Top 10 Minecraft Mods (Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2) - 2017 [HD]

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Top 10 mods for Minecraft 1.12, 1.11.2 and 1.10.2 in 2017! (HD) ► Previous Minecraft Top 10 ► />► Minecraft Top 10 Seeds Playlist ► /> Subscribe for more Top 10 Minecraft videos! My Twitter: /> ► Mod list 10. More Explosives Mod /> 9. Mo' Creatures Mod /> 8. Galacticraft 3 Mod /> 7. Paleocraft Mod /> 6. Aether II Mod /> 5. Portal Gun Mod /> 4. OreSpawn Mod /> 3. Smart Moving Mod /> 2. Pixélmon Mod /> 1. Mutant Creatures Mod /> -- If you enjoyed this Top 10 Minecraft Mods & want to see more Top Tens, leave a Like! Subscribe for more Top 10 Mods for Minecraft 1.12 in 2017! Music By: Approaching Nirvana

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Mustafa Akyiğit
mo creature minecraft 1.11.2 no version
Billy Playz
EVERYONE! ITS CLICK-BAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tis Not 1.9 version
Almost none of these are for 1.8.9
Tutoriais Na Web
Na Moral Kd Os Br
"1.11-1.10" Uploads a year before minecraft 1.11, even comments 2015 TRIGGERED
Not WhizCraft
Guerrilla Magic
this video was made on July 4th 2015 stop updating the title and actully out some work in the vids.
what the fk pixelmon mod 1.11 is not exist why you still give us link uh?And it cant even download after i like their facebook .
Como se descarga es que ni encuentro el boton para descargarlo
Pampa Zapp
hey! the mo creatures mod is not for 1.10!!!!!
Zkay 2017
este video tiene copiray
10: Only for 1.6 (0:11) 9: Actually works. Pretty cool too, not many bugs and adds TONS of new mobs. (1:41) 8: Can only download for 1.7. And also when you click on the link, there's actually 3 mods you have to download for it to work and it's laggy as hell. (3:46) 7: Can only download for 1.7. Might as well get the Mo' Creatures mod since it has more mobs and RUNS ON 1.8 (5:05) 6: It's not really a mod. It's not even a Jar file, its an entirely different launcher without the ability to use forge, optifine, or any other mods but itself. You have to login with you minecraft account also, which makes it impossible for anyone using cracked minecraft to use it. Better to just not get this "mod" all together. (6:03) 5: Only downloadable for 1.7 and below. Also buggy as hell. (7:38) 4: Actually is for 1.8 and works. It adds some cool mobs, but its buggy as hell and i experienced multiple crashes using it. Better just stick with the Mo' Creatures mod. (9:14) 3: Great mod! Very cool I love it. Not much to complain about, other than the fact that the controls are SO CONFUSING and you have to use like HALF the keyboard keys to get the hang of it. It also adds a whole bunch of controls that interfere with the default minecraft ones and the ones used by other mods. You have to go and configure them all which is time consuming as f*ck. (11:40) 2: Cool mod, but lacking in animation when fighting other pixelmon. A WHOLE lot of bugs and even a few crashes. (12:57) 1: Only downloadable for 1.7 and below. It also replaces the default mobs with the mutants so if you want to see the old mobs again, you will have to uninstall the mod entirely. (14:51)
Ennard 115441
Aether mod 2 is for 1.10.2?
Filmokers Creative
Half of these aren't updated to 1.11 please actually check what you're posting you obviously just did this for views.
Joseph Xave
Uh, how is this for 1.12 when the video is two years old?
Luís Abreu
looool saying this is the best mods to 1.11.2 but isn't... lol jackass
Dany King Awesome
Como es tu pc amigo quiero una asi para jugar minecraft <3 #Top10Minecraft
1.11.2! the update came after u posted the video lol
Ryt_Duty 72
link buat download modnya apa bang?
Bjarke Taunajik
Really no Fossil and Archeology mod My fav mod 😄👍
how does this work every mod is 1.7.10 for me
Szkola Progres
Gdzie jest opis serwera
if you add something like this add as well what mc version those mode are for thx a lot for not helping with moding my 1.8.9 ver... waste of time, g2g find something useful
Taliola Taufua
i was checking out the mod no.1 and no.2 and no.3 came up with no link my advice to people who are download mutant monster or smart moving or portal gun mod dont come to this guy it wont help bcos there is no links
Marsha Kay Orr
orspon is the best mod you onle showed 3parts there is like 700 more stuff
Pascal Tiemann
hallo danke benutze deine mods
K Davis
orespawn mod is for 1.7.10 and 1.6.4 not 1.9 the mutant cratures is for 1.7.10 and 1.6.4 if there is a forge 1.6.4 can someone send reply me a link
Zach III
My friend; you have the nasa supercomputer to handle not a single piece of lag with that explosion
Sinisa Stosic
bic mod
Dominik&Soma Team
FAKE 1.12
Dũng Nguyễn Việt
There Are 1.8 This Video from 2015 And This Mod Too Old.
JungKookie Oppa
Hello a question as it installs the mods are very cute but I do not know how it installs I could help please !!
Brian Montiel
mutant creatures does not work :(
Ore spawn isn't available for 1.8
cold wind
none of these mods are working for 1.11 you liar
ekul woo
according to the creator of Orespawn, 1.7.10 Valentine Special was and will be the last update ever for Orespawn and Minecraft (Feb. 2015) 'Will OreSpawn be updated to x.x?' "No. It won't. OreSpawn lives on DangerZone now." 'Will there ever be an extra update' "Nope! OreSpawn for MC is dead (officially)." source, the TheyCallMeDanger (the creator of Orespawn) Q&A found on his public site ...
aral tanrıverdi
What is song name
All the ones I like aren't even 1.8... C'moooon....
He made this video in 2015, and changed the title to 1.10 in 2016. He do that so that the video won't stop gaining views, and it's what, unfortunately many youtubers do.
I subbed
das sind immer die gleichen mods nur für andere versionen
How the heck was this published in 2015?
TayKa Schitt
don't just update the title of your old top 10 mods and say they are for 1.8, cause some aren't.
Name of music?
7Fantastic Gaming7
this is fake. minecraft v1.11.2 haven't exist yet
1:01 You Just Ruined Your World :D
7Fantastic Gaming7
i mean on 2015
lollll primer comentarioooooooooooo
Paul Stoica
Dato Gamer
4:38 pls give me music link
Ghost Rider
Funny Music Under Video’s!
for all lazy people for the more explosives mod:
Taylor LPS
Do I still get that cookie if I unsubscribe afterwards?
Bułek 89
Is scam
видео хорошое но ситуация 404
Angelica Bodin
stick of death mod
Angelica Bodin
i love stick of death
Cristina fiorini
Mi Piacenza porchen vacchen ladren
Cristobal E D
lol que pece potente yo pongo una bomba de esas y se me esplota la PC
Cheeze Dragon
on pixelmon i thiought you put digimon
Almost all of these don't have a 1.12, 1.11 or even above 1.7.10 . These are good mods but most aren't up to date with current Minecraft versions
Half of these not even 1.12.2.
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the download link for galacticraft 1.12.2 contains viruses [luckily my antivirus detected it and removed it!]
PixeGamer TV
1.12.2 version mods plese
Olga Aires
fala pelo menos o nome dos mods 🙅
enes223 - The MLG
Striker Zac
Wow, this is published in 2015. You just changed the Title. BTW Pixelmon got shut down.
This was uploaded in July of 2015, it’s clickbait.
Ylfgan _
Smart moving mod is not in 1.12 :(
Just Spam It
VT tutors gamer
Ou o pc dele e mt bom
Nurik Kz
коп коп рахмет бро!
Mike Zeze
This video is reposted every single year telling it's for the last minecraft version but is not.. this guy is just using the same video every time changing the title to match the version.. always the same top 10 that may not be the top anymore.. this is not a job that a youtuber should do! I say this cause I saw this video almost 3 years ago to download some mods.. then some years later I wanted some more and saw this video again.. v.v pathetic!
Dyfi Channel
subs and like back bro to my chennel
elias sanchez martinez
drak andi
Its 2k18 bro
DEsTrO Gameplays
Buen videooo ...bien explicado ..seguirmeee en mi canal tambn que subo contenido de mods y otro contenido de minecraft y cosas varias
Alicorno Felice
Minecraft PE??
Carliene Moreira
I downloaded the more explosives mod I noticed a few thing's wrong. 1. It had an Optifine folder and that's it 2. I had to go through a set up 3. Didn't even work for minecraft
Scott Barbee
Leonard Excoffier
The portalMod installer is an addware....
Isaac Sombke
don't download the aither two mod from that website it will give your computer a virus, don't trust this guy
kresi lov
вы не русские
2:57 *all star intensifies
OutBuilder Youtube
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Alex Cuellar
eres el peor youtube del mundo mataste el cerdito :,v like por cerdi ... to :c
Anonimoos007 Robloxian noob
i cant find the dum dowland button
Galacticraft does not work for 1.12.2
Its NOT 1.12 At 17:20 U Moved The Sword, This Was REMOVED
Pro Kg
türkler buAYI BASAAAAR
not_ herobrine
lol what a troll with mo explosives gives optifine instead BOO
Mr. Dart
кокая музыка играет?
rodrigue lomprez
whère is a mods