ASSASSIN'S CREED: ODYSSEY Main Theme - Classical Guitar Cover (Beyond The Guitar)

GUITAR TABS & SHEET MUSIC link below. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Main Theme "Legend of the Eagle Bearer" on guitar. If you enjoyed it, hit that "Like" button to help more people see it! ►Thank you to my family on Patreon for making this video possible! Get exclusive rewards for supporting my music on Patreon: /> ►GUITAR TAB: Sign up here to receive discounts on tabs/sheet music and notifications about future releases: /> Hit that "Subscribe" and notification bell to never miss a video: /> Last week's video: /> Listen to me on Spotify: /> Stay updated on all things Beyond The Guitar! Twitter: />Instagram: />Facebook: />---------------- Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Main Theme Legend of the Eagle Bearer - Classical (Fingerstyle) Guitar Cover Composed by Joe Henson and Alexis Smith of The Flight Arranged and performed by Nathan Mills (Beyond The Guitar)

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The First Robin
So... You want me to give you some drachmae?
60 dislikes!? Probably just Templars...
Mister K
Utkarsh Ranjan
*Ubisoft wants to know your location*
20 dislikes? It was surely from the cultist of kosmos.
LePhantomChick N
Fun fact: The first time anyone in A.C. ever says 'Malaka' is a random Byzantine guard in Revelations.
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16 Athenians disliked it...
This should be censored, it's an ear porn.
leftallos werl
Greek people here ? I am from greece
Arif Rahman
Your dynamic, tone, phrasing and technique is amazing..... You are my Hero .
When you want to calm down after died 6 times by a lvl 70 boss.
Gaming SNIPERzz
A beautiful theme for a beautiful game
Just when you think Assassin's Creed music has reached the top...they better it! Brilliantly played, seems it was made for solo but also a difficult piece it seems with lots of technical skill needed.
72 dislikes from The Cult of Kosmos & The Order of Ancients...
Can you play AC Rogue main theme on guitar?? PLEASE...
Μαλάκα 😂🇬🇷
This deserves way more views
If i was ubisoft i would say alot to this man. Bro you are amazing
Martin Apergis Music
Good game, great music, even better on classical guitar..awesome work
By the gods this is so beautiful
Nick Kontis
Dude I am from Greece and I gotta tell you that this cover means a lot to me
Arshia Hashemi
Great video, it'd be cool if you do a Etzio family arrangement as well!👌👌
Dwipayana Ali Muhammad
Malaka that was awesome..!! chaire...
Gabriel Troche
I remember when this channel had like 50,000 subs now its 200,000 Great work again another outstanding video :)
Kresh Jan Anajao
Misthios!!! You came back!!
Anton Dmitriev
You`re my favourite guitar player! Your skills are so mindf*cking! I wish you`ll make cover to the witcher 3 main theme!
My sailboat heard this, now it is the Adrestia.
Arek Milik
My idol, following you since 14k subs
Galaxy Filmz TV
I'm not the biggest assassins creed fan, but no matter what the song, you make it sound amazing.
65 dislikes=65 sparta kicks to them ; ) nice work!!
You rock man !!! Now I have the motivation to finish the game xD
Nick C
Great cover, fantastic playing! Just a quick question, how long do you practice per day?
Alan C.
Man, you push me so high °_° Can't find a word strong enough to say thanks you
Love it so much ! I was sick but now i feel better ! Tks nathan !
Emily Shiel
how do you not have more subscribers you're insanely talented dude :o
Whoever created the music for the game did an amazing job composing the pieces. Your performance was great, dynamic and powerful!
derpty derp
This was pretty epic, loved the tone... Also nice to see the first songs on your newest album release started hitting over 1k plays... I think Monster Hunter may have been the first... So congrats!
Про100 Илья
Please give me a tabs, and sorry for mistakes i am from Russia
I'm Brazilian.. very good men.. parabéns, like
Darth Semz
Got major goosebumps watching this. Amazing
Paul Petit
Next time could you play "the best is yet to come" from Metal Gear Solid, it's a very beautiful music and I believe that you can make something who will be wonderful with her!
bahir kakar
You should join my crew ❤
Ninja EddieX
Πάρα πολυ ωραιο! Τα 'σπασες δικε μου! Well played, good job! Fantastic!
homard sy
Thank you for the tabs ! You play so good!
Franco Guidone
Almost every time I get a new game and enjoy the soundtrack, I always think "man I hope Beyond the Guitar did a version of this"... And here we are! Love this game, music and your cover. Well done as always!!
Brendan Bodin
I prefer your version to the actual game theme. Really great!
Alexander Mason
Can I just thank you so much for making this video???!!!!!! #flawless
That was incredible mate. 5/5
It's so damn on point it's kinda scary
Manny Soto
Ezio would be proud!
Arma Lol
sick job. keep up the good work
The passion i see when you play, I wish i could find my passion and be like that/
0:19 OMG this part sound like some Rock song from the 70s or the 60s LOL this amazing btw
Rogério Sousa
Wow! Muito bom!!!! excelente ❤
Moist German
God I love this song for some reason
Dragon Rider
Awesome dude.. 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻🎧🎮one of my favorite games.
I honestly watch it like ten times a day, I wanna buy a guitar just to play this 😍
This is so beautifully played, I don’t even know what to say
Ur the man! Loved that dude! As a fan of both AC Odyssey and guitar I don’t know if Ive ever enjoyed a YouTube vid as much as that right there!
Brian Armstrong
This is absolutely incredible, thank you for sharing!
You are very talented. But this is by far the best thing you play! The sound is so crisp and is a wonderful cover of the games theme. Great work!
Sharief Ali-Khan
Amazingly done! Just want to listen to you play on loop xD
Sean Lee Riggs
Just wow, Nathan!!!!! Another masterpiece... and it makes me really want to play the game, but it'll have to wait so I can play Origins first!!! Congrats on another beautiful, time-traveling arrangement!! #ThisIsSparta #ThisIsBeyondTheGuitar
Owen Bogacki
Just the cover song makes me want to buy the game
Miss Julia King
New subscriber I really enjoyed your music is stunning ❤️❤️❤️ Keep going! You got real talent
Cameron Fraser
i searched hoping this video existed and it did, hooray
The StickMan VA
Maybe the dislikes are from the cultists
This is like the 25ths time iv come back to this video cause its so perfect... straight away had to like and sub for this and for anything you will bring in the future. love this man (no homo 😂😂)
Can you do the character themes from Detroit: Become Human; especially Kara and Markus
Malaka.. by the gods! Alexios, they used call you the almighty eagle bearer, not a guitar hero!
Those 115 malakés haters 🙄
Jerick E
Just found your channel this morning and you sir, have gained a new subscriber!!! Great job and please keep making great music! Thank you for what you do.
Jeremiah Dias
That ending is so freaking good!
Diego Aponte
I swear at the beginning i thought it was gonna change to Under Pressure by Queen. But still awesome video man. Keep up the good work👍🏻
Bubble Element
77 dislike are the abstergo people aka Templar’s
Sky Neo
The Gods are smiling at you. Cheers
Congratulations man!!!
Jose Luis Rodriguez Pretell
OMG, it's awesome!
Enjoyed immensely! So wonderfully played. Congrats, Beyond The Guitar, on reaching the incredible milestone of 200k subscribers! Well done and keep up the amazing work! :)
Bosque Harris
Amazing beard sir can I touch it
Mairi Rose
Beautiful, really enjoyed this
Love the game and this musical theme Χερετε
Chaire Pater. Nikolaos of Sparta.. is my pater (cue assassin's creed odyssey theme )
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41 malakas disliked that.. great work man!
Peaches Pan Tao
Ubisoft be like: "So, can we like, copy strike Beyond The Guitar?"
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You are a classical guitarist! I am a classical guitarist from 3 years. Good video!
Antony Ledesma
Love it!!! Tanks bro😍😍😍🤙🏽🤙🏽
Dominic H.
I made the mistake(?) of listening to this one first before committing the original to memory. Now the original sounds lame.
Tommy Platones
Complimenti 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Andrew D. Neary
Absolutely superb! 😀👍👍👍
Damian Lillard
Please do Train your dragons theme and ALOT more pls!!
jezus mondela
I'm pretty sure this is just what metal on a classical guitar would sound like.
CARLOS SUN Sleeping Sun
Eu gostei. Qual o estilo de violão que você estudou?. Clássico?. Gostaria de saber para estudar também.
Eduardo Nunes
135 people came here from Kosmos Cult
0:01 ice ice baby!!