Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy

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Some filmmakers can do action. Others can do comedy. But for 40 years, the master of combining them has been Jackie Chan. Let’s see how he does it. (Note: to see the names of the films, press the CC button!) For educational purposes only. You can donate to support the channel at Patreon: /> And follow me here: Twitter: />Facebook: /> The 9 Principles of Action Comedy 1. Start with a DISADVANTAGE 2. Use the ENVIRONMENT 3. Be CLEAR in your shots 4. Action & Reaction in the SAME frame 5. Do as many TAKES as necessary 6. Let the audience feel the RHYTHM 7. In editing, TWO good hits = ONE great hit 8. PAIN is humanizing 9. Earn your FINISH Five Jackie Chan Fights (An Introduction) Wheels on Meals - Benny vs Jackie ( />Police Story - Mall Finale ( />Police Story 2 - The Playground ( />Miracles - The Rope Factory ( />Drunken Master 2 - Finale ( /> Music: Jackie Chan - Police Story Theme Ash - Kung Fu Chow Fu-liang - 8 Drunken Gods (Main Theme) Jackie Chan - Who Am I? Theme David Tao - Fantasy Mission Force Interview Clips: Jackie Chan interview on filmmaking: />Bey Logan talks about Project A: />An Evening with Jackie Chan: />Jackie Chan - My Stunts: /> Help us caption & translate this video!

Hey man, just wanted to let you know how much enjoyment and education your videos have brought me.   We have a new battle coming out on Monday that you played such an inspirational role in, I snuck a shout out to your channel into the lyrics.  Keep up the amazing work, and thank you.  -nice peter  
Loved this video. Phenomenal work, Honestly most mainstream movie fights today have been ruined to me thanks to fight scenes like this and The Raid franchise. They always look so slow and unskilled in comparison
Luis Loo
This is why John Wick is so acclaimed. Steady cam and visible action give better view of the fight.
The Piano Maker
"And the most difficult thing, is when I throw the fan and catch it coming back, more than a hundred and twenty takes! Those kind of scenes, "Aw! Jackie good!", it's not "good", YOU can do it! Except do you have the patient or not?" I love this quote by Jackie. He's so humble, saying that anyone can do what he can, if only they would put in the time. It's both awe-inspiring, both to my respect to him as a person and to myself as someone who could become like him.
holy shit I forgot how much I love Jackie Chan
I wish you had mentioned the Bourne movies, they're a great example of how horrible fast cut and shaky cam are. It is supposed to add more thrill and make it seem more realistic but It looks cheap and feel like cheating to me. I think it's because Hollywood hire actors and not martial artists, a good example is Keanu Reeves, his action scenes are great because he commits to it, not as much as Jackie obviously but he takes a lot of his time to learn martial arts moves. There is a good behind the scenes video of John Wick showing how much he trained.
A young Jackie Chan would have made the best Goku in a live action DBZ
Shiranui Aensland
Funny thing about the point on studios not allowing filmmakers more time because of money, Kevin Smith told a story about his experience on Die Hard 4. Bruce Willis, who tended to show up late everyday, kept on interrupting the shooting because he constantly questioned the script. Kevin stepped up to rewrite a small section of it and was submitted to the studio for approval. During which Bruce held a barbecue party for the rest of the day. When the studio finally called at night to disapprove of the changes, he simply asked them who their 2nd choice was to play John McClane. Afterwards, the crew was sent home so that he could go to the Rocky 6 premiere. Hence, nothing was accomplished on a shooting day that cost $375,000. Goes to show how much an international superstar like Jackie is undervalued in Hollywood.
Discount Ostrich
I grew up watching a lot of his movies and I'm kinda sad that he won't be making movies like that anymore. He's old, it's understandable, but there is no real substitute either.
Gage Taylor
Jackie's style of making movies and acting in movies makes just about every modern action movie today look like utter shit. Jackie is easily the GOAT when it comes making action movies look good and genuine. Not to mention nobody like him does their own stunts and risks their lives to entertain people.
This is the reason why Hollywood action movies have become so stale and boring these days, the fighting scenes just don't look impressive enough, thats why i prefer movies from Asia these days, they still know how to make action movies.
Jas Bataille
Those are also the reason why Quentin Tarantino is a legend among American cinematographers. He learned it all from the Hong-Kong style : the rhythm, the angles, the realism. He shows things as they fucking are! He doesn't cut it smooth. He pushes violence down to the furthest corners possible, he gives us 100% violence versus 99% and ironically, by doing so... ... he make us realize just how insanely violent our society is...! I agree that most directors are not good for action scenes. However, you don't need to have great fighters on set to create great actions scenes IMHO. Many times, Jackie's greatest scenes are not the ones where he display the most martial virtuosity; rather, those are the scenes where he displays the most *creativity*, pacing, and acting. The problem with most Hollywood directors is that they *trust too much their ability to fake it*. They want every single hit to be black or white; they use all the artifices in post to try to make up for a badly choreographed scene... and that just doesn't work. You can go away with a lot of things : a set seen with naked eyes look totally fake, but not when filmed, it looks great. But you can't go away with a badly timed action scene. You don't need to be a great stunt or martial artist; Many a trick works. Make up a table with isolation foam instead of wood and anyone can go through it - in fact you can make a LOT of thing with isolation foam, fake rocks are made this way, fake bricks, even fake weapon who need to break during the scene and it is dirt cheap! Rehearse the scene without all the equipment and without the clock ticking louder every second until it's perfect. Use slow-motion to make *a slow shot slower* : for instance, the actor about to receive a big blow open his eyes ultra-wide and you get a close up, before switching to a wide angle shot which shows everything in the frame at once. Well, the mistake many people will make is to put the slow-motion on the hit, and standard motion on the eyes. No!! That way you just make the hit slow... when the goal is to make the audience *feels the emotions of the dude getting about to be destroyed*, not to show a move in slow-motion! ;) Great advices by Jackie. A legend!!
Думан Куанышев
Piyush Kumar
"The film lives forever". Amazing commitment Jackie has!
Mayank Gupta
Now finally I realised why I always loved this kind of stunt comedy and why I never manage to see the replication of it anywhere
After seeing some of his movies from Hong Kong I earned a new respect for Jackie. He's easily the best action actor alive. His fighting scenes in the Police Story trilogy outmatch anything produced by Hollywood!
Chris C
7:48 C'mon Ip Man, you could've deflected/dodged that with your Wing Chun!
Cash Bridgez
This is, bar none, the best breakdown of Jackie Chan’s film, martial art and acting skills. He is definitely the better actor of ALL martial artists.. Even, the legend, Bruce Lee looked like freakin terminator in his films.. Jackie’s ability to broadcast pain is what makes him relatable because when he gets hurt you root for him to get back up and he never disappoints cuz he relentlessly finds a way.
Sandy Das
Tell us something about what you think regarding Bruce Lee's action directioning. Enter the dragon? Fists of fury, etc.
Drew Z
Anyone else gain a newfound love for Jackie because of this video? I always loved him, grew up on him just like my dad grew up on bruce lee. But this video helped me recognize how amazing he is. I hope he gets the love he deserves before he goes :)
Steven Galiniak
3:38 This reminds me of a similar point made in a completely different genre called "Bumping the Lamp" in animated cartoons. This term was made famous by the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" when a scene occurred in the movie where a cartoon literally "bumps the lamp" in the scene and the light moved about the room causing various shadows to cast off the cartoon that was interacting with the world around him. To get the shadows right for this shot it took *incredible* amounts of effort from the various animators to detail the different shadows that went into the constantly changing lighting angles and how it interacted with the cartoon. It was a scene that went for the most part unnoticed by viewers, but added great immersion into the idea that these cartoons actually existed alongside real people in this half real, half cartoon world they existed in. The point of this term, by encouraging people to "bump the lamp" in any genre, is that whether or not an audience member actually notices the amount of care that goes into scenes like Roger bumping the lamp or the many takes that Jackie put into kicking that shoe just right, it is always going to be noticed by *somebody* and will help to solidify the movie as being remembered for years to come as a timeless classic. Regardless of how many takes it will cost, or how much time it will take, always bump the lamp.
This makes me think of the "Church Scene" from the first Kingsman movie. Though they do use hidden cuts that are hard to notice, they make it look like they have very long takes that follow the action. There's even one long shot where the camera follows the Kingsman's fist as it punches a guy in the face, pulls back, punches him again, and then again before the guy gets tacked through a window.
Red Warden 19
This is how Hollywood should do their fights, no excessive cuts, crappy choreography, shaky cameras, or funny camera angles.
Lester Sanchez
The steady camera thing just blew my mind. I will never look at action movies the same again.
Jodi Gilar
01:58 CLARITY! Ah, that's why I can't enjoy Bourne kind of fighting, I don't even know what's going on and who punches who..
The Wild WarCry
Goooo JACKY!!!! Probably why i dont like modern day movies like STORE WARS OR THE SCAVENGERS LOL. Or DEEPPOOL LOL he is rite modern movies outta hollywood are horrible lol thata why hollywood mastered cgi so they can look good lol DAN DAN GACKA GACKA GOOO JACKY CHAN!!! Yaaa JACKY CHAN!
Leongon draws stuff
Jackie mastered the editing and acting of fights, showing hits twice instead of the american not showing hits at all. But his audio work and script... oh boy sound effects and dialogues are so bad. Imagine a perfect world with Chan's fight direction and editing, and american sound work, production and drama acting.
He is the king of action/comedy.
Michael Harto
everytime i watch this video, i feel really really sad knowing there will never be action comedy movie like jackie chan golden era...
And this is why he win a Oscar for best career, legendary man, he deserved an Oscar
po Zn
That Death Scean at the End tho!. 😂🤣😂🤣
Fetaiai Uta
I love Jackie Chan movies especially the ones he made in China. Didn't really like his American movie.
Yes, it's so retarded to hire an action star who's had success for 40 years BECAUSE he does stuff in a certain way, and then forcing him to things differently, because you have the gall to think your way is better. Inflated ego really is a ruin
krishna mangla
Jackie Chan is like Bruce Lee for this generation ..!!
The poor camera motions and editing of so many movies is one the biggest reasons I tend to go easy on CGI scenes. They show something happening in a single shot.
tom cruise got nothing on jackie
Marc Yu
And this is the major reason why Chan just won a Lifetime Achievement Academy Award.
Kayle Strich
~Good movie, bad movie, that is all~. Perfect line. Love you, Jackie.
This video, after almost 4 years, is still one of my favorite videos on YouTube.
Kanwar Jakhar
I’ve seen this video so many times. But I still come back because it’s so good.
Hans-Peter Rumo
Greetings from Switzerland
Jayon See
one thing i hate in modern action movie, that shaky cam....
alucard kaizokudan
his character is goofy... suitable enough for goku
Jackie Chan for President of the World. Brilliant person!!!
0:30 is that tubby guy the same one from the Ip man vs Masters scene? The last master?
There are all staples of Hong Kong cinema. Hong Kong has such great talent.
Jaime Garcia
I lost count about 20 viewings ago of how many times I've seen this video.
Adriano Galink
Respect😄 From Indonesia......
Dylan de Roo
Thanks for everything! Thanks to you I had learned to at movies with a completely different view. Good luck on your future endeavours!
Something I LOVE LOVE LOVE about his movies is that he doesn't cut off and change angles or make the camera shake in order to sell a fight. He will practice it till it's perfect and have it all in the same frame. You have movies like the Bourne movies who are great but the style of camera they use by shaking it and having like 40 different shots from all angles in like a 10 second fight scenes is horrible. Jackie is right that it's something Americans do different and it sucks. Jackie is the master and I am grateful he does this. His choreography is mind-blowing. true master of the art.
Greatest dead scene
Jeff Ho
Jackie Chen movie is incredible it is very unique and has it own style. But still don’t have to give 100% of credit to it. There is still many awesome action film made not following Jackie Chen’s movie pattern.
Vickie Roberts Roberts
My comedic and fighting heart belongs to Jackie. Drunken Master
What an enlightening 10 minutes. Thank you.
Maulana Winata
The whole movie generation is really depends on Jackie Chan right now. I'm not trying to be mean, but if Jackie Chan leave us behind, I dont know what to say... I've been Jackie Chan's fan since I was only 9
Good lord that's a brilliant analysis, I've always loved Chan's movies for these reasons, but never seen it so well articulated
Rick Irons
Can we please get another Jackie Chan style actor?
Patrick schütz
he is the best whos next?
Rostislavs Lihacs
Jackie is the LEGEND!!!))
Austin Baker
Jackie Chan is a legend. No question.
Levi Doyle
Jackie chan should direct the next Batman film...
Kakes Revenge
You are awesome, thank you!
DigitalFilm JamesT
When it comes to American shoots, its not just the time/money, its also the safety factor. American Production Insurance providers do not like to back heavy extreme risk style stunts that Hong Kong style productions do. How many injuries has Jackie endured again over the course of his career?
McFuckin AnotherAccount
Hey man Rush Hour action scenes are great tho gotta be honest..
Thomas Muller 7-1
Jackie Chan fights with the strangest objects Refrigerator doors, ladders, legos (lol), chairs, tables etc Put him in a Home Depot and he's invincible
Straw Hat
That is why Jackie is the GOAT!!! I love him so much! Can't wait to see the foreigner :D
Antoni Mena
I love that cop story fight.. Left me fuckin amazed
Ilia Bro
Whats the name 1:34
Abraham Im
"It's not good, you can do it, but do you have the patience or not?" Jackie Chan is seriously my favorite. That quote can apply to so many things in life.
Loner Joe
There will never be another jackie chan again, jackie is one of a kind thank you for making my childhood awesome because of your movies
Dang, sucks they're stopping. This whole channel seems awesome.
Navin Rajkumar
Chinese r more better then Hollywood
Thanks for all the content guys. Sorry you had to hang it up
Francisco Fregona
The camera thing on american action movies is cancerous... sometimes i have to rewatch the whole movie and even then i dont understand whats going on in some parts. Seems like they dont want us to realize whats going on.
Chenzi Muyu
Shai Rosenberg
I'm here from Reddit, but I'm hooked
Uchiha Sage
Can someone please tell me the movie at 0:25
Mr. Creazil
That death scene at the end is nuts.
sudo nym
as a young movie goer i found certain movie fights felt off, i couldn't tell exactly what it was, i just knew it felt off and this totally explains it. of course there are a few things i could tell.
It seems like manga uses the asian way of making action scenes where comics do the American way. Also comics tend to be narration dialogue messes with way too much on every page of non-interesting things making them boring and missing the point of pictures.
Harshith Traders
Honestly.. what you said is right.But theres a difference how the Hongkong and Hollywood as evolved. In Hongkong: or Cantonese Movies based on Martial Arts ... the focus is on Martial Arts and the Movie revolves around a character portriat by it. Lets take any movie: Taichi Zero for example. The whole movie revolves around a guy who wish to learn Chen style Kungfu... Then the whole movie is mostly about Kungfu and its evolution .. its style .. In Hollywood: Movies revolves basically around Characters.. Take any movie say KillBill... Its about a widow who is left to die and bounces back.. Fancy Kungfu and body count doesnt set the tone of movie... Lets Talk of Big Budget and Series Movies .. Say FAST AND FURIOUS series.. The whole movie is about Dom and the movie series wise gradually focusses on Dom and its action from fugitive to Spy.. Offcourse same is with any other series.. Cant really say That Hollywood is not par with Chinese movies.. Or their Editing Skills .. Cameraman..or Director arent as good as Hongkong counterparts.. but we cannot compare the two because they are wildly different. AVATAR is in itself a whole new Experience .. and So is Steven Speilbergs: JURASSIC SERIES.. I luv them both. Both are as good as they get 👌👍
Ive Been Realized that american action movies were garbage because they keep cutting the action by changing the camera angle
Jackie Jones
I'm called Jackie too....if only I could kick ass like he does.
Anthony Sgambati
I've always noticed this and it's been such a huge pet-peeve. I love fighting, but hate fighting in movies because they all do it sooo bad, except Jackie!
Guts Puck
he is amazing, like a real life cartoon, like...kabamaru only in real life
Abhinav Kumar
All time evergreen actor ,jacky
Bruce Doyle
"Patience" is whats missing nowdays, not only in films, also in the Gaming industry and other stuff, its like they say,"dont make it perfect, make it Fast". They dont have the Patience to make certain things how they suppose to be or look.
Grafton Brown
Jackie Chan has my utmost respect, as both an actor and a person.
I didn't plan on binging old kung fu movies for tonight but, well, here we are
Pablo Santur, creo que te amo.
Guilherme Adami
Esses caras são feras na porradaria😄kkkkk
Billy Villacis
the scene at 7:29 gave Jackie severe burns on his butt and lower back, multiple broken ribs, and I believe a concussion. after recovering he decided he didn't like the way that take looked and did it again. Quality takes second fiddle to nothing.
Green Ranger
The true living Legend..
Jack Hextall
This is such a great video - come back to your channel every once in a while and get impressed all over again
M-Dev Media
Anyone know the REASON why Holywood movie, never bring Jackie`s movie for remake...?