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Here are our top upcoming Horror Movies 2018: 00:03 Slender Man 02:26 Halloween 05:03 The Nun 06:33 The First Purge 09:05 The Mermaid 11:04 The New Mutants 13:02 The House with a Clock in its Walls 15:02 The Little Stranger Get the best horror movies on Blu Ray now: movies&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=xm2&linkId=b5336192367a90e81e77f8bdd84fd343

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00:03 Slender Man 02:26 Halloween 05:03 The Nun 06:33 The First Purge 09:05 The Mermaid 11:04 The New Mutants 13:02 The House with a Clock in its Walls 15:02 The Little Stranger
Ducking Around
Does anyone else hate jump scares or is it just me.
Slender man came 8 years too late
I'll be there for Halloween, The Nun (yes!), and The Mermaid.
Didnt know nuns hunt in pairs... like velociraptors.
Chris Teece
Looks like the person that made Slender Man watched The Ring a few many times.
Becca Monki
The mermaid one looks dumb lmao
Kuma Hague
Yes.. Michael Myers is back.
those "Mermaid" jumpscares were so bad lmao
The Slender man moive looks so shit
GG McGee
The horror movie I've been waiting to see is The Nun....#TheConjuringSeries
Der Nein
Slender Man: Should've been earlier, Hype around it is already gone Halloween: Looks nice, Fan of the Series, but why tf does she use a knife if she has a cellar full of weapons? The Nun: Spinoff to Conjuring, has always been a bit boring, typical Jumpscare Movie, but with great twists, maybe the Origin Story will help The First Purge: Never been a Fan of those Movies, too predictable. Of course Goverment is involved, and a small group fighting against Purgers. Already done that 3 Times. The Mermaid: That's gonna be a really bad Jumpscare Movie, no Horror because all the scary scenes can be seen beforehand (reaches into Water Mermaid there, looks under Covers, Mermaid dead? Oh no she's alive who would've guessed.) The New Mutants: New Take on an old Franchise, looks darker, maybe not much Horror but looking forward The Hose with a Clock in it's Walls: Great Use of Effects, doesn't look like a Horror Movie (excepts Puppets I hate them), Jack Black's always Plus, looks and sounds like a great Movie The Little Stranger: Is that the Evil ginger from Star Wars who's so unimportant I forgot his Name? But else....meh. Little Girl Demon haunting the House it's been killed in, Boring PERSONAL OPINION DO NOT TAKE IT AS AN INSULT TO A TRAILER YOU PERSONALLY LIKED
Horror movies these days look so bad.
Lord L
Mermaid? Seems more like a Siren.
Roddy Bonne
The nun is gonna be the scariest The house with a clock in its walls won't be scary but good
Eduard Mihay
The only scary movie for me is The Nun. Halloween and Slender Man are not scary but looks good. Maybe Slender Man don't show to us the scariest part so i suppose I need to wait and see the movie to see if it's scary or not. The purge and The mermaind i really don't like them. I am not a fan of the purge franchise. For The new mutants movie i am so hype cause maybe don't looks scary but it's different of the others. Tell me your opinion about this movies. Edit: I forgot about the last two movie. The little stranger doesn't looks like a horror movie. It's looks like a thriller movie with some mystery. The same for The clock house in it's wall. It's looks like fantasy.
micheal malherbe
For the love of god, a movie full of jump scares is not a horro moviem so i hope halloween is not full of them
Fish Zom
Slender Man looks like every horror move trope, and the people who did that trailer should lose their jobs. The sound of the girl screaming through half the trailer is not scary. It's annoying. PASS Halloween has become like Jaws 4. It's personal. "I want him to escape, so I can kill him." Great. Now there are another 30 people dead. Happy? PASS The Nun should be awesome. The Purge looks like it was handed off to SJWs: All evil white people, and righteous black underdogs. PASS. The Mermaid: Jump scare. Jump Scare. Jump Scare. Loud noise. Jump Scare. Maybe.... if I'm on an airplane. The New Mutants should be awesome. Great shift, and turn for Marvel. Hope it works. The House with a Clock, should be fun. I hope it's fun. It looks like they actually have a story. The Little Stranger: Not my type of film, but I'm sure it will get some awards. PASS.
The Mermaid will probs end with him killing the one he loves :) d-did I get it? Cuz plot twist couldn't be more predictable
Mr. Bond
That thumbnail is a sad reminder of how much cgi has destroyed the movie industry, more specifically the horror genre. It has worked wonders for the action genre but even they go over board and screw up in many cases. Smh. We definitely need to backtrack and go back to more practical effects for the horror genre.
jesus i jumped on the nun trailer
Paul Aguirre
i was pretty upset the pushed New Mutants back a whole year
Anisa Caines
I like horror movies they aren't scary, but there is one called Nun(yes I just rhymed lols) But that's like the only movie that scares me.
Liam Wray
Damn Halloween looks good!
Are you kidding me Hollywood? None of these are creepy and it is ALWAYS the same strategy to scare people! There is nothing new or extraordinary! I am really disappointed tbh
Alyssa Murphy
Omg I'm such a huge horror movie fan and I'm dying to see the new Halloween movie. Absolutely fucking amazing they brought the OG Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) back & good 'ole John Carpenter to direct it again. The original Halloween movies are obviously good but I can't wait to see this one considering how far horror movies have come nowadays and how much it's changed. Horror movies used to be so different back in the 80's-90's it's weird to think that that's what used to scare people back then. I just find older horror movies somewhat cheesy and corny now and I can't wait to see what they've done with this new Halloween movie. Michael and Laurie Strode are gonna be so badass! 😊👍🏼👻💀🔪
Anne’s Vlogs
I’m waiting for the nun , the conjuring 3 and return to elm street
i really love horror movies set on older times like 1800 or 1700
Lucy stars
This year horror trailer is awesome but the best 1 is halloween...and the nun...
Rheanon Jasmyne
IMO the ONLY movies worth watching are Halloween and The Nun!
Christopher Murray
The house with the clock in its walls doesn't look bad, because Jack Black is a good actor.
CrazyCat Lady
Okay, so I turned on the subtitles. In The Nun part, when the priest says: God ends here.; It was funny because the subtitle was "Koreans here" XD
Carson King
Who was brave enough to watch full screen, like if you were
Lydia Official
I swear if trump makes a purge night i will be the monster knocking at his door
Skater Steve
Holy Snap the NUN trailer caught me off guard and made me spill my drink! kinda pissed off now!!! now i really wanna see this movie. HAHA
The purge and the mermaid look horrible. The rest look pretty good.
Dan D
The Nun is...awesome to see i think ,it's on my list :)
slender man // maybe ... halloween // definitely the nun // hell yeah the first purge // um nah the mermaid // ion know ... the new mutants // i guess i’ll go if i feel like it the house with the clock in its walls // nope the little strangers // nah i’m good familia
Ezgi Melody
Valak and Michael Myers Back !!!
Alfons Lee
Who is waiting the Nun??????
I am waiting For NUN ( The Conjuring Series )😒and You Guys...
Miguel Almonte
It seems that according to this account of the Halloween series non of the other situations after the events of the original movie happened.
Ghost Master Cobo Jones
Emanuel Marcelo
I like how the ad that popped up at the beginning is a horror film
Lisa Allison
can't wait for Halloween and the Nun they look awesome.
Potato Pot
The Nun is too scary for me😂😂😂. I dont want to die today
Sophie Jackson
I know everyone thinks that slender is way too late and yeah i agree but honestly i'm looking forward to it and i think since its fairly new the graphics and editing will be far better than what it would've been in 2012
Amber Lacy
The mermaid made me scared to get in water unless i see threw it
Random Stuff Guy
Sony needs to make another trailer for Slenderman
Phantom Eye Luis
I wonder if theREDDIT user that created Slenderman got compensated for this...
ICheesed MyDog
Why do all of these look like ass besides the nun and halloween
the Nun 🔞🔥🔥
Potato Pot
Im looking forward seeing The House With Clocks In Its Walls
Why does the thumb nail look like a girl from a horror game?
Steve Wells
So I guess 2018 is just like 2017 with same shit movies
Christianne Seeram
"The Little Stranger" for the win!
Noelia Diaz
I’ll be their for the house with clocks in the walls, And Halloween. ;)))
Ryan Morris
Is that Hilary in the thumbnail
The first purge looks like some political agenda garbage.
Ranolee - animations
Slenderman looks boring
Halloween look good but slender nooooo
elblondie69 falconer
If you think the nun looks scary you should see me in the morning
Nicola Somers
Can't wait to see Halloween and The Nun
Legendary Godzilla
5:16 not so scary it makes me chills haha
Pinguinpunishment 2.0
Marvel making horrer ? The fu
Phillip McEachern
The House with a Clock in its Walls isn't a horror movie
Captain Autismo
That grandma from Halloween looks badass
That_ponydar 23
i watch the nun , it's really creepy...
Im a pandicorn777
Im gonna try and go watch them all Especially The new mutants Im so excited for them😂
finally the nun
Amir Patrick
How is the house with a clock a horror movie WTF it's nothing that's horror its Deana
The New Mutants April 13th lol funny... that shit got delayed to August 2, 2019
Tino Espinoza
Mermaid, man where is Barnacle Boy. Lol. The Rob Zombie Halloweens were better.
Nehaz Rodriguez
OMG the nun have a great story
ron tehbirb
*gets slenderman ad*
Сергей Авакян
that jump scare in the nun, gets me all the time, regardless the fact that i rwind it and tell myself to get ready, coz she gonna scream, but.... nope.... still gets me! waiting for the movie!!!!
Ar No
Michael is back!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Real Nigger
Right when I saw the Nun I immediately closed the vid
Anim Ay
The Slender Man movie is NOTHING like the game its like its based on something else!
Flightcore ?
For how long can you keep milkmaiding the conjuring?
Only The Nun shows promise
sandi welsh
Umm kinda got away from the horror a little...
Lillian Fetterly
The House with a Clock in it's Walls isn't exactly a horror movie
Ryan Sean
Michael Myers would make the Slender Man his b****
julie menard
Yes firefly there is a Jack the ripper movie it's called " From Hell" with Johnny drop and Heather Graham
Steve Gee
A good horror is based on atmosphere, suspense, and intense characters. Most of these just look like a bunch of jump scares - no skill or crafting required.
Livvy Gaming1234
I watched the nun trailer and omg scariest trailer ever never gonna watch that!
The Nun was shit, only 2 jumpscares, nothing major :/
gσđly sαмυrαi ッ
I cant wait for this movies to release "Halloween NUN mermaid "
some of the incorrect subtitles words are scarier then these movies.
My Religion Is Humanity
There is no new horror movies but only action movies that Suck Shame on you Hollywood, now I want to watch a real horror movies in the 70s and 80s
Game King
Real horror movies play with the physoligal effects of your brain. What movies do that
bois cafe
only halloween and nun
Distructive Slime master
No man like i hate seein something scary on halloween cuz when u gotta go to bed u feel like somethin got u
Deborah Kerns
*Slender Man* *The New Mutants* & *The House With A Clock In Its Walls* didn't really do much for me.. *Halloween* It's always nice to see a new twist to an old classic... *The Nun* looks really good, very few things make me jump, that did... *The First Purge* looks totally STUPID! *The Mermaid* ... Let's just say, I don't think i'll ever see one in the same way again... *The Little Stranger* looks interesting, the English are so good at these type of stories...
Koraor Yeung
The House with a Clock in its Walls is not a HORROR MOVIES
Sebas Crack
Genial pelicula