GTA 4: Iron Man VS Hulk! - (Funny Moments w/ Mods)

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Thanks for 20,000 likes! Probably the longest GTA 4 Mod video taken to edit. Finally done. Sorry it took a day longer than supposed to, took longer than expected to edit. Anyways, I present to you two epic mods combined together: Iron Man VS Hulk! Thank you to "mcThepoogs" for the idea! MODS: ● Hulk: />● Iron Man IV: /> - /> - /> • Twitter: />• Facebook Page: />• Store! (UK): />• Store! (US): /> Music Used (In Order): • "Ghostpocalypse - 7 Master" - Kevin MacLeod - />• "Epic Adventure" - Kosinus Music • "Dangerous" - Kevin MacLeod - />• "Boulangerie" - LynneMusic • "Fatal Fight Rock Mix (15 Secs)" - Perre Gerwig Langer • "Pop Goes The Weasel" - Kevin MacLeod - />• "Strength of a Thousand Men (Remix)" - Instrumental Core • "Journey Through the Victory" - Instrumental Core

Rosa Saldivar
This video is so old but is still really cool like if you agree
2018 anyone?
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This guy deserves more subs than pewdiepie
Jack Gran8
Like if he should go back to GTA 4 mods
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Who's watching this in 2017?
Watching this again in 2018 T.T
Reece Mc
who is watching this in 2017
Jairo Morales
who saw the iron man suit in the back when he was eating the hot dog at 8:01
Space Waffles# 325
3:31 "I dont have any weapons expected this baseball bat" *grabs a diamond pickaxe out of nowhere*
SKD_ Cascade
I wish I knew how to edit like you
NoRita SanChez
jenna rose
this video is old in fact I still watch the gta 4 series I saw them sence they first came out thegaming lemon bring the gta 4 series back plz.
12:52 -13:04 look in window
maxkiller 1416
3 years later still watching it it is so funny
Daniel Jr
Part 2 Idea : Brad has to find out who made the Hulk, then he does but the Creator is 3x Stronger and gonna need a bigger Suit.
Darius French
Who's STILL watching this in 2017?
Ultraman spark Ultra warrior
Brad is the man like if u agree
Greedy Mexicano
Who’s watching in 2020 Brad
The Grassy Man Productions
This is a better than the film
You would be a good director for a movie gaming lemon
Someone give this an Oscar best actor of all time
Ant Cheif
I don't why the first part made me laugh😂
Maxwell Brown
Why would 3000 people dislike this is amazing
Fade Yeet
TheGamingLemon is the only person I've ever known to make GTA 4 look better than GTA 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Davis Sh
2018 anybody
trueshadic 01
jacob_the_pro 495
Hold on if it is a unknown creature then how did they know it was hulk ?
Reaper Motions
Thumbnail : IRON MA VS HULK
Watching in 2018?
Lightning_M_ PRO
Who's watching this in 2018 or 2019?
Cee Chan
im so sad that he doesnt do these videos anymore. these videos like police mod all of these are probably the best most entertaining videos ever made. i love your videos brad and you should return to youtube,doing daily. you are the must underrated youtubers ever, but also one of the best <3
Mikey Myatt
Who's watching this in 2017😀
keesie games
still the best vs in GTA in genarel
that one guy
Infinity war is the most ambitious cross over yet! Me: imma stop you tight there.
Subash Nagarajan
2019 anyone?
Am I the only one in 2k19
Bruh Sound Effect #2
Better than superman vs batman
Jovany Raya
You make stan lee proud with your video you did. It was amazing
gfdrhhfehrgrhrElijah Pierce
Lori Jaey P. Matthews
This is like a movie!!!! So cool!!!
Cxld KEiTH QuinCy
R.I.P Geoff...
Haha I love this guy. XD
Like if this is better than Spider-Man Gta Iv mod!!
Gay Wolf
2019 anyone ?
Julian Johnson
R.I.P Geoff Threeves Around 0:40 to 1:00 😫😥😫
Karma Hunterz
destiny king
what an amazing intro keep up the good intros
jamie C
jacob_the_pro 495
did you hear thegaminglemon say uh oh spagettios XD
Cashay Duncan
"Apart from this baseball bat" *pulls out a pick axe
Victor Tovar
Nice inspirational speech
Christian Maxwell
10 years later it is still a good game
9:02 Good timing with the music 🎶
Manuel Menchaca
2018 anybody?
MiLkA Gamer
2 0 1 8 ?
Rajae Morris
2019 anyone?
Как вызвать халка? Скажите пожалуйста!!
Fizzy Toast
10:43 favourite line
Andrew Avendano
Wait the suit you first made well was first but then when you went to go talk to James you said it was number 4 suit
ma naem e jeff
Jake Pollard
"sir I just saved your life" "I just ended your life"
matrix 910
No paro de ver estoooo
The only real Dirty Dan
8:15 Song?
iii sss
OMG, this was 6 years ago! I remember when it first came out!
AR Studios
why isn't this iron man's origin?
Minie Wilson
you r the best
Javour Wright
YEP BE ironman and kill that hulk gaming lemon keep it up
Xxxtantacio N
good times
David Arth
If this was a freakin' movie, I would pay extra to watch it. This is better than Avengers: Age of Ultron to be quite honest. SOMEONE CONTACT A DIRECTOR STAT!
Rondel Isaac
It is cool
Z9 Online
2019 anyone??
Oscar OV
The Graphics difference in GTA4 and GTA5 also GTA4 had way more interactive shit that’s 5.
Cody Wheatley
Can please make more videos
Charles Schaming
Dear Rockstar, I like GTA 5, i want to compliment rockstar on the HUGE sandbox they created for us, I also enjoy the fact that they brought back the weapon wheel from red Dead redemption, and combining other aspects from their other games, I also like and enjoy driving cars around the desert an greenlands, flying around the city, narrowly escaping head-on crashes, (my favorite place to explore is the deep sea in a yellow submarine, because I live in it), it makes me think they want to own up to the mistakes they made in GTA IV, (the attention to the small little details in the life simulator continues to impress me) which makes me think, will they listen to the complaints about GTA V?  -First of all, rockstar, listen to your REAL fans, its up for you to decide who they are. I love the game overall, but the radio, what the fuck? Its a step in the right direction from gta 4, but I hate how the majority is ONLY FILLER.  -I mean, just look at non stop pop for example, theres only 2 songs that can be described as "pop" and thats the Hall and oates and pet shop boy songs, the rest is hip hop or techno. The people in charge don’t even know what pop is, and that's a shame. -robocop wanted system, I like the idea of stealth, but do they magically know where I'm at? I was hiding on top of building and they spot me. I stole a car and drove off, but a cop spawned 30 feet in front of me, (don't say otherwise, because I was watching the map) and I switched cars when the cops weren't looking, but the cop car that dove by noticed me because the undercover system is wayyyy too sensitive. Why can't they just only recognize me if I drive violently? The ideas are good, but they are fundamentally broken, and I will not accept that. - I heard they might add in more radio stations as dlc (very EA like, might i add) i hope this is the case, because then, they would give us the other half (good half) of the radio as dlc, and that is better than nothing. (Nothing would be rockstar leaving their radio alone half finished) i don't like what rockstar are turning into... i mean they have GTA Online, which is just an attention and money grab, you don't need an attention grab for a game series like GTA, plus, once a game goes online or MMO, it'll not be as good, just look at Elder Scrolls Online for example, (Elder Scrolls is my favorite series of all time, and I was disappointed with a PAINFULLY AVERAGE online game of it.) -and by the looks of gta 5 storyline, it looks like they barely gave a shit and were like "pacing with a longer narrative? FORGET THAT!! Lets copy off of the newer saints row because they originally copied off of us, SHORT ASS STORY WITH EXPLOSIONS!!!" -With that in mind, please rockstar, fix the narrative pacing, even if you have to put in generic drive from A to B like missions, that way there will be proper build up to awesome missions. Also, some of the missions in V felt like they were multiple missions crammed half-hazardly together, like in the middle of a simple driving mission where Trevor drives to Los Santos to reunite with his old mentor, Trevor randomly interrupted the narrative going on at that minute because he wanted to blow up a biker gangs trailer park... what?...  why couldn't that have ITS OWN MISSION? all that would do is make the mission count larger, that would not hurt... oh, Rockstar were desperate to increase the fun meter in the game, meaning every mission HAD to have an explosion. Well, "over the top" is never the same as "fun" sometimes, people view simple story moments as fun... - no first few hours of the game being built up? Like GTA 4. This would've made me actually care for the narrative. Step back in my opinion. -you're trying too hard to be crazy. In GTA 4, everything Niko did that was crazy could be justified with reason. Rockstar seemed to like that since they did the crazy 10x with Trevor, with rhyme (clever ways to be crazy) over reason, and left the charm behind in the torn up asphalt from a Delorean being driven by a tiger. -put less filler in your radio, also no more filler side activities like golf just so you can make GTA seem like its bigger, (bigger is not better, sigh) instead, bring back quality side activities that MADE Vice City and San Andreas, like chainsaw massacre (btw, why are there no chainsaws, or other crazy melee weapons in GTA 5?) And gang/territory wars. Bring back the jetpack. (Since you DO enjoy teasing your fans about it in GTA 5) -don’t pull off EA like tactics (GTA Online credit sharks on PSN)  -dont copy off of saints row, because it wants to be its own thing now.  -i like the idea of gun customization, but really? It felt so limited and unimaginative. Why no James bond or Austin Power like gimmicks to add to your gun? That would be better than just a flashlight and suppressor. -Make the story serious again, less penis jokes. Oh, and below are suggestions to a better pop radio station...  Haddaway- what is love? Queen- under pressure Breathe- don't tell me lies Owl city- fireflies Stevie wonder- part-time lover A-Ha- take on me  Laura Branigan- Self Control Aerosmith- I don't wanna miss a thing Wang Chung- Don't Let Go  Toto- Africa George Michaels- Careless Whispers Billy idol- eyes without a face Tears For Fears- Head Over Heels Tears For Fears- Everybody Wants To Rule The World Foreigner- cold as ice Paul Young- Come Back and Stay Michael jackson- rock my world Michael Jackson- Man in The Mirror Simple minds- don't you forget about me Adele- someone like you Michael jackson- rock with you Soft cell- tainted love MGMT- Kids Europe- Final Countdown  Aldo Nova- fantasy  Stan Bush- The Touch Psychedelic Furs- Pretty in Pink  The romantics- Talking in your sleep Culture club- Karma Chameleon Queen- we are the champions Asia- heat of the moment Paul Engemann- Push it to the Limit Joe Esposito- You’re the Best (this game needs a kick ass karate kid reference) -With that list, your fans can properly compare your radio with previous entries in the series. No need to fix the rap stations, they were good, but i would add in more gangsta shit though, and again, put in gang wars and have the ability for the Families to take over LS. - For car customization, I'm sorry to say, is kinda boring. Put in more badass and various decals, and bring back nitrous. right now, the car customization is boring and half baked. Oh, you want me to JUST ACCEPT something as better than nothing? Or that its ONLY a step back in the right direction? No, i would rather have nothing (and have the original color randomizer thing from previous GTA's because, to be honest, that is much more fun than seeing how little the car upgrades visually affects my car) if the only interesting thing you can customize is the color, and suspension, (the car horn sounds, headlights color, and license plates are just details of nothing and SHOULDN'T BE THERE.) this is why i hate GTA 5, they're not bold enough to take it to the next step and make it more fun, they're too busy making the tone of GTA bipolar with tennis, golf, yoga, and interactive therapy simulations.  -Below are suggestions for a more gangster radio. Kendrick Lamar- Swimming Pools Eminem- under the influence 520 TRU- Cash Game Eminem- evil twin Mc Eith- Straight Up Menace Apache- gangsta bitch Lloyd Banks- Hands Up A$AP Rocky- Goldie  Ice cube- why we thugs Young Jeezy- I luv it  Eminem- lose yourself 2pac- California love Three 6 Mafia - Ridin' Spinna's  Eminem- brainless Eminem- legacy    -While you're at it, make an Indie station that is not intentionally bad (I know you were trying to poke fun at the Music industries stating that “any music goes”, and stating that Hipsters liked listening to trash and blah blah blah), but that was an insult.  - stupid preorder bonuses that are restricted off to anyone who didn't preorder. I want my Vintage GTA hammer, could care less for the blimp. -stupid chop app. Seriously? I have to buy a real app on my real phone... for what? Ohhhh.... chops happiness. Why restrict content off like that? The ability to make your pet dog happy would fit right in next to golf and yoga. Oh.... no, I don't want freshly squeezed milk. Thank you though. -why are there clothes and gun weapon color options restricted for GTA online? -why is the ability to purchase houses restricted to GTA online?? That shit worked perfectly in GTA SA and you didn't even have to be online. Milk overdose, take me to get my stomach pumped before I get rad gas. WHY DOES ANYTHING HAVE TO RESTRICTED TO GTA ONLINE? milk milk milk. -But the worst part of all? Gta doesn't even feel like GTA anymore. Gta was always about climbing that ladder, in San Andreas and gta 4, you start off literally in the gutter, and you SLOWLY climb to the top while you deal with a noteworthy antagonist while your trying to make a name for yourself, but in GTA 5 you already are at the top, and you just rob banks for fun, oh... and don’t worry, there’s no proper antagonist to go against, so the entire storyline is just cheery with a side of tea and crumpets :-P, V felt like an aftermath of a previous title or 3rd act of a story.  -Also, in previous titles, there was a single story arc worth about 90 or so missions, letting Rockstar flesh out the story as much as possible and add in story moments that urge the player to keep playing, like Dimitri burning down your safehouse and Romans business, and then later kidnapping Roman, then sending a hitman to Romans wedding to kill Niko and Roman. And Roman in GTA 4? His character and the relationship he had with Niko drove the story SO MUCH, when he was killed by dimitri at his own wedding, making his newfound wife give a bloodcurdling scream while Niko shot the Hitman’s dead corpse over and over again, it pissed me off and it drove me to instantly play the finale. But in GTA V? No, there was little to no character development, and the little development happened BEFORE the story even started.  -IN GTA V there were 3 story arcs, Trevor had an arc, Michael had an arc, and Franklin. Each were only 20 missions long, (some intertwined) not much room to flesh out, huh? That means the story moments that were supposed to drive the player, just failed to me. If the story was fleshed out more, I WOULD HAVE cared for Michaels family, meaning i would care when they moved out because of michaels behaviour, i would have cared when Devin sent "assassins" to kill them, and i would have cared enough to WANT to save them.  ------(Maybe the devs should have been bold enough to kill one of the family members in the ambush, to show that the antagonist wasn't an incompetent buffoon and could do serious damage, and later have an entire chain of missions where the family mourns their loss in EXTREME DETAIL to drive the story even further and AT LEAST ATTEMPT to put in emotion instead of jokes, like in the current mission, theres a shitty tea bagging joke. Seriously, at a story point like this??? How about replace that shittiness with a family member attempt to save Michael and have a drawn out battle ensue with sad piano music playing in the background, where that family member starts losing, but keeps fighting anyway, because of their growing devotion for Michael, ending with their life being taken, and their body falls to the ground in slow motion while Michael watches in horror (maybe he had a wound that made it impossible for him to get up and save them), maybe throughout the rest of the story he becomes more reckless, more willing to give up his own life, while at the same time he mourns his son and internally replaces Franklin as his son, making the "Kill Michael" ending make much more sense, Last of Us style. Sigh, this story HAD potential, but rockstar didn't go for it)  -But because the story was so rushed, i just viewed the family as annoying stereotypes. There, i said it. What does GTA 5 add??? STEREOTYPES!!! THAT'S IT! I also would have cared for Lamar, and would enjoy killing Stretch for trying to kill Lamar, but who was stretch again? His appearance was too insignificant for an antagonist. It's safe to say the entire story was too rushed for a noteworthy antagonist. -Gta is obviously going through an identity crises, just compare 4 and 5, 4 had a serious and engaging tone, and 5 trashed the serious tone for entertaining novelty... One of the things wrong with this game was that there was no proper backstory, nor tutorial. - I hear the story of how Trevors life sucked until he met Michael, who turned into his mentor so to speak. Michael and Trevor robbed banks until Michael had kids with a stripper and was forced to settle down, Ultimately being called "a pussy" by Trevor. Michael and Trevors relationship became shady when Trevor killed someone in public and Michael had to help him lay low. This all culminated to Michael snitching on Trevor so he can move on and go into protective services and start a family. <- where's this story?! I wanna play THIS ONE, it sounds like a proper first half of the game, oh well, it might become prequel dlc or something. Having it as a dlc is better than nothing.  -No, no no. You know what would be better? A proper antagonist that did something horrible to you to drive the story, and culminates to his death, just after the protagonist either mocks him or points out his flaws. Remember in V where Michael was kidnapped by the chinese drug overlord and tortured? Nope, me neither, because the story completely negates it afterwards. -Another annoying point about the Writing capabilities, why stereotypes? If you rely on parody and/or stereotypes to do the writing for you? You sir, are a lazy fuck. REAL writing takes passion and/or philosophy, and you are able to do your OWN writing and not rely on any other substance that is not your writing. Don’t give the whole “Well. Rockstar just took inspiration from LA culture.” NO, they're just incompetent hacks who are so uncreative they have to make a Sandbox game based off of a real location instead of using their actual brain and creating a new location that could be much better than LA., having realistic games dumbs down societies views of creativity. After saying all that, why can’t you create a game that is not absurdly realistic? Like the Elder Scrolls, or the new X-Men movie? Oh, what’s that? That way, you can’t have stereotypes get you out of a jam? Pathetic. Sad thing is that Rockstar won't care what the "minority" think. Because to them- Quantity
jessie parra
8:01 another one
2018 squad
Did anyone noticed when they finished building iron man pop goes the weasel was on in the background
Dank Mems!
Amit Vana Elal
Who is that on the left at 8:01?
Simon Vann
yo this is so cool is the iron man mod 4:17
Jack8_. t0urle8_.
4 years ago still watching and still funny
Jack Striderr
“I don’t have any weapons “ couple mins later pulls out a gun lol
This has been my favourite video for four years
Marie Sand
this is better and it looks like watching a movie
Blue Heroic
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1 like = 1 prayer for Geoff
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Old but gold.
2018 anyone? Still one of the best video ever
Human vs human = 50/50 chance? So.. me vs Brock Lesnar is a 50/50 chance of me winning?
Fortnite Fan#lol
2018 anyone?
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2018 anyone?
Mr Muffin303
One of my gablrite videos by him sk far
Aii Aii