GTA 4: Iron Man VS Hulk! - (Funny Moments w/ Mods)

Thanks for 20,000 likes! Probably the longest GTA 4 Mod video taken to edit. Finally done. Sorry it took a day longer than supposed to, took longer than expected to edit. Anyways, I present to you two epic mods combined together: Iron Man VS Hulk! Thank you to "mcThepoogs" for the idea! MODS: ● Hulk: />● Iron Man IV: /> - /> - /> • Twitter: />• Facebook Page: />• Store! (UK): />• Store! (US): /> Music Used (In Order): • "Ghostpocalypse - 7 Master" - Kevin MacLeod - />• "Epic Adventure" - Kosinus Music • "Dangerous" - Kevin MacLeod - />• "Boulangerie" - LynneMusic • "Fatal Fight Rock Mix (15 Secs)" - Perre Gerwig Langer • "Pop Goes The Weasel" - Kevin MacLeod - />• "Strength of a Thousand Men (Remix)" - Instrumental Core • "Journey Through the Victory" - Instrumental Core

Rajae Morris
2019 anyone?
Rohail Shaik
Chapters: Chapter 1 prologue Chapter 2 joe acting weird Chapter 3 random person gets arrested Chapter 4 going to James Chapter 5 The hulk attacks Chapter 6 Planing to destroy hulk Chapter 7 Robbing a burger place Chapter 8 IRON MAN vs Hulk Chapter 9 The huge upgrade Chapter 10 Iron man vs hulk Rematch
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This guy deserves more subs than pewdiepie
Ultraman spark Ultra warrior
Brad is the man like if u agree
Rosa Saldivar
This video is so old but is still really cool like if you agree
2018 anyone?
Watching this again in 2018 T.T
Mexican Beaner
I don't why the first part made me laugh😂
jacob_the_pro 495
did you hear thegaminglemon say uh oh spagettios XD
hero brine
you did great defeting hulk
Greedy Mexicano
Who’s watching in 2020 Brad
Brian Giovanni
holy shit 2019 btw this man predicted that one scene from Age of Ultron where iron man fights hulk. I need to sub to him now.
Reaper Motions
Thumbnail : IRON MA VS HULK
Jack Gran8
Like if he should go back to GTA 4 mods
Tiffany Mcneal
who is watching this in 2017
Comrade Eakon
The fact that you were able to condense a whole story arc into a 18 minute video by using mods is fucking amazing. One of the best videos on the site
mo sicko
Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good.
Soul Reaper Rex
7:45. That song sounds badass until you realise that it is “pop goes the weasel” in a remix form
maxkiller 1415
3 years later still watching it it is so funny
Christian Maxwell
10 years later it is still a good game
trueshadic 01
17:31 The map looks like a Smash Ball here. 🤣
Alvarez Cuates
I remember watching this video years ago, great times. :)
jhazter valles
hahaha fly car fire and boom ha😁😁😁
Cee Chan
im so sad that he doesnt do these videos anymore. these videos like police mod all of these are probably the best most entertaining videos ever made. i love your videos brad and you should return to youtube,doing daily. you are the must underrated youtubers ever, but also one of the best <3
Cxld KEiTH QuinCy
R.I.P Geoff...
The Grassy Man Productions
This is a better than the film
Jack Striderr
“I don’t have any weapons “ couple mins later pulls out a gun lol
Watching this after endgame !
Andrew Avendano
Wait the suit you first made well was first but then when you went to go talk to James you said it was number 4 suit
"Apart from this baseball bat" *pulls out a pick axe
Naekto ZERO
This guy predicted age of Ultron 3 years before it happened
ma naem e jeff
Am I the only one in 2k19
Michelle Henry
Do iron man Vs hulk part 2
Haha I love this guy. XD
Lori Jaey P. Matthews
This is like a movie!!!! So cool!!!
Emircan Ayyıldız
Sir, i dont know if you'll read this, but i wanted to thank you for all the good memories you gave me while i was just a little boi, that goes to high school. THANK YOU ^^
This video was the first video I watched that the gaming lemon made.
Watching in 2018?
Victor Tovar
Nice inspirational speech
This has been my favourite video for four years
Obnoxious Kool-Aid
One of my gablrite videos by him sk far
Darius French
Who's STILL watching this in 2017?
aka Fxde
TheGamingLemon is the only person I've ever known to make GTA 4 look better than GTA 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avengers age of Ultron remake
E lord of the undead
when they were first showing the iron man suit they had the jake in the box song in it
Lexi London
Been watching your vids for 6ish years now & they never get old! 2019 we all still love you! <3
Edwin gamer
Who else thinks that this would be good for a movie
AR Studios
why isn't this iron man's origin?
Thanos didn't kill Iron Man... Hulk did.
Davis Sh
2018 anybody
Josh Jones
whos watching this in june 2018
MW2 Spec Ops bridge mission. Awesome track right there. EDIT Wow. Again you used a track from CoD.
Tristan Cooper
When the gaming lemon was good
I've been watching your vids for 5 1/2 years and i still don't know what gerkins are lol
get handles
the timing of the ambulance truck hitting iron man was perfect😂😂
The gaming Lemon makes the best films yet! Keep going bud! I love your work!
Man of Steel
after watching this, the GTA 4 iron man mod is way better than the GTA 5 version.
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Who else is watching 2018
Somebody 2019??
Bruh Sound Effect #2
Better than superman vs batman
_ C_O_Z_M_I_C
*HELP ME* LMFAO 🤣🤣 btw I watched this when I was 5 I’m now 11 lol
Clifford Roark
Whos watching this in 2018 it's still so good
"I dont have any weapons except for this baseball bat." *pulls out a minecraft pickaxe* 😂
"Whaaa? I'm still alive." !!!BOOM!!!
Eric Gabbard
Brad: I don't have any weapons, all I have I'd this baseball bat... (Pulls out diamond pickaxe)
James had a legitimate conversation this time
that intro was lit asf
EXT Brothers
2019 I watched this when I was like 8
Parker’s Animation
The most ironic battle Iron-man Vs The Hulk
SKD_ Cascade
I wish I knew how to edit like you
Dragonflycat 69
Sup. This is the best freakin video I've seen. Liberty city is. save once again thanks to Iron Brad
2020 is not here yet
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Did you see the man that keeps pumping into the glass
Succ my Gun bullet
Niko want to go bowling NOT NOW ROMAN
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Who's watching this in 2017?
MegaZack X
This vid is cool 👌😎 and funny 😂
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Me: I am going to watch this video in 2018. I still love ❤️ it👍👍👍
LenaPlays 01
All I have is this baseball bat *Pulls out a diamond pickaxe*
let's show some random
"A part from this baseball bat" pulls out minecraft picaxe
Jake Pollard
"sir I just saved your life" "I just ended your life"
lego clone swamp trooper
Is Jeff ok
Lil_Tree 03
Bruh anybody notice the beat when he becomes iron man is ring around the rosy
Like if this is better than Spider-Man Gta Iv mod!!
17:12 - 17:31 😂 still gets me to this day
Did anyone noticed when they finished building iron man pop goes the weasel was on in the background
Cody Wheatley
Can please make more videos
Alonso Jr Quintero
Do this but in GTA 5
Brad predicted age of ultron lmao
King Miltonius
What are gurkens?
jenna rose
this video is old in fact I still watch the gta 4 series I saw them sence they first came out thegaming lemon bring the gta 4 series back plz.
ItzYaBoiPinoy13 GamePlay
whos watching this 2017 anyone?
The undead gaming channel With dan and Romeo
Lemon:I’m alive 😃 -DED-
Primed Chip
this one was in total hype for iron man 3 I can tell XD
Jamil Esmeirat
Motivational speaker
ven thord
who saw the iron man suit in the back when he was eating the hot dog at 8:01
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ReWatching this in 2019. Love these vids