Sabaton - Talvisota music video

My music video for Sabaton's great song Talvisota. I was inspired by Hamieli's great video, and wanted to make my own version. Clips from movies: Talvisota & Etulinjan edessä (Framom främsta linjen) /> Lyrics: Rise of nations pride Russians on a route to ruin Kreml is more then certain to win Sent away an army to the west Blizzard reigned the ground were chosen Snow was deep and hell were frozen Stalin were too eager to invade He thought of the might he possessed And not of his foe Rage of winter Rise, nations pride Hold whats yours Strike'em were it hurts Fight, hold your ground Winter war Reinforce the line Split them into small divisions Rip 'em of the conquest visions Motti tactics used with great result Snipers move unseen in snowfall Force them to retreat and recall Fight the Russian rule and their demand With Molotov cocktail in hand No fear of their tanks Death or glory Rise, nations pride Hold whats yours Strike'em were it hurts Fight, hold your ground Winter war Reinforce the line A slice of a knife to a throat And their blood turns to ice TALVISOTA! Rise, nations pride Hold whats yours Strike'em were it hurts Fight, hold your ground Winter war Reinforce the line Rise, nations pride Hold whats yours Strike'em were it hurts Fight, hold your ground Winter war Reinforce the line

Invade Russia during winter: Bad Invade Finland during winter: Suicide
Tilaan vain hyviä Youtube kanavia
People say that "Visit Russia before Russia visits you", well, Russia visited Finland and this is what you get! Worse than hell!
Lesson of the winter war --> "Kaveria ei jätetä!" "Never leave a friend behind!"
Soviet Strength: 28-58 divisions 425,640 to 760,578 men 1500+ armoured cars. 998,100 men (overall) 2,514–6,541 tanks 3,880 aircraft Finland Strength: 250,000–340,000 men 32 tanks 114 aircraft Casualties and losses Soviet Union 126,875–167,976 dead or missing 188,671 wounded, concussed or burned 5,572 captured 3,543 tanks 261–515 aircraft 321,000-363,000 total casualties Finland 5,904 dead or missing 43,557 wounded 800–1,100 captured 957 civilians killed in air raids 20–30 tanks destroyed 62 aircraft lost 70,000 total casualties Result: Soviet invasion repealed Finland's independence preserved One of the greatest military upsets in modern history. Respect from Brazil!
Love You Finland! ^^ Kisses from Poland!
Glory to the fallen soldiers. They will never forgotten. From Germany.
não sei 2
Respect for Finland soldiers, from Brasil HUE
Hotline Tech
Respect to the Finnish from the USA
The man with no name
Brave finns fought russian invaders.
Damn, as a finn i always get a slight feel of nationalism watching this.
actually about half of the Finns had any kind of uniforms. they got their own coats, boots etc, took a gun from the corner and decided to " go kill some ruskies". I don't hate the Russian people, only their leaders
Артем Татаринов
respect from Russia. Feel great sorrow of what had been done to that beautiful country 76 years ago.
Well, there is a pretty strong case to be made that if the Winter War hadn't forced the Soviets to start trying to get their shit together they would have preformed even worse in 1941. That could have lead to Germany actually getting to Moscow at the very least.
Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!
Respect from Bulgaria!!!
Statics:  Finland: 200 000 Men, 32 Tanks, 119 Airplanes. Russia: 460 000 Men, 1500 Tanks, 1000 Airplanes. Losses: Finland: Killed: 22 830 Hurt: 43 557 Russia: Killed 126 875  Hurt: 264 908 GJ Finland :)
patriota fascista
the only good comunist is the dead
Juan Sebastian Cuesta Almario
from Colombia, respect Finland
The Stalker
On this day, 77 years ago it began.
A short story about how one freedom-loving country gutted the Red Mordor
respect from finland
TALVISOTA! Tuumaakaan ei anneta tappelematta!
Vault Boy
Tervetuloa uudelleen jos haluja on. Suomipoika ei perkele anna tippakaan periksI!
This war was a great failure for the soviets, but they also learned how to fight.
Johannes Lindholm
"Finlands sak är vår sak" Respectfully from a Swede.
Simon Karlsson
2:35 A hell of a warrior!
Come on Putler, we won't be as easy as Crimea!
richie thach
To all of you people, it is Finland vs Russia. Russia is the offensive while Finland is defensive. The reason why some people mistake Finland for Russia is because of the sub machine gun they use. It's actually a KP 31, not a PPSh. PPSh 41s had square shaped gun barrels.
Arne Krug
I like how the Finns used our old stuff from WW1 in the Winter War like a younger brother wearing your old clothes. (This is not ment in a demeaning way, respect to the Finns from Germany)
Gabriele Guglielmo Mancini
Respect those men who defend their lad.
The political debate here is absolutely amazing. Oh people.
Finland ftw!
Гавел Прудинин
Glory to Finland from Russia!
Stas Khalyk
Respect from Ukraine !
Kiitos suomen sankareille, kiitos teille kaikille sotaveteraaneille <3 Taistelitte hyvin! Kiitos!
Kulturalny Anczukat
Gj Finland! Greetings and respect from Poland.
donna V
Love from Finland <3
Respect to Finland from Russia! Great warriors!
Veli-Pekka Kultanen
Molemmat isoisäni taistelivat tuolla. Kumpaakaan en ole nähnyt, kun olen niin nuori. Äidinisäni oli rauhallisempi, niin kerrotaan. Ajoi hevosia ja teki työnsä. Isänisäni oli jo ennen sotaa ampunut kymmenen karhua, muiden elikoiden lisäksi, poromies, maanviljelijä ja erämies kun oli. Ampui neljäsataa venäläistä, mutta eipä mainittu lehdissä, koska oli kommari. Ja itki kuolemaansa saakka, että piti ampua ihmisiä. Mutta minkäs teit , ne vei kodin, minun isältä ja äidiltä. Olisi kuitenkin vihdoin kiva, että myös Sallan evakko kommari saisi arvostusta!
be afraid, be very afraid
Финны кучами не воевали. Они людей берегли. 
Cameron Taylor
Why am I reminded of the 300 Spartans the held of the Persian slave empire
Budi Caesar
Are there any films regarding this war? I want to watch it because here they dont teach you this war
Happy Independence Day Finland! Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää Suomi!
Не так все было.
James Rusty
Respect to Finland warriors! With respect from Kazakhstan!
skiron i
to NorseWarriorFromNorway honor to your granfather may he rest in peace. And i am sure if your country is in danger we will fight by your side brother!
Respect to Finland from Kazakhstan
vitalis merta
Glory to FInland !!!
Jouni Stenfors
Talvisota.. Invasion of Soviet union was three times bigger than the invasion of normandy. The artillery barrage finnish men had to endure was the biggest of all times. They were very afraid of soviet army and for a reason only the tanks Soviets had should have crushed Finnish Defences even our high command thought we would last only 1-2 weeks. High respect to the men fighting at front!! it took alot and we kept our independency and we hold on!! Fuck the Ruzkies! to bad you just took barely enough land to bury the dead. I would have been clad to fight for the land of our forefathers,
173 people should drink some cocktail... THE MOLOTOV TYPE!
Finland Stronk.
jacsepticeye lover
Respect from Sweden!
John Doe
Hakka Pääle!
Jari Palviainen
dont cry ladies we have Putin know.... :D
Mikael Olsson
Statics:  Finland: 200 000 Men, 32 Tanks, 119 Airplanes. 22 830 men dead Russia: 460 000 Men, 1500 Tanks, 1000 Airplanes. 126 875 dead Sisu Suomi Finland.
Fucking Bobr
Suomi on paras
2:55 Ei ollu ku muutama ryssä !! Usko nyt perkele !!
Vompatti 69
2:30 the real finnish soldier shoots to he's LAST BREATH PERKELE!
ghost masters 1
This why i Praise the Sun for Finland :)
Nation des Nordens
Respect from Germany :)
thanks for the video please make video of Sabaton - White Dead . IM NOT ABOUT HISTORY
Invade Russia during winter: Bad Invade Finland during winter: Suicide Invade Warshau during August 1920 : Death on Place
Light Of Apollo Gaming
hail from hellas!
Noah The Texan
Better to be dead than red
Great respect for all Fins, not only for soldiers. You are realy heroes! we and you always against the bloody dirty ruskis bear
Artis Gaming
"He is so cross eyed he can se both sundays on a wednesday" - Unknown Soldier to killed Soviet Soldier Finnish army Winter war to a killed Soviet Soldier
Na Cl
I'm so grateful for the fact that I was born in Finland and not Russia
my grand grand father was on that war and then send him to german war
Pedro Barbosa Duarte
2:58 this is the face of despair
In winter war, the victory at road of raatte just almost doubled finnish tanks.
Kronprinsessan Swedishspic
On December 12 was formed Swedish Volunteer Corps. A corps that would help Finland in the war against the big bad Soviets. Voluntary Corps consisted of approximately 8,000 enrolled. They succeeded Finnish troops on Märkajärvi. Finns and swedish ar not Allys we ar boroders  in Arms 
Maku Buraku
Respect from Poland
Russia is all ways Finland enemmy dont forget even today stalin = putin
Good job for the Finnish, I say. I read a book where the main character was in a German defense against the Russians, so they tried to hold them off in a trench, That seems unwise. The Soviet army had more than enough cannon fodder to throw at the troops. The Finnish didn't hold their ground, however. They would have stood no chance. Instead, they charged the fuck in, attacked, and got the fuck out. Hooray for Guerrilla tactics!
Margred xD
best <3
Boevoy Sosison
Тронуло, что подобрали момент с Молотовым на словах "With Molotov cocktail in hand No fear from the tanks, death or glory"
Cant stand people saying the finns did wrong allie to the nazi. Wtf should they do. Im swedish and Finland and sweden has been the same country for like 600 years. Many swedes volountered to fight with the brothers in east. You did right finland and you did it brave, well and more than anyone could imagine. If I am in trouble i would love to have a finn by my side. Just saying.
Alexander Yakovlev
Фины показали как нужно защищать свою землю!Уважение вам!
Topias Jokinen
The clips are from the movie adaptation of Antti Tuuri's novel "The Winter War".
The young guy who grabs the submachine gun and goes crazy on the Russians reminded me of Robert in the 1984 _Red Dawn._
mc viki
Suomi Perkele!!!
Derpasauras Rex
127 russians dislike
Magni Jumpi
not once but twice stopped the mightiest army in the world, väldigt mycket respekt ffrån grannlandet!!
On this day 75 years ago, Winter war ended. Thanks to them who defended our homeland against mighty Soviet union.
Дмитрий Ваньшин
The Moscow Peace Treaty between the USSR and Finland was concluded on March 12, 1940, completing the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940. The treaty changed the Soviet-Finnish border established by the Tartu Peace Treaty (1920). Under the terms of the Agreement: The northern part of the Karelian Isthmus with the cities of Vyborg and Sortavala, a number of islands in the Gulf of Finland, part of the Finnish territory with the city of Kuolayarvi, part of the Rybachy and Middle peninsulas has moved to the USSR. As a result, Lake Ladoga was completely within the borders of the USSR. The USSR received a lease on the Hanko Peninsula (Gangut) for a period of 30 years to build a naval base on it.
Nyt vittu loppu, Katellut sun perseilyäs tarpeeks jo, Opettele anime friikki historiaa kerrankin 350 suomalais syntyjuuria kuuluvia amerikkalaisten kansalaisia lähti auttamaan suomea vapaaehtoisesti!!! siitä on helvetti video kuvaakin. Jaksa yksinkertasesti kiistellä jonku kakaran kanssa joka ei ole edes armeijaa käynyt!
wiki, winter war Foreign volunteers there you go son, hope you dont open your mouth anymore.
i came back. you sir... should learn more history, there were dozen american volunteers in finnish winterwar.
Kossolax the Foresworn
come back when you have some steel hard evidences.
Kossolax the Foresworn
while america and soviet union were allies at the time. americans often want to kill their allies? where are your proves?
actualy yes.
Kossolax the Foresworn
actually, no
+ some americans
Imba Abuser
Okay, I will tell Satan about your suggestion.