Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour (cover)

Finally, my new cover of this masterpiece is up! My old cover had some bad syncronization and, obviously, not fully nailed. So I needed to re-cover this one too. This song might just be my favourite Megadeth song together with "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" and "Good Mourning/Black Friday", it really gives you the goosebumps, or like Dave himself says in this song: "My flesh still crawls..." It has a beautiful solo by Young, some very simple but memorable riffing and a nice mix of melancholy and aggression. I used my Small Clone for the cleans and my Boss DD-7 for the chromatic riff in the beginning and Young's solo. Recorded May 12 and May 13 2010 using a Pentax Optio M30 regular digital camera, audio recorded with an iAudio 7. Edited using Magix Music Maker 10 Deluxe and converted as a 640x480 resolution Windows Media Video with 25 fps. Guitar: Jackson Warrior WRMG (with EMG 81/85) Amplifier: Peavey 6505+ and an Ashdown Peacemaker 412A cabinet with Celestion G12E-50 speakers. Effects: Electro Harmonix Small Clone, Boss DD-7. Settings: Lead channel: Pre: 8 Low: 2.8 Mid: 3.2 High: 9 Post: 1 Resonance: 3 Presence: 9 Strings: GHS TNT (.010 - .052) Pick: Dunlop Jazz III If you rate it, please motivate and write a comment too. Thanks for watching! The powertab I used can be found here (it's not perfect, I had to figure a lot out on my own): />You can download Power Tab Editor here (freeware):

Has hair in a tie while playing megadeth...?
Kevin Stout
Dave would be proud. Great cover \m/
Davin Skellington
Mate, are You self-learned, by any chance?  *You're Good!* Hands down, IF you're self-learned...
Awesome work man! What song was your first cover?
Sergio Anónimo
I ask god for someone to play this solo just like the record, and god send him, OMFG, you nailed it. Not even Young does these nuances anymore. Tov!
Alex Bojorquez
Dude this is a most excellent cover! And it happens to be my favorite Megadeth song! You got yourself a subscriber and a fan! Cheers mate!
two berries
Whoa. Great job.
I love this song. Nice work!
Oscar S
Yo soy fan de Metallica y la verdad es que me gusta mucho esta canción (y de hecho Megadeth también). Ambas bandas son excelentes, así que no andes hablando basura.
diego alejandro
pense que era chris broderick haha
Cesar RVC
tem guitarra desafinada ai...
Carlos Charbel Ayala Mauricio
A 13 fans de metallica no le gusta esto
Xchel Lona
Hey dude, what kind of effects are u using?, Amazing performance and amazing guitar, Congrats from Mexico!
Also you should cover good mourning black friday and Lucretia
Nice man, That's some dedication. Have you considered writing your own music?
Damn Dude, that was freaking perfect! how long have you been playing? did you take lessons?
Jose Sanchez
fuck yeah! nice bro!
I dont care for the views, i care for your awesome cover! see my channel and tell me what do you think! Big Hugh! =D
66.6-68 views!
My favourite megadeth song fuck yhea good job
Atılgan Nalıncıoğlu
that solo... good job mate!
You fucking boss :) subbed brother epic cover
Jhon Smith
U did the solo fantastic blew me away when i first herd it keep rockin
David Catalina
Very nice, dude!
Dave broderick
Dude, it's April 26,2014 and this song still kicks major butt and u my friend just nail it!! Good job!
ziggy72170 (4:38) That little Guitar, laughing squelch ,,get's me every time.... (Great Job !)
i like how you play it.and i like your guitar too.keep it up
what an awesome cover dude!!!
Babek Crew
fuck yeeeaaah \,,/
Inês Cortesão
Jhon Smith
Do rattlehead
You look like Chris Broderick :P
Richard Holmes
Very NICE work man, Will check out more of your vids later. Your a great guitarist. Keep Music Evil!!!
Josef Danielsson
du är as grym! ;)
Eduardo Daltro
Good, very good!! :D
StilL martinez
nunca has pensado en hacer tutoriales de como hacer/tocar las canciones?
Robert Nicoletti
Is this all this guy does is sit on the couch and play guitar all day? He's good, but he should be famous by now.
Appropriate date to upload a song like this. Ronnie James Dio died on 5/16/10.
*clicks on video* * sees guitar* OOOHHHH its this guy playing! XD
Antonio Reyes
Where i can find this tabs?? :(
Amazing cover, you nailed it. My only complaint is your guitar was a TAD out of tune hahaha but it was hardly noticeable im just a critic great job :)
Spyros Kakalis
wow amazing cover!!!!!
Nice cover man !!! I love your videos.
Your guitar looks like Chuck Schuldiner's (RIP) B.C. Rich "Stealth" model guitar.... Jackson had better watch out - first they were sued by Fender, and now perhaps B.C. Rich in the future?!?
Rafael Licursi
when you made this video, your goal was to make me give up to play this song???
this focking mazing!!!
Husak Zegarra Loyola
Which effect do you use to do the break at 5:10 - 5:29 ?
How is his thumb pick gay? It just means he can to his insane 2 handed tapping without dropping a pick..
Elvio Bottazzi
Felicitaciones un gran trabajo. congratulations, great work!
Richard A.
Its all preference
Richard A.
NOT TRUE Dave uses a tortex .73 normal and Chris uses his gay Thumb Pick
Lisa Ferrow
This is brilliant!!!!!!! OMG!\m/
Victorino Gonzalezino
the dunlop jazz III is too small men how do you get to use it right
So perfect :')
God, what an awesome song, you did great job! R.I.P. CLIFF \m/
Agustin Ramirez
FUCK YEA MAN!!! Ive been working on this foe awhile. You just made me want to master it this weekend
j pukz
fucking love this cover
Todd .Regan
Great Job Man!!!
ja of nee
awesome vid keep on playin cause you rock
B Kng
thank you very much for the feedback. Another question, right now I have an Ibanez RG170dx, a cheap guitar. However, dropping it to D is pretty simple for me now. Does it become a hassle when you have a guitar like yours ? As far as I know, there is this double lock thing, is it a hassle ? Right now, just after attempting lets say "Symphony X", I jump to Lamb of God and it doesnt take me any hassle to drop it to D. Does that become a torture in guitar like this ?
B Kng
I am planning to buy this guitar. However, even though I can play guitar, my idea about guitar is poor. I like Yngwie, Jason Becker, Marty, Michael romeo stuffs... aswell as Megadeth,COB,Inflames, Iron Maiden along with Dire straits kind of music. I am really confused if buying this will cause damage to my playing of any of these types of music.
mn eres esl puto amo tocas de maravilla lml sigue haci..
Darin Butler
Hands down, you're my favorite guy to hear Kick ass Meagadeth covers from and they're so on point. Keep it up the shred man!
Erick Thor
Nice gootar! :D
;) BTW have you heard Chris Poland's "return to metalopolis"? if you find it decent you can cover this masterpiece of speed metal ... there are only 1-2 covers of it on YouTube
your playing skills are great, but you should use down picking instead of alternate picking here (and in most Megadeth songs), it sounds heavier, and looks awesome and brutal !
r.i.p cliff burton
Mike F.
Air guitar kicks ass!
This is freakin awesome! And Jackson's guitar for the win!.
@SwedishBerzerker undrade bara hur du lärde dig mustaines solo, lär mig av tab och det låter ganska rätt ( kan ej spela så snabbt så det kan vara därför) men det ser ut som att vissa personer spelar det annorlunda och jag vet ej vilket som e rätt. ny metallbröderna låt ute förresten, du borde kolla in den.
Do you do requests of Megadeth songs?
youll get a thicker chunkier sound if you down pick the chuggin riffs
matias cejudo marin
beautiful! you are great ! soy de chile , esta muy bueno el cover :D
Lucas Kuhn
I'm not the master of the guitars, but I have to say that you nailed the solo, congratulations. I always thought that the part with the 'scream' of the solo was with the Floyd Rose bridge working, but you nailed it. Congratulations.
Martha Estrada
this guy is my new best friend....
@SwedishBerzerker lol. I suppose the use of a "u" is proper english. However it is spelled out, amazing work. I've been playing this tune for months and know its not easy. Hats off to your dedication, accuracy, and ability.
"Favourite" Megadeth song? What does that mean? :) This is by far my favorite Megadeth cover ever!! Bloody Brilliant (since you spell things w/ the letter u) xD
Christopher Flores
this guy has the best Megadeth covers on youtube ... so amazing !!!
Good cover men i like it.
great cover man, but in some parts you could use down strokes! see ya!
Great cover man! respect \m/ How many years do you have playing?
Eric Rios
@SwedishBerzerker young! any tips?
Young's solo is GREEEAT and you too
perroide cósmico
@DarthMex1991 Yes hes is's Skwisgaars!
Eric Rios
Dude how hard is this solo? im learning this song and i want a heads up for when i take it on haha.
Maximiliano Diaz
oye cuantos año llevas tocando guitarra
@SwedishBerzerker do you think that an explorer shape case would be suitable for my guitar?
Hey pal i have the same guitar(same shape), and i can't find a case to fit... What case do you have?
@SwedishBerzerker Swedish man! ahah .. I live in London, so if you lived here, we could play together \,,/
Hey man, where are you from?
Daniel Trifunovic
heeeell yeah dude. this one sounds alot better. Bra jobbat!
Flor Nina
hey marry me?? And teach me to play this wonderful music? Is the best music of my life
@Zarnity Very fitting, then. Good cover, too.
@RotnRoll77 Yes, exactly that day.. R.I.P. Dio..
By far one of my fucking favorites!!!
Wasn't this uploaded the day Dio passed away? May 16th, 2010?
Daniel Franco
Wow man.... you are really really good..... believe me when I say it, i will do anything to play that song like you do :)
Peter Behnam
i'm watching each and every one of these. awesome!
Really good job mate, I'm sure Dave has watched it