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Full Review with More Info Here: In this video we put the Samsung Galaxy S 2 up against the iPhone 4! In terms of price, the iPhone 4 is currently a much better value: it's priced at $200 and $300 for 16GB and 32GB versions, respectively. The Galaxy S 2 costs over $700 unlocked right now, but is likely to come down in price once it's available on a carrier. In terms of build quality, the iPhone 4 is superior because it makes use of metal and glass, while the Galaxy S 2 is plastic and glass. Both have a high quality feel in-hand. The screen of the Galaxy S 2 provides better contrast, but not as good of a viewing angle as the iPhone 4. We also found colors to be a bit more natural on the iPhone 4. In terms of web browsing speed, it's no contest: the dual 1.2GHz Exynos CPU and the 1GB of RAM makes the Galaxy S 2 very quick when browsing the web. Subscribe: /> /> Follow us: /> /> /> /> /> About us: Pocketnow has been a key source of mobile technology news and reviews since its establishment in 2000. With offices on three continents, Pocketnow offers round-the-clock coverage of the mobile technology landscape, from smartphones to tablets to wearables. We aim to be your number-one source for mobile tech news, reviews, comparisons, and commentary. If you love mobile as much as we do, be sure to subscribe! Galaxy S II vs. iPhone 4 | Pocketnow /> PocketNow

Mohammad Qunbos
it is 2017. why I am Watching this
Luke et
back when 4.3 inches was a large display hahah
Call me old-fashioned, but I just ordered a brand new S2 from ebay few days ago :)
The S2 is a great phone. I am using one right now. Lovely bright screen, brilliant gaming performance for its age. Feels sturdy (Contrary to popular belief!!!!, it doesnt feel cheap).Still a nice phone.
Safari is definitely smoother than samsung browser. This is no question. And browsing is very important on a phone.
Ares Townley
my father has a galaxy s2 but i have a iphone 4s im gonna tell my father i give you the iphone you give me the galaxy thats a good idea.
ཀĐ҉Ҽ҉Ҽ҉P҉ W҉Ҽ҉B҉ཫ
galaxy note 8 the best of the times
Sami Chea
Samsung s 2 is better.
Reinhard Canon
idk why im watching this 😂
Watching this in 2017!
Stephen Angeles
"Robert Patterson" I don't know who this guy is!
FT Tech
now s2 is 20 bucks lol..but still beats all iphones even the shitty iphone 7
Samsung win
Will Brown
Gs 2 is faster and has better screen. Gs2 with the dub!!!
I'm rockin the iPhone 4 right now I want to try out one of the galaxy phones cuz they look sorta cool but I like iPhone better.
Jay M
It makes me laugh how much people think the processor matters. It does to an extent but you gotta remember the iphone os and interface is much simpler than the galaxy's. so it doesn't need as much power for the same tasks. So the actual speeds will be pretty similar.
neddam morad
samsung is the best until now
iphone 4 is waay better than S2
Haris Muratovic
s2 plus1#
galaxy for the win
Aman Hello
the s2 is still a good phone today. if you use the 4 today RIP
Isn't that a iPhone 4s
Abban Shuaib
Is it still worth it to buy new S2 now ?
pankaj thakur
still watching this video using galaxy s2:-)
Sadat Hossain
my first smartphone was s2 in 2014
The Galaxy S2 was the best phone I ever had. There was nothing like it at the time, especially after it got Ice Cream Sandwich. The Galaxy Nexus was the closest to a competitor.
one million subscribers for no reason
I m from future now 4gb ram is considered to be less
alenn mosses
you dont know the this.....guy.... who sparkle... :D luck guy you are.....
Franz Barrientos
Its still on par dude for me anyway s2 is dual core 1gb with exynos gpu.. but some variants of s2 is slower mine is good I can run psp emulator oe any emu I want play just fine
Ваше Величество
Galaxy s2 wins)
iPhone 7 vs samgsung s7
Colin Steinberg
What happened with the lock screen?!
american poor
Freedom Pop brought me here
Beáta Monoki
TNT tv
So it begins...
Osama 1187
Ok every one likes something different for me iphone is better at least when dropped the glass cracks I know but at the end it still works and you clearly see icons only cracked glass bothers
Garrett Smiley
The small screens on any of the iPhone turn me away
Pepe Le Pew
Time to get a S2, update the software and put it head to head to my ip4
the S2 just destroyed the Iphone 4 in speed size, and to me even colours. can't wait for the new S5
Jay M
Btw iPhone all the way
Osama 1187
who cares for those silly android widgets and stuff like that they just consume battery.iPhone is way better it even has the right pocket size and higher resolution than s2 if you see for real life plus iphone is made from glass and premium qualified materials not plastic
Jason Grey
Its amazing how laggy android phones are running
Transylvanian Mist
wait , the iphone 4 was 200 bucks ?
*i Don't Want Google To Know My Name*
We have note 7 now :D
S2 was faster than the iphone 4
Colin Do
Im an apple fan and I have the iPhone 4 but I have to say the samsung is better but the iPhone is more elegant
Markus Oh
iphone used to be superior... What happened??
Michael Jameson
Who's watching in 2018?
Phillip Velednitskiy
I cant believe it was $700 and now goes for like 200..
عاصم مياس
I have a problem in my device (Galaxy s2) it doesn't keep the energy inside it, when I charge it done, I started operate it, but it shows me an alert that the battery is low! And the charging takes more than 8 hours! What's going on?? 
Galaxys2 battery only last 9 months
Obvious winner is the S2. Why would you even compare it to the iPhone, when it is twice as powerful in every aspect?
An* An* An* An*
zylw ty
just wait n see u will see iphone is 10times sucks then ur 2 galaxys
zylw ty
my apple is better than apple product !
hope your wrong:( just sold my iphone and ordered a galaxy
Wu Es
I dont think you ever iphone :) on the back of a beautiful inscription "designed by Apple in California ,ASSEMBLED in China :)
I had 2 of galaxys... Ace and 2.. Now i just buy Iphone... 10 times better.
Ari Pac
@Luis, Samsung is South Korean...dummy
Luis Alfonso Ceballos Garcia
iPhone american is best vs galaxi japan
Dallas C
no battary comparison
אור מוסה
Galaxy s2 win!!!
Oliver Plichter
Mohammed, what for kind fool are you
Mohammad Khaleelur Rahman
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because thats the tmobile version/new version.. i have it too, i just got it and i fucking love it.
bro iphone doesn't even have bluetooth connection piece of shit phone,not to mention bigger screen on the s2 higher processing power and android witch is 10 times better than ios
That s2 is different than mine.. mine has 4 buttons on the bottom
apolion eron
Galaxy S II
Molly Schreihart
Samsung galaxy sII all the way. I love this phone and will never get a new one until this one breaks. lol
Eric Ngo
and i can say i have the iphone 6 and the s5
Engku Shaini
Watch on galaxy s2
Clive Delgado
Its the iphone 4s that
Alex Woda
*Clicks on Robert Patterson* "I don't know who this guy is" Me: ERGTHYT ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING
damo alba
win samsung galaxy s 2
Нурсат Жанболсын
Moi s2
Reese Durant
PPi,ha ha
make Samsung galaxy s2 vs 4s
Bálint Molnár
1 core - 2 cores.. 512mb - 1gb.... Doesnt matter because iphone and galaxy s2 have not the same OS and have not exactly the same sys. req. Dont choose S2 just for the hardware. I have an S2 and i have to called the service 2 times: First software problem than motherboard change..
Teddy Basse
i have S2 for 2 years now but... with the time i have a lot of problem... and battery... my god big shit ^^ my mother have iphone 3 the first , no prob . maybe little bit slow sometime lol so... apple is better with the time .
I'm gonna definitely get the S2 for Virgin Mobile now :).
jose vasque
its a fettish :/
do you even iphone? is that like a new dance move or something?
Sǝɐrıal Chıןןǝr
its like a fucking free for all in the comments lol
Dan Weatherley
Actually no, I am using a iPhone 4 myself :)
Eric Ngo
and i see an android Fan boy o_o
Dan Weatherley
I see an apple fanboy
Dan Weatherley
The S2 would have twice as good multi-tasking because it has twice as much ram.
Yes. That's the European version.
Vardan Nazaretyan
08:31 It's the guy from Twilight lol.
2.. it also has this exclamation icon that wont let you turn it on , sometimes. The camera is so out of focus , it wasnt like that first week. screen turns red color sometimes. My personalized ringtones changed by itself. Timeout never works, I have to keep adjusting it so I can watch a vid otherwise it turns dark. Volume is crap. I purchased high end headphones yet its still crap. Yes the back cracked but I dnt care for that. Although I charge it all day the phone dies out in 30 minutes. ..
1..I had sgs2 for so long. I love it but it has mega problems, people dont discuss this. I swapped my SGS11 2 times when I first purchased it. It was not starting off good. I purchased 1 from telstra. It was soooo good. But only a month later the battery/charger screwed up. I need to keep it charging while im using it. Connection with internet is crap. If im only half way down with the battery it closes connection with the net. Samsung cant even help with it. It keeps crashing. It also...
Данил Колесников
Ты реально мудак и идиоь яркость айфона включить?
Saras Vil
S2 is way better
Will The Cook
the iphone is slower then galaxy s2 i guess my galaxymini is the SLOWEST phone in the world after one year and 8 months