BEGIN Japanology - Seaweed

BEGIN Japanology Seaweed.

Morita Sari
The Tanaka couple story is the gem of the show...I love it
This is such a strange episode. While of course "laver" and "kelp" are the English names for the particular seaweeds, why not refer to them as "nori" and "kombu", after introducin them. Many people who are interested in Japanese food know them by those names. I'd say that nori is probably more familiar to more English-speakers around the world by now than laver!
Fascinating!! I enjoyed this very much.
Seaweeds aren't even plants. They are yet another group of multicellular organisms. They're algae.
Tsukabu's Artsy Things
"green energy source". Heh. Get it? Cause Seaweed is green. 😎 I'll 'sea' myself out now.
B Bee
I miss these NHK specials, always so informative. Domo.
Ben Lompoliuw
love Japonology. I' waiting on train, garden, zen meditation, war etc
Unfair...for such a useful thing, people call it seaWEED.
25:50 From power plant to "power plant".
After so many times I've watched the series, I've only now realised that the opening of this season is a recreation of Hokusai's Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji ukiyo-e series.
Jemppu M
"...*bounty* of the sea" :D The very first sentence.
Hmm... Apparently there's a certain type of seaweed that can be fed to cows to stop them giving off so much methane that contributes to greenhouse gases... only problem is we aren't currently growing enough of it. What if they tried using power plant CO2 to grow that type of seaweed?
Mouse GrayEagle
If there is not an anime about angsty Japanese teenagers using either magic, robots, or magic robots, to fight off giant bioengeneered Nori monsters from the "green power plants" I will be very disappointed.
sigourney weaver
food and dem science facts?!?!? You are doing the lord's work. truly.
Arden's Arcanum
Peter Barakan seems to be somewhat angry this episode...
Why is it being called laver and not nori...
I've tried seaweed. Didn't like it.
Never knew how they harvest the Nori until now. I only cared about which one tastes better. lol
The word "weed" doesn't pique your appetite? There's a marijuana joke in there somewhere.
Ninja Kitty
Lockark Dryavoska
Quick fun tip. Eating Sea Weed is not a "Asian" thing. Growing up in Atlantic Canada Dulse has been a thing in Atlantic Canada for a long time. It use to be looked down upon as food that the poor eat. Funny how times are changing lol.
alex carter
Place in the UK have "dulse" and it's really tasty!
Steven Wolf
I love the Japanese people. Chinese not so cool.
Cirque Du Opinion
3:22 Begin Bachata LOL
alex carter
As I always say, see the weed, and eat it!
Yaddahay smarmalite
What? A fuel economy not based on the use of fossil fuels? Oh the horrors! Just think of all those filthy rich CEOs in the petroleum industry who will have to diversify their investment portfolios if that happens! Just see how much I care...
Nizarah Dragon
What brand tastes better
Dibina Shakya
I love seaweed
ja da
22:42 Umbrella...
Jim Ellison
moreno franco
Launa Banauna
Did I see eggs in that "strictly vegetarian" Buddhist meal?
Unlike the fraud being perpetrated on us, Carbon dioxide is good for plant life. It is essential. It is needed. Greenhouse growers pump in Carbon dioxide to stimulate growth as has been done here. What will it take??