Pro Tour Kaladesh Finals: Shota Yasooka vs. Carlos Romao

Two of the game's best battling a control mirror for the title of Pro Tour Kaladesh. What more could you want? Shota Yasooka, the Japanese Hall of Fame Pro has deftly piloted a Grixis Control list of his own design through a field of nearly 500. Carlos Romao, fresh off a Grand Prix victory, tries to go back-to-back. His Jeskai Control deck wasn't something anyone saw coming, but it has proven a powerful tool.

looked away for like 10 mins and suddenly they had 20 lands each in play
Control vs Control. The ultimate test of who is more controllier.
Kenny Powers
Shota makes 1 mistake the whole pro tour and I guess that means she should be stripped his pro tour title. Shota is my favorite player and never intentionally cheats or cheats at all. It was a simple mistake that the judges or Carlos should have caught. But taking someone's title because the judge didn't see something that was accidental is blasphemous.
Gabriel Vielma
Shota Yasooka is such a boss :3
Daniel Detloff
My favorite pro tour finale in a long time.
Look at Yasooka and his plethora of Guru Island's and Swamp's. Big spender, he is.
32:45 Untaped fastland with 4 lands ...mmmm.
Justin Harvey
Even if Shota was given a loss for that incorrect play with fast land....he still would've won this series. He is clearly the better control player and won almost ALL the stack wars in all games. Carlos misplayed a card in this tournament as well, you know....He accidentally picked up 4 cards after playing an Anticipate (allows you to look at top THREE cards). Stupid haters.
37:15 marshall: and that means that dovin baan is gonna die lsv: hit the Dovin Bin there jesus lsv you are just too much
Shane Davis
What is the point of the judge watching? Shota plays a land untapped when it shouldn't be then uses it to cast spells, results in a game warning after the match. Shota goes to untap 2 lands while Dovin Baan ult is up and the judge is like "Whoa there son, you can only untap 2 permanents....oh that's what you're doing? okay then" Carlos goes into the next turn with a fumarole up because of the archangel trigger and the judge is like "Whoa there son, why is that fumarole alive? oh because of the avacyn trigger? I would know that if I was actually watching the game? I'm only half paying attention here, be more interesting" How come this guy is noticing all these things that aren't happening and missing things that are?
Darren Dizon
i loved the man dressed as a thopter at the end
José Barboza
nice metapods battle here...
G Manu
i don't play blue but i love watching this control vs control match up. awesome!
Tremendous! Shota won Bigly!
Jacob West
Did Luis and Marshall co-ordinate their haircuts deliberately?
Atipong Pathanasethpong
Best moment of PTKLD finals: Dovin Bin
Gabriel Vianna
Valeu Carlos, boa partida. (y)
could someone maybe explain what the guy on the laptop is doing
Draw-Go is back, boyz!
Autodidactus Plays JRPGs
All the Yasooka haters crying about an honest mistake at 32:45.
Juan Monsalve
How come 6 people are standing right next to them and 2 people are commentating and NOONE SEES THE UNTAPPED CANAL. I don't know if he did it on purpose or not, but I do know there are several people whose only job is to make sure that the rules are complied with and several other people whose job involves watching what's going on. IS EVRYONE BLIND? This shit just keeps happening in top level Magic. How is it even possible? It took me about 0.1 secs to realise it and I don't consider myself a very focused observator. Also, how does Romao not see it...? Just to be clear, I'm not a Yasooka hater, in fact I was cheering for him. I'm just a hater of incompetent judges.
booster 98
ironic when before the pro tour started they out right said control would be small and do little yet its won the tour lol
Pfff... nice matches and for control really intense (also tnx to the nice commentating btw.) ... Congrats to both players, and obviously Shota in particular as the winner... ps. also tnx for putting this up on youtube, really nice to view this in hind side and enjoy the magic.
My favorite grand finals
Slash Slash
Corbin Hosler looking great
Heinricht Breitbauer
pretty lame trubute from wizards at the end
Congratulations Shotah playah! You surely deserved the title!
Mephisto Gazelle
Absolutely phenomenal.
Jakub Widera
51:19 Yasooka fortgot to flip the dice to 2 after Void Shatter.
likeeee caraka as batalhas estao serradas
Ryan S
Y'know, Luis Scott-Vargas is an adorable little turd, isn't he? :3c
Rick Singleterry
question, i haven't played since dragons. What are the counters off to the left of each player?
Game one, I would have Animated the land instead of playing summary dismissal, traded or bounced lands, and glared the second land because I can keep plussing Dovin on the gearhulk.
To all the people hating on Yasooka for the untapped fastland, even if it did win him that game (which it might not have), he probably would have won the match even if he had lost that game.
Two control decks in the finals. Riveting
Darth Snake
i have good cards bot those those are AMAZING
Arnau Vizcarra Miserachs
7:58 LSV with the sneaky GURU pun
Ding Gaming
5 damage to gear hulk when it got 6 life another legit move come on people
I hate Brian David-Marshall's voice, it's so grating.
why did shota yasooka draw two cards at around 3:00
Shpeal Hearthstone
wooooooo shota
Scott R
huh there was a lot of cheating by yasooka That's interesting...
SuperOver Lord
top notch editing at the end.
Great to see Romao back, one of the all time control greats, and Shota is one of my favorite pros in general. Finally something that doesn't feel like the Siege Rhino, Collected Company and Gideon induced hell of the last few years.
hyma ze
And then Shota got bullied, what a PT.
Jericho Montemayor
what's with the beads? i like tho :-)
Darth Snake
those wore the strongest cards i have ever seen
What an insane match. Great Magic.
DeViN g
what kind of deck box does shoota have? looks pretty
1:15 :D
steven Claessen
Did they actually drop him at the end?
Brantly Medders
Anyone know the significance of the beaded necklaces they are both wearing?
at 31:52, who is the guy in the cap and dapper vest + girl in the business suit? Are they judges too?
Marc Western
have to say, this was one of my favorite PT finals that I've watched. I actually enjoy Control mirrors, and this one is a treat to watch
why do they wear those necklaces?
Alex Flores
Im curious why did the harnessed lightning kill the Avacyn at 11:55? Isnt Avacyn indestructible?
Shannon Dodson
Dolpo Obniala
Ash Zciwobuz
YAY time to find what I have to play around with all the netdeckers on the field
Robert Saric
Listing/linking deck lists in description would have been useful...
I wonder if elder deep fiend would have good synergy with these two control deck?
alex boyajian
I love shouta
nice control match nice to see
masterly win from Shota!
Lively Tumor
I'm vegan
J. Acquistapace
All these aggro decks in standard and the top match is a control mirror. Mmmm.
Where was the point where there were counterspells countered back and forth?
my man got the prayer beads going on
What's up with Shota's mountains? All the other basics are gurus.
Tj Demigod
Counter magic is the baan of my existance.
Tom Delguste
28:00 Avacyn is indestuctible until end of turn ,no? galvanic bombardment doesn't work ?
Alex Hillier
Cheaty Yasooka!!!!!!!!!!!
Huijae An
48:42 this is the reason why I love shota yasooka. He is on the 'different' level. It's proven that he's the best CONTROL player in the world.
Shaun K
Ciprian Oltean
Shota 4 President
Why is it a mountain of shame? Because it isn`t a guru land as nd he`s a contol guru?
Simon Chappelle
What was the first land played by Shota in the very first match?
Can any control players here give me an idea why Shota went with splashing red instead of white for his deck? Was Unliscensed Disintegration and Radiant Flames the sole reasons?
Kharn the Betrayer
Wait avacyn had indestructible right
Alex barnes
The classic throughout all of history, Black vs White
This one is a classic Legendary Japanese player vs Legendary South American player in a control mirror
That one mountain bothers me
Ding Gaming
lol shota cheated game 1 bad bad
Quase Campeão
32:40 FAST LAND?!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!?!?
Alcohol Shorts
I had shota and woo since day 1, and shota came out with the that grixis
Bryce Medlock
I've never seen so many people bitching about something so simple... chill B.
Conner Canning
33:00 wait wtf he plays spirebluff canal untapped with 3 other lands in play, then immediately actually taps it for mana? wtf Edit: they mention it at 59:28, warning for game rule violation was the resolution. Glad it was caught is all
What's up with the necklace?
damm flair
shota is a cheater... ban for life
Eliezer Arza
round 2, fastland untaped when shota have 4 lands, and play glimmer of genius? WTF RITO PLZ
Hi there lady judge, I wonder what is your name~
magic is back
Sergio Explora
32:44 3 lands in game and a fastland untapped? cheat for cast a glimmer of genius? Mr. Yasooka, you are a cheater!
fuck youtube
so to anyone crying about shoota making that land play. the actual dci penalty in a pt is for a warning. not a game loss. not stripping him of his title. by all accounts shoota is an honest player. it was likely a mistake. they cant prove otherwise anyways. so game play error - game rule violation. and in response to the chapin thing his penalty for failure to reveal is actually a game loss. I don't think he should have got the loss since it was literally the only card in his hand that could have been revealed his opponent knew all the other cards in his hand from the courser of kruphix I believe and it was still the top card that was most likely going to get played in that same turn but rules are rules as most of the criers are saying. so rules are rules. shoota should have received a warning. which he did. according to the rules.
Chillin' Like a Villain
What are those necklaces
Gregor Miller
Does Shota play with English/American style cards?
inaki ken
32:46 how the fast land come into play untapped?