20120112 Mcountdown No.1 T-ara "Lovey-Dovey"

Wanna know more about your favorite K-pop artist? Visit /> Jan 12th 2012 Mcountdown This Week No.1 #272 (T-ara "Lovey-Dovey")

恭喜T-ARA獲得第一!!! 支持Mnet!!
Freda Gonong
@zombie766 snsd was the first girl group i knew and they were the first one whom i listed to...but when t-ara debuted, i slowly fell in love with t-ara and now T-ARA IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE GIRL GROUP......
JIYEON!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333
Dr Hade
They totally deserve it
I'm sure they can win on Mcountdown and Inkigayo.. But Music Bank...Little hard..But for T-ara,I can bet they will win for Lovey Dovey~~
len kim
T-ara the best fighting!!!^^
until now i still can't decide which girl group to love. t-ara or snsd? nevertheless, PARK JIYEON FIGHTING!
@Shin19122 t-ara win so many times? pardon? i love t-ara and mblaq but they're both underrated groups... t-ara has worked so hard...but they barely win any awards...so i'm more on t-ara's side... t-ara never shine that much even though they worked so hard, so t-ara really deserves more than any groups..
@IHeartBingo yeah..me too..love them ever since they debuted!
@wengyit lol..yeah.. =)
Kl Ngo
Congratulation to T-ara.....LOVE
@onechibi92 I agree! They are so underrated. I've liked them for such a long time, but they barely ever get any awards. I hope this song changes things :3
Rara Chuzy
i really want them to win triple crown! t-ara is an underrated group and i'm so upset about that... Cry cry was a great song yet fail to win (except in mcd) so i hope they'll do better with Lovey Dovey...
well done t-ara!!!
Zhuo Liang
Dabi dabi oh oh oh oh, dabi dabi oh oh oh oh~
Well done!! Tara Fighting! Lovey Dovey is a Hit
Danger Lim
congrts tara. !!!
shereen lim
same here i m hardcore citrine and A+ anyway if 2 of these groups will win i will be damn happy and also teentop
Yay! Congrats to T-ara! But I'm so torn for next week! I really want T-ara to win again but I also really really want MBLAQ to win too (They haven't won since their Y days!) T^T