Avengers 2 Age of Ultron - The Vision, Character Profile

Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Hey everyone, thank you for watching. This video I do a little character spotlight on Avenger 2 Age of Ultrons' The Vision. A very unique character with extraordinary power and one of the early members of The Avengers team. More interesting is that in the comic, The Vision has a history with The Scarlett Witch. Avengers 2 Age of Ultron is coming out next year. With Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch grabbing all the headlines.., Vision seems to be flying under the radar. But I am very happy he will be in this movie, I like the actor who is playing him and I am hoping we get to see a good amount of The Vision in action. You Can follow Me on Twitter" /> Join the Nation facebook group /> Watch some of my other videos: The Walking Dead: /> Game of Thrones: /> Conspiracy Theories: /> Movies: /> There is also much more, like Lets play series, Fantasy battle simulations.

Elliott Mullins
Official cast of star wars ep 7 announced!
Christian Iversen
Gilbert Gottfried as Thanos!
Ultron Vs. Ultraman, make this happen TOHO, lol
Serious Jokester
HULK!!!! Love Vision, and yeah I think there going to go with J.A.R.V.I.S. as Vision.
would be awsome if the crystal is a piece of a 5 gems or something
ultron created the vision so he wont join the avengers untill later though
NO!!!   I read that he is going to look like his comic self.   
At the end of avenger,thanos is talking to the chatari leader,kind of"we will get our revenge"king of thing
Nathan Tran
Ultron will name a ultron army or ultron spawn
wait what about WONDER MAN? So everyone forgot about him. Wonder man is a main characters along with ant man
Paige Elsea
I want Jarvis to become The Vision, Mainly because I want to see Tony's reaction to seeing what is pretty much his right hand man be turned against him.  I think that'll be a very painful low blow for him, and I can see him trying to reason or reach him where he wouldn't otherwise with a lot his of other friends/foes. I don't think Tony realizes just how much he relies on Jarvis thoughts?
Christopher Drakeford
Ultron was created by ant man. And ultron created vision.
Mark Thompson
I believe his counterpart is going to be the Baron who was shown in Caps mid-credits scene or am I wrong? Also isn't the vision Ultrons son so he could be with Ultron which would make it more possible?
Captain kiwi
I think vision will be dumbed down a little
i just wanna see the hulk again. xD
Actually Captain America isn't superhuman. He's basically an Olympic-level athlete in every aspect, combined with being one of the most formidable martial artists and military tacticians on the planet.
Christopher Drakeford
@orbit. Captain america is superhuman. He's a super soldier. Enhanced. He can't even get drunk. And no. Ulton was created by ant man. And
Yes, I am very excited for The Vision in Avengers 2. However, I wish they would keep his red skin, yellow suit look.  I foresee The Vision being created and used by Ultron to thwart The Avengers. I'm pretty sure he's going to give the team a run for their money. But I think near the end of the film he will turn into their ally. It will be interesting to see how they use his powers on screen. 
turtle 146
Jim Kelly
war machine, falcon, i heard at the end of the avengers 2, ant man is going to be at the end. Janet van Dyne (the wasp) might make a small appearance. Ultron probably will be by himself destroying shit. oh and WAR MACHINE I CANT WAIT
Jimm Magnet
The Vision, my favorite Hero of The Avengers 
so it would lead into avengers 3 and thanos and the whole marvel galaxy universe because i know theyre going to use to connect to guardian to galaxy to everything is phase 3
Dig It Exc
In all sincerity I was upset that he wasn't visible to us since iron man 1. He was just a computer generated voice. Now he can interact with more than just tony
Dig It Exc
I liked him in that movie called priest
Webbiest Joe
Ant-man because he's awesome.  
Carlos Valenzuela
Hopefully this movie beats Avatar's box office record, do you guys know if Iron Man will be in it, I mean I know Tony Stark will, but what happened in Iron Man 3 made me wonder what will happen (suits)
They thought he was going to be the "white, ghostlike" Vision because Paul Bettany was spotted with white makeup on, but I think they have to put the "white" first before the other colors.  Anyway, I did hear that he is going to look like the "Vision" we know from the comics.  Red, yellow and green.
I'm pretty sure vision will be Ultrons wingman for most of the film but by the end he will become an avenger, also fingers crossed that his crystal will be one of the infinity gems