Kluk za dve pětky / The boy for 10 bucks

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Ani za socialismu nebylo radno překračovat hranice mezi bohatými a chudými. Když se zednický učeň zamiluje při svém prvním melouchu do dívky ze zbohatlické rodiny, která obývá honosnou vilu, stěží může očekávat naplnění svých citů. Even during socialism, it was not desirable to cross the border between the rich and the poor. When the mason apprentice, during his first illicit workm falls in love with a girl from a wealthy family who lives in a gorgeous villa, he can hardly expect her to fulfill his feelings.

Richard Groenland
Super movie. Thanks for uploading.
crowe bobby
I'd have paid $20 even back then, but no more than that.
Lil Wil
This was a great film, very funny. I’m amazed it’s from 1983. It’s nice to see even though it a movie, the east is not as bad as we were taught in school. I have a few Russian and one Ukrainian friend. I love to hear the history and about USSR before and after the wall. The people are great.
william f
Boy will be aged about 55 now - i wonder if he has had a happy life - i hope so
Rosivaldo Nascimento dos Santos
Linda cena 48:25
Glenn Martin
I wouldn't pay more than $6.25 + tax !!
Chris Summerfield Video!s International
Great film and soundtrack. Shame about the edit jump in the pool sequence though.
I would give him my daughter and he can work for free,LOL. Poor Edo that girl blew him off.