iKON - 취향저격(MY TYPE) M/V

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Yunhyeong's Lipbalm
New stans are lucky they have more ikon content to watch and keep themselves both informed and entertained while old generation ikonics really had to wait for airport previews to keep ourselves entertained during the hiatus.
Is it okay for a man to become an iKONIC?
Klouddhe B
New iKONIC ready to stan. I'm so sorry for being 3 years late
Anshika Singh
Me : I'll stay loyal to Bobby I'll stay loyal to Bobby I will stay loyal to Bobby I'll stay loyal to Bobby I'll stay loyal to Bobby I'll stay loyal to Bobby B.I : helloooooo "Ohnoooooooooooooooooooooooooo"
Mark Rius
This year (2019) I realize that iKon is the group that I looking for that I will cherish and Idol beacuse of the relationship and sincere friendship so that from now on I will be their one of their million fans 🙌🏻 raise your hand 💯🙌🏻 #iKonics ALL OF THEM IS MY BIAS BECAUSE THEY HAVE THEIR OWN PERSONALITY AND DIFFERENT CHARISMA BUT THEY HAVE SIMILARITIES IN TERMS OF TREATING EACH OTHER LIKE BESTFRIEND AND REAL BROTHERS. 🙌🏻💪🏼 PLEASE THUMBS UP 👍
issa kpop fan
new ikonic ready to stan
Cẩm Tú
2018 December, Who watch please make 1 like!
Tint Chen
I hope we all take some of our time to stream iKON's MV. Hanbin works day and night, got nosebleed and now he has vocal cord nodules so he decided to get a surgery. Not only Hanbin but also every member push themselves really hard to meet iKONICs sooner. We will get DoubleB subunit around May and iKON's comeback in Fall(we might get 4albums this year too) so I hope we can at least stream 5 times a day for every MV. If we all unite, I believe we can make it happen. Please do it for iKON. I'm sorry if you don't share my opinion. We might have different way of supporting iKON.
Sangeeta Hansda Sarkar
Anyone in 2019?
Fco Javier Montero Fernandez
I'm a new IKONIC :)
King Kenny SLaY
I'm on my lunch break watching this lol. I still can't believe this. I deserve this isn and more. I have waiting for so long. Pleas PAPA YG. THis is awesome. I want to see more!!!!!!!!!
Antoinnette Salvaleon
Remember when they released this song and people hated it? Lol this song was truly ahead of its time. YG debuted a mellow bop for ikon and people were expecting a really loud banger ahhaha
Whitney Law
I'm not into kpop..but I always become Big Bang's hardcore fan.. I stan BB from 2010 until now and had no interest into new boyband until last year..I was unintentionally watched celeb roomies Bobby, Jinan, Jiyoung..and I fallen in love with Bobby's character😍😍 then I started searching everything about him and found he is a member of iKON..then I found iKON is under same agency with BB..now I'm officially a VIP and iKONIC😎😎 and Bobby🐰🐰 becomes my ultimate bias after GD
Onibugi Mango
Dear IKONICS!! Lets make 50 million before new comeback!!! We can do it!!
Gwatan D.I
Momo Hirai
Got7 Bambam Mother Ringtone 😅❤
New IKONIC right here 🙋🙋🙋 I watched WIN and MIX AND MATCH then I'm here watching IKONS debut MV song I'm having a emotional breakdown RN 😭😭 they struggled alot ! Please give these boys all your love and support 👑❣️ I'm glad I found about IKON sooner than later ❤️
Aivelyn Torculas
I recently became a fan of iKon and now I am watching all videos about iKon.😍😘😍😍😍
Sara Ahmad
Congratulations for our golden song writer of the 2018 year B.I 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️
Love for iKON. You guys are awesome!
youngbae's young bae
Who's excited for ikon's new song at end of dec 💕💕💕
baby, love yourself
I remember those days that iKON debut and were so hype when this song release😤 To all new iKONICS let's love and support iKON💓
Louise Guillermo
I'm a new Ikonic and I must say that their voices lifts up my mood every single time I hear them. They're my form of addiction and I have no intention of stopping.
KON is Fire
2015 Gaon Music Award Artist of the Year for September 😍😍😍. My Typesus did that!!!
putri. 948
Suka bgt Ama suara Bobby😍😍ngerapp ok nyanyi jg ok 😋
Airhead Headstrong
i'm so sorry, iKON, for having only discovered you in 2018! .......i promise i'll always b with you now and forever!!
Raj lakshmi
My boys won their first daesang (SOTY) at the MMA on 1st dec. Im beyond proud. ♥👏
fromis_9 Dia
here after watching my girls covered this song at MAMA😍❤
Charleen Amora
I like this group already,, sorry for being late. I hope im welcome as a fan☺️
vmin infinity
Ahh why is it SO damn hard to choose a bias in this group??!? Hanbin and Jinwhan I liked at the beginning, then I fell in love with bobby and now I can't decide between Junhoe and Yunhyeong.. And Donghyuk.. Ohhh I love him too and baby Chanwoo is soo cute.. Guys I need help kabjdis I love iKON so much my boys ❤️❤️
Taehyung Kni
Now I'm Soooooooooooooooooo in love with iKON😙❤️ so now I'm gonna watch all their old MV starting from this...😚 Btw this song is just wooow👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
The queen GJ calderon
Who came here after watching fromis_9 cover this song on mama2018😊
Fiki Maldina
I back here after watching Formis 9 cover My type in MAMA.. this song never old
Hafni Nafisa
Here in December 2018 ?
Twin Monsters
You're my type🎶.........this song is already old but it's still one of my fave songs of iKON.😍😍😍
Annisa Puspa Wardhani
Since YG cares about Youtube V*ews so much I think we can make Bling Bling, Rhythm Ta & My Type reach 100M V first before the other mv's. Let's show our support towards the boys!❤
My Bias Is K-pop
This MV and song make me so happy! iKONIs lets get this masterpiece to 50 mil, we are almost there. Hwaiting!
Nurul Malia M
And now they won SOTY with love scenario. Ikonics are proud💕
Lauren Plant
They're cute ☺️❤️
Alo Koo
IKON marathon!!! It’s 2 am but can get enough of IKON
Audi i
Love this group..! Found them just yesterday... I don't even know their names but these guys voices are worthy to be swooned over😍 ..following them from now on
THE PROJECT: STR3AM: -BLING BLING (first priority) -RHYTHM TA -GOODBYE ROAD -I'M OK PLEASE LET'S DO THIS iKONICS <3 (just hold on my type...sorry lol)
Kartika Daras
I love Bobby’s voice ❤️
Yeeboiwolfeyehups 1
Hirai Momo Jjang
Its my 1st year being an IKONIC so im celebrating it by watching iKON mv's
I’m a new iKonic and I’m loving the fandom and these boys! I think “doomba” has become my favorite track lmao😂
Massiel Marmol
Who else is having a review since debut?
dope birthday congratz
Looking hot since this era
bluntae kim
Ive heard of ikon but didnt stan them since i was busy stanning bp and bts, but when love scrnario was released i realized the group i was looking for was right before my eyes. I found another home in this group.
Jinha Lim
This is like Bobby and B.I’s song. They got most of the parts of the song. I love the melody of this song!! Like if u agree
Pink Taeyang
Am I the only who watches this while smiling? The day that this mv was released I was just so happy streaming. When it sinked in that omg iKON debut this mv is the proof I just cried and cried. All the heartaches from 2 survival shows finally their day to shine. From a team b supporter to an iKONIC forever. I love iKON so much!
Seeing this again in 2018. My kids have been going through a lot... I am proud my favorite group is iKON
WELCOME to 2019 How I celebrate my new year? Watching all the iKON's mv and replaying it over and over At first I fallen in love with cutie pie bobby (especially his innocent eyebrows and his smiley eyes). Then I found how cute baby Jay . Later I found how unique June's voice. After that my eyes discovered how adorable prince Song and giant Chan. No need to explain how BI's skill in songwriting and skillful dancer DK. This love virus spread out to all the members one by one..but my bunny always be number one in my heart 😍🐰🐰
alana v.
is it only me or what but i feel like ikon's chill songs are so much more of a hit compare to their hiphop-ish songs (i know rhythm ta and killing me was a hit as well, but... you know what i mean)
Maricar Agudo
Ikon is an icon.
POW! iKON! Finally ^^
Mike Kim
Do you really love them? Do you really adore them? Why are you love them? For what do you love them? Ask yourself first. If you do love them that much, you must accept their decisions for their own life. Don't just adore them of their face but you need to focus more on their talent. Don't ever leave them. Love them. They need our love and support. IKONICS FIGHTING. IKON FIGHTING. WE ARE FAMILY💛
wan blac
We are in 2019 and these boys are still my favorite im proud of them
Harutooo 😍😍go back to YG Treasure why you heree?😂 BTW let's support all the trainess Xoxo💋
Jerry 123
iKON actually proved it a long time ago after debuting with a song like My Type that they are unlike other artists, that they are unique and versatile.. They debuted with such low tempo song , no hype, no craziness just 7 sweet boys taking about their type and they made the whole Korea's and world's heart flutter and became the monster rookies with this song.!! Really BIG RESPECT 👍👑👑 *KINGS* 🌹🌹
__Hanbin Stan__
June-yaaaa we miss you 😚 Saranghae 💜
Life is Beautiful
Who is here after fromis_9 performance?
jimin’s cheeks
*It’s been 3 years. Can’t believe this was the first record-breaking group that got an all-kill for a debut song*
therese lim
MBC Video Star✔️ WIN: WHO IS NEXT✔️ MIX AND MATCH✔️ iKON' tv✔️ Weekly idols✔️ Summertime in Hawaii School Trip Weekly Idols suggest im a new stan...
__Hanbin Stan__
BI why so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Naeren Vastir
ju-ne is my bias for sure. omg that voice
Erika Abad
ok i really fall with ikon i'm very excited for be part of the fandom please take care me
Mike Kim
Marlina Lina
still my favorite song ❤❤❤ fighting IKON
liessa laura
I can stop smiling... I wanna cry... My baby was grow up 😭😭😘
bangtan virus
New in the fandom^-^ ❤️❤️
durotul alfiyah
Since september i stan iKON and im very happy with that, i found a happiness :)) When i see member iKON in isac a got a heartbeat lol and i very happy for see their in isac
*I love how there are so many new IKONICS* Welcome :)
Sumaiya Hasany
This song always makes me super soft
mystery pear
Let's stream iKON MVs to 100M views, they deserve it
Cindy Fatika Sari
April April
This will always be one of my favorite iKon songs, because it was this song that made them debut.
Tophy Potato
Amy Yasmin
bobbbbbyyyyyyyyyy i love this hairstyle of him <3
Mrs. Malik 1D
I can't call myself as one of you guys (IKONIC) but I'd really appreciate them. IKON is so underrated but they deserve to be known by the entire world, hand and hand let's do this. Love, a DIRECTIONER who support the best KPOP group I've known IKON 😊
Let’s make this 100M before anniversary
Aisyah Natasya
New ikonic ready to stan :) mianhe, im 3 years late.
Raine Fey
Let's go for 50M. iKON fighting!!!
zkdlin Kai
Do you know what I regret the most? Not stanning iKon since debut. But I'm so happy I'm their fan now.
bobbyindaeyo 131
Let's do this MV, fam! 100M fighting!
☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ KEEP [email protected] "MY TYPE" EVERY DAY!!! LET'S MAKE IT TO 50 MILLION!!!
Richmondjosh Romero
This is the kind of song that im looking for 😍
no wonder
iKON .. you are my type 😶
Jewel Lisa
Am i the only one who thinks they should also be as famous as bts ...?
Adewiah B.I
iKONICs pleasee str3am iKON RHYTHM THA MV, the mv is the closest to 100M among the other mv🔥
B_lack oh
Gracias por llegar a mi vida 💜 los admiró por tanto, son una gran inspiración :') 💜 A mis 22 me siento tan feliz de ser fan y ver como ellos se esforzaron para llegar al lugar en el que se encuentran, quiero aprender de ellos cae, y levantarme y llegar a la cima 💜💜💜💜
B_lack oh
Vamos por los 50M 💜!!!
Vinna Novhiran
sorry for being late .
Nars Cheska- Ikonic US
Life has kept me busy...binging on IKON hehehe
luthfia nur
8 Desember 2018 I still whatch this MV 😍