Hot Race, Cold Dogs: 2,100 km by dog sled across Kamchatka’s wild tundra

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Dogs are eager to hit the snowy trek, and mushers are making final preparations at the starting line of Beringia race. Ahead of them is 2,100 kilometers across the northern wilderness of Kamchatka region in Russia’s Far East. We follow the reigning champions and first-timers throughout this grueling endeavour, as they push beyond their limits, help each other, and prove a special bond between humans and dogs. SUBSCRIBE TO RTD Channel to get documentaries firsthand! /> FOLLOW US RTD WEBSITE: />RTD ON TWITTER: />RTD ON FACEBOOK: />RTD ON DAILYMOTION />RTD ON INSTAGRAM />RTD LIVE

A special thank you to RT for doing such a fine documentary as this. Fantastic scenery and such hardy people the Russians from the teams taking part to the race organisers. Also to Alisa who did so well. Really enjoyed that.
Terry Davis
1 h doc omg!!thanks RT!
That was one hell of a dog team race!
Porsche Collector
I'm glad they now put booties on sled dogs. Paw injuries are the most common
Andre Zanatti
Love dogs :D ;) <3 !!!
Derek Charette
Females have no business in this sport. None whatsoever. They are too weak and they will only cause others to get killed in dangerous weather who have to venture out and save the women because they shouldn't be out there in the first place if they can't take care of themselves.
Sarah Phipps
Do you ever race where the dogs are sitting & riding the sledge while 16 humans run & pull it along???
Mr Person01
This looks so cool
Собачек жалко 50:35 😥
Löwe Killer
Bei Minute 50 diese Mädchen zwingt die Hunde sie übersieht ein verletzten Hund sie war nicht lieb zur seine Hunden herzlos
Nikola Andjelich
the best from RT <3 love it!
Roy Earle
I wanna sniff those doggies....
Great documentary...nice job RT
الخالق Creator - الجحيم - الجهنم - النار - البقوس Bugs البقوس - النار - الجهنم - الجحيم - الخالق Creator
ninja jin
If only Russia did not sell Alaska.
So how many poor dogs died in this race?
Did you know that a snowmobile has already been invented? :D
s kashyap
Super animals
Nicolq Roberts
This is a disgusting sport. It's animal cruelty. You could see how those dogs where suffering. How on earth is this allowed