The Art of THE STRANGERS: The Home Invasion Realized

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Trevor Hensley
What I find so scary is that, to ME, at least, it feels like this could happen to anyone at any time. Granted, that's the idea, but still.
Suave DaArtist
this is one of the few horror movies that actually kinda scared me
Nathan Robert Harkins
*"Oh my god, there's a bang at the door"*
Liam Pendergast
I remember watching The Strangers for the first time at a friend's beach cottage a long time ago. And that made the film so much scarier. I watched plenty of times in my apartment and my families own home in the suburbs and it never had the same effect it did in that particular environment. I felt that isolation and helplessness while watching the film.
Patrick Hogan
Now go watch the YMS on this movie.
Johnny Nemo
Honestly from a pure horror perspective i feel like this is one of the best ever made because it's one of the only movies to scare the shit out of me upon first viewing
Indie Bytes
Nice bottle of Kraken there, buddy!
This is honestly a fear I have sometimes. A person/people just randomly causing me harm / trying to kill me for no reason. The first half of the strangers is so good! :(
Can she get it?
this movie was mad underrated. a lot of ppl came in to see a simple horror movie. but if u come in to watch it with an open mind, it is much more entertaining.
Rosinante Donquixote
I like how you started with filming yourself with an partially exposed window and I was just waiting for someone to appear. I don't know if it was intentianal but it was a nice touch for this video.
Simply Cifer
I totally forgot Glenn Howerton was in this film! I watched this so long ago I didn't even know. I'm excited to see next week's video.
Chel Ryan
I'm honestly a little disappointed that you aren't a bigger fan of The Strangers! IMO it's one of the best horror movies because of how non-narrative it is. There's something scarier about someone wanting to cut you up just because, rather than some vaguely supernatural killer with some half-baked revenge subplot. Also the soundtrack is iconic. The scene with Joanna Newsom's 'Sprout and the Bean' is insanely well done and ratchets the tension up to 11. Even without the entire killers plot, The Strangers is a highly effective emotional drama. The scenes with the two victims both pre-and-post horror elements are beautifully shot and well acted enough that I buy into their melancholy. All in all I think The Strangers is a highly effective horror film. In terms of being a directorial debut I'd say it's about par with Donnie Darko. Both disturbing, odd, out-of-place, increibly brave choices for a debut and both handled deftly by their respective directors.
There's a film called "Them" (ils) that is sort of the good version of the strangers. in fact when this movie came out I was sure this was an American take on the film.
Melissa Gardner
A movie that completely freaked me out was Vacancy (2007).
This was filmed down from my house....its actually near a really really nice neighborhood with a dollar general around the corner
Shea Layton
Even if I didn't enjoy a movie, I am always glad when someone helps me find reasons to appreciate it. There's beauty in everything, and practicing that thinking pattern in art helps me apply it to the real world. Thanks!
HappyKillJoy Productions
“It doesn’t try to be overly stylistic” True for the first film, then you look at the sequel lol that’s STYLISTIC AF
I'd love to see you do a video about Funny Games!
Yup, I'm glad you covered this gem of a movie. I'm not into horror, but this....this movie still lingers inside my head.
The Greek Pianist
Home invasion movies really scare me because they can easily happen in real life. You analyzed the film real good! I can't wait to watch The Strangers: Prey at Night
Word Unheard
So, next week you'll be discussing Scream, eh?
Carson Givens
This movie (and scream) were the 2 movies that taught me not all killers were supernatural undying beings. It will always be in my top 5 horror films because of how real it was.the real ness made it so much scarier to me. The sack hooded man appearing in the background of the house is what always got me most. What makes it more real is the fact it was somewhat based on the Manson murders. I think you did a great job breaking this film down.🖤🖤🖤
Similar to 'Funny Games' and 'Vacancy' these films are psychologically frightening not gut churning like say, Saw or Hostel. Much scarier. I hope Strangers 2 will not disappoint.
The Greatest Hero
Nothing scary about being home alone at night when I got my 12 gauge by my side 🙌🏻
>if no one answered the door, they would break in. i rarely ever answer the door...worriedlaughter.gif
I see you like Kraken I also like Kraken
Caitlin Brewer
You might wanna check out The Aggression Scale. It's kind of a R-rated Home Alone with and extra sibling and the Kevin expy being a child sociopath with extreme aggression issue (not that different from the actual Kevin).
i enjoyed the strangers for the concept it just felt very generic and way too long. it could've been way better but oh well
Morgan S
This is genuinely one of the most effectively frightening movies I've ever seen, even if it's not technically very good.
thatOne Guy
DesertFox73 •
I thought the first half of this movie was great, and it has some really good scenes. My favorite was probably the guy with the sack head standing in the background with no music.
'Them' is a vastly superior version of this story and concept and deserves all the attention this film gets. All the way through The Strangers I couldn't help but compare it to Them which really prevented me getting into it. It's like watching a pointless remake when you know the superior original is available to watch instead.
Lauren E
7:50 why? Because of the implication?
Dorm Life Sports
I live way out in the country and this film hit me right in the vulnerable spot because I feel like this could happen to me. Great video for one of my favorite horror films
generic whitemale
Do an analysis of martyrs, raw, or excision
William Seamon
I haven't started watching but I hope this is about how the movie fails at making effective scares EDIT: I wasn't disappointed
Jake-Zucco Art
I loved The Strangers! It does genuinely spook me, considering I had gone through a situation where my house was broken into. No one was home, luckily enough, but you're stuck with that fear of knowing someone you don't know (or possibly do know) has broken into somewhere you feel safe - therefore making it feel unsafe. I think the idea of a home invasion is one of the most realistic fears there is these days, it's more common than we think and this movie did a good job illustrating that.
And then there's Hush, which in my opinion did a much better job.
Not to be fascist but
The sequel is pretty good too. The Bonnie Tyler Pool scene is a masterpiece.
Chris Rudd
A lot of the faults you pull out could simply be reworded as positives, especially if the elements were deliberate. The tension of "waiting for horror to arrive" would be called suspense by someone with a positive starting point. Describing it as not entertaining but a "well conditioned imitation of reality" that makes the small features and the questionable safety the lead features of much of the film is practically contradicting yourself, if you only hear half of that sentence it sounds like unilateral praise. I'm still gonna watch the rest of these.
I love home invasion horror. It's so real and genuinely terrifying.
"And in theory" 00:32 you get Michael Haneke's 'Funny Games'! Sorry for interrupting, now on to the video. Edit: Then you reference the 2007 remake and that makes me very sad.
Scope Out Horror Reviews
You compared this film to funny games Ryan pls do a review on funny games Ppl hated it but failed to realize its whole message
Vanth Dreadstar
Other actors that have serious comedic chops that could throw a curve ball into an older horror you may not have seen: Ty Burrell in Dawn of the Dead (2004) Rainn Wilson in House of 1000 Corpses (2003)
Lucas See
my older brother let me watch this when i was four and it completely destroyed me like i couldn't sleep for three days and honestly it has changed my entire life
Going back to that “It’ll be easier next time” sequence...that’s where I end the movie. The strangers drive away and there’s a momentary blackout, and from there I just skip to the credits (literally, if you hit the skip chapter button, it’ll take you to the end credits). That way we lose that ridiculous jump scare at the end (as it is a total b-slap to the film’s mostly mood-based setup), and this sort of “self-made alternate ending” brings the film back to that creepy, morose feeling that the opening provided us with so strongly. The jump scares in this movie seem to be this film’s biggest complaint/downfall, and I echo that sentiment myself, but I do think people are a little harsh on this film sometimes. To me, it was pretty solid. Too many jumps did affect the eerie mood, and that jump scare ending is in fact an entire number drop in my rating...but aside from those things, I enjoy it.
Sean Gerant
good review !!..........but I still think the movie is a masterpeace !!
Pale rider, Pale horse
You're doing Scream next. I'm calling it now.
River Bucknor
The more recent movie, "Us", follows the same fear. it would be awesome if you did a video on it
Lord Farquaad's Beautiful Chest Hair
why did I watch this at 12 pm?
When this movie kept playing on HBO when I was a kid o would be terrified when it played
The last li e is meant to remove the sypernatural and set them in the realm of having done a job. Some mundane thing.
Jack Skinner97
hey im loving your videos since you have came back and rebranded. i love the point you made about the house in this film since i was watching Mother! and it felt that the director of that film tried to do that in the film but bulit it in Jennifer Lawrence character which worked well.
] ginock [
Yep. Seeing Glenn did the same to me. But it made me smile so...
Delbert Grady
One of the greatest youtube channels
I DESPISE THIS MOVIE! i literally had to watch it in multiple sittings, it pissed me off so much and i got so bored.
"Oh my god there's a bang at the door": The Movie
Laura Beveridge
Your videos are great and the tone and delivery of your words is great!
benjamin davies
This guy is amazing he should have so many more subscribers
The Big LeBoschski
i think its perfection in terms of realism horror. it is fearful and bleak because it is something you can imagine actually occuring. i am looking forward to the sequel.
The next video is Scream, isn't it?
Justin Lance
I love the first hour of the film. The handheld camera technique works well for it. I especially respect that Bryan Bertino kept the lighting natural and didn’t use gratuitous lighting. It makes the nature and tone of the film all the more atmospheric and haunting. And, more importantly, realistic. I agree the last 30 mins kinda suck. It all went downhill after Glenn Howerton dies lol.
Shataneek Bhattacharya
Can you do a video on calvary and the seasoning house
Joanna F.
Just found ur channel gotta say ur pretty cute
The call came from inside the house!
Jesse Bird
Always drinkin that Kraken x)
A fun home invasion movie that recently came out that I enjoyed was better watch out Had a lot of fun with that.
Hazard Rider
Oh no, there’s a banging at the door!
Nick Janz
Ah youre a kraken man I see. Good choice!
Nathan Robert Harkins
Is the next vid on Tucker and Dale Vs Evil?
Hdudh Bchdh
A fellow norn Irish person not many on the platform
Rods toy box
'Them' is far better.
cant tell if the sequel is better or worse
Would've liked to hear exactly how the movie didn't deliver for you. I haven't seen it, just would've like to know. Lovely video as always
Holy shit Kraken Rum is the best!
I think the film should’ve ended on that “it’ll be easier next time” scene rather than the unnecessary Hollywood jump scene which follows and takes it down a peg; that hideous “jump scare mainstream bull crap” that audiences are constantly injected with. Rather, ending the film on just the strangers driving away...and that’s it...there’s nothing left to be said....that would’ve been very creepy (imo), and when I watch this film, that’s how I do it, because the actual ending just messes it all up and further solidifies the formulaic structure that it inevitably falls into.
i thought it was good. that scene where the dude is in the house and just standing there
Hopefully there's a video about You're Next.
Richard Mata
Why do I watch these videos right before bed...
6:32 - _"THiS iS A BrItISH tHIng"_
Kraken's the best with Pepsi.
Chris Pitts
Dude, you need to get better rum. Try Doorly's XO
What's your thought on Bertino's other film The Monster?
Cassius Eagen
I hope you mention how Dennis Reynolds gets shot in the face.
Daud Ramay
so you're gonna talk about Scream next week! :D
There is another actual murder that this movie is based on. It was the Keddie Murders. Ironically, some of the things you just criticized the movie for were taken from that case. Number one example being the house full of murders and two children finding the bloody mess in the morning. You should check it out.
Gordon rass kwasi
It's funny how the movie "the open house" from netflix try to do the same kind of horror but fail so hard. everything just feel pointless
Why do these people try to not protect themselves, I know I know its a movie, but come on.
Mr Chills
A lot horror reviewers try and fail yet you are good. Sub.
Will Strickland
Its funny because DENNIS is a serial killer in Sunny in Philidelphia lol
Chile Pepper From Chile
Oh my god there’s a bang at the door!
This was one of the scariest movie for me. I get more scared when things could happen to me!
Chris Grey
I really didn't care for The strangers movies
Yamato Hotsuin
I'm guessing next week will be Scream, then?
Anyone know the title of the violin track that kicks in around 1:00 ?
Very surprised this movie wasn't more loved! Very few horror movies really stick with me long after I watch them but this one got me. I live in the woods and for probably a year after I watched this it would give me an extra uneasy feeling when looking out my window into the trees. Real life horror is very random and cruel which I think was well represented in this movie.
Regenerated Witch
I watched it 2 am alone. I don’t usually get scared but that worked out.
Can you please talk about the quite place?
Hands down the most suspenseful movie I've ever seen