ASSASSIN'S CREED: ODYSSEY Main Theme - Classical Guitar Cover (Beyond The Guitar)

GUITAR TABS & SHEET MUSIC link below. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Main Theme "Legend of the Eagle Bearer" on guitar. If you enjoyed it, hit that "Like" button to help more people see it! ►Thank you to my family on Patreon for making this video possible! Get exclusive rewards for supporting my music on Patreon: /> ►GUITAR TAB: Sign up here to receive discounts on tabs/sheet music and notifications about future releases: /> Hit that "Subscribe" and notification bell to never miss a video: /> Last week's video: /> Listen to me on Spotify: /> Stay updated on all things Beyond The Guitar! Twitter: />Instagram: />Facebook: />---------------- Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Main Theme Legend of the Eagle Bearer - Classical (Fingerstyle) Guitar Cover Composed by Joe Henson and Alexis Smith of The Flight Arranged and performed by Nathan Mills (Beyond The Guitar)

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60 dislikes!? Probably just Templars...
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*Ubisoft wants to know your location*
20 dislikes? It was surely from the cultist of kosmos.
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Greek people here ? I am from greece
This should be censored, it's an ear porn.
72 dislikes from The Cult of Kosmos & The Order of Ancients...
Arif Rahman
Your dynamic, tone, phrasing and technique is amazing..... You are my Hero .
Just when you think Assassin's Creed music has reached the top...they better it! Brilliantly played, seems it was made for solo but also a difficult piece it seems with lots of technical skill needed.
Can you play AC Rogue main theme on guitar?? PLEASE...
Martin Apergis Music
Good game, great music, even better on classical guitar..awesome work
This deserves way more views
Paul Botarel
A beautiful theme for a beautiful game
When you want to calm down after died 6 times by a lvl 70 boss.
If i was ubisoft i would say alot to this man. Bro you are amazing
VluuPicK Studios
I remember when this channel had like 50,000 subs now its 200,000 Great work again another outstanding video :)
StarWars NerdHere
Watching this video was an orgasm all on it's own.
Arshia Hashemi
Great video, it'd be cool if you do a Etzio family arrangement as well!👌👌
Eiro Nareth
Galaxy Filmz TV
I'm not the biggest assassins creed fan, but no matter what the song, you make it sound amazing.
Anton Dmitriev
You`re my favourite guitar player! Your skills are so mindf*cking! I wish you`ll make cover to the witcher 3 main theme!
_ Lunar
0:52 fav part
Bubble Element
77 dislike are the abstergo people aka Templar’s
Dalhan 28
The StickMan VA
Maybe the dislikes are from the cultists
Bad APE.
Me:(lvl 33) *fight a vast of enemy and three mercenary(lvl 50,47,29)* *can't won* *played this theme* *30mins later* *won*
Μαλάκα 😂🇬🇷
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My idol, following you since 14k subs
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Ridwanul Shawrup
Sir can you please do Megalovania By Undertale? I mean it's halloween so? Your work is beautiful and mesmerising. I have discovered you through the skyrim theme. All of your work is great. lots of loves and respect
Nick C
Great cover, fantastic playing! Just a quick question, how long do you practice per day?
Again a great arrangement Nathan! super bien joué 👌
Legend ❤️🔥💪🏻
space meep
By the gods this is so beautiful
Diego Aponte
I swear at the beginning i thought it was gonna change to Under Pressure by Queen. But still awesome video man. Keep up the good work👍🏻
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Everyone who dislikes this video is a maláka
This is like the 25ths time iv come back to this video cause its so perfect... straight away had to like and sub for this and for anything you will bring in the future. love this man (no homo 😂😂)
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Greece is here! 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
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i searched hoping this video existed and it did, hooray
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I'm pretty sure this is just what metal on a classical guitar would sound like.
Mairi Rose
Beautiful, really enjoyed this
Paul Petit
Next time could you play "the best is yet to come" from Metal Gear Solid, it's a very beautiful music and I believe that you can make something who will be wonderful with her!
Hi (sorry for my bad English)
Jon Henry Aquino
Καλος 👌
Raul Gallego
Like if u killed a lot of spartans listening this song
MALAKA..... One Word..... So many out there...
Nick Kontis
Dude I am from Greece and I gotta tell you that this cover means a lot to me
jose amellugo
Yeah🤘 Amazing man
Tima Samatov
Oh my god ... amazing bro
Kresh Jan Anajao
Misthios!!! You came back!!
derpty derp
This was pretty epic, loved the tone... Also nice to see the first songs on your newest album release started hitting over 1k plays... I think Monster Hunter may have been the first... So congrats!
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I clicked like before hearing it
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Greetings from Greece!I love your videos!
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Can't wait to see this..😃😃😃
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Love it🌸♥🎶🎸
That's actually 10 times better than the actual theme :D
Christian De Santa
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TheRed Plus
Play where are we going Form mod of the dead
peter boyden
Made my first song on the guitar. It’s no where near as good as this... check it out!!
This is SPARTA! Great job capturing the original tune and add a superb touch at the end!
Raging Gamer
You sir, are talented
Justin Brooks
Could you do a cover of the song odessy from the game? Like no one is doing it
Deb Mills
So beautiful and complex. Thanks again, Nathan!
يعرب التركماني
Amazing😍 Please do interstellar theme🙌
Νικος Μαυρος
Zane and Iyla McWhorter
Whoa, that was killer especially that ending. DANG!!!😂
John Cunningham
Looks like the channels profile picture us out of date
the isle
This is why I subscribed! Keep up the good work
Matthew Ainsworth
You're 1 of the best guitarists ever
Diego The donut dog
Dang it I will watch it later becuz i have school by!!
AMAZING! wow i cant belive it, your the best!
Adrian Badilla
Chiare! Great job
Evan Chony
Why no Spotify 😢
I honestly watch it like ten times a day, I wanna buy a guitar just to play this 😍
Can you play Tales of Leonidas from AC Odyssey?
Beau Horne
Gotta put this on iTunes!!
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Uncle Catalyst
It's a very good cover, Yes Yes.. especially that it was done acoustic, blew my mind away Yes Yes..
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Το γουσταρα παρα πολυ! Μπραβο!! <3
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Complimenti 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
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“BY THE GODS” Please put this version on iTunes PLEASE,
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