One Missed Call Theme Song

Ken Renzo
That beat dropped harder than the white girl that always falls down when being chased by the killer, then takes 4 minutes to get up.
I just noticed his eyes were a mouth. Wow
Undead Creature
that moment when you have 10 missed calls from mom
Almighty Productions
Song is better than the movie itself
Bando Beast - Urban Exploration
Roses are red Violets are blue Last time something this hard dropped It ended WWII
Song's better than the movie.
ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ
This...has a really nice beat.
It was good until the bass dropped, then it became awesome.
Natasha H
That beat dropped harder than the twin towers
Cheesy MouseMC
(gets 20 missed calls from Mom) .... (plays this song)
Linna Le
Halloween in the hood right here.😂
Dominique svx
Diamond slayer
the picture is the face i make when i miss a call from my mom
It was so creepy... and then the bass dropped
How is this a horror movie theme xD omg it's amazing
shy here & there
That's my face when I'm all out toilet paper. :(
Am I crazy because this song has a great beat and I actually enjoy it?
everything sounds creepy in the beginning.....then that beat drops and suddenly i wanna get and start dancing XD
Luna Moon
I thought those were real eyes, so i was like WTF, what kind of eyes are those...but now i see that they'er not eyes. But mouth with noses
i swear to god i thought that the mouths were eyes...
Hobart Grappledonger
wasn't the movie supposed to be horror?
I swear this could be a rap beat lmao xD
Athalia Colombia
*one missed call for mom*
This song plays when I miss a call from my mom.
Eh, Japanese version is better, and creepier.
Mark Roose
This shit ain't even scary, I listen to it because it has a good beat :D
thomas sanchez
God Himself
I never really enjoyed the movie, but this theme song is fucking genius
KnotMyBuns Aye
...I can listen to this for hours omg.
MikoNiko Nii
I suddenly had the urge to make a Naruto Reference, because of the mouths..  Hey Deidara, I think I found one of your relatives. 
Trace XL
Seriously, someone freestyle on this track right now.
I saw this picture from one of Vanoss's scary map videos
Shantisha Smith
The Theme Song To This Movie Is Not Even Scary! It's Hot! I'm Dancing To It More Than Growing Fear From It Lol.
Quaid Zettle
Dankest ass Horror movie theme song I've ever heard
myuuji should make a piano version of this song
Christoher Dejesus
When I first saw the cover of the movie I was like "oh shit a horror movie...MOVIE NIGHT"
*. K I N G S O M B R A .*
At first, I thought it was a spider guy T-T But than I looked closely.. And I was like What... the... Hell... IS GOING ON IN JAPAN!
2 Cute a Charm
Best horror movie theme song it sound so creepy in the begging then goes to Hip Hop
Lxrd Breezy
am i too high ..or the eyes are mouthes..
such horror
Normal Deutsche Soldier
0:37 DAB
Heuwire Evirant
What version movie,this the song? It's Japanese or American Version? It's just a question,that i have.
Aidan R
Whenever I see a movie I just think “What would Doomguy do?”
That's the song I get when I get a missed call from Kanye west
Roasted Carrot
Oh man it so good!
Has anyone noticed that the "eyes" are actyally mouths and the things above them are noses..
Janette Oliva
I want this as my ringtone to scare my friends 😂😂
Gloria Reyes
The song come on when I had a missed call from my mom and then the beat drop so hard my little sister fell XD
Diego Molina
lol ...i bet the weeknd is gonna use this beat for his new single called "the eyes"
Ambrielle Wallat
My friend put on one miss call and pranked his brother darren and he started to screen and cry😂😂😂😂😂
Fredo FB6
this joint real live crank moe, on muvahs!
O Duro é que não há letras , mas tem o Tom incrível.
Jio Oliver s.geronimo
Is amazing the eyes is mouth
Byron Pruett
Love the beat to😝😝😝😆😆😆😛😛😛😄😄😄😃😃😃😍😍😍😢😢😢💀💀💀💉💉💉🌎
MrZapasant sent me here.
Kaylie Veal
It has a really nice beat
Dyamond Choi
japanese version was better xD
it's nun wrong with flip phones but damn this is 2017 😑
Stefan Borggren
This started out as a creepy song than it became a beat for dequans new mixtape
This is supposed to be scary? This is epic!
Johnny Wilkins
The Night Of Ubercharged Soupcan
Minecraft Arte tam primos primos
melhor música <3. :D
Anthony C.
had me going then the base and drums kicked wow FIREE
Almond Milk •13•
Uh I Never Watch One Missed Call (._.)
Babixz Peach
Whatever happens in this movie... Will happen if you miss *ONE* call from your mum and dayum this is so 🔥🔥🔥
xXForever_ MauiXx
DAMN THIS BEAT DROPED HARDER..then my favirt glass cup did R.I.P Cup
Laure Rn
The japanese version is way creepier !
Derek Raymond
This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. But this song is really good.
Godson Eternal
I listen to this on Halloween
natalie thiel
its better than dead silence soundtrack
UwU Leslie tehehe
I was expecting a jump scare Didn't make it to three minutes
107.8 ROBLOXIAN Radio Network
The song plays when i miss a call from the Lottery
_.ɢᴡɢᴡ 02._
I make a mistake... I listen it 2am the night... WITH THE LIGHTS CLOSED... (*_*)
josh heaton
cool listen to this while looking up dog poo very scary
I like it.. its like a heel wrestler's entrance theme song
Speed = 1.5 You're welcome.
Allen Dario
The video’s background is the face of your mother when she calls you, but you don’t answer
Kennedy Bickers
This beat dropped harder than your mom dropped you 😂😂
ooooo. its creepy but really cool
I snuck this ringtone in my aunts phone
Ernie Games
Hit the dab on em lol
Emma Sullivan
the Japanese version of the film is better than the American remake, a whole lot creeper  
Shanica Cosby
Im dancing to this
Velislava Mathers
that beat
Nick Lamb
whoopi goldbergs smile.
Kjx conecks
when your friends come thru 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Oceannah Caylen
When the bass and drums dropped. <3 _ <3  Yaaas.
the kid who sucks at drawing
I remember I was at a store with instruments and I found this movie
Manny Oommen
When you missed a call from your Girlfriend, RUN!!!!
i just noticed his eyes is actually a mouth with two noses creepy as hell
Daphi Lovesick
I’m being honest, that beat drop was Lit.
ginger psycho
I'd love to play this while hiding in a dark alley Then walk towards someone while it plays
Catlucas o menino gato
0:37 impressive beat 👏👏👏
Is there a mask like that one?
*Hears 10 seconds* ..... NOPE.  (Really though, it's a nice song)
Super Saiyan Jesus
This beat fire fam
Byron Pruett
Hold the hell ☝ im 8 years old and i cours they dont play this jam in the movie they should hell