LeBron James Full Game 7 Highlights Pacers vs Cavaliers 2018 NBA Playoffs - 45 Pts, 7 Ast, 9 Reb!

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To be this good in year 15. Sheesh. His maturation process is just ridiculous. U may not like him but give credits when it's due. 🔥🔥
Lebron is on a different level. Not only is he the best athlete but he has the best mind. This man has the mind of a Superman.
Emrah N
Greatest to ever do it. Simple
K.J Lawrence
lol Lebron haters quiet af ......they amount of energy they put in to hate this man is hilarious. Seriously Most people who cheered for Indiana only did because they hate ONE man lol
Austin Suarez
Best player in the world not even a debate no man does more for his team then LeBron James.
Conspiracy c. news PRODUCTIONS
By the law of basketball & all the dead beat fathers we forgive thriston Thompson for cheating on khloe while being pregnant after dropping 15 points and 9 rebounds. And a nickel
Shawnte Walker
This man dropped 46 in game 2, 44 in game 5, and then 45 in game 7 .... Honestly this man is really exceptional and that team should be kissing his feet right now 😂😂
tony tonyt
LeGoat . 2018 NBA finals MVP. Cavs going to sweep the baby dinosaurs
Jesus Christ
Another 40+ point game people don’t realize how hard it is to score 40 points and to do it back to back games
Ultimate Roryor
Kings don't go out in the 1st round.
Billy Meals
Y’all still wanna debate about who the greatest player ever is!?👑
james Young
15th season Averaging 40 12 10 in nba playoffs GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME PERIOD!
Cloud Surf
Feels like I'm 07' the way he's carrying these Cavs. Let's see how far he can carry this squad.
Uchiha Sage
the refs really tried to save indiana when zabonis went over the back on TT and then when the cavs still got the board they called an offensive foul😂
king james
who would you pick in a game 7 game jordan,lebron or kobe? me ill pick lebron james in game 7 they say lebron is not a killer but kobe played a lot of bad games in game 7 and lebron hits more game winners in the playoffs over kobe and kobe delutional fan boy think lebron is not clutch.😂😂😂😂
Lejesus James
tteverywhere 97
Bron was truly big time tonight. 44+ for 3 games in a series? You don't see that every day. However, I'm honestly scared. If LeBron wasn't a god, the Cavs more than likely get swept. That being said, I predict Toronto will not be such a big challenge (don't start hating, I just don't believe in Lowry right now). #Believeland
Giannis Antetokounmpo
The pacers and pacers fans we no a way to gruad lebron now LeBron 45 pionts 25 in 1st half
zviad bakradze
This game was for haters!😂
Phil Swift
KANG JAMES SKEIUUUP!! They made him BLEED for THE LAND!! They thougt they'd DETHRONE the KANG in the 1st round!!? KANG JAMES got the support of AKRON OHIO he could NEVER lose at home Skeiuup!!
Wow, didn't even get the 50 point triple double I was expecting....
Legod is the best ever Some Legends gots no rings
Lebron > No Jumper Simmons
Zombie Slayer
Incoming sore losers who will say the refs gave Lebron the win
elamurugan murugan
if anyone tell LeBron is not GOAT, then your meaning of GOAT is nothing...
Nenad Cairovic
TT was legit good wtf
Dante Hardy
LeBron James is the 2018 mvp... no debate#LeGoat
Samir Huq
Rigged man they put a magnet in the rim
LeGoat James
Props to Indiana they played extremely well another casual game from LeGoat
Moha Toura
this is ‘’lebron plays vs pacers’’
A Bae
I swear to God the Cavs need to get rid of Kevin Love after this postseason. He averaged 31% percent from the field this whole series. He’s always been so inconsistent in the playoffs and gets even worse in the finals. I’ve been saying over and over that he is overrated and is not an all star player. Offensively, he can only shoot threes but he’s not even a top level three point shooter who shoots threes under 40%. He used to score points in the paint back in his Minnesota days but now he can’t do shit because he’s got slow feet and hands. He gets even worse defensively, but I won’t go there.
The Cheetah
LeHeat once again doing some Miami Heat shit.
sabeer Peradi
Lebron ...lebron... James...that's it.
Kevin Durant's fake back up account.
He is now the all-time playoff leader in steals. LeHands must've also payed the refs pockets too.
I_Shot YouTube
LeBron now just beating his own records "most Game 7 playoff points"
Ryan Kim
Luiz Hernan
Lebron is the only reason why I'm still watching NBA
zviad bakradze
Rip Toronto! LeMonster is coming for you
Ron F.
If its Spurs vs the Pacers...Spurs would have win in 5 games. Now imagine if it's Warriors vs Pacers. It will be murder.
The Survivor
Lebron traveled in the beginning 3 steps Anyways good job bron for defeating the pacers
King James
Hal Ginute
Greatest player in the world
Bryan Shin
cmon lebron u gotta do better than this. only 45 points and no triple double? smh
Ron F.
Flop and overreact in game 7 to get calls. Lebozo at its finest. #Whatever It Takes
Michael Martinez
Refs were ass both sides SIMPLE
GodMelo Anthony
Truly one of the greats in our game , But his team sucks
Yadiel Cordero
LeBron called series.
It's been such an honor and a treat to have witnessed this man play at such a high level since high school. He's truly amazing.
jasson chevez
Lakers have to take advantage of this chance with bron. They better not waste his first 2 years here in LA
Matt Reed
Skip 2 My Lou
he had a rough 4th but thank god his teammates stepped up
Thot Police
Lebron had to play lights out every game in order to beat the damn pacers🤣🤣🤣 Let's see what Toronto's capable of now that LeBron doesn't have the help he had last year
King Mazda
He will take his loyal team to the finals and get lucky against the warriors for the big W.
Anthony Banks
2007- Swept in the finals, didn't even put up a fight. 2011-Beaten an old Dirk Nowitzki and averaged 2 points in the fourth quarter in the entire series 2012- Carried against a young Thunder team with no finals experience. 2013-Bailed by a Chris Bosh rebound and a corner 3 from an old Ray Allen in game 6 2014-Locked up by Kawhi and blown out in the final game. 2015- Horribly inefficient, shooting less than 40% from the field, the reason they lost. 2016-Carried by Kyrie Irving to his 3rd championship. 2017- Exposed badly by KD, as he averaged 35 PPG on elite efficiency. Bron got stopped. 2018- Scrapes past a young inexperienced Pacers team in 7 games. Nothing on MJ, they will never be in the same bracket. LeBron James is borderline top 10.
Mikey J
Listen I think we need to quit comparing Lebron to Michael Jordan. Jordan was the best ever to play in the NBA and by continuing to do that Lebron gets a lot of undeserved hate. Lebron himself said he is chasing the ghost of Jordan and not that he has passed Jordan as the goat. Lebron could get there one day if he wins a few more rings but I think we just need to appreciate what he is doing here and now like we did with Kobe. Kobe new as Lebron did that he has not passed Jordan yet and his fans accepted Kobe for what he was able to do. Lebron fans have this weird idea that if he does not pass Jordan he is a scrub. That is why Lebron fans pull every little meaningless stat out to try to prove Lebron was better. It honestly sounds like a girl defending her boyfriend who always falls short, it sounds super desperate. Let’s just have fun and watch Lebron and what he is able to do and quit comparing him to Jordan.
Calicoe 313
All Hail the King 👑
Earl The Pearl
It's not even fair for the other guys out there trying to defend him! LOL
It is so beautiful .Andrew Pernia Pernia
This is a great basketball game for the Cleveland Cavaliers, winning at home and especially LeBron James making 45 pts 7 ast 9 reb. I am very happy for Leborn James, he is the king of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I hope that Cleveland Cavaliers can make it to the NBA FINAL once again . 🏀🏀
Feng L
LONG LIVE KING JAMES ! One of the best players of this era in basketball !
crono criss
LBJ vs Pacers lol
g. lumapas
I think LeBron James took a "magic bean" b4 the game.🍺😂
TGH Mixtapes
Call me a Lebron Fanboy all you want but he is the real mvp, I can safely say the cavs get swept 4-0 without him
Humann Goat
Row K
0:37 SML at the bottom left
Al-Bassam Malabi
I wish the cavs reach the finals also the rockets i want to see LeBron and Harden play
SensationX1 13
0:36 I can see Logan chilly and teeds on the right bottom corner
Fuck What You're Talking About !
Much better than Jordan! #AllHailKingJames! 👑🐐🏀
king james
0:56 sml in bottom left corner lol
The greatest Game 7 performer of all time, right up there with Russell, Chamberlain, and Bird.
Son Robot
Always like seeing the Cavs win, but they can't keep this up for long, it can't just be Lebron everytime, whole team needs to step up their game if they want a shot at the finals.
Marty Bernad
Hello Indiana pacers fans!! Where you at ? Lol
Literally the only reason Cleveland won this series was because they had home court. And they still struggled. There is no reason why they should beat the Raptors. This is a very average Cavs team being carried by Lebron. The Raptors are a much better team than the Pacers so unless they allow Lebron to intimidate them, this is a real opportunity for the Raptors, with home court, to send Lebron and the Cavs home.
Christopher Cline
If they lose in the 2nd Round i wont hold it against him. This is like one of the only games where teammates showed up. Just glad he didn't lose in the 1st round.
Seta Vui
crazy each year he gets better n better...
sara roman
I bestia player in the World simpli
Alberto Entertainment
Skip is going to say....
Sports Fan Ps4Gamer
I’m not even a Lebron fan but I don’t hate he the mans a monster pried. Cavs suck only way they win games is when LeBron decides to play hard and has the energy
Ninjazac123 Gaming
People so dumb for calling lebron goat he literally went to game 7 in the first round with victor oladipo keeping upwith him.
His teammates shot 16 for 49...this game should have been a blowout.
Jerard Alden Tabunda
Can kobe or mj carry this team to the playoffs?
Jared Lewis
Baller_clutch Mohamed
🐐 🐐
Kevyn Battle
Refs and Lebron vs pacers. RIGGED Don’t matter tho . He will lose another finals and tie GOATdan. Special number 6
Nando Arroyo
best thing out Cleveland is bone thugs
Richard Arbizo
you the goat w this upload time
Khoa Do
Haters be like "Refs put in ball in the basket for James to score those 45 points, refs boxed out Pacers for James to grab 9 rebounds and granted him those 7 assists as well"
Gary Haye
Lebron the best! De goat
king of kings
rowena ruiz
king james
Daddy Derrick
Pacers fans triggered
Nathan Keelin
What a joke 250 pounds flopping for calls . An for anyone says oh he scored so much. Yeah that’s the game plan.. let him wear out . Luckily 7-0 run by the bench won them the game . Oh An the refs
Toxic_ Matee
Timothy Jones
LEBRON IS THE GOAT!! I am in my 30's and grew up a huge Jordan fan. I have to be honest and not in denial, Lebron has past MJ. He has accomplish more with less talent. MJ never succeeded without Pippen and Grant. Never got out the first round without Pippen and Grant. Lets face it, with all this ring talk, MJ's Bulls won those titles against lesser athletic stars. Todays game has so many guys at 6'7-6'10 who can put the ball on the floor and shoot and defend at a higher level. 91 finals-MJ vs Bryon Scott, 6'4 and he was injured 92 finals-MJ vs Clyde Drexler, 6'7. He was a score but a weak defender 93 finals-MJ vs Dan Majerle, 6'6. Great 3 point shooter, but a terrible defender. So bad the Suns decided to use Kevin Johnson on MJ at times and he was 6'1. 96 finals-MJ vs Hersey Hawkins, 6'2. Undersized 2 guard. Great shooter, but a terrible defender The Sonics had to also use Gary Payton at times who was also undersized at 6'4. 97-98finals-MJ vs Jeff Hornacek, 6'4. Undersized 2 guard. Great shooter, but could not defend. The Jazz had to use Byron Russell a lot who was 6'7. He was a decent but not good defender. 2007 finals-Lebron vs Bruce Bowen, 6'7. He was an all time first team defender!! 2011 finals-Lebron vs Shawn Marion 6'7 (Great Defender), DeShawn Stevenson 6'5, Caron Butler 6'7. 2012 finals-Lebron vs Durant 6'10.... 2013-2014 finals-Lebron vs Kawhi Leonard 6'7 (2x defensive e player of the year) 2015-2017 finals-Lebron vs Andre Iguodala 6'6 (Great defender, all defensive team), Draymond Green 6'6 (defensive player of the year), and 2017 finals, Kevin Durant. Now please tell me in a team game, who had the tougher road??
garbage mouth
that blood sacrifice to give on Friday that's what gave him the game 7 y'all people better wake up and realize the entities in the powers that are at work here in order to get things that you truly want you are willing to sell your soul there are certain powers at work LeBron had to give that blood sacrifice just to get out of the first round and if you don't know what I'm talking about my boo when he got cut Friday and he was bleeding on the court wake up people Nothing Is What It Seems
Erik Frisch
Korvers great pass at 4:18 is a little overlooked, he faked the swing pass, got the defenders on his right wing and baseline to move their momentum in the wrong direction ever so slightly, but it bought enough time for the passing lane to open underneath the basket for an uncontested LeBron layup. I promise you T Lue's weak ass did not coach that, he doesn't understand ball movement. All he ever did was play one on one defense and pass to kobe shaq or michael. Lue is a terrible coach for this squad, Cavs should hire a coach who is able to use LeBron's incredible athletic strength, endurance, and who is able to actually create a functioning system where LeBrons passing ability can be used to its full potential. Dave Fizdale is the guy for Cleveland this summer.
Andreas Papadakis
why do i see some softball going on whithout any challenge or competative spirit..i would walk out on this game and never return to see bb like that,,what is this thing..now i know why the greek national team iron defense lock down and ridiculed these "STARS"//its not their fault actually..they are groomed to play free from contact hence they will disappear under pressure since they dont have the mindset to deal with it//shame to the nba for this boring exhibhition circus