Cry for the Strangers (1982)

Cry for the Strangers (1982) Staring Patrick Duffy and featuring Robin Ignico The little coastal town of Clark's Harbor seems like the perfect place for psychiatrist Brad Russell and his wife to get a little peace and spend more time with each other. But the locals don't seem very friendly and, every time a storm rolls in, another mysterious death occurs.

Yin Horvath
Interesting movie about clouds...Clouds moving across the sky...More clouds...Clouds moving across the sky again, about a hundred more times...More clouds...sometimes wind...and more clouds...lightning drawn in with a crayon...and more clouds...
I saw this movie when I was around nine years old, which would have been 1989 - I've searched for it ever since without a name or anything, all I could remember was the heads in the sand, the thunder and lightning between scenes, and have only just found it now, thanks for the upload!
Gunga Galunga
...and I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for those meddling kids! Give Robby a Scooby Snack.
Brad: Honey, it's so beautiful here Elaine: You want to stay, don't you? Brad: Yes. Elaine: Because of Robbie. Brad: (nods) Me: Idiot.
TeddiBrown Brown
I liked it, Atmospheric , creepy and artistic thanks not to creepy. Thanks
Lee Trichell
I found this movie by mistake and noticed that house looked familiar. Looked online and found this link to watch the whole movie. In the movie is the Heceta Head Lighthouse and that house was the keepers house. Town is Florence. I live about an hour from that place.
This movie is kind of like a mix of "The Fog" and Scooby doo
Fett Fan111
I'm A HUGE John Saul Fan!! Have all and have read ALL his books. I read somewhere that he wouldn't make any movies from his books, so I was surprised to see this! I did like "Cry for the Strangers"...GOOD read! One of his earlier works. I will watch, then get back...Thank You for posting this though...
This is more like it: Atmospheric , creepy and artistic thanks
jacqueline rogers
loved this film very spooky reminded me of the fog only with the storm
Shelly Donahue
I live in a coastal town called Clarks Harbor, So it was kind of cool to find this movie can't wait to watch it.
Most amount of thunder and lightning in a movie ever.
Schuyler Johnson
It's mostly her voice, not the girl herself. She's quite good.
Maria Nabila
Coffee, brownies, rain outside and two great movies in a row. I'm happy. Thank you for these movies I never knew existed.
I agree with you...Thank God for Youtube we get a second chance to enjoy these movies and than you TV TERRORLAND..I just makes me feel good, when I see a good movie,,its like a good meal
Movies of the '70s-early '90s are the most memorable in my opinion! I especially love the cinematography in the movies of each era in that time period. Each era has its own distinct cinematography style. This film is no exception. Very reminiscent of the early '80s which is when this was made. The soundtrack too really gives this story character. I wish modern films would have more of this kind of approach to their style and storytelling but I guess we can't live in the 20th century forever.
YOU HAVE THE BEST MOVIES....THANK YOU for taking us back to when movies where movies....
marie taylor
its bobby ewing lol
Brandy Mundy
I think that's his name.
Brandy Mundy
I'm reading a book called Second Child by Saul Paul. I bought it a while back and while it's starting a slow read, I like the way he writes. I've had it for a while and picked it up yesterday. Just hit chapter three today... :)
Pathetic story
OK, thank you so very much. I will check it out. If I like it, I will thank you again for guiding me toward good literature. It was very nice of you to reply. :)
Depends on your opinion, I suppose. For me, it was actually my favorite of all his books that I had (and since he was my favorite horror writer for several years, I had quite a few of them) I lost a lot of them when I moved, but Second Child is still in my bookshelf now. I don't know if you'll like it as much as I do, but it's worth looking at.
I saw Second Child at my library the other day. Is it really that good?
The actual name of the movie is "Don't Go To Sleep". She was great in that and this one.
I read the book to this years ago. Not my favorite of his books. I liked Second Child and the Blackstone Chronicles better. I clicked here out of curiosity. I didn't know there were any movies on John Saul's books, but I recognized the title and wondered if it were the same thing. Are there any others or is it just this one?
i like patric duffy as an actor and i expected to watch a chilling the 80s the horror films were very good but this turned out to be another FOG style movie.the ghosts werent scarry but totally annoying lol and the film was slow boring and unfo NOT scary. maybe if i watched it then i was 5 that year it would scared me but not now.the other movie the little girl in the movie that starred DONT GO TO SLEEP was VERY SCARY
Vivia 212
This is from John Saul novel I haven't read yet.
star burst girl
thanks for all of your uploads. majority of these movies were made waaaaaaaay before my time but i really enjoy them.. better than the shit they use these days to try and scare us
mark prescott
Didn't think it was so bad. It had its moments, few and far between I grant you. The little girl was indeed a pain in the thyroid and the story non-existing in a way. Still, it's worth a viewing I think and is better taken with a very large brady and sody!
Corrie Katczynski
man missy really gets on your nerves big time!!! she is either trying too hard or whinning! but besides that it is a really good movie! thanks!
I agree that the ending was lame. Movie was okay otherwise.
Paul Zaj
im going by your comment and avoiding this movie
tell ya what if you don't like the little girl...STOP WATCHING MOVIES WITH HER IN THEM.....
All that hairy beard is hiding Patrick's handsome face, Why they always depict male phychiatrist in movies with bearded face or mustache? Why cant they be clean shaven? Is that suppose to mean something? TVTL you rock!
This movie reminds me of "The Fog" not the remake, the original. That little boy is crazy he choose to go out on a night like that to look for a dog?
Catherine La El
Bless you for uploading this! I've been looking for it since I was about 8. I remember staying up late and watching it with Mum. I wondered about it over another 8 years later when I read the book. I'm a John Saul fan and this film didn't occur to me when I read the others. Spoiler alert: I specifically remember the hand in the sand. Mum had to explain to me how all that stuff is done. Again, thanks so much.
Tom Hayes
never saw this one before, a lot of fun thanks for the upload
But, surely, the cheap TV-movie feel is a huge part of the appeal of these, erm, cheaply-made TV movies. :-p
Nick's Picks
The tree is very much in PLAIN SIGHT....
Nick's Picks
Honestly!? She doesn't see the hanging corpse until AFTER she gets through hanging out the wash???
Rose Mueke
Thank you... this was a good movie.Good plot & fair acting. Much better than what is on tv today!
Thanks for posting,I enjoyed this film.
Patrick Duffy suits a beard!
Thank you SO much for this! I have been looking for this film for years!!!
TVterrorland, With all these 70's era movies, I wonder if you were a CBS Radio Mystery Theater fan? With E. G. Marshall? I used to listen every night as a kid. Thanks to the internet I am listening to it again.
Patrick Duffy is a good looking fellow.
Kristi Marie
From time to time, but I just refresh. Youtube will save your place in the video. At least mine does, and I use Google Chrome. It happens more often if it's a long video like this.
Kristi Marie
I love John Saul books, so I'll have to read this one.
@Karloffrules Really, I liked that little girl in both movies.
The little girl is the same actress that played that awful little girl in "Don't Look Under the Bed" (Dennis Weaver, Valerie Harper). That is a creepy movie, but I could barely tolerate that little girl.
Amanda Jenifer
I kid, loved it, I love 80s movies fucking awesome. 
@donnieflame Just watch it here!
where do i find this movie?? i need to see it!! help???
wonder why John Saul's ther books were never made into movies???? they'd be great!
Enjoyed the film with the exception of the annoying children.
@thebaby2436 do read the book! alot more details that werent in the movie! the author is John Saul. all of his books are great! check for them and enjoy!
Now I've got to read the damn book. lol Thanks for posting!
52:23: Time for heavy drinking is finally at hand!!
russ jaso
picture quality....not good.
Jessi Derps
based on the book by John Saul??
Stuped 100% or more !!!
I read the book by John Saul, there was a whole series, loved them all.
Laura Metheny
Thankyou. Read this book long ago. Very good.✌🍀
23:00: They even successfully ripped off the theme from Jaws!
Spn Superjunkie
Thank you for the upload of this i haven't seen it in years i love to read books written by John Saul and this was a good movie. When a story follows the book it is always good!
Crystal Gonzales
I'm surprised you didn't mention Cindy Pickett.
Debra Ayres
Thanks so very much for taking the time to give us a description for the movie. I wish more would be so dedicated .
Lorie Wise
Lifelong fan of Mr. John! Started reading him as a teen and anxiously await releases. I never knew about this movie though so thank you to whomever posted this. His stories are definitely worthy of big screen. I like his stuff more than Kings' and i am a big Stephen King fan too. I fear that Mr. John is retired and we wont have the pleasure of anymore stories. That breaks my heart but he deserves to have time to travel and enjoy his Husband. God Bless John Saul.
Gary Williams
I would rather be a Liberal than live in a country that would elect George Bush president.
gil wood
ONE QUESTION ....How hasn't MST3K or RIFFTRAX tackled this mess ??????????? ANYBODY ?????
Robyn Ignacio was in another horror flick called "Don't Go to Sleep". It co-starred, Dennis Weaver, Valerie Harper, Ruth Gordon and the boy from "Poltergeist".
Curly Cruz
nO SOUND? bye.
Lorie Wise
Maybe it was a vhs recording from 82. Then transferred to dvd. Like my old family pics. We will never know
Beautiful scenery.  This was a good role for Patrick Duffy.
Lillie Tzuanos
The quality of the movie wasn't very clear. I do think I would have enjoyed it if It wouldn't have been so blurry.
Kenyetta Blatcher j.r. son from Dynasty. So young he looked really good
Cannot see this dark film.
they don't wear the safety belt in the beginning of the movie, on a mountain road!...
Very low quality; pixelated
Ink'd Kaiju Dude
I read the novel this was based on when I was a teenager. Now I get to watch the movie adaption.
Laura Schmuck
creepy goodness!
Sara Lang
Dreadful! Don't bother!
lynda renaud
In a huge house like that, who would put kids who habitually climb out of windows, in a room directly, off the porch instead of upstairs? Come on, the smallest child basically stepped over the window edge and walked away...Too ridiculous.... So many holes in this...or the adults are all stupid!
Deborah Samways
Different love these old folk law movies
William B
first time I saw this movie I was 8 years old , December of 1982 I believe if memory serves correct December 11, 1982 it scared me I kinda thought it was almost like the Amityville Horror
Linda Baker
j.d. Hogg : Wikipedia is FOS if it said that, Jane Fonda was NOT in this movie.
darth skyblader
Looks like he's tryin to get fitted 4 a straightjacket---> 20:14
Freddie Tommie
what's with the jaws theme?
Amanda Jenifer
Sucks with a twist. 
Lisa Hermanator
I loved this movie, not so much for the story line, but the ambiance and the sense of foreboding. I liked the movie, don't get me wrong, but I loved how creepy the night scenes were. Today's movie don't make me feel that way.
gil wood
Captain Beefheart on the beach
irene gronewald
brian daheny
Emma Mcbride
Oh wow! This is the movie of a john Saul novel Cry for the Strangers. I love this book & now a movie. He writes horror, set in small creepy coastal towns. Love his novels and have read this many times & as usual the books better but still a very good film all the same!
Gina Hochstein
Pretty dumb story. Any time a place is called Devil's this or that, it's got to be a swell place to live. Ultimately is was ghosts who did the killings, they possessed this man. How convinient to forget about it, once the storm is over. These multiple personality disorders always come in handy to keep the killers having a nice normal life.
Donnie Gray
Jeers. Not when I expected. Guess they can't all be Stephen King tho
Tanner Tanner
Great movie 😍
AN Feuerstahl
Creepy !
Roger Rabbit
Good movie.
Emuell Lemu
:D oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın