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Smokin' Aces (2006) Movie Info: />Buy it on Blu-ray: /> Subscribe to Ex Hitman Channel for more ► /> Film Description: Las Vegas magician and would-be crime boss Buddy 'Aces' Israel agrees to testify against former partner and friend Primo Sparazza in return for admittance into the Witness Protection Programme. However, before the deal can be hammered out, Sparazza orders a hit on Israel, and a host of hit men and women race to kill the snitch and kill the bounty, while the FBI endeavours to keep their source of information alive. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. All the rights in this content belong to their respective owner/s.

Green Leader
what are the police shooting back at , just across to the other building ,they dont even know where the sniper is , must of hit like 20 innocent people in there hotel rooms lmao
And a .50 cal. Has 10 bullets not 5000
Did he throw the gun at her? LOL
John Mark Corpuz
I know this is only a movie but seriously there's a sniper armed with a fifty caliber sniper rifle in a very far building and the agents are only armed with pistols and shotguns. Is it even advisable to shoot back if a situation like this occur in real life?!
Noah Young
this is the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen
Happy John
This movie looks terrible 9:48 PM 11/8/2018
I'm Not Good In .English
this is such a bad movie when she was firing on the bed that was more than the magazines compacity and the recoil with that constant firing would dislocate her shoulder.
Happy John
The most realistic part is 0:35 4:06 PM 11/19/2018
Happy John
0:43 Being unconsciously shot, shooting someone, and then being shot by your partner and still surviving. Damn, he's trying. 4:11 PM 11/19/2019
My favourite thing about watching shootout scenes on Youtube are all the people in the comments section trying to show off how much they know about guns.
Skryre Prototype
I served in FBI SWAT (that's fucc boi investigators super weapon awesome team) and this is 110% accurate. Basically my first day on the job.
6:04 how much ammo do you have?! that looks like a 10 round mag but you somehow shoot 21 times without recocking the sniper. unrealistic
Sinister K.I.D. America
this what homeboy was watching b4 he went to that country music festival
Tlaloc Chimali
IRL, that room would be filled with body parts and slithers of unaccountable flesh. I WISH all .50's did was throw you around...
in Movie they dont script Reloading.scene. or Browning machine gun Sniper edition hah
ibles bosuok
correct me if I'm wrong, a .50 cal. gives large amount of muzzle especially with smokeless ammo, doesn't it? cheers from Indonesia
Dynamic Crew
So she fired like 20+ bullets before reloading..... Shit didnt even has a extended mag or anything lol
Clayton Pope
Hollywood strikes again!!!!! sorry children this scene is no way shape or form reality based 50caliber awesome just not high capacity magazine then the return fire bogus bigger bogus and silly at best LOL
Kevin Solon
4:12 when bae says some guy bothering her
Anthony Niroshan
2:00 - 2:20 is just priceless!!!
Matt G
When the attacking team has a Glaz and he's actually good at the game.
Rasheem Johnson
Idgaf what anybody says I love this scene
DarkStorm 97
that .50 cal didn't look like it had a modified magazine that could at least carry 30 rounds
Special edition
Panic is the worst enemy in critical situations.....Thinking clear will get you more far .
5:55 starts the awesome part , good music to
Zachary Maneja
I am so confused, there is like Central character
Damn that 50. cal got a god damn high capacity mag or something?
leroy jenkins
If Cassian only fought Wick like that xD
Keith Ho
A moment of silence for those guys who tried to fight back a 50 cal sniper with shotgun and pistols at long range
First Last
Taraji killed that scene... Literally and emotionally lol
Jamie John
Miss keys in that wig yes please
She is using sniper reload mod
Uriel Barrera
Idk what kind of 50 cal she has but I will take it if it has infinite ammo
Did she Just shot like 20 rounds out of that 50 cal sniper cause i am sure that weapon cant fit that many bullets
Peter Frank
This film is terrible. But this was the scene that nearly redeemed it. Pointing out the lack of realism in a film like this seems like just trying to boast of one's knowledge in gunfight tactics or firearm mechanism. One should focus the criticism on the inane plot instead.
Enmanuel Dominguez
That’s so inaccurate the 50 call doesn’t have 20 million bullets😂
Shiro Kim
The fact that sniper is not for people makes it funny and the recoils are much heavier
Benjie Fields
6:00 is how you grip and rip a cannon
Sniper can only do so much to help until they feel like this
Saverio Salemme
Henson was the only credible actor, she should have been paid double for saving the movie.
Love this movie- 2nd one.. ehhh
Captain kirk and his bros before he joined starfleet
For such cases, I always have a barf bag next to me.
Cleiton Batista
Qual o nome do filme?
When a barrett only has 10 shots of 50 BMG but you shoot it off like a MG
StarTard's YT Hub
Mfw movies actually dull down the damage caused by .50 cal rifle fire. Those guys would have been literally shot in half
Knight Wraith
Apparently im one of the few people that genuinely liked this movie.
Dushone Walker
Everybody always crit this scene about the pedestrians.. Boa all them shots.. N You still ova ther..
This is the baddest film i've ever seen
Imti Meren
No reload it's not an almost or m16
The second that axe dude stepped out of the smoke he would have had about 50 bullets in him, with another hundred missing him and hitting everyone behind him.
6:01 I FELT THAT... and so did trunks...
apparently the occupants and security in the building the ‘sniper’ is in are deaf af lol
Christopher Weaver
Ryan Reynolds goes through so many bullets (and guns) in this movie. He's like a video game with cheat codes
josiah moose only holds 8 to 9 rounds and she shot off a lot more befor reloading
Armen Plays
She with 50 cal cheating she activate infinte bullet mode
Angela Poe
6:18 that is more then 10 rounds lol
Nae Weah
I am so confused. Who's in which team?
Keeton Mitchell
Hollywood magazines and gunfights at their finest. Actually what I found funny was the pistols had to reload more often then that 50cal. If I recall that rifle doesn’t have a huge capacity.
jonas smith
Sandi Sunday
Now I know Wade Wilson's first job before he fired and became a mercenaries and meet Vanessa
Lol Face
The movie was bad. Period. Great actors and acting, but the movie had a bad ending and didnt make logical sense.
I used to think this scene was so cool
ابو الجيس
شنو إسم الفلم
Ryan Reynolds looks like Marcus Luttrell here
Rafik Adam
That moment, wade wilson was born
KGB agent
Noob in cs go with auto sniper
no vest? lol...
Riki Kosasih
Thats a lot of ammo
Luis Alvarado
Most underrated movie ever
Happy John
Who the hell directed this? Who came up with the infinite ammo and sniping with a pistol and shotgun scene?... 9:13 AM 11/10/2018
at the end i would have reloaded and kept shooting untill i was completely out of ammo then gone in on foot with the side arm to collect my friends body.
な〜 のや〜 さん
この映画 結構面白いですよ♪
allan chitra
they should've had a swat team in this whole part
David Lister
.50 cal 100 round drum
Needlessly violent garbage, why would you watch this?
tim ovel
A one eyed sniper? Yeah right...
Cerulean Pony
Her friend's reaction, the sniper, is justifiable. Unable to communicate with her friend via broken radio and spotting a body that looks like her on the floor to where she reacts in disbelief, pain, rage, and guilt to start barraging the area with gunfire. I honestly would've reacted the same way. Then leave the area as fast as possible.
Duc Minh Nguyen
6:12 lmao look at the dude with the shotgun trying to shot at the other building
pewdiepie john
Why in 0:15 there is an giant eye
Im Bruno
She empties a clip, then puts in a new one just to fire 3 rounds then reload. Why
Enrico Fu
Such blind shooting between the cops and the female sniper.
Valky Viktor
why the heck she fire the 10 magazine .50 cal like a machine gun???
PeanutButter BumbleBee
This movie will remainnwith some of the beat movies on the planet!
In real there would be the us-army with choppers which would shoot rockets in the whole house of the sniper
None of this makes any sense.
Chicken Draws Dogs
Music sounds like Mick Gordon's DOOM.
jonas smith
2:56 RICE ..... what is the odds that she know rice and bright start to recording REMBER THAT
brock Lee
Always know your target and what's beyond it!!! An incident like this would have internal affairs losing their minds.
what a mess
GameStonk Gaming
I wonder how the Barret got over 8 bullets
Ricky Gonzalez
Wow... After today I'll never look at this scene the same way again. RIP Las Vegas :(
The Chosen One
Buddy Israel
Karthik Mahesh
You guys do understand that there is whole building with people on the other side right. With the amount of random fire they put on that building i wouldnt be surprised if they killed a dozen innocent people lol..
Best One
Worst fight scene ever ahahahaha LOL