Mary stayed out all night ost Take care my bus 장근석 [MV] V-eelmade

Music video of Mary stayed out all night MSOAN 매리는 외박중 "Mary, marry me" soundtrack ost Song: Take care my bus _ Jang Geun Suk ( Kang Mu Gyeol )

Mishi CG
alguien la escucha en el 2018
Pamela Jeancarla
Este hombre me hipnotiza escuchándolo hablar, tiene una voz muy sensual. Y su sonrisa es linda.
Looking back on my old kdrama osts and the feelings I felt 7 years ago still brings butterflies in my stomach like I just watched this drama yesterday. One of my most loved kdramas 😍
Katty Figueroa
SIN DUDA ALGUNA JAM... es mi favoriitoOoOoooo........ su voz amo sus musicas y seriessS....
This guy hair is so pretty
His hair
Flavia Saavedra
me enamore de el desde que lo vi
Noelia Tineo
Yo amo el drama Mary stayed out all night es mi favor de Jang Geun Suk esta tan bello
purvi thakur
Beast actor with all qualities , voice , style , looks , smile , o my god ! just perfect .:) :) :) Love this drama also , but love rain is something else :)
Joanna S.
I love this song who listen in 2018? 😉
Karen P Pontillas
Imiss Jang Keun Suk my first ever korean artist crush 💗
Sarang Enna
Never thought I could appreciate rock music until I watched this drama.. Who cares about the story.. It's the prince's face I love to watch.. And he's a good the singing voice is absolutely to die for..
Fernanda Castro
No me canso de escuchar esta canción, realmente es HERMOSA! ❤
Claudia Salazar
me encanta esta cancion todos los dias la escucho
حنان جعفري
I love you Jang Geun Suk  I am from Saudi Arabia 
crystal csc
my fav scene mary dancing with bunch of leaves in her hand lol! jks hurray!
tere S
Me encanta esta canción Jang geun suk es el mejor mi favorito lo amó
gab & dos
March18,2018😊😍😍😍petmalu lodi😍😍😍😉
Roni Matias
I really,really love this drama. I can't get over the episodes I watched for the 4th time and I'm getting crazy LOL listening to the songs and laughing over every funny scene and dialogue. I'm presently writing about the reasons why I enjoy every minute watching Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young and the entire cast of the drama. When the end comes, I feel sad so the urge to watch again is a promise to myself. Are there other fans like me? LOL. Thanks YouTube for thia joy and fun!!
chanda tariq
Love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Asia Prince JKS
jacqueline barrera diaz
me encanta jang geun suk el este dorama se licio aparte que el perfecto y entero rico y el pelo largo marabilloso lo amo ♥♥besos desde chile  y la cancion  hermosa
benjamas masara
ชัง กึน ซอก น่ารักมากๆ
wow it have been 3 years already!!still fresh like the first <3 love this drama and the soundtrack sooo much <3
royal princess058
I love jang gun suk movies
Rose Stine
2017 and i still love this song. 😉
me encanto el vídeo  excelente trabajo ~_^
Aprilrose Pascua
A Perfect man for me ,specially I like guys whose long hair awesome!😘😘😘 that is Prince JKS!!!
Room jang
Love You Jangkeunsuk
ana morales
definitivamente me enamore de el su voz todo el lo amo
Jenna Jeong
i love the cause i sing it and memorizing it as ballad ver
Georgia Ortiz Sandy
Toda la tarde escuchando a este adorable hombre, su voz es realmente hermosa y para que decir este dorama es maravilloso lo he visto 6 veces y no me canso.Grande SUKKIE.
Khemlynz Bandahala
I love you.....jang keon suk..all you song I like so much..
Chixzy Bitzy
This drama was the reason why I fell in love with jang geun seuk! ❤
Anele Najul
ese drama esta chido..aunque quedado mejor yo..
Maria Vega
tiene buena voz,semi ronca
God!!! He is so freakin' hot 😋
Katiuska Figuera
Definitivamente todo lo que hace Suki me encanta 😍😍😍 Otro Kdrama maravilloso, donde reí y lloré... Los protagonistas mágicos 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Excelente Ost ❤️❤️❤️ Final feliz 😍 La recomiendo al 100%
Gabrieladriana Soto
amo esta canción voto 100%
fangirl :v
the music is beatiful and very beatiful like like like oh yeah
OMg i didn't hear this song since years omg feeeeeels 💖
Itslpk Kanjana
love this so much love this drama
-Ruth Marshall-
Esta muy bueno el video, eligió escenas que quedan con la música, no me canso de verlo y escucharlo, my oppa es reeeeeelindo
Rose Stine
Oppa. 😍 im still watching 2017.
Mariana Cruz
hermosa canción y hermoso cantante ^-^ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥
Mouna Ha
2018 anyone?
Rangsit Mano
"I always love you, son"
The neck roll he does!! ugh X3
i am still watching this in november 2018
socorro malaquias
Sou apaixonada pelo jackson que adora os dramas música dele e ele também nossa ele é muito fofo muito lindo tem uma pegada gostosa dos greu sou apaixonada por você
sophia Chamorro
I love him more in this drama ... and this song I loved ... that man is a beauty and his smile melts me, what luck the girls who have been with him in his work and in his personal life have had.😍😘😍😘😍💕💕💕💕💕😘😍😘😍😘😍
raven santana
Me encantó el dorama y del protagonista ni se diga súper guapo 😍😍
Ximena Lara
Me gusta mucho este hombre , su voz es tan linda me encanta, saludos desde chile mi hermoso país
ki dall kuran kiriu
I love jang geun suk
Room jang
Lovely Jangkeunsuk
Angela Polone
This drama is still amazing
Angela Polone
This drama is still amazing
Istita Laily
ough... love Rock n Roll
me me encanta
Sarang Enna
I love u jgs oppa!!!
NATALY rodri
love this guy!!!
Aprilrose Pascua
Memorable drama of Prince for me it was the first time and started love him sooooo much!😄😄😄
yovana morales
es un hermoso me encaanta su musica tiene una sonrisa de infartooo
hiyori alvarez
Esta es la canción con la me empecé a interesar por el rock :') amo a Jang Keun Suk ❤️
Ms. Chuisin
The part when he's running away with Mary in the luggage bag had me rolling on the floor from laughing too hard 😂😂😂 He's too cute...😙
kenia Ariñez
no me canso de escuchar esta canción I LOVE this song!!!!
Stefany Custodio Villagaray
Jose Manuel Meza Gonzalez
uno de mis doramas favoritos
Eliana minki
regia musicaaaaaaaa jan suk
Riza TV
Kilig jud kaayo ni silang Moon Geun Young og Jang Geun Suk oi kalagot grrr 😂😍😘
Gloria Flores
Guau estas impresionante espectacular magnifico estupendo divino glorioso grandioso demasiado maravilloso tienes una personalidad muy.agradable muy.BRILLANTE y ELEGANTE
My heart is aching while watching this.. 😢 i miss Keun Suk so much!!! Aaargh! Just how many months to go before his discharge in military?
kendra Angel
Iloveyou,jng keun one and only Prince
Deana Wings
2018 still came back for this 💞
Alma Laura Delgado Ramos
ultra mega hiper super sexy y sensual, que es mi príncipe, oh Gosh!!
Any drama with jang geun suk ,is my favorite! He so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!💖
kadama sa gitnang silangan Gayano
my fav song of jks...his voice supperb👌✊✊
Yimg mu
I love his voice so much.😍😍
Arsya R Arrasyid
2018 still love this drama and ,OST songs,, I like jks style in this drama and mgy super cute,,
Marie Tobar
Lo amo 😍
Wu Yi Fanfan
I'm so addicted to this right nowww...
Su voz me encanta😍😍
Karol Restrepo
que lindos hojos tu boca me hace delirar ❤❤
Aide García
Lo amo Oppa you are beautiful! !!
Gloria Flores
el vídeo está muy sensacional,sorprendentes sentimental tienes mucha alegría sonrisas ternura muy BRILLANTE y ELEGANTE esta la portada muy impresionante maravilloso
Janeth Naula Quimi
Wow your editing skills are amazing! I just checked your channel and saw your last video was uploaded 3 years ago 😭
Jayphai Ledesma
hahahaha .. you are right .. :D
Maybe give "49 Days" a try if you haven't seen it. It has supernatural elements since someone is in spirit form but it's actually not as cliché as most kdramas and it's actually REALLY good. It's mature and deep. Early in episode one I was rolling my eyes a bit but by episode 2 I was hooked. If you watch it, don't read any spoilers or look at fan made music videos. There are a LOT of secrets that will be spoiled for you. Just look at a introduction summary. You'll thank me later.
leonela SURIEL
me too
worawit namanu
I also watched it before this. ^^ So I know what you mean ;) I actually watched the anime first :D
WyldFireX 💜🎶💜
heh yea... but then there was that scene when JKS stayed over @ KJW's place and Mary walked in as they were both.. underdressed.. and well - kinda looked like Mary was the odd one out (if u know what I mean)! hahaahah But I only say that bc i watched Antique Bakery just before Mary Stayed Out all Night o_O lol
I'm scared that I grow to hate this song because I listen to it almost every day.
I think the drama was indeed unrealistic but it had something different from all those other dramas. I don't know what though. I just love Jang Geun Suk. I can't believe I didn't know him before this. It's Jun Matsumoto all over again xD
How much i love this drama ? T_T jang geun seok i looooove you *_____* T_T
لا لابقه وكلهم يخققون انبسطت لما ماتزوجت المخرج ارتحت نفسياً ههههههههههه
Yeah, I like Jang geun Seuk much more than Kim Jae Wook even though I really liked him in Antique Bakery and thought his acting was impressive. But well, Mary just had to come together with Jang geun Seuk. :')
Love jgs
Looks so shoujo manga yet so kdrama
OMG! I loved the video! Thanks for uploading it. Wow, Moo Kyul's expression at 3:38* is priceless!!! LMAO!!! XD