned in my exams tomorrow..
Penguin PlayzMC
Captions: “hi rooster Brothers here” XD
It's Adjacent
So y'all just gonna forget my man M'Baku? 🤦🏾‍♂️
Childish Gavino
“Falcon: like rhody and t’challa, he’s black.”
Noah Quental
really you did Maria hill but no M’baku???
Zaneta Smith
“I like your plan except, IT SUCKS.” 😂😂 the only time I liked Star Lord
Steve Bim
Did he just say: “Shuri is THE smartest person in the Marvel universe” ?!!!
The JayShray Way
These dudes make every character a fan favorite in their own way. I wasn’t sold on the doctor strange movie, but man he was the mvp of infinity war. I give the Russo’s the same level of trust as Nolan.
That scope. That depth of character study. That focus. Difference between DC & Marvel.
Btw Has anyone noticed that all of the original Avengers survived the movie?
Loren Lopez
In my humble opinion I think Tony is more like the skeleton, the backbone in which this incredible universe was built upon... but Captain America is more like the heart and soul of it. *note: totally being bias* *still in love with both*
Those that are really dead like scarlet witchs brother, heimdall, they specifically said he died (lost 11:47). But loki, nick fury.. just had bad consequences (unfortunate appreances 9:51, 18:22). Meaning they are all coming back.
Person that's not a people person
It's funny how they're like "it's funny how many characters we killed" like YEA I THOUGHT SO TOO
Zhane Millan
Who's here after watching avengers:endgame trailer?
Captain marvel????? Also what about Howard the duck
Tyler C.O.G Dennis
Its insane what these guys did in 2 and a half hours with so much content, infinity war could’ve easily been a 4 hour movie
Mason Awsomepants
What makes each MCU movie great is how each movie is focused on the characters instead of the action (although it definitely has that). The thing that makes the connected universe amazing is how it’s not only naturally woven into the stories, but also the movies build off of each other. Actions in each movie build the characters over time which makes even minor things feel like they have weight.
Manuel Goncalves
The way they said Thor didn’t chop his head off at the end of infinity war
*Captain America* "I am Steve Rogers." I see what you did there. ;)
Gaming Gumba
Groot You know, he’s a tree
Now these two better not make any jokes on twitter anytime soon. We need them around for as long as possible.
Alex Hill
wong is going to kill thanos in avengers 4
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a world created by Fans with Passion, The DC Extended Universe is a world created by Executives with a nice Paycheck.
Beatrice Chazwick
I wish these lads directed cap 1 and iron man 3.
"I AM GROOT" "I am Steve Rogers" _Top 10 _*_iconic_*_ moments in the history of MCU_
Ato Ghartey-Tagoe
Skip to 1:50... Ooookay. So Joe Russo spoiled Thor's intro in Endgame last year. We just didn't know it. These dudes are slick...
Give Black Widow more lines in A4
Anthony Ozoria
Pure goatsss. So much respect for these guys, and stan rip big bro❤️
‘If Thor was to cut of Thanos’ head’💀😳
0:12 Iron Man 1:05 Thor 2:22 The Hulk 3:08 Captain America 3:53 Black Widow 4:57 War Machine 5:28 Doctor Strange 6:45 Spider-Man 7:31 Black Panther 8:25 Gamora 9:04 Nebula 9:33 Loki 9:53 Vision 11:05 Scarlet Witch 11:57 Falcon 12:16 Winter Soldier 13:00 Heimdall 13:22 Okoye 13:38 Eitri 14:12 Wong 14:34 Mantis 15:00 Drax 15:33 Groot 16:12 Rocket Racoon 17:03 Star-Lord 17:45 Shuri 18:00 Ayo 18:20 Nick Fury 18:39 Maria Hill
Zander Pierce
I can’t believe everyone has forgotten about the best hero of all time...Ned
Detective Inspector Me
Russos: Spends literally 10 seconds on Loki Me: UMMM Hello?
Irene Yolanda
That's why I love Wanda
The greatest comic book directors ever. Also, their first big film, like actual major motion picture for theaters, was The Winter Soldier..........freakin oh my god
Loki is a confirmed hero.
Rhys Aboe
Black Panther "HAS" tremendous potential...
Charles Wood
Its funny how he said "incredible range" and Scarlett Johannson in the same sentence.
jake harris
the russo brothers should play broforce
YaKuZa moon.
"Scarlett Johansson's incredible range as an actress" LMFAO where
so hulk has to see banner as worthy. hes Banner's Mjölnir.
Gregor Görner
Thank You guys for the movie. Gonna see it again on monday. I really enjoyed it. I´m German and our audiences are pretty reserved and a little square but they still cheered and clapped at some key moments. Can´t think of many movies where that happens
Ice King
"Eitri the dwarf" ?? I think he mixed him up with Tyrion the dwarf cause Eitri is clearly a giant hahahah
Angery Angery
"Hey we are the russo brothers and gonna explain every hero in the mcu to you." *Tony Stark is Iron Man*
possibly tobuscus
ayo appears korath: “who?”
Mrudul Murali
Give us Ironman back 😭😭😭 can't miss Robert Downey jr plz 😔😔😔
Jose Alvarez
Week before endgame I'm going to watch all the marvel movies in order 🙄🙄
Teddy Holmes
I just wanna know 1 thing Why are the Russo Bros so good at this??🤔
Darcy MM
6:44 Spider-Man Your welcome
Awsamazing Eden
What geniuses. Heartbreaking, horrible geniuses. I could listen to them forever.
Török István Norbert
They missed M'Baku :/
electro magnetism
Want #olddubbingteam in TAMIL(MARVELS)
Zack Krueger
The Russos know each character so well. I feel they bring the best out of each of them with such limited time. I can't wait to see Endgame.