Joker | Heat Stroke

HD + headphones recommended! I was supposed to upload this on Halloween, whoops. Happy late Halloween anyway! [ #fanvidfeed #JeremiahValeska #Gotham ] Fandom: Gotham, TDK, Suicide Squad, Batman 1989 Character: The Jokers / Jeremiah Valeska, Jerome Valeska, Jack Napier Song: />Coloring: LightningxDisaster Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Edited by Alana Crane Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favourite of fair use.

Kyle Lambergs
Jeremiah, Jerome, and Heath Ledger's joker all are the best
Jeremiah Valeska
Camerons joker is my favourite joker ever
Oliez Foxie
I LOVE JEROME VALESKA <3 like if you love him too :')
Tamás Pákey
Heath and Jerome in one video ? Perfection
Lucaz Valeska
Ledger= 11/10 Camerong=11/10 Nichosol=10/10 Leto=8/10 Joaquin=2019
Joshua Ashby
I just want to say that I’m glad that I’m not the only one who views the Valeska twins as two Jokers from the same universe and not just inspirations for the one who will come to fight Batman in the not-too-distant future.
Cameron Monaghan is awesome
Top 3 Live-Action Versions of The Joker: 1. Heath Ledger 2. Cameron Monaghan 3. Jack Nicholson
Oh the shitty grin that is on my face right now lol! Brilliant edit and absolutely loved that you included all the Jokers and was pleasantly surprised to see Joaquin Phoenix. Brilliant! 😍😍
omg the parallels this is so awesome most epic shit I've ever seen DAMMIT
I love how the gun shots at 0:28 are perfectly in sync! They make the music even better LOL
Егор Григорьев
Batman and Robin disliked this video
RM Style78
I think Cameron Monaghan is for now be the best JOKER Actor ( Joaquin Phoenix we will see?). He plays two different Joker Characters like Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger (Anthony Hopkins) with a voice like Mark Hamill in the Gotham Series. And he is only 25 years old and the the youngest J. Actor!!!
Joshua Bellis
1:25 Love that you included Leto! He may not be everyone's favourite but considering There had been 4 iconic different styles of the Joker before his portrayal I think he still brought an original style to him, he seemed the most dangerous to be around imo
le Joker
Ledger + Nicholson + Jérôme + Jeremiah + Leto + Joaquim = BEST VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Bravo Jones
I am gobsmacked, joker makes art, but ms Crane makes art out of him, absolutely incredible, a round of applause for Alana Cranes latest masterpiece. side note, I loved the transition from Cameron Monaghans version of him saying he doesn’t want to kill Bruce to heath ledgers (RIP) version that has to be my favorite part ❤️
Gabe Selden
And this is why the Joker is one of the best comic book characters ever created. Great work man!
Jureth Prodz
Wow it is so interesting to see how the Joker is portrayed by different actors and in different scenarios! But the same madness is in there! Crazy but fascinating character I love that you did this! Such a good idea and you did it so well! You can be proud <3
Νεφέλη Αντωνιάδου
This is seriously a masterpiece! Congratulations🖤
The second I saw Cameron's interrogation scene I thought "one day it would be wonderful if that young actor actually got to play the joker for real one day", and then season 2 happened where Gotham went from being a cop show to a great insanity Shakespearean soap opera, and from there they just went further and further except letting them use the name. But to me he is the best live action Joker we have seen so far. Ledger is obviously out of this world and they really made something special and grounded which was perfect for the movie that they were making. But Jerome and Jeremiah has had the option to play out versions of the Joker that I never thought we would see in live action. Remember when people thought that we would be getting a Death of the family/end game type Joker out of Leto when the second trailer came out? Well Cameron actually got to not only do it, but play that in an entire arc and seems to be playing a new version of the Joker every time he comes back while still keeping both characters consistent. I know they are doing a 10 year time jump in season 5, but now that my first wish came true I'm gonna make a second one (I'm greedy I know). I really hope that DC is smart enough to see what they have and once every few years does a mini series or special event movie on their streaming service and return to the world they have created on Gotham and do certain storylines that they will never do in movies anyway. It wouldn't even be a problem having them age, cause when the actors turn 40-50 you would have the perfect excuse to do their version of the dark knight returns.
Ballas Gang
If you gotta go, go with a smile HAHAHAHAHHAH 😈
4st 7lb
Gosh how I love Ledger's and Cameron's Joker! Hope Joaquin does a good job...
Senor & Sick
THIS IS AWESOME! I really liked the Jerome/Jeremiah scenes.
Noah Bragg
With this masterpiece you earned a new subscriber!
I just love this moment 0:17! The timing with the smile is just perfect
I love that you used all of the Joker's! And the parallels are just amazing. Definitely one of my favorite Joker edits
xnn editz
Cameron's(jerome-jeremiah-mr.J) and ledger's jokers are top jokers i think
Saint Olaf
Jared Leto is the weakest one. But great video
Oh wow! This is insanely good, haha! A truly masterpiece, I love this! An insert with Joaquin Phoenix killed me <3
Sweeneys Neverland
I know so many people don't like Jared as the Joker but honestly? I think Jared Leto is a perfect this time Joker besides Cameron Monaghan who plays it just perfectly. He's such a good Actor and he will go really big in the Movie Industry. Jared Leto as Joker in Suicide Squad was brilliant! And one of the only reason, the movie was even watchable, even he had like...5 minutes screen time. They need a fucking Joker Movie with Jared and Margo and a Joker TV Show with Cameron. Both are great Jokers, both did really great Jobs and Cameron even combined like.. all Jokers before him in one Joker. It's just perfect.
Ryan Cobblepot
This is awesome and brilliant I Love it ❤️ Why so surious
Joshua Bellis
0:00 The Replay button <3
I love this~ Seeing the variety of clips of Joker made me grin from ear to ear~
Vitor Lima
that's so amazing.
Autumn Bourne
Holy Crap That Was Amazing!! That All Blended Together So Well.
Don Sanchez
AUDIOVISUAL ORGASM. Just perfect edit
The similarities they all like to blow up stuff hahahahahahah
Heath and Jack were the best jockers
Marcin Maciejewski
I'd like to see all of these Jokers in one movie, where they fight with a few Batmans
He’s such an anarchist. And crazy but all the best people are crazy
Why this so beautiful?! This is amazing! Thanks you! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Don't Ask
This is all I’ve ever wanted😭 (Love that both Valeska twins came out) I think I just need Caesar Romero to be seen with the others now
mirØnexx :3
собрали все безумства воедино 😍🔥
Ben Welsh
Congratulations, not sure how you pulled it off but you just encapsulated all that I love about the ideology that is The Joker in essentially a couple of minutes.
joker pirate girl
Heath Ledgger and Cameron monoghan(Jerome Valeska alias Joker) are the best jokers ever🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏💚❤🐍
Oncer Studios
WOW! ALL THOSE PARALLELS 😍😍 I love all the Jokers so much! This edit is amazing! 😍😍😍 Looking forward to the Michael edit. Your masterpieces always brighten up my day 😍💚
The Super Saiyan
These are the songs that represent the villains of Gotham Jerome Valeska:Sucker For Pain By Lil Wayne Jervis Tetch:Mad Hatter By Melanie Martinez Jonathan Crane:Fear By Neffex Jeremiah Valeska:Dysfunctional By Tech N9ne
The Riddle Man 7235
I almost had A "Heat Stroke" From watching This amazing Joker Video! 😂😁👍🏻🤡🃏 And amazing Job again Alana Crane! 😁👍🏻
Ella Laskov
Imma be honest here. We all know that Jerome was supposed to be the joker, what you don’t know is the reason why he’s not.... the creators of Gotham were not allowed to use the joker franchise simply because dc didn’t want them to. This is my message for dc I NEED MY CONFIRMATION MOTHER FUCKERS
2 1
Gunpowder, dynamite and gasoline Best combination!
Jerome, Jeremiah, and Heath in one that’s madness XD
série Gotham sempre ❤
Detective Baghead
absolutely amazing work, loved every second of it
Damn! i think my favorite joker was Cameron Monaghan' s one but now i have to chose one of them (i belive they are 3 like in comics). ps sry4myeng
Егор Григорьев
No commentaries. It is 100/10
charity monzon
I fucking loved this! A masterpiece! I love how you incorportaed all the jokers. And also the use of dialogue and the scenes and how it all fit was brilliant!! Great job💚👺💜
Perrine Shi no Tenshi
Good job like always 😍😎
jerome valaska
love your video and my part is brilliant
Christovez28 !
More than a man, an idea 🤡
Joyal Kates
monaghan and ledger ♡
Zoltán Munkácsy
WoW !!!! one of the best tribute to the joker what I've ever seen!
》Scattysane《 /
Heath Ledger💙 Jerome & Jeremiah Valeska💚 Oh my God all in one Video!🧡❤💛💙💚
Leader Of the serpents
This is the best edit ever
Joshua Bellis
1:43 & 1:45 Are Thumbnail worthy <3
Alexis G
I love this
Mad Genexixs
Most epic and my favourite Joker video.. beautiful colors.. edit.. love it.
WheresMySoul? 0115
I think we all have a little insanity
ok , this is a masterpiece! 😍
Cowbelly's Personal Guard
My God! Bravo bravo! This was a fanbleedingtastic edit
Your editing is INCREDIBLE
Pat Ryder
Wow! Really great edit!
Денис Ильин
Best of the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chilled out Gamer
I feel like all of these people are in the same universe because there not a man there an idea they all have the same goal to set people free
minjeon _9397
j e r o m e for the win
can I please have several like buttons ???😍
Valeska Twins & Heath myghaddd
Chitus The Dog
i think the best joker there ever was its Heath Ledgers Joker, but my favourite is Jerome
Brie Grace
Look at lil Jeremiah and Jerome being called the Joker. I'm so proud.
I've watched this about 15 times in a row And I have no shame. Great video by the way!
Undead Soldier
Awesome. Such a fantastic video!
Lakshi Gunawardena
this video right here sir- yeah this is it
Tyler sauve
I love this video you should get a award for this this video #jerome #jokers
ッsuki ッッ
❤❤❤❤❤l love you Jeremiah Valeska
You're sooo talented!! Your videos always leave my speechless
Justine Gilmore
Best thing I've seen by far ☆♡
Earth's Candy
One of the best edits ive seen tbh!!
Cutie Cameron plays Joker😍😍
Debvin Aplaca
This edit is grade A work, love it
Lucaz Valeska
Epic Edits!
Elenchen harley Quinn
one of the best video🌟 good work
Luke Wyeth
Cameron would be such a good carnage
Kate Roberts
It's so beautuful
This is incredible! Can't stop watching it.
Helen Waldeck
How about a magic trick? Bruce, where are you buddy? six hours detective, the clock is ticking!
This is simply amazing.
Alisha Carter
this is awesome
Charlotte Bain
Love this! ❤🖤❤🖤✌👍👏
MilitaryMotivatiob UK
Jerome and Jeremiah are the best ones but Jareds one is the worst