ASSASSIN'S CREED: ODYSSEY Main Theme - Classical Guitar Cover (Beyond The Guitar)

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Beyond The Guitar
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17 dislikes!? Probably just Templars...
The First Robin
Arif Rahman
Your dynamic, tone, phrasing and technique is amazing..... You are my Hero .
leftallos werl
Greek people here ? I am from greece
Arshia Hashemi
Great video, it'd be cool if you do a Etzio family arrangement as well!👌👌
Can you play AC Rogue main theme on guitar?? PLEASE...
VluuPicK Studios
I remember when this channel had like 50,000 subs now its 200,000 Great work again another outstanding video :)
16 Athenians disliked it...
Galaxy Filmz TV
I'm not the biggest assassins creed fan, but no matter what the song, you make it sound amazing.
Martin Apergis Music
Good game, great music, even better on classical guitar..awesome work
Just when you think Assassin's Creed music has reached the top...they better it! Brilliantly played, seems it was made for solo but also a difficult piece it seems with lots of technical skill needed.
Anton Dmitriev
You`re my favourite guitar player! Your skills are so mindf*cking! I wish you`ll make cover to the witcher 3 main theme!
the isle
This is why I subscribed! Keep up the good work
Ridwanul Shawrup
Sir can you please do Megalovania By Undertale? I mean it's halloween so? Your work is beautiful and mesmerising. I have discovered you through the skyrim theme. All of your work is great. lots of loves and respect
Again a great arrangement Nathan! super bien joué 👌
derpty derp
This was pretty epic, loved the tone... Also nice to see the first songs on your newest album release started hitting over 1k plays... I think Monster Hunter may have been the first... So congrats!
Legend ❤️🔥💪🏻
Aidan TNT
Hey Nathan my dad (Andy) owns a plectrum company call switch pick we were wondering since your an amazing youtuber and you love your fans we hope that you would like to make a video on them here’s the link Thanks bye!
Arek Milik
My idol, following you since 14k subs
Nick C
Great cover, fantastic playing! Just a quick question, how long do you practice per day?
يعرب التركماني
Amazing😍 Please do interstellar theme🙌
Abhi Chatterjee
Can't wait to see this..😃😃😃
TheRed Plus
Play where are we going Form mod of the dead
Paul Petit
Next time could you play "the best is yet to come" from Metal Gear Solid, it's a very beautiful music and I believe that you can make something who will be wonderful with her!
Justin Brooks
Could you do a cover of the song odessy from the game? Like no one is doing it
AMAZING! wow i cant belive it, your the best!
Μάριος Ελευθεριάδης
Greetings from Greece!I love your videos!
Parvin Amini
Love it🌸♥🎶🎸
Cześć Hhjj Ghkj
Deb Mills
So beautiful and complex. Thanks again, Nathan!
Νικος Μαυρος
Matthew Ainsworth
You're 1 of the best guitarists ever
John Cunningham
Looks like the channels profile picture us out of date
This is SPARTA! Great job capturing the original tune and add a superb touch at the end!
Ricky Rosas
Dang it I will watch it later becuz i have school by!!
Zane McWhorter
Whoa, that was killer especially that ending. DANG!!!😂
Sarbartha Das
When I heard the intro, I thought I started the eye of the tiger video...
Tushar Kumar Tandi
Awesome brother. 👌
The Estruxron
This is actually amazing. Didn’t expect it lol
Mason Finch
Can someone find or make free music please
Cameron Fraser
i searched hoping this video existed and it did, hooray
The Immortal Gamer
Fareez Aizat
Yeahhh thousandth liker
Brendan Bodin
I prefer your version to the actual game theme. Really great!
Emily Shiel
how do you not have more subscribers you're insanely talented dude :o
Dominic H.
I made the mistake(?) of listening to this one first before committing the original to memory. Now the original sounds lame.
Fixed Gear Killa
Please do Train your dragons theme and ALOT more pls!!
Owen Bogacki
Just the cover song makes me want to buy the game
Love it so much ! I was sick but now i feel better ! Tks nathan !
IntentKnight 316
Incredible, loved it!
Jordan Bennett
Bloody legend mate
Jason Brody
How long do you need (average) for a song to perform flawlessly for your videos? And how long do you play now guitar? And did you to music school? Or Self-taught? ^^ I wish i could pull off a simple barre accord :|
Enjoyed immensely! So wonderfully played. Congrats, Beyond The Guitar, on reaching the incredible milestone of 200k subscribers! Well done and keep up the amazing work! :)
Manoel Nicolas
Omg Nice job :0 9 persian dislike 😂
Dimitris Sofia
Your tone with your quitar is so nice.. You are the best!!
Ahmed Kadi
I love 💕 your music 🎶
Jeremiah Dias
That ending is so freaking good!
Whenever you bring out a new cover I remember back to the days where you had only a few thousand subs. You have come so far and you should be very proud :)
לאה ליבשיץ
You'r great!! So talented! Full emotion. Thank you Maestro!!
holy shit one day i want to be able to play like this 😍
DJ Suhaan
Awesome man you are brilliant... can i get only guitar sample of this track so that i can make remix of it... and ofcourse i will give credits... thnx
AlexP HD
Bruh you killed this, are you from the future and have a trillion years of genetic guitar experience and now you're in an animus controlling your previous ancestor's actions? ;) "ladies and gentlemen... We got him"
Your music makes a very good playlist... *cough* a great playlist... *cough*
Do the fortnite og music
Aaron Long
Wondering if you could do InuYasha’s theme from the show (Hanyou). I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone attempt it on guitar. It’d be incredible to witness.
Hakuto Uchiha
This is amazing big fan
Luca Puccinelli
Amazing song 😍
William Schofield
João Faria
Divinity Original Sin Sound Track pleeeeaaassseeeee!!!!
This is awesome
Hunter Spence
Can u do wii music on guitar?
nice and play red dead redemption please :)
Lordroid 0
i like it
alexandra jones
Love this your anazing
Sean Riggs
Just wow, Nathan!!!!! Another masterpiece... and it makes me really want to play the game, but it'll have to wait so I can play Origins first!!! Congrats on another beautiful, time-traveling arrangement!! #ThisIsSparta #ThisIsBeyondTheGuitar
Hedar Syueb
Please do another fortnite emote on guitar!!!
I am Art3mis
Love it nathan you should have more subs One of my favourite game can’t belive you covered it
Peter Davis
Woah, crazy good tremolo at the end. Great work!!
I can kinda _ Music
Love the choice this week. Great music. Is your tuning dropped at all or am I just hearing things?
Eddy Botelho
Please do the Last of Us theme!!! You could rock that!
Naohao Tingala
Can you do a tab for DDLC Your Reality?
Colin Wilkening
This has me the thinking.. will there possibly be a Red Dead Redemption 2 cover..?! 😏 Just putting it out there haha. It's been awhile but it's truly always a pleasure hearing your tunes.
Michele Padovan
You are a classical guitarist! I am a classical guitarist from 3 years. Good video!
Whale Dick Nachos
Is that a Gretsch G5122?
good job as always
Mr.bblock H
This is other words
Ryankurniawan123456 Kurniawanryan
Malaka !!!!
Никита Толмачев
Thats awesome
Pwndbro 123321
Part 4 fortnite?
Mr. RedSniper
Dude you are awesome.
Mara Tomaselli
1435 like...They are spartans
wow you are best 😇
Ari Chenhall
Where did you get painting it back ground and also great job you inspire me
im so happy you did this one! love the soundtrack
The Precious
We want fortnite dances on guitar part4 please
Nice vid!
Manuel Lopez
Fortnite dances on guitar part 4
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U r a freakin legend man