LeBron James Full Game 7 Highlights Pacers vs Cavaliers 2018 NBA Playoffs - 45 Pts, 7 Ast, 9 Reb!

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LeBron James Full Game Highlights | Indiana Pacers vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Game 7 | April 29, 2018 | 2018 NBA Playoffs ✔️ Subscribe, Like & Comment for More! ✔️ --------- 🔎 Follow our Instagram: />🔎 Follow our Twitter:

To be this good in year 15. Sheesh. His maturation process is just ridiculous. U may not like him but give credits when it's due. 🔥🔥
K.J Lawrence
lol Lebron haters quiet af ......they amount of energy they put in to hate this man is hilarious. Seriously Most people who cheered for Indiana only did because they hate ONE man lol
Conspiracy c. news PRODUCTIONS
By the law of basketball & all the dead beat fathers we forgive thriston Thompson for cheating on khloe while being pregnant after dropping 15 points and 9 rebounds. And a nickel
Austin Suarez
Best player in the world not even a debate no man does more for his team then LeBron James.
james Young
15th season Averaging 40 12 10 in nba playoffs GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME PERIOD!
Emrah N
Greatest to ever do it. Simple
tony tonyt
LeGoat . 2018 NBA finals MVP. Cavs going to sweep the baby dinosaurs
Shawnte Walker
This man dropped 46 in game 2, 44 in game 5, and then 45 in game 7 .... Honestly this man is really exceptional and that team should be kissing his feet right now 😂😂
Ultimate Roryor
Kings don't go out in the 1st round.
Cloud Surf
Feels like I'm 07' the way he's carrying these Cavs. Let's see how far he can carry this squad.
zviad bakradze
This game was for haters!😂
Lebron is on a different level. Not only is he the best athlete but he has the best mind. This man has the mind of a Superman.
Giannis Antetokounmpo
The pacers and pacers fans we no a way to gruad lebron now LeBron 45 pionts 25 in 1st half
Homer Shitson
Another 40+ point game people don’t realize how hard it is to score 40 points and to do it back to back games
Uchiha Sage
Billy Meals
Y’all still wanna debate about who the greatest player ever is!?👑
the refs really tried to save indiana when zabonis went over the back on TT and then when the cavs still got the board they called an offensive foul😂
Lejesus James
Milds & Yak
KANG JAMES SKEIUUUP!! They made him BLEED for THE LAND!! They thougt they'd DETHRONE the KANG in the 1st round!!? KANG JAMES got the support of AKRON OHIO he could NEVER lose at home Skeiuup!!
LeGoat James
Props to Indiana they played extremely well another casual game from LeGoat
Rangers Fan From Jersey
Incoming sore losers who will say the refs gave Lebron the win
Legod is the best ever Some Legends gots no rings
Lebron > No Jumper Simmons
elamurugan murugan
if anyone tell LeBron is not GOAT, then your meaning of GOAT is nothing...
Dante Hardy
LeBron James is the 2018 mvp... no debate#LeGoat
Wow, didn't even get the 50 point triple double I was expecting....
king james
who would you pick in a game 7 game jordan,lebron or kobe? me ill pick lebron james in game 7 they say lebron is not a killer but kobe played a lot of bad games in game 7 and lebron hits more game winners in the playoffs over kobe and kobe delutional fan boy think lebron is not clutch.😂😂😂😂
Sentinel Baltazar
TT was legit good wtf
It's been such an honor and a treat to have witnessed this man play at such a high level since high school. He's truly amazing.
tteverywhere 97
Bron was truly big time tonight. 44+ for 3 games in a series? You don't see that every day. However, I'm honestly scared. If LeBron wasn't a god, the Cavs more than likely get swept. That being said, I predict Toronto will not be such a big challenge (don't start hating, I just don't believe in Lowry right now). #Believeland
The Cheetah
LeHeat once again doing some Miami Heat shit.
Feng L
LONG LIVE KING JAMES ! One of the best players of this era in basketball !
Moha Toura
this is ‘’lebron plays vs pacers’’
Luiz Hernan
Lebron is the only reason why I'm still watching NBA
Fuck What You're Talking About !
Much better than Jordan! #AllHailKingJames! 👑🐐🏀
The Survivor
Lebron traveled in the beginning 3 steps Anyways good job bron for defeating the pacers
Rigged man they put a magnet in the rim
It is so beautiful .Andrew Pernia Pernia
This is a great basketball game for the Cleveland Cavaliers, winning at home and especially LeBron James making 45 pts 7 ast 9 reb. I am very happy for Leborn James, he is the king of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I hope that Cleveland Cavaliers can make it to the NBA FINAL once again . 🏀🏀
Hal Ginute
Greatest player in the world
g. lumapas
I think LeBron James took a "magic bean" b4 the game.🍺😂
GodMelo Anthony
Truly one of the greats in our game , But his team sucks
Earl The Pearl
It's not even fair for the other guys out there trying to defend him! LOL
King Mazda
He will take his loyal team to the finals and get lucky against the warriors for the big W.
*Who else saw Tito, Chilly, and Logan From sml.* *Not a Jeffy Fan*
The greatest Game 7 performer of all time, right up there with Russell, Chamberlain, and Bird.
SensationX1 13
0:36 I can see Logan chilly and teeds on the right bottom corner
Eddie Bowles
Lebron haters I want you to answer this one question. No excuses no mental gymnastics just name the player. What 1 player is the all time playoff leader in points, steals, and game winning buzzer beaters made? I’ll wait.
Get Buckets
I wish the cavs reach the finals also the rockets i want to see LeBron and Harden play
Infamous Aries
Lebron James isnt the GOAT hes the greatest physically blessed to ever do it
crono criss
LBJ vs Pacers lol
Liao Ssin
Damn...that's the first time I see Cavs win the opening jump ball this season
Bryan Shin
cmon lebron u gotta do better than this. only 45 points and no triple double? smh
Steven Marquéz
Low key first play was a travel lmao, LeGOAT still the best!
Son Robot
Always like seeing the Cavs win, but they can't keep this up for long, it can't just be Lebron everytime, whole team needs to step up their game if they want a shot at the finals.
Ben Sanchez
Ladies and gentlemen sit back because Lebron is painting the picture that proves he's the 🐐
I'm not even a LeBron Fan and I think he's better then Jordan. WITHOUT THE EXTRA Rings..
9djdj9 OR_99
part of a game guys. move on indianers 😂😂 #cavs fan
GOODNESS GRACIOUS...pretty sure he has vibranium in his veins lol
2008 Topshelf
God Damn!!! With highlights like those I was justified in studying. Keep em' coming. I've gotta lot of material to cover over these damned playoffs and can't watch.
Jhon's Animal and Herping Videos
Best Game 7 player in NBA history and there really isn't any competition.
Calicoe 313
All Hail the King 👑
His teammates shot 16 for 49...this game should have been a blowout.
LeBron James
Lebron had to play lights out every game in order to beat the damn pacers🤣🤣🤣 Let's see what Toronto's capable of now that LeBron doesn't have the help he had last year
Christopher Cline
If they lose in the 2nd Round i wont hold it against him. This is like one of the only games where teammates showed up. Just glad he didn't lose in the 1st round.
ohlooktheres travboii
2:19 Tito is the one in the green neon Logan is the one with the yellow jersey Chilly is next to them
Tay Jackson
His LeBack must be LeBroken after pulling off such a carry
Jorrell Wright
@0:36 can see logan Tito and chilly from SML bottom left corner
Thalmus Scantlebury
Remember micheal Jordan once said le bron will just be an average pro
Alex Ortiz
Lbj goat he's active af on both ends nasty af on both ends the most complete player ever
Does travelling still exists? xD xD damn, so many travels in these highlights. Thompson, James,... ...it´s not 3 Steps running. If you catch the ball with a foot touching the floor - that´s your first step. Why do the refs never call that? O.o - and just for the record - I am rooting for the cavs in this matchup. I just care about the game and its rules :)
Ron F.
Flop and overreact in game 7 to get calls. Lebozo at its finest. #Whatever It Takes
Bronze Brett
LeBron the legend: the only player in the history of the NBA to average a triple double in the NBA finals.
Skip 2 My Lou
he had a rough 4th but thank god his teammates stepped up
Rx Xmark
45 Points OMG GOAT again??? 45 points for James Harden nothing unusual
Sailomyenh Sisanasunthon
Raptors vs Cavs in 2nd round. If raptors tight defense J,LeBron. K-Love. And Korver 3 rosters keys play of Cavs. Every time ball with James. James pass ball to Love and Korver all the time
Don't get it twisted young fellas! MJ will always be the goat, just like Mohammed Ali is the greatest.. And The LeBron cavaliers will get sweep the next round,just wait and see folks 😉
Nando Arroyo
best thing out Cleveland is bone thugs
garbage mouth
that blood sacrifice to give on Friday that's what gave him the game 7 y'all people better wake up and realize the entities in the powers that are at work here in order to get things that you truly want you are willing to sell your soul there are certain powers at work LeBron had to give that blood sacrifice just to get out of the first round and if you don't know what I'm talking about my boo when he got cut Friday and he was bleeding on the court wake up people Nothing Is What It Seems
jonathan lambero
the best player that flop in the finals 😄😄😁😁😁😁😁 i agree he is the best player if the cavs became the champ this year
Real Chop
I saw Logan,chilly, and Tito
Richard Arbizo
you the goat w this upload time
Scratch Beats
Lebron basically carried the entire team. I really think they should improve as a team.
Man LeBron in the post is scary. He needs to stick to that alot more. Triple threat it. Man imagine him with really good playmaking guard. Running with him at the post.
Yadiel Cordero
LeBron called series.
to me, the way lebron gutted out this series, hes now passed kobe in my opinion. if he guts out a ring, hes in the convo with mike on legacy. but from the eye test, mike is still the goat. lebron is #2 and thats not bad at all. hes very close to mike. but mike is still goat
Michael Martinez
Refs were ass both sides SIMPLE
clorox bleach the one
lebron james 99 overall cheat activated lol.
De Sukmono
He is ready... he was ready... he has been ready. Many superstars before him were not ready to be superstars.
Amazing game! I am a cav and Lebron fan! I have to say that I like victor oladipo a lot!!
Anyone see SML in the background
If this doesn't cement in your mind who the BEST NBA player in the league is right now, I don't know what will.
Humann Goat
0:56 sml in bottom left corner lol
40 free throws for the Cavs??? And that "technical" foul for lebaby...haha. Sad NBA has to carry this team into the next round
kdramalover 28
rahin chandra
I can see tito, logan, and chilly there.
How did Lance Stephenson do? I mean, he is the LeBron stopper, right? HAHAHA!
jasson chevez
Lakers have to take advantage of this chance with bron. They better not waste his first 2 years here in LA
Sports Fan Ps4Gamer
Reddish Puss
Even if they won this round they aint gonna win the championship.....!