Ossetia 2008 war anniversary: From accusing Russia to admitting Georgia's attack

Seven years ago today, Georgia attacked its then breakaway republic of South Ossetia with the aim of bringing it back under Tbilisi's control. Over night heavy artillery pounded the capital also targeting Russian peacekeepers in the area. Hundreds of civilians and over 70 peacekeepers were killed in the following days. RT LIVE /> Subscribe to RT! /> Like us on Facebook />Follow us on Twitter />Follow us on Instagram />Follow us on Google+ />Listen to us on Soundcloud: /> RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

Günther Lehmann
Suckasswilly works for the regime in Kiev now.
I love that Georgian lady, she absolutely melted Fox News that day :D
Mikheil Saakashvili is now a Ukrainian Governor of Odessa!
4:22 I remember that interview. What a discrace. Gotta go to break. You're telling the truth.
true story: back when this was going on i was in my high school history class talk about this with my teacher and a few of my friends when a girl that was listening to are convo got up and asked "wait Russia invaded the US?" she thought it was the state of Georgia... that day I started fearing the day my generation gets into office...
Dont Threaten Me
Oh Bush, you pile of vomit with your lies. What,? pentagon had no balls to confront Russia to save your puppet ally? You had troops stationed there, didn't need more body bags i guess.
Now that the American neocon puppet Saakashvili is gone, Russia and Georgia need to solve the whole South Ossetia-Abkhazia dispute and mend their relations, to stand united, both being targets of Western aggression. Georgia would gain nothing from further confrontation with Russia, but if it got closer economic ties with it, then its economy would improve. Not to mention that the Russian military can do a better job training and arming Georgian troops. Recently a poll showed that 31% of Georgians wanted to join the Eurasian Economic Union. Russia needs to improve relations with Georgia and make sure that the country can no longer be used by the West as a vassal state to be used as an attack on Russia.
Groundskeeper Willie
Yes, FoxNews had a melt down when that Ossetian girls admitted which side actually attacked.
jo phoenix
disinformation is rapid when occupied America's main stream media and Hollywood is owned by our oppressors. the fault lies in the citizens who chose to remain willfully ignorant!
Unite Against Liberalism
The criminal Obama regime is doing the same thing in Ukraine.
Check out the US military aid dollars given to Georgia prior to them starting the war
remember baltic states going apesht over news from georgia and preping for war with russia lol
It's precious and fair, that Georgia finally found their way back to their ally of many years. At least there is still some sanity in some heads. The military alliance of the former corrupt governor with the corrupt NATO was just psychotical.
I will admit that I'm not a big fan of the russian government or Vladimir Putin,but it's completely ridiculous for the liberal media at the time to say that the Russians were the ones that started a war against the Georgian people. The thing is that most American people know that the U.S. government and the liberal media lies to them continuously still believe the lies that have or are being told them by the same very people who lie to them everyday.
There was a madman on he loose, Russia had to act.
MaTaDoR 93
2008 << Russia aggressor bla bla >> citizans said <> 2014 and 2015 << Russia aggressor bla bla >> citizans said <> Thanks to them.
More like U.S aggression and propaganda must not go unanswered.
I remember how a brainwashed NEOCON I worked with, wanted to explain me that Russia is attacking Georgia because they want the oil there.  After I explained him that Georgia got no oil I understood that NATO MONKEYS think everyone is thinking like them.
Genet Eshete
Dear America, Russia bitting you in your own game, how do you respond? Losing the war and psychology game of weight . it's funny to watch.
John Baldwin
Georgia had done this before during the post-collapse of the Soviet Union to cull and to destroy the will of the people of Abkhazia and South Ossetia seeking independence from Georgia that started a year long war that killed thousands and thousands more died due to famine and disease after the war 1992 - 1993... No one came to the aid of these 2 regions as there was no ability from the former Soviet Union military and most likely unable to come to the defense due to the instituted international policies... But when Georgia again attacked S. Ossetia; when they again stood up for independence thinking they can get away again this time Putin ensured a quick military solution during the 5 day war to defeat the Georgian terrorists - then Georgia cries wolf and presented themselves as the victim of Russian aggression - just another lie and the western world believed them but also there are those that knew the truth that it was of a Georgian aggression in the first place...The neocons knew this and taken upon themselves to push their agenda once again like during the Cold War. What did Georgia get out of their poorly executed and failed attacks - money and aid from the west...most of that money surely went into the pockets of corrupt officials and very little to take care of the needed rebuilding of infrastructures and the needs of Georgian people?!?
Kyle Towe
It's about damn time! However, it begs the question of why. Why is the truth coming out now? What changed that would make telling the truth beneficial now? Most curious. Slava Rossiya!
if that had happened now Russia would've been slammed with even more sanctions, see how the US/NATO/EU axis policy has changed towards Russia in such a short time?
This was when the real agenda of the west was exposed
Buddy Floyd
You can thank our traitor, Senator John McCain for what happened in Georgia.
Revolutionary Socialist Media
Mikheil Saakashvili now wanted by his own country, but he fled to Ukraine were he serves the oligarchy of Poroshenko as gouverneur of Odessa. Saakashvili is now a Ukrainian citizen, a little reward for his loyalism from the corrupt anticommunist Kiev regime!
Bakar Mushkudiani
georgia attack to russia :D:D:D ahahaha
Georgia 2.0 in Ukraine please!~
for years there was big conflict between Georgia and Self-claimed republics south ossetia and Abkhazia plus russians were helping these republics. By August 1, 2008, Ossetian separatists began shelling Georgian villages, with a sporadic response from Georgian peacekeepers in the region.Georgian Army was sent to the South Ossetian conflict zone on 7 August. Georgians took control of most of Tskhinvali, a separatist stronghold, in hours. Georgia later stated it was also responding to Russia moving non-peacekeeping units into the country.Russia accused Georgia of "aggression against South Ossetia and launched a large-scale land, air and sea invasion of Georgia
Mickey Bauer
Poor Suck-a-willy got raped so hard he has to take narcotics for the rest of his life. Too bad he didn't learn his lesson at least...
So folks, if you think that you're a PATRIOT of your country that don't like the globalists/Zionists did to the world. You know who to ELIMINATE when the collapse of USD or World War 3 does begun.  Let the BLOODBATH begin.
USA thought that letting georgia Invade while the Olympics was going on in China would Not force Russia to act. Guess they thought WRONG.
Julian Silva
Hmmm, wasn't aware of the involvement of Saakashvili in Ukraine, that's a huge red flag. Fodder for conspiracy theories, whether justified or not.
სუსი მუსი
Icicle Fledglings
The Griffin Clan will keep parroting Bush's story until the day their pathetic lives end hahaha.
Well today is my birthday
Ruble Toilet Paper
Former Soviet States are still fighting to be free of Russian Dictatorship!!!!
Jose Lopes
E isso ser otario demais galinha que acompanha pato morre afogada
Antonio Lombardi
I would never cut you off but I'm going to cut you off
Darth Vader
ofcourse its russias fault.. oh wait russia dont shell their own citizens ..
Jorge Alan GV
sends troops to protect its citizens, that's a good comedy! 🤣
Andre Aladdin
AT LAST international acknowledgement it was not russia,
RUSSIA> nato
"Russia send troops to protect their citizens" Abkhazia and south ossetia yea their citizens.
FOX news get hammered.
Esteban Serra Gonzalez
Saakashvilli is a criminal Dog now Governour in Odessa!!! He is a Marionette of CIA!!!!
🐙 MantasU90
Russia is "never" in the wrong
Wolf gamer
this makes me very sad remembering the war ):
Wait a second im getting cognitive dissonance.. I need to go sit down for a minute
Noone is denying, nor did they ever deny that the Georgian government did launch the first full scale attack of the war, but, and it is a big but. This whole video conveniently forgets the week-long artillery shelling of civilian and peacekeeper targets undertaken by the russian backed rebels, and the numerous attempt at a cease fire from the Georgian government preceeding the conflict. In the end the Georgian government had to do SOMETHING to calm the unstable situation in Ossetia when it became clear that russia had no intention of trying to help calm things down. Their intentions seemed to all the world quite the opposite, that they had probably given the go-ahead to the ossetian rebels to start lighting fires again, so that they in turn could claim the right to defence to expand the conflict when the Georgian government eventually reacted.
Just like how Poland attacked Germany first amirite? 😂
Nicholas Tabatadze
i can speak georgian too and read it
Zoe H
Georgia should just start sending aid to Chechnya and the Chechen rebels just as revenge for 2008.
Russia not gonna play that shit wit the states!! Murica!!
Ani Javaxishvili
we need apxazeti, we need our teritory, we need peace <3 we're never, ever get war first :/
nikusha xarebava
Rusebis xalxi movtyan magati gamravleba sheveci magat kuboze mivajvi rusebis kuboze mivafsi eg teslebi miyolebuli putini
jack 28
Long live mr Puttin
kaiser lulucius
It's sad to see people believing in soviet propaganda
nika gelenava
why :(
Lon W.
This sounds like Los Angeles County trying to declare independence from the U.S. ?
nDelphi IsCool
U.N. says Russia went to far to protect itself. What a bunch of double-standards' U.S. Poodles all these western countries and organizations are. The U.S. would still be occupying South Ossetia til this day after having invaded it and over thrown its government over the attack.
Kosh 963
The so-called Georgian war was actually the war against the "General" population mass of Georgia that didn't support the western political and financial colonization of the country; Via, The Newly acquired western authority of Georgian Military an rid the country of opposition in the most heinous way possible...  Death by they're own military (Just like now in Ukraine).  The troops from the Russian Territory decisively ended that war in 5 days.   The World should honor those people; For without them, WW3 would of been around the right around the corner a longtime ago...
CIA fail!
i will do a tatoo with putin :)
Lasha Khinchikashvili
Hey now let's not start talking about Georgians killing georgian..... *cough* *cough* Soviet Union
Misho Pruidze
Only 5 seconds in this video and already spotted a mistake. Georgians never attacked anyone.
maia Kanchaveli
I live in georgia i was two yers old in 2008
That was only usa foult, russia dosent nave nothing to do with this, there was american undercover, with russian flags tanks Air planes, russia never attack others, they won peace trophy
mixeil meore
დისლაიქები დაუწერეთ ამ ბოზ ტელეარხს
Archie Arch
Today the weather was bad!! It is Russia's fault!!!
In your face Garry...!
Lon W.
The Russians do have the right to worry about their territorial sovereignty.
gils lic
Russia had the 5 days to Georgia to the knees and the U.S. lead with more Slabada countries war for decades because we do not know how to conduct a war and Russia we are trained in case of war with Europe and the U.S. they have a great chance at least remember how the Crimea was conquered without a single shot and the U.S. meanwhile has sent his drone in Crimea as Russia caught it and landed at the airport, it only proves that they have the best air defense they also have a rearmament program until 2020 already submitted a bunch of new purses equipment that have no analogues in the world
Randall Stewart
The US military and civilian intelligence agencies knew Georgia started the fighting - by 9 August. Unfortunately, US politicians (including the office of the President) ignored these findings by their own experts and were only concerned with supporting their pro-Georgian lobbyists. I was there - in the middle of these briefings to senior US Government officials - and I know what occurred. I was ashamed of my Government and very frustrated that politics were placed ahead of truth.
gruzinski gruzinski
God's Punishment Sooner Soon So We Will Become So Long Then Lord Is Greater Love Christian Georgia
Georgian Gruzin
anybody can answere me how can country atack his own ground?
African Proud
Killing each other please
We should have done to the Nazi junta in Kiev what we did with Saakashvili in 2008.
Aliong Lim
Thank you to russian troops who helping that little girl,,thank you russia...
Esteban Serra Gonzalez
Anyone can beat Russia!! Never!!
here is film of this war 5 days of war all watch pls
Really wonder why theres so much shit going on at the edges of Russia.. Pretty sure it speaks for itself relative to whats happening in Ukraine.
Dave Lyons
Only mistake the Russians made was not going further and taking out what was left of the Georgian army and their NATO advisors
Jan Sandman
the truth shall set us free,
''peace keepers'' XD
Yusuf Ensar Çakır
ne gürcüleri severim ne rusları Bence en iyi millet TÜRK milletidir... Hilafeti yayanda biziz İslamı koruyanda...
Dank Gamer 21
OH COME ON! Dumbasses Russia started by agressian in the border then we attacked that's what you do!
Muhammad Athar Hussain
Iranic families should make their own country. Would be a huge one.
If a part of Russia was to break away, I wonder what the Russian government would do? Oh that's right, the exact same thing Georgia did.
Zoe H
Russia gets mad at a former U.S.S.R satellite for trying to regain it's own satellite in a sense, something Russia has tried to do a dozen times....
george chn
I am Georgian, but i hated our earlier president (the president that attacked in 2008), even if that was our territory years ago...
Bryan Ruiz
wow, from Georgia to blaming the west. jesus, you can manipulate anything RT cant you? next thing you will say is its Americas fault that ozone is getting fuked over lol
Ben White
It’s funny that Russia is complaining about disinformation warfare.
Pipito Paerata
$$$$ IN their eyes
mihael fradlis
the giorgian army atak Russian popule first and kil Russian popule.
Giorgi Gachechiladze
Georgia was blamed to start that war because our stupid head of genshtab made a mistake when he said that he was going to revise constitutional borders of Georgia :)))) and that is the reason why Georgia was blamed in that war because of stupid mistake he made on a tv... in reality it was a protective war... even if Georgia did start a war and open the fire, Ossetian soldiers were invadingg Georgian villages for 5 days before the war had started they had even kidnapped Georgian civillians... Saakashvili did fail and made stupid mistakes but nobody can deny the fact that the war was still provocated by Russia to later recognize independence of Abkhazia and invented name "south ossetia" which is Samachablo in reality and has never been Ossetia until Communists gave it that name... Now in Eu this subject was going to be newly investigated but Russia as bully warned Georgian new government to calm their asses down or else get busted.... ehhh this is the fate of little countries sadly truth will not win here but strength...
Mo nFo
lmfao lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gia Gozalishvili
RT is blaming Georgia. yes we did start the war but..... it was because of the stupid president not of the people. besides we took more damage then Ossetia in fact they are continuing the creeping occupation
Tamar. Kuchuashvili
You are wrong, how Georgia could attack its own territory is Osethia? Russians started the war in 2008.Russian journalists began arriving in Tskhinvali on 2 August to cover a war that had not yet begun. Some Russian regular troops entered South Ossetia before the Georgian military operation against Tskhinvali began on 7 August.
Nice propaganda m8
dimitar unknown
Wait wait wait... Americans think they can beat Russia??? THE WHOLE NATO COULDNT STOP THEN, AMERICA WONT DO MUCH BETTER!!! Russia has China, India, south Africa, BRAZIL!!! What does America have? more enemy's then ally's in the middle east! They armed Isis and now they are depending on Russia to bomb Isis cause they don't have the balls to STAND UP AND DEFEAT ISIS!!!! They are so full of themselves and they even begged Russia to attack isis cauer if THEY attacked Isis, america wouldn't be as "peaceful" would it?