High Speed Sync (HSS) for shooting portraits outdoor Godox AD-B2 AD200 canon 85mm 1.2 sigma 35mm

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Latesh lilwa
you have to be really out of your mind to shoot HSS @ 1.4 in this beautiful location.. should have shot wide angle shots to show the entire ambience and also wardrobe change could have helped to add on the effect
Vértigo Producciones
Muy bien te felicito eres un maestro!!! Pero sería bueno escucharte hablar!!! 😊
Techno Daiver
Модель конечно 🤦 🏇 но фотограф отработал на 100%
R. M.
you make nice pictures but are too redecorated, so they act unnatural
Jean Joseph Napoleon
Good job as always. Great portraits for a gorgeous model. My first BTS shoot is in the making.
Rajesh Namala
So boring
Espirito Perez
Hello when you say 5600k is that what you are setting your white balance to on your camera? Thanks! Love your work!
Cường Nguyễn
Was this all done on canon 6d? Do you still use it or Sony 7riii?
Ed Krisiak
Well well done. Great work by you and the model. BTW she is not half naked *LOL*
Jeff Scott
How do you like using 2 200's over a single 600?
Keep having "whit"....do you mean "with" ? Otherwise great work again. :)
Cường Nguyễn
I like to watch your clips very nice and useful and the model is very beautiful
Robi KR
where did you put on the CTO filter/gel? on your lens or strobe?
Ta Oh
Is it edited picture or straight from thz body ? How do have a Red leaf on the background ?
brent thompson
what do you mean by 1/2 CTO ?
Ry Ken
Nice 🤙 job bro!!
Brian Eaves
Have you updated the XP2 to the latest firmware 4.0 and does the Godox AD-B2 AD200 still work?
great stuff...
Charles Netzler
Is the twin head AD200?
Scusa ma segnalo un errore nei titoli. Correggere Whit con With Alexandra
@3:39 love that pose. I just noticed the 1/2 CTO gel use. That is a good reminder to try to incorporate a CTO's on the "white' flash technique when shooting sun based scenes.
Arturo Pincelli
Ciao belle foto! mi dici per favore che Bank us, e che fotocamera usi? Grazie
Anna Vilardi
Perché 2 godox ad200?
Nice photos 😍
Shahid Ansari
Nice Photography
Thanks for the video.. extremely nice. I’m new to flash photography so please forgive me in advance. I D7200 will the AD200 work with my camera. Also will I need X1 trigger to make the flash work. Last question can I shoot in aperture priority with the flash unit or TTL
Emmanuel Pierides
Hi there. Just wanted to ask if you have noticed any banding in the photos when using HSS on Godox AD200. Thanks!
Waqaar Osman
Could you please advise me? Is there big difference between the AD200 with twinhead and the AD600? Nice videos btw
Jay Schtulmann
why using 2 flash units together when you can go for an AD600pro?
Darren Shimabuku
Awesome video!
Foto-Video Cristi Toma
0:11 with*
Thanks for the review!! Could you please help. I just got my XPRO FOR Nikon. I’m trying to shoot TTL on my D7200 but in my camera menu it’s showing CMD mode please help. My version says 1.4 I’m sure I need to update the firmware but it should still show TTL not CMD in my camera. I appreciate any help.
Carl Zeiss
Der Schirm ist zu klein....sonst gut
That photographer is undercover perve
I have D7200 with Ad200 Godox flash. Once I have my XPRO on HSS, high do you know what is the correct shutter speed? Thank in advance for helping. I’m new to HSS.
Squirrel Nuts Marketing
Hey.......wanna go for a walk through the woods with barely any clothes on? It's ok. You can trust me,I'm a professional!..... In what make believe world is this ever going to happen?
Cesar Abraham
Being in the woods and models dress code, poor selection for HSS shoot
J Manuel Forero
Even at 1/2000th we should see the flash popping, but we do not and the photos are eventually from another angle and look flat. Either the system does not work as it should or the quality is not as it should. ¿?