Fortnite Funny and WTF Moments (Longest Sniper Shot!) (Battle Royale)

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Fortnite Funny and WTF Moments (Longest Sniper Shot!) (Battle Royale) Fortnite Battle Royale Fortnite is described as a co-op sandbox survival game and is about exploration, scavenging items, crafting weapons, building fortified structures, and fighting waves of encroaching monsters.Tim Sweeney, Epic's founder, described the game as "Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead". In up to teams of four, players must survive and defend one or more control points from waves of zombie-like creatures. Missions have accelerated day-and-night cycles and may cover a period of up to fourteen days. During the day, there are no creatures, allowing players to explore the randomly-generated map, save survivors, collect resources, and use these resources to craft weapons and armor for use in combat or build defenses to protect themselves and the control point. These defenses include walls, floors, staircases, and ceilings to create fort-like structures, and traps that will trigger when creatures pass over them. Players have the option to use different building materials with different strength values, and to customize some structures for specific features, such as adding a door or a window.[4] When night arrives, creatures will spawn in waves and attempt to attack the control point and any structure in its way. Players can use a variety of weapons to fend off the creatures and repair damage to their fort structure. Missions typically have several objectives, some of which require the players to locate special goo balls around the map and bring them to an objective to end the mission or trigger the next part of it. Players may also complete optional objectives within these missions, such as finishing the mission in a limited number of in-game days or with a limited number of defensive structures. If these objectives are met, the players are given additional rewards at the end of the mission. Fortnite Daily Funny and WTF Moments Ep. 3 (Best Fortnite Funny Moments) Fortnite Daily Funny and WTF Moments Ep. 3 (Best Fortnite Funny Moments) Fortnite Daily Funny and WTF Moments Ep. 3 (Best Fortnite Funny Moments) Fortnite Daily Funny and WTF Moments Ep. 3 (Best Fortnite Funny Moments)

Ben Shapiro Equals Much logical boi
Roses are red I am new I just clickbaited, like if u did 2
Its Wednesday my dudes
At 5:08 He said: "I warned you dude, I told ya dont mess with my stairs. I warned you dude."
KingKobra 9559
6:26 when u finish ur homework
Jay Krom
10:50 is what you came for
2:56 - 3:37 That was actually fire
10:57 your welcome
Harrison Wall
2:14 guy looks creepy af
TwitcheeYT _
did anyone notice that at 11:31 he has 140 health HMMMM No Hacking at all totally legit
No Name
5:34 sounds like a chicken
Cal Doolox
Put on subtitles at 4:23 Haha!
Vy Zl-_-
Bets play of 2017 4:23
Versus Fortnite
2:20 where is the streamer? I cant see him
re-j houdijk
2:13 he is scary af
xd is NuTTy
2:57 cracked me up like if u agree
Agent NC
4:22 - 5:09 the best play of 2017 ever
Barbarian Scum
5:40 that's how I play :)
HaveMoney HaveHeart
*Whos the guy that was freestyleing?* 😂
Analisa Melculo
If You want to know how is the guy 5:00 to 5:14 he is Spanish and his name is (Lolito fdez)
Real Shady
3:00 is the best 😂
Salty adamabitsalty
😂😂 @ 4:11 look in the chat it’s says DanTheDaily was struck by the ban hammer lol
Who else is from 2018-2019?
2:06, gotta love the facecam
Josh'sLife - Make Money Online
Omg Bull no way you actually commented on my recent video <3 I'm a huge fan <3
The Freestyle rap was Really Nice
Jay Loop
Please link for the video of 3:10 ... That rap was awesome !!!
Jd Moosetracks
3:27 bars!!!!!!
Justin Stamboulie
2:09 where is the dude (sorry for racism but I’m being serious )
Wortez Kensei IV
wtf quesqui fou là nems mdrr
xThuggie C
Sniping is so much easier on pc. I'd like to see them try it on consoles
Y'a Laink je suis content
Ellen Kron
Best moment:3:00
Nakia Brown
7:07 - 7:28 😂
Harry Officer
lol pause it at 4:11 and someone got banned "struck by the ban hammer"
5:34 is that a chicken
Why is there nobody in the facecam at 2:11
4:30 lolito!!!!!!
WTF IS AT 2:56!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brandon Ryan
i got a snipe while he was gliding 291m i want to send it but i dont know how to ;c
SirBoom Knight
Someone got banned at 4:10 look at the bottom left
King creeper Gaming
Ur so right sounds like a chicken
Andrew Cendejaz
You are gay
Joe Whiteley0711
Nice clickbait thumbnail
Ty Brannen
4:30 amazing
you are best my xbox one console name is hushedpaladin54
Christian Moser
5:07 did he realize that he won? Sry for my bad english
Elite Cizzorz
Wish I was this good :(
Look at 8:37 It's MrBboy a french famous ytbeur MrBboy le youtubeur français ;)
UndergroundLife 666
Man the graphics of this game are so bad Even the mobile game (Rules of survival) battle royale has so much better graphics like pubg of pc
Look at 5:31 favorite part
2:57 is the best play of all time.
Ironbot27 E
Right after watching 2:56 ... Now I want to commit Seppuku ...
FlawSinStylE G.
At 5:08 biggest rage in my life i might have broke the T. v. if Someone killed me like that.
Francisco Ruiz
Why is this guy getting money from other peoples clips At least he game them credit but still
6:58 whahahahahahha
2:06 looks so scary
8-bit acid
Straight fire
Ceon Rodriguez
Dakotaz is the best player heeere
Ez hhH.
Qeyans Abdurasa
What is the name of the game
C-thaliro Gaming
5:02 😂😂😂
Cronus Oblivion
4:00 A god at this game Dies
Soccer Lunatic
5:37 MEEEEEEE!!😂😂😂
2:11 E.T is playing The game tho
サム - Sam
You should give credit to the peoples clips
Mr Bomber
5million watcher
2:06 Michael Jackson 😂
Fvge :c
5:00-5:15holy shut
Heath Dalmont
What is music at 11:06
2:16 in the bottom left is so creepy I got the chills
Hawk gaming
They should do a youtuber fortnite battle
xbl is NielsHenry2015
LOL 2:22 guy looked possed for me
2:16 when your too Black for the facecam
2:04 there is a flying headset
Loris Pascarella
2:02 i see only red headphones
tryhard noob
2:03 I don’t mean to be racist but that facecam is mainly scary cos he’s black
Ghost of Ronin
2:20 didn't know they had a face cam I thought it was a black screen
5:32 No way XD ツ
5:00 just watch, is that fake because just how?!?
Ziad Osta
Could someone please tell me what's his name on twitch 1:54?
That guy trying to rap was the cringiest thing I’ve ever witnessed
2:15 what a god
xd Sainz
2:00 I can't see anyone😂😂 no hate
tryhard noob
In the minute 2:28 i dont see anyone
Christian Baxter
"Some might say I'm a God at this game" falls to death 5 seconds later 😂😂
how do people stand and play???
abooddasaveg #savegsforlife
2:07 looks hella scary face
Father Timm
Best part is 5:15-5:49
Matteo Pupp
° ͜ʖ ͡ -
2:22 person??
Ali Mohamed
2:13 I can only see 👀 eyes and teeth
Its really easy to snipe on pc than on console
4:22 my fav 😂😂😂😂😂
Haha OMG 😂
Stefano De Ferari
4:50 copy right de byviruz