Prophets Carn & Danso 2-8 Worshipping Prophesying Deliverance Toronto

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Prophet Brian Carn & Prophet Kofi Danso. Ministering at Miracle Arena In Toronto, Canada. Worship, Singing, Deliverance, Prophesying Monday 2-8-16

Christopher Washington
everyone talking about he's false. nah false prophets don't do this. he's real!!!
Zziwa Michael
am very thankful to GOD for these two prophets,you are inspiring many to fall in love with GOD,MAY he continue to feed you so that you can enrich others worldwide.
Jose Senecharles
Good thinks oh God, thank you!!
Henry Pepple
where do i start from cos whenever i want to cry out my heart to God and to worship and feel his presence Brian takes me to that point where we are nothing without him,what an anointed prophet of the most high God,i don't care what people might say about him but Brian Carn is a servant of the most high God,i love the part that say talk to him because nobody knows what i'm going through oh i cried because he is the all knowing God.
Paris Smith
At mark 42:30 that was when it got heavy!
Leago Madumo
Thank you sis Gina.....So Blessed!!!
Debbie Owens
I really enjoyed this video. God bless you prophet Carn.
Nadine Romeo
Thank You Gina may the Lord bless you!
Festo Owiny
what a blessed service it must have been! Awesome indeed. God's so amazingly using Prophet Carn and we're so blessed by this post-God bless you Gina.
Dennis Blankson
thank you God
Nadine Romeo
Look at Prophet Carns fancy footwork lolzzz bless his heart what a phenomenal service 😃😄😆😀💜💛💚💙👍I enjoyed this service
I was looking for this video, thanks SOOOO much for posting it Gina!!! :)
Nelly Ssuubi
maaaaaaaaaaaaan....this was something else..these are the services a person needs in life
Shirley Davis
if you can forward this message to prophet please do.I don't understand why he is blaming President Obama for a decision the supreme court made to legalize same sex marriage .I love Prophet Carn but this is not OBAMA'S decision!!!!Lets PRAY FOR OUR PRESIDENT!
lewis robinson
Prophet is blessed!
Emmanuel Awuah
this is the hand of the lord
I really enjoyed this
Maria Holmes
"You are the risen king, seated in majesty......"
Benny poks
thanks Gina and God bless you for posting this video.
Lynette Francis
alex ahovi
No More Delay
this one has volume issues
Thank sister Gina for posting this video, GOD bless you!