One Missed Call Theme Song

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Horror Music

Ken Renzo
That beat dropped harder than the white girl that always falls down when being chased by the killer, then takes 4 minutes to get up.
Roses are red Violets are blue Last time something this hard dropped It ended WWII
Song's better than the movie.
Linna Le
Halloween in the hood right here.😂
Undead Creature
that moment when you have 10 missed calls from mom
Adolf Hitler
That beat dropped harder than the twin towers
It was good until the bass dropped, then it became awesome.
Killer Queen
This...has a really nice beat.
I just noticed his eyes were a mouth. Wow
It was so creepy... and then the bass dropped
lazy astronaut
i swear to god i thought that the mouths were eyes...
Almighty Productions
Song is better than the movie itself
Cheesy MouseMC
(gets 20 missed calls from Mom) .... (plays this song)
shy here & there
That's my face when I'm all out toilet paper. :(
Diamond slayer
the picture is the face i make when i miss a call from my mom
Mark Roose
This shit ain't even scary, I listen to it because it has a good beat :D
Dominique svx
Nitro Coyote
Eh, Japanese version is better, and creepier.
Am I crazy because this song has a great beat and I actually enjoy it?
Luna Moon
I thought those were real eyes, so i was like WTF, what kind of eyes are those...but now i see that they'er not eyes. But mouth with noses
: P
I swear this could be a rap beat lmao xD
God Himself
I never really enjoyed the movie, but this theme song is fucking genius
How is this a horror movie theme xD omg it's amazing
Hobart Grappledonger
wasn't the movie supposed to be horror?
Athalia Colombia
*one missed call for mom*
MikoNiko Nii
I suddenly had the urge to make a Naruto Reference, because of the mouths..  Hey Deidara, I think I found one of your relatives. 
Trace XL
Seriously, someone freestyle on this track right now.
diauQ Ignis
Dankest ass Horror movie theme song I've ever heard
everything sounds creepy in the beginning.....then that beat drops and suddenly i wanna get and start dancing XD
Lizbeth González
...I can listen to this for hours omg.
thomas sanchez
2 Cute a Charm
Best horror movie theme song it sound so creepy in the begging then goes to Hip Hop
Dyamond Choi
japanese version was better xD
Shantisha Smith
The Theme Song To This Movie Is Not Even Scary! It's Hot! I'm Dancing To It More Than Growing Fear From It Lol.
That's the song I get when I get a missed call from Kanye west
myuuji should make a piano version of this song
Simon Henriksson
I love this song and movie ahha
such horror
Alex Coradini
I get high on this song.
emiliano garcia
me encanta esta mamada
Clayton Trahan
Beat dropped harder than a fat girl falling off the steps
*. K I N G S O M B R A .*
At first, I thought it was a spider guy T-T But than I looked closely.. And I was like What... the... Hell... IS GOING ON IN JAPAN!
Diego Molina
lol ...i bet the weeknd is gonna use this beat for his new single called "the eyes"
Lxrd Breezy
am i too high ..or the eyes are mouthes..
groovy fuck
this joint real live crank moe, on muvahs!
Christoher Dejesus
When I first saw the cover of the movie I was like "oh shit a horror movie...MOVIE NIGHT"
Jio Oliver s.geronimo
Is amazing the eyes is mouth
Titan AL
does anybody see that the eyes are the mouths that scream the peoples voices when they anwser
Mama Franku
The beat dropped harder than a typical girl tripping over air in a movie while running away from her killer.
MrZapasant sent me here.
Heuwire Evirant
What version movie,this the song? It's Japanese or American Version? It's just a question,that i have.
The japanese version is way creepier !
Ambrielle Wallat
My friend put on one miss call and pranked his brother darren and he started to screen and cry😂😂😂😂😂
Gloria Reyes
The song come on when I had a missed call from my mom and then the beat drop so hard my little sister fell XD
0:38 the moment when you knew that you had 100,000,000,000 people in your slumber party dancing...
Minecraft Arte tam primos primos
melhor música <3. :D
Super Saiyan Jesus
This beat fire fam
Is there a mask like that one?
Myranda Sharma
Feel like you can make good songs
The song was good up until about 0:37. It reminded me of the Child's Play theme.
Godson Eternal
I listen to this on Halloween
Shanica Cosby
Im dancing to this
Masamune Takano
the kill
Graal Classic
I want this as my ringtone to scare my friends 😂😂
Xavier Cabello
0:37 DAB
Clém's Nutella
C'est yeux sont bien des bouche et un nez au début j'ia cru c'étais des yeux de mouches :x :D
Dixie Weatherly
I Like This Song! xD
Smile Dog
I love this theme omg awesome
Fuck Google
Xkcreeper For life
i just noticed his eyes is actually a mouth with two noses creepy as hell
addisa irving
I love this song
Speed = 1.5 You're welcome.
natalie thiel
its better than dead silence soundtrack
Stefan Borggren
This started out as a creepy song than it became a beat for dequans new mixtape
Mehmet Arslan
deep web :D
Roasted Carrot
Oh man it so good!
When you answer the call of your phone and nobody talks anything, but instead you can hear breaths and whispers coming from the other side of the phone line 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Intriguing... but highly disturbing
Disobey Fafa
Look at the two dots above the eyes it looks like people having a giant crap!
Byron Pruett
Hold the hell ☝ im 8 years old and i cours they dont play this jam in the movie they should hell
Kaylie Veal
It has a really nice beat
ぽぽぺぺ PSID gappoi701
O Duro é que não há letras , mas tem o Tom incrível.
the producers were in the lab cooking damn this fire
Mettgret Mett
Now I get it...The eyes are screaming mouths...... -_-
LaTonya Mayes
I played this beat on blast while driving in the hood on Halloween. Everybody head was turning to see what it was.
Sashimi is bad
Horror music is better than Christian music
Ernie Games
Hit the dab on em lol
lol lol
havia escuchado del juego de la llamada pero no sabia que abia una cancion y se que esta en youtube en loquendo:v ademas es la original o no por que me extraña que sea echo por consola DJ diganme
nikki hollister
black yoshi crashi swager 15
Sonic.exe soundtrack
ᴅᴏʟᴀɴᴀᴛᴏʀ 99
I make a mistake... I listen it 2am the night... WITH THE LIGHTS CLOSED... (*_*)
Trace XL
Alice grabs her vorpal blade, her cards, and her hobby horse. She is done running, finished hiding, and over being scared. This is her Wonderland, and tonight, it will not be she who loses her head.
Sofie u
The songs are Always better than the movies
Niko Cuello
muy buena la pelicula pero una pregunta soy el unico que habla español?
Estas pegado con cosas de miedo WoW 😱 tiene canales de miedo vídeos de terror le gusta todo de terror
Mr. Anonymous
one missed call music it's like your hiding from it and I have guns and your a swat team
Emily Evans
Roses are red Violets aren't blue You missed a call Now this person's coming for you